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Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Just a couple of things on my mind on this Sunday morning as I get into my usual routine of betting on NFL games while also setting up my fantasy teams (I have seven, three of which are for money. I know I’m crazy). I love NFL Sundays. These thoughts are on wrestling and also last night’s UFC.

– I’m actually excited for WWE Survivor Series. I don’t know if I’ll be watching it live or not. As I watched UFC with some buddies last night we talked about maybe pitching it to order it tonight or old times sake. We shared stories of watching the old ones from the late 80s and early 90s. It’s one of those PPVs with a lot of history that we remember from our youth. It’s not really fair to compare today’s product to that because back then there were four PPVs per year while now there are monthly ones including a couple of months with two PPVs. Still, for nostalgia sake, I think it would be fun to watch it with the boys. Plus, I’m not that interested in the Eagles/Bears tonight on Sunday Night Football. Depends on my mood tonight, I guess.

– Regarding predictions, I already posted them on Thursday. To recap I’m going with Cena, Jericho, Team Miz, Team Kofi, Team Mickie and Batista. I think Batista’s the biggest lock on the show. Cena would be my second lock although considering how many title changes WWE does these days maybe I shouldn’t be so secure with that one. I am regretting picking Jericho a bit because I think there’s a good chance Undertaker will hold onto the belt as they move him into a feud with Batista. The picks for the tag matches are a total guess. I just think Miz’ team should win because they have more stars of the future on it. I can see it where Morrison wins, though, since he lost to Miz last month. Team Orton could definitely win too, but I think it’s more important for Kofi’s team to get the victory since Orton’s already over very much. Kofi needs it more.

– After reading some of the results from the Hulkamania tour in Australia I think all the people that think Hulk Hogan’s going into TNA as some savior are in for a letdown. Hogan took no bumps in the match. He can’t even do the legdrop anymore. I know he says he’s not going to wrestle a whole lot when he’s in TNA, but let’s be real here. This is Hulk Hogan. He’s about himself. Within two months of being there he’ll be the World Champion wrestling against Kevin Nash or somebody like that. If he cared about TNA that much, when he did interviews mentioning the company why didn’t he tell people to watch Impact Thursdays @ 9pm on Spike? Because he’s not on the show yet. The man is selfish. Yes, he is as big a draw as anybody in the sport and he’s the first name that the average person thinks of when they think of pro wrestling, but his intentions aren’t in the right place. He needs to work to pay off his expensive divorce. That’s why he’s in TNA. If he wanted to help them so bad he would have went there years ago when he had the shot. I respect what he’s done in the business. I truly do. However, don’t tell me that a guy in his late 50s that helped kill WCW is going to somehow turn TNA into some giant. It’s not going to happen.

– The other thing that people don’t realize when they talk about TNA challenging WWE is that WCW was owned by a guy that had two major cable channels. Ted Turner was a wrestling fan. He put WCW shows on TBS and eventually TNT with Nitro. TNA doesn’t have that luxury. Yes, Dixie Carter’s family has deep pockets, but they don’t own a TV network. The main reason WCW died was because Time Warner (Ted Turner’s company) merged with AOL (a terrible idea, by the way, costing both companies a lot of money) and they took the networks out of Turner’s hands. They hired a new programming director, he didn’t want pro wrestling on his networks and off it went. Turner couldn’t do anything about it. TNA’s spot on Spike is safe, but this situation is not even close to what WCW had when they were able to put a scare in WWE.

– I saw UFC last night. The Griffin/Ortiz fight was pretty good, but not great. I agree that Forrest won the fight and I think we’ll see a third match now between the two. What I’d like to know is if Tito Ortiz could have a fight and not complain about his injuries afterward? It’s always something with him. He says he doesn’t make excuses, but Tito, you ARE making excuses. The rest of the show was okay. I’m a big Josh Koscheck fan. He comes off as a great heel in the pro wrestling sense. He’s smart. You can get yourself a lot of attention by acting that way. I’ve liked that guy since the first season of Ultimate Fighter. He’s come a long way as a fighter since then. I was very impressed by Noguiera’s win. I wasn’t surprised, though. That was the easiest prediction of the night. Not a bad show by any means.

– Season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight. I’m excited. Last week’s episode (episode #9) was one of the best of the series. I love Larry, man. Leon too. Such a great show. I’ll probably catch the episode tomorrow night before I watch Raw. I’ll write a full blog praising Curb in the next week or so. Not enough people watch that show and they need to.

– I’m very pleased with the number of readers on the blog so far. I appreciate it, everybody. I’m still getting used to wordpress, so it will take some time for me to really make it accessible for you to read. I might change the theme of the page around until I find something I really like too. I’m learning, at least.

That’s all I got for this morning. I’ll probably post something again after Survivor Series at some point after the show. If I don’t see it live I’ll at least have some thoughts on what transpired. Have a good one.

  1. Soumya Sankar Pal
    November 22, 2009 at 10:31 PM


    I have been a reader of your columns since the last 5-6 yrs … Your columns are always a good read and hence I rarely miss them … I am sure the reader count shall shoot up pretty quickly !!


  2. Beau Lukies
    November 23, 2009 at 12:52 AM

    S.S. 5/6. not bad john, not bad at all.

  3. Sparky
    November 23, 2009 at 5:56 AM

    Have to agree with you on Hogan and TNA/WCW. He is an old man in a young mans game, we honestly can’t put on a good show any more. Hopefully he isn’t in the ring too much and doesn’t book all his friends into the top spots. Would ruin the company.

    TNA will not be able to compete with WWE on the level they would like to. They are a good alternative, but not a threat.

    On a funny note, I am from Australia and when Ric Flair busted open Hogan at the press meeting 90% of the press thought it was real and not a set up. Shows how dumb and how little mainstream australia knows about wrestling.

    Great blog as always

  4. November 23, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    Hey John been reading you off and on for many years. We build customized websites so if there is anything you can not figure out about wordpress or would want to expand upon. Just let me know. BTW Shawn Michaels is my all time favorite as well. Keep up the good work.
    Gary Bowen

  5. November 23, 2009 at 6:13 PM

    John, love your writing and have enjoyed the odd chat on Facebook. I am from Melbourne, Australia, and was 3rd row for Hulkamania this past Saturday (my birthday!). For much of the Hogan v Flair match we pushed to the front row and although Hogan could hardly move, being there for that match was one of the highlights of my life. I was a Hogan fan (years ago) but the guy only cares about himself. Unfortunately he will beat Flair in all 4 matches, which is unfair seeing that Ric has come out of retirement for Hogan. Ric looked good (as good as you can for that age), and his backstage promo was one of the best ever. The guy is a legend and shits all over Hogan in every way, except for having the biggest ego, which Hogan wins easily. All of the merchandise at the event was for Hogan. Shirts, sweatbands, bandanas, chains, books, it was all Hulk Hogan, which was a shame. Hogan doesn’t care about TNA, which is obvious in the fact that he rarely mentions the organisation, and didn’t mention it once at the Melbourne show. The second event of the tour is in Perth tonight.

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