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Mailbag 11/21/09

Let’s open up a mini mailbag here. Questions in italics. My answers immediately follow:

What are your predictions for the WM26 card and if so how would you build up to them?


Some predictions for WM 26. It’s not necessarily what I want to see, but rather what I think we will see:

Undertaker vs. Cena – I think after Undertaker gave Cena the tombstone on Raw in MSG and the crowd reacted so favorably to it that it’s something WWE is strongly considering. Undertaker has faced all the other established main eventers at WrestleMania already. He’s wrestled Cena before on PPV, but not since Cena has been a top guy. It would have some freshness to it. The battle of the no-sellers. They shouldn’t have a title on the line and it should go on last.

HHH vs. HBK for the WWE Title – Yeah, they’ve wrestled before, but never at WrestleMania. With HBK’s career winding down I think it would be a huge match. The question is, will one of them (likely HHH) be a heel here? I’m not sure. It would make for a better match and feud, I think. Have HHH walk in as champion. Have HBK walk out as champion. Even if he only has a one month run it would be special to see Shawn win the big belt at Mania again.

Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase – Dibiase’s turning face and it will lead to a match here. If they do it before it would be too soon. Build it up and the crowd will eat it up.

Batista vs. Morrison for the World Title – It’s my hope that they elevate Morrison by this time. Fresh match. Fresh babyface challenger. Get the belt on Batista by the Rumble and he’ll walk in as as a dominant heel champion. If he doesn’t get injured first.

Jericho vs. Edge – Edge’s first match back from injury. I think they’ll do Jericho vs. Show before this. If Edge isn’t ready by then, find a way to get Christian into a feud with Jericho. Then they can have Edge do a run-in of some kind to help Christian win as E&C reunite as babyface allies on Smackdown. No need to get the title involved in the feud right away. Save it for the summer.

Money in the Bank winner = Kofi Kingston

I think that should suffice. Thanks for the mail.

How long do you think Undertaker will remain champion? I personally would like to see a 3-4 month reign because most of his other title runs have been really short. His longest one to date was the lord of darkness reign from Wrestle mania 13 til summer slam that year.

James Rogers

I predicted Jericho wins the title at Survivor Series although I’d say that’s more of what I want rather than what I really think will happen. I think there’s a very good chance Undertaker will retain and hold it probably until around the Rumble. I think Batista will likely be the one to get it from him. Not sure what babyface would challenge Batista at Mania (Morrison perhaps?), but I think that’s where we’re headed with the title.

I understand wrestlers, Main Eventers, don’t want to give up that spot, ever. It killed many a promotion, etc. I get that.

Here is what I don’t get. HHH is married to the female heir to the WWE throne. In being such, he will be involved in the day to day operation of the company, in one way or another, until the day he dies. He will be on air whenever he wants (he’ll probably take over Vince’s on-cam role). He, unlike every other aging wrestler, has a financial stake in the long term future of the company. It would appear to me, he has a financial incentive to make new stars, for the long term viability of the company. The better the product, the better off for him. The company makes more money, by proxy, he makes more money. So the underlying question is, if you have a personal financial stake on makings company better, and you can personally help make the stars, to make the company better, then why wouldn’t you? It seems silly.

When I read HHH is holding people back, it always reads as assumption or rumor, as opposed to HHH saying, “that guy will never make it on my watch” (which did happen in WCW). So, again, what would his motivation be in stating on top, when in reality, he is practically an owner of the company, by proxy, so why not build the stars? I always thought part of a wrestler’s legacy is who they got over along the way. He has maybe Orton and Batista, and arguably, you can say Flair was part of that, too.

Honestly, it’s incomprehensible to me. Can you help me understand?

David Bentley

I think you laid it out beautifully. I really don’t have a good answer about why HHH is so selfish about being on top. It makes no sense to me either. Wish I could hit you back with some elaborate reply and a theory, but I don’t have one. I guess it’s just male ego. Wanting to be the best even though big picture wise it’s not the best thing for the company. He’s 40 years old with bad knees and the inability to have great matches on a regular basis like he did ten years ago. I don’t get it either. Put your ego aside and think about what’s best for your family’s business.

That’s it. I’ll do these periodically. That’s why you have to bookmark the blog, people. More content than what you’ll get in the columns.

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