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TJR: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Recap

January 31, 2010 115 comments

The John Report: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Recap
This will be pretty straightforward. I wrote it live on my blog and updated people on my Twitter page. It’s not a full play by play, but it was written live. It’s not going to be formatted like the TV reviews, so less jokes. More of the basics. Enjoy it.


Live from Atlanta, GA it’s the Royal Rumble.

Three man announce team with Cole, Lawler and Striker. First match is Jackson vs. Christian.

I’m watching on HD with the laptop in front of me. Also got some Grey Goose vodka by my side, but only for some light drinking I think. Have a couple buddies watching along.

ECW Title: Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson
The story was the obvious one with Jackson on offense for the majority of the match and Christian selling very well. The crowd wasn’t into it that much, but it wasn’t that bad. I know I don’t write about ECW much, but I like Zeke’s offense for the most part. It works against Christian because he’s one of the best at selling a beating. After getting beat up for about ten minutes, Christian came back. He even went for a flying headbutt that missed. Jackson countered a lot of Christian’s moves well. It looked good. Christian got a good nearfall with a swinging DDT that crowd bought. Jackson threw a lot of clotheslines. I mean a lot. Jackson gave him powerslams into the turnbuckle only for Christian to counter with the Killswitch for the pin. I had picked Jackson to win, but I’m fine with this result. Of course, I’d rather see Christian on Raw, or even better on Smackdown. Match was about 14 minutes…or at least that’s what I saw since I ordered the PPV a few minutes after 8pmET. (**1/4)
Winner: Christian

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The John Report: Talking Smack for 01/29/10 (Plus Rumble Preview)

January 31, 2010 27 comments

The John Report: Talking Smack for 01/29/10 (Plus Rumble Preview)
Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. This is going to be brief. Long story short, I was at a bachelor party in Niagara Falls. Started at about 4pm Friday. Ended at about 12pm Saturday. I slept two hours. Came home around 5pm, slept about 5 hours and now it’s past midnight Saturday night. I can’t sleep. I’m wired like never before. I’m on such a high. It was a great party and then I got some incredible news too (more on that later). At the end of the Smackdown review, which will be brief, I’m throwing in a link to my quickie Royal Rumble preview as well. It was already posted on my blog on Wednesday, but I’m putting it in here too in case you missed it. Let’s get to it.

Taped from Cincinnati, Ohio let’s talk some smack…

DX started the show off. They were about to cut their typical promo when Rey Mysterio interrupted. He told Shawn he’s not going to face Undertaker for the belt because he (Mysterio) was going to win the belt at the Rumble. Punk, Gallows and the newly named Serena Mancini interrupted. There was some dialogue exchanged between HHH and Punk that was pretty good although Hunter did get his gay joke/insult in there of course. Hunter did great by referencing Amy Winehouse’s crack binge and the Britney Spears bald look that Serena is sporting. Teddy Long came out. He said the tag title match was off. Instead we’d get HHH vs. Punk and Michaels vs. Mysterio. Fine with me in terms of being good matches. I guess they’re going to wait a week or two to drop the titles.

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General Blog Notes (Non-Wrestling)

January 29, 2010 3 comments

I’ve noted a few times that I want to make this blog kind of a “one stop” place for all your wrestling needs. It might take a few weeks or months to get there, but that’s my goal and I’m the kind of person that meets his goals. I’ll get there. To help me get there, I’ll need some help. I’ve already recruited a couple of people that I’ve asked to start writing columns starting next week. I’m not holding open auditions. I don’t have time to sift through all of them. I don’t want to skim either. If you send me sample columns I probably won’t even read them, to be honest. I have faith in the people I’ve talked to (Chris, Heather, David and Andrew) that they’ll do a good job. I’ll probably add more as time goes on too. I’m not looking to have news posts all throughout the day like they do at or at other sites. I was thinking more like somebody can provide a daily news update and then put it all in one post. The goal is to have two or three posts per day total on the blog. It’s hard for me to always come up with new content. I do my best, but there’s only so much time in the day.

I’ll probably get the Smackdown recap up Saturday night (like 10pm Eastern if not later) at some point. I’ll need to play catch up. This is my last post until that one.

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Thursday Notes: TNA Moving to Mondays, Fan Incident, More

January 28, 2010 9 comments

– The big news this week is that TNA will be moving Impact to Monday nights starting on March 1. It will be from 9-11pm, which is obviously opposite WWE’s Raw. The taping schedule is for TNA to air live on a Monday, tape the next week’s show on a Tuesday and then go back to Monday the week after that. In other words, live show, tape show, live show, tape show and so on. It might change month to month due to the PPV schedule, but that’s the plan. It’s similar to what WWE did with Raw until 1999 when they made the move to going live every Monday.

I think it’s a good move for TNA. Why not? They’re not going to really gain fans by staying on Thursday nights. As I’ve written many times, wrestling fans are conditioned to watch pro wrestling on Monday night. That’s been our day to watch first run wrestling shows for the past 17 years. That’s what we know. Monday night is wrestling night. It’s better for TNA to go head to head with Raw then it is to run taped programs on Thursday nights, which is a killer night of television and always has been. I don’t know what kind of ratings they can do on a consistent basis, but it will probably be close to what they do on Thursdays, if not higher.

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A Royal Rumble Preview & Poll Results

January 27, 2010 36 comments

This will be pretty basic. I’ll give you my picks for the matches at the Royal Rumble and also share the results of the polls that I’ve had up for the past three days regarding the five matches at the Sunday PPV.

Before I start, just want to say the last four days have produced the highest number of page views in the three month history of this blog. The last two days passed January 5th (the night after WWE vs. TNA) as the most page views for my blog. You guys are great. I appreciate the support. I’m slowly assembling a team to put out some writing of their own as well adding in some news items in some kind of daily update. I want this to be a place for readers to check out every day. Slowly, we’ll get there I think. As a thank you, at the end of this Rumble preview I’ll let you know who I talk to in WWE. Now, onto some predictions:

The 30 Royal Rumble Match featuring six guys that might win and everybody else
The poll results: Shawn Michaels 38%, Triple H 12%, Chris Jericho 9%, Edge 7%, Ted Dibiase 6% and John Morrison 6%. Some of the write in votes were for Michael Cole (with two), John Canton (thank you to whoever did that) and Hornswoggle (thanks for voting, Vince McMahon).

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The Raw Commentfest for 01/25/10

January 26, 2010 18 comments

I wrote the Raw Deal earlier this morning, post it at 10am and you’ve hopefully read that. The link is at the right here on the blog. Commentfest, featuring Twitter and Facebook, is a regular early afternoon posting now. Let’s get to it.

Thoughts from the Facebook friends aka CommentFest
Here are some random thoughts from some of my facebook friends (just head to after I asked for some comments about the show. The comments in green are from the commentfesters while the comments in the brackets are from me. We got just over just under 1400 comments this week similar to last week. Commentfesters are a consistent bunch, I have to say.

Once again, big thanks to Wes and Will Burden for “The John Report” sign on Raw. That was really nice of you guys.

It’s time for the MOST ELECTRIFYING comment spot in Sports Entertainment hosted by the jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, stronger than a bear, faster than a buck, the biggest thing from canada since the Maple Leafs suck……John Canton. (Wow, that was pretty epic.)

I should be studying for 2 midterms right now, but I chose commmentfest! (Commentfest: Killing the aspirations of young people since 2009.)

First commentfest, also follow you on twitter.. can i get a shout out John Canton-James? (Sure. I love the rookies. Break ’em in gently.)

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The John Report: The Raw Deal for 01/25/10 (Cena/Sheamus)

January 26, 2010 21 comments

Welcome to the Raw Deal. Commentfest is posted as of 1pmET and can be read in full by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Live from Columbus, Ohio this is the Raw Deal…

The hosts are Dule Hill and James Roday from the USA show Psych, which I’ve never seen (yes I know Mickie was on it before, don’t yell at me) although Roday had his appendix removed in an emergency earlier in the day, so he wouldn’t be there.

Are you ready? I guess we are since DX came out first. In great news, we found out that Shawn sent Hornswoggle home (is that under the ring?). That makes HBK one of the three stars of the night automatically. Shawn and Hunter basically said they’re each going to win the Royal Rumble and that they will easily take care of the 28 other guys by working together. And if Hunter doesn’t win, he’ll just get daddy in law to book him against Sheamus anyway. Oops, he didn’t say that. I ad-libbed there. Anyway, they’ll work together until they’re the last two. Thanks for letting us know the plan.

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