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The John Report Q & A – Part 1

I asked my friends on Facebook (well over 1200 now and growing!) to ask me questions that I could answer on my blog and leave on the FAQ page. I figured this would be a good way for new readers to read my general opinions on various things in the history of wrestling. I don’t know how many questions are here. I didn’t throw many of them out. You ask, I answer. Feel free to add more if you want. I’ll tackle them another time. This is a tremendous time killer at work, I have to say. I actually love doing it.

Originally answered: December 18, 2009, which is also the birthday of my favorite woman in the history of wrestling: Trish Stratus. Actually, Mickie’s probably first now. Hmm, I have to think about that. Maybe somebody should ask me! Anyway, onto the questions.

Who do you think was a better performer, The Rock or Bret Hart?
They were different types of performers. The Rock was more of an all around entertainer that was known for his mic work just as much as his wrestling while Hart was one of the best technical wrestlers (or workers) ever. If Bret was in a match you knew it would be good. With Rock, he did develop into a good worker by 2000, but he only had a few years after that before he left the business. In terms of star power and being a draw. Rock’s better. In terms of career I’d go with Bret because he had nearly 20 years of a pro wrestling career while Rock had about six or seven years. I guess I’ll go with Bret due to the longevity factor although I love both.

What do you think was the Best Year in Pro Wrestling as a whole?
The two years that always pop into mind are 1997 and 2000. I loved 1997 because not only did the WWF have a great year with solid main event talent like Undertaker, Michaels and Hart at the top, but also emerging stars like Austin, Foley, Rock and HHH to name a few. They found their edge that year and while they didn’t overtake WCW in the ratings in 1997 they definitely planted the seeds. WCW had a pretty good year in 1997 too. They were still building up the nWo without overdoing it and the cruiserweights were on fire. I loved 1997. For 2000, it was WCW’s last full year, so they weren’t doing much. However, the WWF had an incredible run of great matches every week whether it was on PPV or TV. Once writer Vince Russo left in 1999, a bad year for in ring action in the WWF, they focused more on the in ring stuff in 2000 and the result was a tremendous year in terms of actual wrestling. The year 2000 was the best year for WWF PPVs. Not a bad one in the bunch.

Do you think it was a good idea to use wcw and ecw vs wwf? I know a lot of the stars from all three brands got a lot of air time together but I think that was the down fall of wwf. What are your thought on it all?
I think it was a mistake to put Vince’s daughter Stephanie out there as the face of ECW because she had nothing to do with the company. I didn’t mind Shane being with WCW as much, but it would have meant WAY more if they had Bischoff in the summer of 2001, or even Flair. They got Flair late in 2001 and Bischoff a year later. The whole invasion would have been better if they used the right people in certain spots. It also would have helped if they got guys like Goldberg, Hogan, Nash, Hall and Steiner (among others) in 2001 rather than later on. The biggest problem was Vince wasn’t smart enough to put WCW over WWF in ways that actually mattered. They killed the invasion story in only four months. It could have lasted four or five years easy.

If WWE and TNA would have a trade, who would you see come and go from each company?
From TNA I’d want to see AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in WWE. I don’t know how many years Kurt has left as a wrestler considering he’s in 40s and I’d love to see him go out in a WWE ring. Styles is a fantastic performer who never has bad matches although I doubt WWE would use him right due to his height. Samoa Joe was used well in 2007 and 2008 in TNA, but 2009 he was used terribly and I wish he’d end up in WWE. Could be great as a heel monster type. Going to TNA, I guess I’d say any of the underused guys like Evan Bourne or Jack Swagger maybe. Do what Christian did. He went there, became a better worker and came back better than ever.

Who was the biggest failed investment by WWE in terms of talent? If you know, financial as well as hype etc.
Goldberg. I never thought he was that good to begin with. They paid him a lot and they didn’t get much out of him in terms of dollar value. If they brought him to WWE in 2001 to face off against Rock or Austin it would have been huge business. It didn’t mean as much in 2003.

Do you think if Vince had the chance, he would do the same thing he did to Bret with a current top star today?
No. There’s a reason why things like that don’t happen often. It did work out for Vince in that it launched his heel persona, but I don’t see a situation like that happening again.

Had Owen Hart lived would he have made a great world champion?
I don’t think he would have been the world champion. I also don’t think he would have kept wrestling until 2002 when they created a second championship belt. Should he have been the champion? Maybe in 1994, but I’m okay with him never winning it. He’s still a great wrestler that I’ll always remember and think fondly of.

Do you think TNA will surpass WWE?
Never. A company with only a 7 year history that has a fraction of the viewing audience that WWE has is not going to surpass TNA. They should be happy with being #2 and I hope they get more viewers once Hogan gets there. Nothing wrong with being #2. If you look at MMA a company like Strikeforce does okay, but it won’t be surpassing UFC either.

Who’s better wrestler Andre the Giant or The Bigshow?
In terms of matches I’d go Show because he’s more mobile than Andre ever was. However, Andre was a much bigger draw in terms of selling out arenas (and even stadiums) while having a presence that will live on forever. People will still be talking about Andre 100 years from now. It’s not the same with Show although I like him a lot as a performer.

Chyna’s breasts: Did they boost the ratings?
I hope not. And no more questions about Chyna ever again!

Who’s the greatest GM in WWE History?
Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman with Bischoff being the first choice. Both were good in the role because they legitimately had roles like that in WCW and ECW respectively. Great talkers and great heels. Eventually Bischoff’s act wore thin, though, which is why they cut him loose. It wasn’t a performance issue. The worst? Mike Adamle.

What’s the Best tag team of all time?
Tough one. I liked the Steiner Brothers so much as a kid in my early days of watching NWA/WCW when I had that chance and when they went to the WWF I was so excited. I loved the Hart Foundation too. Best all time, though, I’ll go with a recent one and say Edge & Christian. I know they really only teamed up for about two and a half years, but they were such a perfect combination of having good matches as well as being great characters. They really worked well together. They are at least the best fake brothers ever.

What is the best rivalry of all time?
If I said Austin vs. McMahon, Austin vs. Bret Hart and Austin vs. The Rock would you think I’m too biased towards Steve Austin or am I speaking the truth? I think I’m speaking the truth.

Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels–who’s the better performer?
I think most people would under 30 (I still qualify in that group) would say Michaels while most over 30 would say Flair. It depends on what you’re looking for. Flair’s impact on the business was huge because he was one of the first smaller workers to be a World Champion and he focused on having great matches with a variety of different opponents. Michaels looked up to him, patterned himself after him (even doing some of his bumps) and took it to another level. Michaels had a lot more gifts physically than Flair, so he was able to incorporate more bumping into his arsenal as well as his top rope moves. I think Michaels is better and I will write about it in a column coming in February just before WrestleMania. Yes, I shill even in my own FAQ.

Do you think Sting would have been a success in WWE?
Yes. Good look. Great energy. Likable guy. I wish they brought him in during that period in 2001 when they really needed a star (I know I touched on it earlier) because his debut would have really meant something. A lot of other guys worked for the WWF before. He did not. Sting showing up in the WWF in 2001 would have been a blockbuster thing. Now it’ll probably never happen with him in his 50s. I think him not working for WWE was a mistake on his part and WWE’s part.

Would Triple H be as big a star if he hadn’t married Stephanie?
Yes, because Hunter’s always been somebody that was driven to succeed. I know that’s a cliché, but I think it’s true. The guy grew up wanting to be a wrestler. He idolized Flair (he even had Flair hair in high school in his yearbook pic that you can find online) and he was going to get it no matter what he had to do. The fact that he married Stephanie has helped him in terms of his loyalty to Vince McMahon, no question about it. Vince can put him on the same level with Shawn and Undertaker in terms of being company guys first. He trusts them. If somebody pisses them off, they pay for it. Marrying Stephanie is going to help him more long term because he’s likely going to be the main booker whenever Vince retires or passes away, whenever that is.

what do you think is harming the wwe product more? a wwe product aimed at kids? poorly created wwe programing? or stale and stagnant main events? i know wwe are looking to address problems but to me it seems like a quick fix approach e.g. sheamus
All of the above, but the biggest reason is the creative direction. The PG issue isn’t that bad. I mean yeah, if you’re in your 20s or older you’re not crazy about it. I get that, but if the stories being told are good (like Orton/Kofi was when it first got hot) then it’s going to interest people. It’s always the stories that are the biggest reason for success or failure. The talent level, for the most part, is usually the same all the time although I will say that their roster probably peaked from that period of about 1997 to 2002 when they were loaded from top to bottom on every card.

Who were some of the most underrated performers of their time? Or, a list of what performers were misused/underused in some promotions but flourished in other promotions??
If you look at WCW a lot of the underused people ended up being World Champions in WWE like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio to name a few. That’s why WCW died, though. They didn’t elevate enough people. I think the most underused performer in WWE this decade has been Christian, which is why he left to TNA. He’s come back and proven to be a top five performer, yet I don’t know if WWE ever sees him as a WWE or World Champion. If we’re going more old school, I think Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig was underused. He should have been in the main event scene longer than he was and he should have been the World Champion. The guy could work and he had good charisma.

If The Rock had stayed around who would you like to see him feud with? (bar Cena)
Remember when Rock inducted his dad and grandpa into the Hall of Fame he said the three matches he wish he could do were Cena, Mysterio and Michaels. My first pick is Michaels. No question about it. I would have loved it. Granted they worked together in WWE when Rock first came up and then later when Shawn came back, but there’s never been a high profile match. I’d love to see Mysterio vs. Rock too just because I know Rock would try to make him look good like he made everybody look good. Another one is heel Edge (the 2006-2009 version) against babyface Rock would be epic. They’ve probably crossed paths, but never as main eventers.

Do you think wrestling is any better than it was in the 80’s?
Hell yes. Look, I grew up in the 80s and I loved a lot of things about the 80s including pro wrestling. However, let’s not go crazy and think it was better then. It was sillier then. Way more stupid gimmicks, a lot less quality in terms of matches (because the impacts of great workers like Flair, Michaels & Hart weren’t felt yet) and it was just cheesy. You know how they remake shows from the 80s into movies today like Transformers, GI Joe and the A-Team? It’s because the guys producing the movies grew up watching them in the 80s and they have this warped view that they were great. They were not great. The movies are not great either. They’re all special effects and they do a disservice to what the shows were. I’m off tangent, I know. The point is, pro wrestling has come a long way in the last 20 years and I think people that romanticize about wrestling in the 80s being great aren’t looking at it the right way. It was great when you were a kid because it helped shape you into the fan you are today. It’s not great looking back on it, though.

Macho Man or Ultimate Warrior?
Is this serious? Savage is the answer. Better worker by far, better talker and very charismatic. Warrior was a roided up dude that fit the image that Vince wanted at the time. Then Vince was in a steroid trial, suddenly Warrior was gone and he relied on the more talented workers like Savage, as well as Hart and Michaels.

Who is better on the mic: Dibiase Sr., Flair, Mr. Perfect, The Rock, Austin, Punk, Orton or Jericho? Better yet how do you rank them and why?
1) The Rock – The best combination of being able to capture an audience with the ability to be serious or funny when needed. The most multi-dimensional talker ever.
2) Ric Flair – Without Flair there’s no Rock in terms of promos. He changed how promos were done and could always be relied upon to deliver money promos.
3) Chris Jericho – He was already great before the 2008 heel turn. His work the last two years vaults him up in my eyes because he’s proven that he can be a serious heel after he already showed he could be a funny babyface.
4) Steve Austin – Good delivery, very impactful with his words and proved later in his career he could be funny when needed too. Check out his 2001 heel stuff before the “WHAT?” stuff got big.

Those four are better than the other four. I’d say Punk is probably the best out of the bunch with Orton, Perfect and Dibiase following. All very good heel promos, but maybe a level below Flair or Jericho.

What was a better era for tag team wrestling..The late 80’s-early 90’s (hart foundation, legion of doom, demolition, the rockers, etc) or the attitude era (hardy boyz, dudleys, edge and christian, etc)?
It depends on what you are looking for: quantity or quality. If you’re looking for quantity there were more actual teams in the late 80s, early 90s period. In terms of quality, I think the teams were better in the Attitude era, so I’m going with that. I remember the matches as well as the teams more. As much as we remember teams like LOD and Demolition for their looks, they weren’t exactly great in terms of having quality matches.

Who do you see as becoming the next guy to become as big as Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
Impossible to say. The Hogan thing blew up because it was the right guy at the right time with Vince McMahon at his peak in terms of being a promoter. In Austin’s case, it fell into their lap. He wasn’t supposed to win King of the Ring 1996, but he did. He wasn’t supposed to say Austin 3:16 (I don’t think he was anyway), but he did. He wasn’t supposed to get over as a babyface, but he did. The rest is history. It’s a case of timing and luck a lot of the time. It could be somebody that’s on the roster right now who we barely think about it. It could be somebody that hasn’t even started training to wrestle yet. It could happen any time too. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. It just kinda happens. The first boom happened in the mid 80s, the second boom happened in the late 90s. If the trend continues to happen every 15 years then it’ll happen again in the 10’s.

Who did WWE “drop the ball” on pushing and what could have been done better?
The biggest “what could have been done better” thing is always going to be the Invasion angle. Like I’ve written previously that storyline should have carried the company for the next three or four years easy, if not more.

What lessons could WWE learn from TNA to make the Divas division better?
It’s pretty simple. Hire women that are trained wrestlers rather than models first. Far too often they hire women that have no wrestling training who they think they can train at their own development camp. A lot of the time it doesn’t work out. Sometimes it does. Look at the current divas who are the better workers, though. The ones like Mickie, Beth, Natalya and Gail were trained before WWE hired them. Most of them spent at least three or four years training before they got in. In Michelle’s case they found her in the diva search, but she has adapted and become a pretty good wrestler because of her athletic background. Some of the others look the part, but they don’t wrestle like it.

In your opinion, which 2 Divas could you see main eventing a major WWE PPV (I would go with Natalya and Beth Phoenix)?
Will never happen. It’s a male dominated business. Always will be. However, HHH and Stephanie will be running things when their daughters are adults, so the two Paul & Stephanie Levesque daughters might be the first in about 20 years or so.

Which is your favourite royal rumble match and who deserved to win the rumble the most out of everyone who hasn’t?
The 1992 Rumble is the best booked one. I don’t know if it’s my favorite. My favorite was the 2004 one when Benoit one, but I’ve since changed my tune for obvious reason. I like the 1997 one a lot. The Austin/Hart story was tremendous and they carried that match.

Your favourite “Wrestlemania moment”?
I could give you 50, but I’ll give you three in order of when I first saw them: 1) Randy Savage winning the world title at WM4. 2) Owen beating Bret at WM10. 3) Austin shaking hands with Vince after turning heel at WM17. I don’t know why I picked those three. They always seem to come to mind.

If you could bring one dead wrestler back for one match who would it be and what would the match be?
Easy. Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero with Eddie as the heel. I would throw in Kurt Angle vs. Owen Hart (a technical classic) and The Rock vs. Mr. Perfect (battle of the egos) as well.

If the time machine was invented for a one time use (for wrestling) which WWE/F moment would you go back in time and live in person?
Mickie James kissing Trish Stratus under the mistletoe! Okay, I’ll pick a real one.

Dink the clown or Hornswoggle?
Dink the Clown because he wasn’t pushed as much as Hornswoggle is. Midgets are fine in small doses (see what I did there?), but they use the Horny one way too much.

Those are all the ones completed by December 18, 2009.

I will answer the rest of these at a later time. I’m not sure how many I answered, but it felt like 40 or more. If you want to count have fun. I’ve made a promise to answer them all before the end of 2009 and I will keep that promise. I’m sure you guys will want to add more, though. You’re more than welcome to.

Thanks for reading.


Here are the rest of them that I will be answering in the future. Some of them need some editing obviously:

why does the wwe complain about not being able to create new young talent but whenever they get a potential star they either bury them i.e jack swaggar, MVP or release them from there contract i.e elijah burke,Mr Kennedy ect

what celebrity would fit in wwe perfectly from movies to other sports ie. nba,nhl,mma,etc. and have the draw power that would help the company out.

do you think chris jericho can ever surpass shawn micheals as the all time greatest in ring performer in wrestling history?

had the nWo remained small and not had so many members, would it have helped WCW keep its lead in The Monday Night Wars?

What WCW and/or ECW ppv’s should WWE use to replace some of their current ppv’s (war games in sept? Halloween havoc in Oct? Starcade in Dec?)?

Would Vince & Co. still have changed their product to a family-friendly blood-free TV-PG product if the Benoit tragedy had not have happened?

if done properly, which finishing move, out of all the finishing moves ever created, would you think would hurt the most?

what are your top 10 favorite finishing manuevers in wwe history

What would be the state of the current industry if Hogan’s testimony against McMahon in the early ’90s have taken down Titan Sports & the WWF?

and another, who is better at carrying other ppl in great matches: hbk or angle?

Is it truly possible that the demise of Owen Hart was done on purpose to “get back” at Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, & Jim Neidhart for taking off to WCW? Or, in relation to my last question, was it payback for permanently fucking up Austin’s neck, thus possibly (at the point of view at that time) costing McMahon millions, if not billions, of potential dollars?

Who was bigger in the business, Stone Cold or The Rock?

Should the WWE Hall of Fame have eligibility rules? (For example, can only be inducted a minimum 3 years after retirement, certain number of world title reigns or time spent w/ the company?)

Should anyone ever take the type of bumps that Mick Foley took in the HIAC back in 1998 ever again?

Where do you see the WWE and the wrestling biz going in the 2010’s?

Should the WWE pull the plug on the weekly Raw guest host gommick?

If J.R. is the best, who is second best?

We all know about Mickie James-Canton. Who was your first diva crush?

Was there ever a point when watching WWE television that made you say “They went to far, here.”?

10 years ago, did you think WCW would still be around today?

Of Mankind, Cactus and Dude, who was your favorite face of Foley?

Favorite manager?

Did you watch the first episodes of Raw, Nitro, Smackdown! and Thunder when they originally aired?

People like Jim “warrior Warrior” Helwig, as well as numerous others, have said that the “Montreal Screwjob” might have been a work….considering how it has revolutionized the business and how fans look at it and can somewhat understand it for what it truly is, what are your thoughts on that conspiracy theory?

How about the top 10 (or whatever number you choose) moments in BROKEN KAYFABE that have changed the business forever?

Who was the most selfish/reckless booker/head of creative in your experience of Fandom?

Top (#?) “jumping-ship” moments ever?

With the upcoming TLC PPV coming up on Sunday, which gimmick (of all time- not just any of the TLC) has revolutionized the industry the most?

what was the worst gimmick match ever mine is punjabi prision

who is the best wrestler to have never one a world championship

Is the TNA/WWE Monday Night Wars a cooperative deal manufactured to reinvigorate the wrestling industry? Is Vince behind it all? Is Hogan setting up for the next “Montreal” job?

How would the industry be different if poor financial planning hadn’t caused ECW’s demise?

Do you think the frequent title changes in recent years are the result of too many ppv’s?… See More

Where is Mark Henry and Mae Young’s baby hand now?

What is the best (in your opinion) gimmick match ever used in any of the big promotions?

Do you think the WWE will one day go back the other way towards more blood, violence, etc?

WHY CANT WWE BE NOW LIKE IT WAS 1997-2002??????????????????????

who was behind GTV?

What happens if a wrestler gets accidently eliminated in the royal rumble?? What if a wrestler accidentlly gets pinned?

In your opinion, why doesnt WWE have more tournaments? I have always loved them, even if they are only the KOTR!

How can I become a wrestler?

Who had the best character/gimmick reinvention of all time?

In this world of Celebrity Guest Hosts on RAW, which celebrity is most likley to be the next “David Arquette”? *knocks on wood*

Within the world of wrestling (no celebrities), who played the best On-Screen Boss of all time?

Storyline-wise, which personality got the most heat at one time ever?

What is truly more important to you- work in the ring or on the mic? Why?

If HHH was not a Mcmahon and did not have so much backstage stroke , where do you think his place would be at the WWE right now? Would things be different for the good or bad??

What is your favortie wwe womens match of all time and what is your fav non wwe female match of all time . and who do u think woulld win in there prime , mae young or awesome kong

If the WWF did not screw Bret Hart (1997) and Goldberg not ended Bret’s career accidently in WCW. Could Bret Hart have molded these New age Wrestlers to benefit the WWE?

If TNA Wrestling pulls off a half-decent show when they go head2head against WWE Raw for the 1st Time Ever. Should Vince be worried since WWE Raw has been the ‘Same Old.. Same Old..’ for so long now?

Having the tag titles unified and having the champs on both shows has increased the worth of the belts and created some interesting rivalries. For example Jericho able to interact on all three brands has pretty much saved WWE this year! So my question is, do you think they could go further? Could they not unify the Intercontinental and United … See MoreStates Championships, the Womens and Divas Championships & the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships? Would this not make these titles more valuable? You could also bring back the Cruiserweight Title!! Imagine having Evan Bourne on all three shows, fighting Chavo on Raw then Rey on a Friday for example!! You’d be left with 5 titles and once ECW is done, two shows where everyone knows the value of being a champion! Also as with the tag belts, longer title reigns….

if hogan never steped into a wrestling ring, who do u think whould be the “face” of pro wrestling??

who will move on to main eventing in the wwe once the current main event wrestlers decide to move on or quit qrestling ?

If the madison square garden incident (where HHH,Shawn michaels, nash and hall all embraced breaking kayfabe) didn’t happen, Would stone cold still have become as big as he did? considering it was HHH who was booked to win the king of the ring and not austin

would a PG rated WWE have been able to launch Stone Cold and the Rock to the same level of fame as the attitude era did?

which wrestler in wwe today would win in a real fight, i recon jack swagger would stand a decent chance, but who could actually beat the big show.

What do you think Vince McMahon’s memorial service was going to be like? I was pissed it didn’t happen. O well Benoit.

What matches, with which stipulations would you book in a greatest ppv ever you have a time machine and unlimited finances, so any guy from any era!

How would ECW be different if Benoit had showed up to Night of Champions and won, as had been booked? And Morrison–would his push still happen without the change in booking that occurred that night?

Besides the name , what is the difference between a no dq , hardcore ,extreme rules , street fight , and a no holds bared match and which do u prefer

do you think that any of the belts that have been retired will make a comeback in 2010?

do you think wwe programming would be of a higher quality if wcw was still around as competiton

  1. JIM
    December 20, 2009 at 3:47 AM

    Remember when WCW, ECW, and WWF all got together once a month and held a PPV? Remember when they held the tri-branded draft and Sting went to WWF and the Rock went ECW, and Tazz went to WCW? Remember when the New Age Outlaws defeated 3-Count to unify both tag titles and were able to appear on all three shows? Remember when they all got together for those 3 hour Raws? Remember when every wrestler wanted to be WWF Champion, because it was the most important and prestigous title ever….until they got drafted to WCW, then suddenly the WCW title was the most important and prestigous title ever. And remember when they did this all while being three “SEPERATE” and “UNIQUE” shows, and all while “COMPETING” against each other? I don’t, because it never happened. If you can’t figure out what I’m saying, it’s time to unify all titles and end the brand extension.

  2. rob
    December 21, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    Hi John, love the columns. I know you love to have more suggestions given to you (haha), so, heres one…
    How about some What ifs…
    What if Vince hadnt bought WCW, someone else had, and it was still competing today.
    What if Bret had stayed in WWE, despite the ‘Montreal screw-job’
    What if Kurt stayed with WWE

    Might be fun to get your input, and then open it up to the readers.


    • December 30, 2009 at 8:13 PM

      If Bischoff had bought WCW like he wanted to it would probably be on TV. I don’t know how long, but it would have been alive. He didn’t buy it because they realized they’d lose their spot on TNT. Without TV they weren’t that valuable.

      Bret would have probably wrestled another three or four years and then become an agent that helps the younger guys with their matches.

      Kurt would have been around the main event picture like always.

  3. Aaron
    December 23, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    Here are some questions:

    As a WWE fan predominantly, a top 10 entrance music of all time. Personally, Regal’s “He’s a Man” tops my list.

    What was/is the worst title/least import title in wrestling today or in history?

    What celebrity made the biggest impact on the business? (Guest hosts I’m sure don’t make this list I’m sure but Mike Tyson, William Perry, Mongo McMichael, David Arquette, other?)

    Who was the most controversial performer in wrestling history (speaking out of character here, unlike Steve Austin’s on screen personna)?

    Who’s untimely death prevented us from seeing how big a star they could have been/died way too you before seeing their development? (Guys I think of: Owen Hart, Louie Spicolli, Chris Candido, Bobby Duncum Jr, Eddie Gilbert, Gino Hernandez, Brian Pillman, The Von Erichs, Eddy Guerrero ETC)

    Worst play by play announcer ever? Worst color commentator ever?

    Best play by play announcer ever? Best color commentator ever?

    I could think of more, but I’d be curious to hear your answers

    • December 30, 2009 at 8:22 PM

      I’m not doing a top 10 of music, but I’ll say my favorites are the Mean Street Posse (seriously), Booker T’s in WCW and probably Randy Savage’s.

      Least important title in wrestling history was probably the WWF’s Hardcore Title. They made it serious for like a year, but then it became a joke.

      I’d say Tyson in 1998 was pretty huge. That’s my pick.

      Wow, lots of nutjobs to pick from. I’d say Ultimate Warrior was one although he was more weird than anything. Brian Pillman was pretty nuts too.

      Regarding the death one, that’s hard. I think Owen was leaving the business in a year two when he died, so not him. Eddie was nearly 40. Who knows how much longer he’d compete. Probably Kerry Von Erich or Brian Pillman, I guess.

      Worst play by play? Lee Marshall of WCW.
      Worst color? Stevie Ray of WCW. He was unintentionally hilarious though.
      Best play by play? Jim Ross
      Best color? Bobby Heenan

  4. Alex
    December 24, 2009 at 9:20 PM

    Here are some questions:

    1)What do you think is next for Shane Mcmahon now that he is out of the WWE.

    2)What was the WWE’s worst attempt at humor ever?

    3)What do you think has been the funniest moment in WWE in the PG era?

    4)Will WWE ever bring back tough enough?

    5)Do you think you “John Canton” would make a good Raw guest host?

    • December 30, 2009 at 8:27 PM

      1) I think he’ll end up working for UFC on the international marketing end. That’s what he’s good at.

      2) Vince McMahon pulling stuff out of Jim Ross’ ass. Maybe the worst parody they’ve ever done. Also Mae Young/Mark Henry was pretty awful.

      3) Hmmm, that’s tough. Bob Barker berating Jericho was pretty great.

      4) Doubt it. They should because it was a good show, but they want to protect the secrets of the business these days.

      5) Ha, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be in front of a camera. I’m not a shy person at all, but it’s one thing to talk to people and another to have a camera on you as you talk to 15,000 people.

  1. December 19, 2009 at 12:38 PM
  2. December 30, 2009 at 8:00 PM

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