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The John Report Q&A – Part 2

I said I would finish this by year’s end. I have. Part one is here. Both parts are together at the top of the blog where it says “John Report FAQ” so you can read that whenever you want. Reader questions are in blue. Mine are in regular black.

Why does the WWE complain about not being able to create new young talent but whenever they get a potential star they either bury them (i.e Jack Swagger, MVP) or release them from their contract (i.e Elijah burke, Mr. Kennedy etc.)?
I think it’s a case of being scared to push new people because you never know if they are in it for the long haul (think of Lesnar and Lashley), so they tend to rely on the veterans more like HHH and Undertaker because they know they’re loyal company guys.

What celebrity would fit in wwe perfectly from movies to other sports ie. nba, nhl, mma, etc. and have the draw power that would help the company out?
Shaquille O’Neal, easily. Big wrestling fan, has a strong personality and obviously has a legit look to him. I think they should try to get him for Summerslam since it’s the NBA offseason to have some kind of match with Big Show. That would be a huge draw.

Do you think Chris Jericho can ever surpass Shawn Michaels as the all time greatest in ring performer in wrestling history?
No. I think Shawn’s the best ever in ring. I love Jericho, but Shawn’s on another level. The only other person I think that’s at or near Shawn’s level is Angle, who won’t have enough years left to surpass him.

Had the nWo remained small and not had so many members, would it have helped WCW keep its lead in The Monday Night Wars?
Yes. The biggest problem with the NWO was that it had too many people. If they kept it at four or five guys it would have allowed it to stick around longer and been more effective.

What WCW and/or ECW PPVs should WWE use to replace some of their current PPVs (War games in Sept? Halloween havoc in Oct? Starrcade in Dec?)?
I think War Games and Starrcade are the two I would use. Doesn’t matter what month they do War Games, but Starrcade should be a December thing. Vince isn’t a big fan of using other people’s concepts, though, so that’s why we’ve yet to see them.

Would Vince & Co. still have changed their product to a family-friendly blood-free TV-PG product if the Benoit tragedy had not have happened?
Hmmm, tough call. I’ll say yes. I think the fact that Stephanie and Hunter having two kids has led to more of a family-oriented product. They have a lot of influence obviously, so they might be less inclined to present an adult product. I guess we’ll never really know, though.

If done properly, which finishing move, out of all the finishing moves ever created, would you think would hurt the most?
The Big Show punch in the face. Go watch UFC or Boxing. A knockout punch hurts the most. I also think something like a Powerbomb would really hurt if you did it to somebody hard and they hit their head with that kind of impact.

What are your top 10 favorite finishing maneuvers in WWE history?
This could always change. Off the top of my head: Stunner, Pedigree, Top Rope Elbow, Frog Splash, Powerbomb, Brock Lesnar’s F5

What would be the state of the current industry if Hogan’s testimony against McMahon in the early ’90s have taken down Titan Sports & the WWF?
It would have killed the WWF, definitely. WCW was still around and they’d probably thrive without competition, but the entire business would have changed for sure. Vince is the most important person in the history of American pro wrestling and without him in the picture it would be totally different.

Who is better at carrying other ppl in great matches: hbk or angle?
In their primes, they are about the same. They both carried so many people. Michaels has been doing it for longer, though. I’ll go with him.

Is it truly possible that the demise of Owen Hart was done on purpose to “get back” at Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, & Jim Neidhart for taking off to WCW? Or, in relation to my last question, was it payback for permanently fucking up Austin’s neck, thus possibly (at the point of view at that time) costing McMahon millions, if not billions, of potential dollars?
There’s no way that they wanted Owen to fall and die like that. That’s obvious. Were they probably pissed off that Bret left and took it out on Owen? I think they were to some degree. The whole Blue Blazer thing was a complete joke and for somebody as talented as Owen it was beneath him, yet he still did it. I don’t think they were mad at Owen, but I doubt they had any plans to push him either.

Who was bigger in the business: Stone Cold or The Rock?
Stone Cold. Sold more shirts, sold more PPVs in a main event spot, sold more tickets. There are numbers to back it up. Vince McMahon has said that Austin’s the biggest draw in the history of the company and he’s right. Bigger than Hogan too although I’d say Hogan is more known worldwide.

Should the WWE Hall of Fame have eligibility rules? (For example, can only be inducted a minimum 3 years after retirement, certain number of world title reigns or time spent w/ the company?)
No, because it’s not a legit HOF like sports have.

Should anyone ever take the type of bumps that Mick Foley took in the HIAC back in 1998 ever again?
No. The wrestling business is not worth risking your life over the way he did that night. His injuries could have been a lot worse than they were. And I think he would be the first person to tell people that.

Where do you see the WWE and the wrestling biz going in the 2010’s?
No idea. I don’t know if Vince knows either. He’s a guy in his mid 60s that should probably hand some more responsibility over to Steph/HHH or whoever else is on creative that have more of an idea of what’s more current. Booking his show like he did in the late 80s isn’t working. Fans are too smart now.

Should the WWE pull the plug on the weekly Raw guest host gimmick?
Yes. Maybe after WrestleMania. I don’t think it’s done anything for ratings or PPV buys like they had hoped. Get a more permanent GM.

If J.R. is the best, who is second best?
Gorilla Monsoon. His phrases were great (the bread basket, the kisser) his excitement at the right time was usually pretty good

We all know about Mickie James-Canton. Who was your first diva crush?
Missy Hyatt in WCW in around 1993. I was 13. In WWF I’d say it was Sunny a couple years after that. I love 1996 Sunny. She was ridiculously beautiful in those days.

Was there ever a point when watching WWE television that made you say “They went too far, here?”
Katie Vick, for sure. That was way too far and way too stupid. I also didn’t like the Undertaker/Hassan angle where they simulated Hassan cutting his head off. There are others, I’m sure, but those two stick out.

Ten years ago, did you think WCW would still be around today?
Yes, absolutely. I think if AOL didn’t merge with Time Warner, which led to Ted Turner losing power, then it would still be around. The reason they died was mainly because the new people in charge didn’t want to put it on TNT or TBS. Turner always wanted it on TV, but due to the merge he lost that power.

Of Mankind, Cactus and Dude, who was your favorite face of Foley?
Cactus. I like the heel version of Mankind. The silly, babyface version of Mankind was something Mick had to go to once his body started to fail him. Dude was fun too, heel or face. Jack’s always been my favorite because I liked his personality of being a badass and he took his matches more seriously in that role.

Favorite manager?
Bobby Heenan. Also liked Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart a lot too. That’s what I miss about the ’80s and early ’90s. They actually had managers and they were important to the business. Now? It’s a lost concept, which is a shame.

Did you watch the first episodes of Raw, Nitro, Smackdown! and Thunder when they originally aired?
Smackdown for sure. With Raw, I didn’t always see it live. I think that started in like 1996 here in Canada. Before that it was on tape delay. I never got Nitro live since we didn’t get TNT in Canada. Had to wait a day or two. For Thunder I did see it live because we had TBS, but it wasn’t the greatest show.

People like Jim “warrior Warrior” Helwig, as well as numerous others, have said that the “Montreal Screwjob” might have been a work….considering how it has revolutionized the business and how fans look at it and can somewhat understand it for what it truly is, what are your thoughts on that conspiracy theory?
Not a work. The fact that Bret’s agreeing to work with WWE 12 years later doesn’t make it a work either. It just means he wants to say goodbye on his own terms. Also, never listen to anything that the Ultimate Warrior says. He’s not all there. To say the least.

How about the top 10 (or whatever number you choose) moments in BROKEN KAYFABE that have changed the business forever?
Survivor Series 1997 is far and away first. I’m sorry for bailing on this, but I don’t think about other ones coming even close. One that make made me laugh was when Pillman jumped onto Heenan during a WCW event and Heenan swore on live TV. That was classic.

Who was the most selfish/reckless booker/head of creative in your experience of Fandom?
Vince Russo in WCW, easy. His first run in 1999 bombed. Then they brought him back and not only did he put himself on TV too much, he also put the World Title on himself. That guy’s reckless.

Top (#?) “jumping-ship” moments ever?
1. Hulk Hogan to WCW.
2. Randy Savage to WCW. These two were WWF lifers, so when they left it was absolutely huge.
3. Chris Jericho to WWF. Once he left WCW and you saw how good he could be when used properly it was a nail in the coffin for WCW.
4. Scott Hall to WCW
5. Kevin Nash to WCW. They signed at the same time, but Hall debuted first. Started the NWO. Huge impact.
6. Ric Flair to WWF. This was a big deal because Flair was WCW’s top guy.
7. The Radicals (Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko, Saturn) to WWF

Those are the ones that stick out the most.

With the TLC PPV done, which gimmick (of all time- not just any of the TLC) has revolutionized the industry the most?
I would say the ladder match because it spawned the TLC matches. They went from doing a one on one ladder match to doing multi man ones, involving tables, involving ladders, doing MITB and everything else they’ve done. I’d say the Ladder Match has revolutionized the business the most. One of my favorite DVDs ever is the Ladder Match one too. It’s awesome.

What was the worst gimmick match ever? Mine is punjabi prision.
Punjabi prison is really bad. The worst ever was Big Bossman vs. Al Snow in the Kennel in the Cell Match. Look it up. That’s the worst.

Who is the best wrestler to have never won a world championship?
In order: Mr. Perfect, Ted Dibiase, Owen Hart, British Bulldog and Rick Rude. Pretty sad that four of those guys have passed away too.

Is the TNA/WWE Monday Night Wars a cooperative deal manufactured to reinvigorate the wrestling industry? Is Vince behind it all? Is Hogan setting up for the next “Montreal” job?
Ha, I don’t think that’s the case. I think TNA wants to push Vince and WWE probably welcomes it. As fans, I think it’s great for us.

How would the industry be different if poor financial planning hadn’t caused ECW’s demise?
I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did, honestly. They didn’t have a lot of money and the talent roster was getting stripped by WWF and WCW for years. Their influence was huge on the WWF starting the Attitude Era, which is probably why Vince still uses the ECW letters long past its demise.

Do you think the frequent title changes in recent years are the result of too many PPVs?
Yes. They feel like they have to do some title changes in order to keep people’s interests for the next week of TV. I disagree with that thinking. Putting out good stories

Where is Mark Henry and Mae Young’s baby hand now?
In a casket with Katie Vick, Kenzo Suzuki and Mr. America in wrestling gimmick hell.

What is the best (in your opinion) gimmick match ever used in any of the big promotions?
Ladder match. I went into the details up above. I also really like Hell in a Cell and I think street fights are great in terms of being a blowoff match.

Do you think the WWE will one day go back the other way towards more blood, violence, etc?
Yes, because wrestling is cyclical. It’s kid friendly for a while, then it becomes edgy. I’m not sure when. Could be two years. Could be ten years. I have no idea.

WHY CANT WWE BE NOW LIKE IT WAS 1997-2002??????????????????????
Because the roster’s not as good as it was then. There’s no Austin, Rock, Hart, Foley, Angle, young Michaels, young Undertaker, young HHH and a loaded tag division with E&C, Hardys, Dudleys like there was back then. The booking was also better too.

Who was behind GTV?
The big rumor was Goldust, but the whole thing got dumped when Vince Russo jumped to WCW.

What happens if a wrestler gets accidently eliminated in the royal rumble?? What if a wrestler accidentally gets pinned?
Improvise or make up some excuse.

In your opinion, why doesn’t WWE have more tournaments? I have always loved them, even if they are only the KOTR!
Not sure. They probably don’t draw well enough in terms of ratings or PPV buys.

How can I become a wrestler?
For WWE? Pray that you grow to be at least 6’4″ and find out what gym HHH trains at. Otherwise, research wrestling schools on that net.

Who had the best character/gimmick reinvention of all time?
That’s easy. Steve Austin went from a lame gimmick like the Ringmaster to Stone Cold and absolutely took off. In number two would be Rocky Maivia going as this smiling babyface into this cockey heel known as The Rock.

In this world of Celebrity Guest Hosts on RAW, which celebrity is most likley to be the next “David Arquette”? *knocks on wood*
Nobody. I’d like to think that Vince McMahon isn’t that stupid.

Within the world of wrestling (no celebrities), who played the best On-Screen Boss of all time?
Vince McMahon first, Eric Bischoff second. The fact that both actually served in that role probably helped their heel character. Vince was obviously huge as the top heel against Austin during WWE’s boom while Bischoff did it first with the nWo a couple of years earlier.

Storyline-wise, which personality got the most heat at one time ever?
Probably Sargeant Slaughter in 1991 during the Gulf War when he was bringing the Iraqi flag out with him. I would also say Hulk Hogan’s heel turn in WCW 1996, Bret Hart’s Anti-American rants in 1997 and Vince McMahon from 1998 to 2001.

What is truly more important to you- work in the ring or on the mic? Why?
Both are very important, but work in the ring is more important because at the end of the day people pay money to see wrestling. It’s the name on the marquee.

If HHH was not a McMahon and did not have so much backstage stroke , where do you think his place would be at the WWE right now? Would things be different for the good or bad??
It’s hard to say. He might not have as much influence on the booking, but in terms of an on air talent he probably would be at or near where he’s been as a perennial main eventer.

What is your favortie wwe womens match of all time and what is your fav non wwe female match of all time? And who do u think would win in there prime, mae young or awesome kong?
Win in their prime? Um, wrestling’s not real. Kong, I guess. She’s bigger. Favorite no WWE women’s match would be Kong vs. Gail Kim from TNA a couple years ago. Forget the PPV, but I believe it was their first match. Favorite WWE Women’s match? That’s tough. My favorite feud was easily Mickie vs. Trish, but their Mania match wasn’t THAT great. I’ll go with the Trish/Victoria street fight that I believe was in Chicago (can’t remember the year). That was good.

If the WWF did not screw Bret Hart (1997) and Goldberg not ended Bret’s career accidently in WCW. Could Bret Hart have molded these new age wrestlers to benefit the WWE?
Yes, absolutely. I think if Bret didn’t have his falling out with the WWF he’d be working for the company either as a trainer or as part of the creative team. He’s the kind of guy that had the mind for either of those roles.

If TNA Wrestling pulls off a half-decent show when they go head2head against WWE Raw for the 1st time ever, should Vince be worried since WWE Raw has been the ‘Same Old.. Same Old’ for so long now?
I think Vince should only be worried if his TV ratings go down and if his PPV buys go down. You can’t worry about the other show in terms of quality. You should only think of them if they’re costing you money.

Having the tag titles unified and having the champs on both shows has increased the worth of the belts and created some interesting rivalries. For example Jericho able to interact on all three brands has pretty much saved WWE this year! So my question is, do you think they could go further? Could they not unify the Intercontinental and United States Championships, the Womens and Divas Championships & the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships? Would this not make these titles more valuable? You could also bring back the Cruiserweight Title!! Imagine having Evan Bourne on all three shows, fighting Chavo on Raw then Rey on a Friday for example!! You’d be left with 5 titles and once ECW is done, two shows where everyone knows the value of being a champion! Also as with the tag belts, longer title reigns….
I think it would definitely increase the value of titles to have somebody on two or three of the shows on a regular basis. However, I think it’s more important for guys like Miz and McIntyre to be the US/IC champs like they are now because it helps elevate them. If only one of them holds a belt like that it kinda hurts the rest of the roster. I’d prefer it if they had separate tag titles anyway.

if hogan never steped into a wrestling ring, who do u think whould be the “face” of pro wrestling??
Hmm, that’s tough. Randy Savage, maybe. Way better in the ring, but not as tall as Hogan. We all know Vince loves that.

who will move on to main eventing in the wwe once the current main event wrestlers decide to move on or quit wrestling?
Cena’s 32, Orton is 29. They’re not going away. Hopefully some of the younger crop of guys like Morrison, Kingston, Sheamus, McIntyre, etc. are ready for that spotlight because the company needs them to carry the ball, so to speak.

If the madison square garden incident (where HHH, Shawn michaels, nash and hall all embraced breaking kayfabe) didn’t happen, would stone cold still have become as big as he did considering it was HHH who was booked to win the king of the ring and not Austin?
He would not have won KOTR that year and wouldn’t have cut the famous Austin 3:16 shirt, which is the number one sell. I do think that his gimmick, which he had started by mid 1996, was something that would have taken off with or without his KOTR speech. It might have taken longer to happen, though.

Would a PG rated WWE have been able to launch Stone Cold and the Rock to the same level of fame as the attitude era did?
No. The appeal of those two was the swearing and the colorful language they used. Without that, they would have lost their edge and probably had a harder time relating to the audience.

Which wrestler in wwe today would win in a real fight? I recon jack swagger would stand a decent chance, but who could actually beat the big show?
Yeah, have to go with Big Show. Swagger’s got the legit wrestling training and he’s a big guy, so he’d be tough to handle for sure. Somebody with a background in striking, be it punches or kicks, would likely do well too.

What do you think Vince McMahon’s memorial service was going to be like? I was pissed it didn’t happen. O well Benoit.
A silly angle that probably would have been treated as a joke with people making fun of. If they attempted to do anything serious with that angle they would have been foolish. Oh wait, that means they would do something serious.

What matches, with which stipulations, would you book in a greatest ppv ever you have a time machine and unlimited finances, so any guy from any era!
I could go on forever with this, but I’ll go with five singles matches.

Ric Flair (1989 as a heel World Champion) vs. Steve Austin (1997 as a face before the neck injury) – So much fun with them at their best.
Bret Hart (1997 as a heel) vs. Kurt Angle (2003 as a face) – If Bret was face and Angle was heel it would work too. I just think Bret’s anti-US gimmick would be perfect against a gold medalist.
Shawn Michaels (1997 as a heel) vs. The Rock (2002 as a face) – Yes please! Imagine the promos.
Chris Jericho (2008 as a heel) vs. Randy Savage (1989 as a face) – Absolutely the perfect mix of styles.
Triple H (2000 as a heel) vs. Eddie Guerrero (2004 as a face) – I loved HHH that year and Eddie was so good in 2004.

I could really pick so many different people with so many different choices.

How would ECW be different if Benoit had showed up to Night of Champions and won, as had been booked? And Morrison–would his push still happen without the change in booking that occurred that night?
It’s not like Morrison has been pushed quickly, so I doubt much would have changed with him. I would imagine that Benoit would have been used to help develop younger guys on that show like Punk or Morrison because all he did was make others around him better.

Besides the name, what is the difference between a no dq, hardcore, extreme rules, street fight, and a no holds bared match? which do u prefer?
No difference. I prefer calling it a street fight or no holds barred.

do you think that any of the belts that have been retired will make a comeback in 2010?
Nope. They have enough belts and barely know how to book them properly.

do you think wwe programming would be of a higher quality if wcw was still around as competition?
Yes, I think so. Let’s hope TNA becomes competitive. That’s the best thing for everybody in the business and for us as fans too.

And that’s that. If you post some below I’ll answer those too when I have some time.

  1. Bryan Kirchoff
    December 30, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    I got one for you. If you could book a WM card of 8 matches using guys from any era what would it be. You can use the money in the bank match also so you can get at least 6 guys in on that one.

  2. December 30, 2009 at 8:51 PM

    Sounds like a future column around Mania time. I’ll keep it in mind.

  3. matthew
    December 30, 2009 at 10:06 PM

    is there any time were you stopped watching wrestling? I know i did for a few years when I was growing up saying i too cool for that fake stuff. looking back (that was when i was 10 to twelve, im 29 now) seems pretty silly.

  4. Adam Bomb
    December 30, 2009 at 10:43 PM

    Here is my vision of how the invasion angle could and probably should have gone. start it off the way they did but with bigger names from WCW, sting, goldberg, etc right off the bat. and after the invasion PPV what I would have done is started an ECW show like they have now(not like the show today just mean the name), and turn Smackdown into a WCW show. Have Bischoff running WCW and Heyman running ECW and give all three shows two hours. They book the shows themselves, basically as if it was really WCW and ECW and WWE against each other, with the wallet of Vince. Do ppvs like this three times a year. WWE, WCW, ECW, combo show. so you would have one ppv a month. obviously Mania, Summerslam, Rumble would be the combo shows, the WCW and ECW ppvs would be named from actual WCW and ECW PPVs.
    Now we all know if that had happened Vince would still have the prime pick of the best stars but the primary base of WCW and ECW would mostly be originals to each show, and with Heyman being the sole booker of an ECW show and Bischoff being the sole booker for WCW on his own with Vinces wallet. the entire angle could still be going today if they had done that. There wouldnt even be a need to have a TNA.

    as far as an actual question goes. Who is/are the wrestler/s you hate or dislike the most? I know you dont share the hatred most of us have for Cena so Im just wondering.

  5. Jay
    December 30, 2009 at 11:09 PM

    Gorilla Monsoon was a terrible commentator. Only David Crockett was worse than Gorilla.

    If H3 was not a McMahon, he would be Randy the Ram. Go back and look at his work as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He is a product of Vince’s publicity machine.

    Shawn Michaels is not the best wrestler of all time. He could not carry Flair’s jock.

    How can you have a dream card and not include Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik?

    Old NWA and WCCW stuff was better than a lot of the WWE stuff you trumpet. Take a look at some of it. (Plus I still say the Undertaker is the worst gimmick in wrestling history.)

    • Adam Bomb
      December 31, 2009 at 1:11 AM

      FOR THE WIN……. hahahahaha

    • Sam
      December 31, 2009 at 9:57 AM

      So why are you reading this article if all your going to do is complain about how shitty you think the choices are?

  6. Lacie
    December 30, 2009 at 11:25 PM

    I have a question: Do you think Madusa’s disgracing of the WWF Women’s Title on WCW Monday Nitro was one of the things floating in Vince’s mind before the Montreal Screwjob took place?

    • Aaron
      January 4, 2010 at 11:09 AM

      Further point on belts: What if WWF in 1991(?) didn’t have Flair come in with WCW’s belt and proclaim himself the real world’s champions, etc? I think that itself stuck in WCW’s crawl, and inspired WCW’s pussh to have Manuda trash the title in he second WCW run.

      It’s a chicken and the egg discussion perhaps..

  7. kiefer outram
    December 30, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    If you had to choose a wwe superstar to be the lead role in any film, who and which film?.

    Your favourite wwe movie?

    What are your top ten matches from 1997-2003?

    what is your favourite backstage promo from the attitude era?

    Do you think that with shane buying into the ufc that wwe and ufc could come to cross eachother in the future?

    Do you think that triple h will pass ric flairs reigns as world champ? Or even edge surpass triple h?

  8. bryan
    December 31, 2009 at 12:37 AM

    once i saw heel hbk that took me.back. that will always be my favorite time in hbk’s history. i always loved michaels as a heel and would love him to have one more great heel run. and yes person above michaels is the greatest wrestler ever. he had more ability then flair could dream of having. and how is one of the most popular gimmicks of all time one of the worst?

  9. Tabitha
    December 31, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    THE RADICALS! THANK YOU! Was driving myself crazy last night because I couldn’t remember what they were called.

    • Aaron
      January 4, 2010 at 11:10 AM

      Moppy’s impact cannot be measured.

  10. Jonathan
    December 31, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    Following on from a question you answered in part 2 of the Q&A regarding what is done when people are eliminated / pinned by mistake, are you aware of a situation ever occurring in a Royal Rumble where the person who was supposed to go on and win it was eliminated by mistake? I would have thought this was a definite possibility, as all it would take is for someone’s timing to be very slightly off whilst doing one of the “almost eliminated but just about managed to hang on” spots.

    As the winner of the Rumble goes on to headline, and often win, at ‘Mania, them being eliminated by mistake early on would probably cause the writers a major headache…?

    • Dan
      December 31, 2009 at 1:37 PM

      I’d imagine the guy who makes the mistake will be in a Hog Pen match with Hornswoggle on next weeks Raw, and they’d send out somebody senior as the next participant with some form of instruction for who the new winner would be, I’d quite like to see it actually as it may give someone new a chance. Well that or they’d go for a staple HHH win zzz

    • Anonymous
      December 31, 2009 at 2:02 PM

      they would have Vince run out and re-start it like he did when Cena and Batista went out at the same time the year Batista won it back in 2005

    • Aaron
      January 4, 2010 at 11:12 AM

      I think when Michaels foot hit the floor that was one of those moments. Seriously, if one foot hits the floor, couldn’t someone just hop around and get back in the ring?

      Before that, elimination was when you touched the floor.. I would think that was ad-libbed.

  11. kris Karcher
    December 31, 2009 at 10:26 AM

    angle going to tna doesent make your jumping ship list?

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