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NFL Picks for Week 11 (Thursday Night Football)

I’ll post the majority of games tomorrow since I write it usually while I’m at work supposed to be working. I wanted to get my Thursday night pick up first.

Miami at Carolina
It took the Panthers a while to realize they need to run the ball way more than they pass and now that they’ve come to realize that they’re on the right path. Defensively Julius Peppers is playing really well because he’s in a contract year. Chad Henne’s had some decent games at home. On the road he’s been pretty awful. I think they’ll miss Ronnie Brown too, more than they’ll say. Panthers 23-13

The rest will be tomorrow.

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  1. Pat
    November 19, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    John, i like your insight and as a “sports entertainment” fan, always enjoy your raw deal columns. I write for a fantasy sports blog, RotoRant.com, with some picks posts thrown in too, let me know if you want guest post every week with your picks, I’d love to feature ya! Hit me up on twitter @plamorte or @RotoRant

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