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Tommy Dreamer Retires

Tommy Dreamer retired this weekend. His last match aired against Zack Ryder on ECW last night. I knew about it on Sunday, but was asked to keep it quiet by a friend that works with him, so I did. He signed a 3 year extension back in June, but he apparently doesn’t want to continue being a jobber to the young guys on ECW. I’m not sure what he’ll do now. Right now there are rumors that he might go to TNA while others seem to think he’s simply going to go home and be with his young family (he and his wife Beulah have twins).

Considering his age (38) and the brutal style of matches he wrestled it’s easy for me to believe that he won’t wrestle again. Of course, he could work some indies on the weekends if he wanted. It is the end of his WWE run, though. I always liked watching him perform. He was never a great technical wrestler and rarely had the “match of the night,” but the effort was always there and the respect was always there.

We had a discussion about Dreamer on my Fbook page. My buddy Ed Eastin Jr. aka Edswoggle (they are twins, I think!) posted a story about Dreamer that I wanted to share here. Here’s Ed:

My PERSONAL favorite wrestler has retired….I call Tommy my personal favorite because I met him right after WWE reformed ECW at an ECW House Show at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix. This show is my favorite memory as a Wrestling fan- it WAS actually like the ECW I remembered- the crowd was wild as shit (and a LOT of people in the crowd around me complimented me on my heckling), there were NO security barriers of ANY kind- and we were in the 3rd row (we were so fucking close that we had to stand up to look into the ring). Anyways, right before intermission, Tommy Dreamer & Sandman beat Matt Striker & Rene Dupree. As Tommy entered that ring, he saw my sign that said “WE WANT BLOOD MR. DREAMER”, and he looked at me and said “Oh yeah!” (Now if only Mark Henry could do that these days) There was no blood in the match, but after Tommy & Sandman won, Tommy got the mic and said “We want to bring a few of you guys in here for a little toast, who wants to join us?” (as Sandman grabbed a 30 pack of Bud Cans from under the ring) EVERYONE was going nuts and begging to be chosen…then Tommy looked and pointed at me. “YOU! You remind me of the good ol’ days- you’re wearing the Sandman shirt- you make me proud to be here today” or something along those lines- IT WAS FUCKING CRAZY “Get your ass in here!” Then they started pointing out and picking like 15-20 other fans out ringside, and each one was given a beer by Sandman as they got in the ring…as we were, Sandman said to each of us “make sure you shake this up real good so we get a good explosion effect”…finally the toast, and an explosion of beer all over the place, and the place went nuts going into intermission- everyone outside smoking gave me a high-five and telling me that shit was awesome….I made sure to snag this-

and this was on the Celebrity Theater website (I’m the 5th one from the left in the center with the shaggy hair):

So, I do say today that my personal favorite has retired….and good for him, because THAT MAN deserves a lot better than what the WWE has given him since he signed up in 2001…Rock on, Tommy!

Good story, Ed. And thanks for the memories, Tommy Dreamer!

  1. Jay
    December 23, 2009 at 1:35 PM

    Well, it is official… Congratulations Vince! You killed ECW.

    Good luck with your future endevours, Tommy. You really deserve a spectacular well-publicized sendoff. Hopefully, you will make an occasional guest appearance.

  2. Aaron
    December 23, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    As a fan of the original ECW, good for Tommy. A lot of respect for him as a performer, he was definietly a throwback in many ways, and underrated. Tommy really semed like a genuine individual in the business of wrestling and you don’t see too mich of that. I hope the best for Tommy (and his extremely hot wife) and his family. I watch old ECW matches from time to time when I’m bored and Tomm’s matches were always entertaingin, even if liek John says, was not the match of the night. In ECW there was a constant next to the brutality, and that was Tommy Dreamer. Hopefully I havn’t seen the last of him.

    BTW, that was a great story.

  3. Edswoggle
    December 23, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    That was an awesome night- thanks for posting it up, John- I feel that it will be a little bit closer to immortalization now, just like Tommy’s legend is. Thanks again for the memories, Tommy.

  4. Scott
    July 7, 2010 at 8:48 PM

    And that’s me in the RVD T-shirt mashing my head against the can. I was surprised no one else did that. I was just googling this event to try to figure out who FBI wrestled that night and got here. That night was epic!

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