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NFL Picks for Week 13

I’ll have some thoughts on Ed “Umaga” Fatu passing away late tonight or tomorrow in my Talking Smack column. For now, I’ll post my NFL picks as I do every Friday.

I’m really exhausted today as I write this (the combination of being overworked and hungover), so my write-ups won’t be as thorough as usual. I went 10-6 last week, which is okay, but I picked too many upsets in a week where only two of them happened.

Last week: 10-6
Season: 114-62 (.648)

All game times are Eastern.

Philadelphia at Atlanta 1:00 PM
Too many injuries for the Falcons make it tough for me to pick them. Plus, their weakness is their pass defense and the Eagles should be able to throw it on them. Not that I’m impressed by the Eagles. It’s just that the Falcons aren’t that much without Ryan and Turner. Eagles 23-13

St. Louis at Chicago 1:00 PM
Kyle Boller is terrible. One of the worst QBs the Rams have ever had and that’s saying something considering some of the stiffs we had in the 90s. The Bears will win in spite of their problems. Poor Steven Jackson. Such a good year totally gone to waste. Bears 23-7

Detroit at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Detroit on the road? No thanks. The Bengals aren’t as good as their record and I will gladly bet against them in their first playoff game. Not this week, though. Bengals 23-6

Tennessee at Indianapolis 1:00 PM
The first time they played the Colts killed them. Since then, Jeff Fisher put on the Peyton Manning jersey and Vince Young hasn’t lost a game for the Titans. They’re pesky now. Still, I don’t like them to win in Indy. Colts win in convincing fashion in what is a statement game for them. Colts 27-17

Denver at Kansas City 1:00 PM
I came so close to picking the Chiefs because they’re so tough at home even for a bad team. I like Denver more. The defense is too good for the Chiefs to put points up and I think they’ll will the team to victory in this low scoring game. Broncos 17-14

New England at Miami 1:00 PM
Hear that sound? It’s Pats fans saying “uh oh.” Their defense is letting them down big time while the offense is playing good, but they’re not exactly great. I don’t see the Dolphins having the players to beat them, though. A first year starting QB is not going to pick them apart the way Drew Brees did and that’s why I like the Pats to win. Patriots 31-23

Oakland at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM
The Raiders suck on the road. The Steelers have their problems, but they can’t lose a game like this. Right? I mean they just have to beat the Raiders. Right? Steelers 24-10

New Orleans at Washington 1:00 PM
The Redskins have lost 6 of 7, but only one of those six losses would be considered a blowout. Their defense is good enough to keep them in games. It’s just a shame that their offense is bad enough to keep them winning games. As for the Saints, they’re too damn good right now and with the Vikes breathing down their necks they got this. Saints 24-17

Tampa Bay at Carolina 1:00 PM
Yuck. Brutal game. I don’t know much about Matt Moore starting for the Panthers. It’s not like Delhomme could throw anymore. Panthers win the game by running the ball. I’m not picking Tampa on the road. Panthers 17-10

Houston at Jacksonville 1:00 PM
The Texans continue to amaze me with their feats of choking. Whether it’s missing a field goal late or blowing a 17 point lead at home, they can do it all. Having said that, I’m still picking them this week. I don’t really know why. I guess it’s because I feel like the Jags have overachieved and when they play a team in their division I don’t think their average offense and pedestrian defense are going to get the job done. Texans 27-20

San Diego at Cleveland 4:05 PM
The second best QB in the AFC this season (after Peyton Manning) is not Tom Brady, it’s Phil Rivers. He’s the leader of a very good San Diego team that is playing up to its potential because their defense has woken up from the slumber they were in. The easy schedule helps too. Chargers 31-7

Dallas at NY Giants 4:15 PM
I am a firm believer in the “Tony Romo sucks in December” theory. I also think the Giants will win this game with their backs against the wall. They need to run the damn ball and play some defense. That’s what they’re good at. Giants 20-17

San Francisco at Seattle 4:15 PM
Normally I pick the Seahawks at home, but when you look at these teams it’s clear that the Niners have the better players. Whether it’s because of injury or not, they are simply the better team. If the defense shows up, the Seahawks will have a tough time. I think they will carry the game for San Fran in the victory. Niners 20-14

Minnesota at Arizona 8:20 PM
I think the Vikings are the best team in the NFL. I know there are two undefeated teams. That’s fine. Minnesota can beat you in so many ways whether it’s by running Peterson, Favre throwing or having their defense carry them they find ways to win. Even if Warner plays, I don’t like him that much against the Minnesota defense. It’s not going to be easy. Vikings 31-17

Baltimore at Green Bay 8:30 PM (Mon)
The Packers have the kind of offense that can score on pretty much anybody while the Ravens aren’t as impressive defensively as they once were. That secondary can be thrown on if you stay away from Ed Reed. I think the Pack, with all their offensive, will be able to put the points up on the board and do enough to slow down the Ravens offense to get the win. Packers 27-20

JC’s Money Picks
Every week I’ll pick four games against the spread or using the over/under. I was 3-1 last week. These odds come from pinnaclesports.com as always.

Season: 30-21-1 (.588)

Chargers -13 over BROWNS. Going against the Browns rather than for the Chargers.
Bears/Rams UNDER 41. It’s a low number, but Kyle Boller sucks enough at QB to stall enough drives for the Rams.
Vikings -3 over CARDINALS. I like the Vikes too much to go against them.
Patriots -4 over DOLPHINS. Gut feeling more than anything. Three road favorites this week. Could be a recipe for disaster!

Enjoy the games.

John Canton

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  1. Evan
    December 4, 2009 at 10:37 PM

    I am also a firm believer in the ‘Tony Romo takes unnecessary vacations during the middle of the season, thus becomes about as useless as a turd sandwich’ theory. As an Eagles fan, I love it. And yes, all you Cowboy fans out there can taunt me all you want about having a coach who can’t manage a game or a QB who runs a 2-minute drill in 5 minutes. Good stuff as always, Mr. Canton.

  2. John
    December 5, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Last Week: 14-2
    Year To Date: 120-56 (.681%)

    Eagles over Falcons
    Bears over Rams
    Bengals over Lions
    Colts over Titans
    Broncos over Chiefs
    Patriots over Dolphins
    Steelers over Raiders
    Saints over Redskins
    Buccaneers over Panthers
    Jaguars over Texans
    Chargers over Browns
    Cowboys over Giants
    49ers over Seahawks
    Vikings over Cardinals
    Packers over Ravens

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