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Random WWE clip of the day…

November 30, 2009 3 comments

With the WWE TLC PPV around the corner I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite ladder match spots ever from Smackdown on September 26, 2002 as Eddie Guerrero took on Edge in a ****1/2 no DQ match. Classic stuff.

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FYI: Poll results are in…

November 30, 2009 2 comments

The results are in for my poll. I’ll be writing my column called “My 29 Favorite Moments in Wrestling History” and will be posting it this Thursday. I’m already done half of it already, so I know it’ll get done on time. Here it is again along with some notes on what to expect:

Couple of notes:
– It won’t be just WWE. It will include stuff from other companies although it’s mostly WWE.
– I’ll count down from 29 to 1. I think that’s the best way to do it. I won’t be writing that much about each thing. I’ll just touch on why it was special to me as a fan.
– No Chris Benoit moments. I thought about it and while there were some things he did that were favorites of mine at the time (The debut of the Radicals, Jericho & Benoit beating HHH & Austin, winning the title @ WM20) they aren’t anymore.
– There probably won’t be any Trish or Mickie moments on here. That belongs on another list, maybe “29 Most Perverted Moments” or something. No, I won’t be writing that column.

The Raw Deal will be posted as usual on Tuesday. Then my 29 moments will be on Thursday.

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Talking Smack for 11/27/09 (Undertaker vs. Jericho II)

November 28, 2009 1 comment

The John Report: Talking Smack for 11/27/09 (Undertaker vs. Jericho II)

Taped from Bridgeport, CT let’s talk some smack…


We started off with the best in the world, Chris Jericho. Never a bad way to start the show. He cut a vintage (yeah I said it) Jericho promo talking about how he should be the number one contender to the World title and also that TLC matches are the most dangerous in WWE. I guess we should forget that a month ago they told us Hell in a Cell matches were the most dangerous. And we’ll forget it again February when they tell us Elimination Chamber matches are the most dangerous. He mentioned being in two of the eight TLC matches saying that he won one (with Benoit in 2001, but they can’t say his name of course). He was also in the TLC match with Christian on Raw in 2002 that Kane and Hurricane won even though Hurricane was “injured” in the match. Man, I went off on a tangent. Like usual, this was an excellent promo. He’s the best talker in the company with CM Punk in a close second. Anyway, Teddy Long came out to say Jericho will wrestle the Undertaker later in the night in a non-title match.

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Excellent Ric Flair Flop Video

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

This was made by a reader of mine. It’s pretty awesome. There are some good ones on the side too.

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Five Thoughts on TNA Impact for 11/26/09

November 27, 2009 4 comments

I started this last week. Five thoughts on this week’s Impact, which I DVR and watch usually in about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how good the show is. I thought this week’s show was just okay. It was Thanksgiving in the US and it felt like the booking team took a holiday in booking this one.

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NFL Picks for Week 12

November 27, 2009 1 comment

There are only six regular season weeks left. Time flies, eh? I’m Canadian, I can say eh. I went 11-5 last week with three of my losses coming in games that I flip flopped on all week. Hopefully I can nail them this time around. I went 2-1 on Thanksgiving, so let’s see how I do on the remaining 13 games this week.

Last week: 11-5
Season: 104-56 (.650)

All game times are Eastern.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00 PM
I like the Falcons big here. It’s pretty basic. The Falcons are 4-0 at home and 1-5 on the road. The Bucs are 1-5 at home and 0-4 on the road. By week 12 trends start to develop. Don’t overthink it. Falcons win big here even if Michael Turner doesn’t play again. Falcons 27-10

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NFL Picks for Week 12 (Thanksgiving)

November 26, 2009 1 comment

These picks are going to be only for the three Thanksgiving games. I will post the picks for the rest of the games on Friday in the evening most likely.

Green Bay at Detroit 12:30 PM (Thu)
The Pack’s defense has showed up the past couple of weeks with impressive victories although they have taken a hit by losing a pass rusher in Aaron Kampman and their number two corner, Al “Milli Vanilli” Harris, for the year. However, against a Lions team that is playing Daunte Culpepper at QB and has a banged up star WR in Calvin Johnson I think the Pack’s D will hold up just fine. Offensively the Pack are very strong with Aaron Rodgers playing at a Pro Bowl level and Ryan Grant entering his patented mode of being a great back in the second half of the year. The combined score of the Lions last five Thanksgiving Day games, all losess? 179-62. Throw another log on the fire, boys. Packers 31-13

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