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The John Report: The Raw Deal for 01/04/10 (Bret Hart)

The John Report: The Raw Deal for 01/04/10 (Bret Hart)
Welcome to the Raw Deal. You know what? Forget about the intro. I can do things like plug the petition a reader created later. See what I did there? Let’s get to Raw with Bret Hart.

Live from Dayton, Ohio this is the Raw Deal…

They start with a video package on Bret Hart and then he got introduced. I was watching the show with two of my best friends from our late teens when we watched Bret all the time. We took road trips together to see WWF shows. I remember one time we saw three shows in three nights (two of them were Raw’s back when Raw was taped on back to back nights prior to Smackdown) and those were some great times. It was cool to watch again with them (they don’t watch much anymore) and relive some of those memories.

This week’s guest host: Bret Hart
I thought Dayton him gave him a very good ovation. It’s not as loud as it would have been in Canada obviously, or a big WWE city like New York or Chicago, but it was pretty good. He looked pretty composed out there, not really nervous and like it felt great for him to be out there. I was happy to have seen that moment. We were basically applauding him at that point and he wasn’t doing anything. Just BEING THERE was enough, ya know? It meant so much to us as fans to see him out there. “Well, I guess hell froze over.” Haha, absolutely. He thanked the fans for remembering him over the years, never letting him become forgotten. He actually wrote about that in his book quite a bit about how one of the worst things from Montreal was his fear that fans wouldn’t remember him. We don’t forget. He’s one of the most beloved legends ever and this appearance only added to that. He then brought out Shawn Michaels.

This was an epic moment. One of those “I can’t believe this is really happening” type of deals. We were going nuts wondering what was going to be said by each guy. Even the face to face was cool. They each talked about time having passed with Shawn mentioning that he doesn’t think of Montreal with Bret, he thinks about their “Iron” match. He said Iron twice when it should have been Ironman, but you think I’m going to make fun of HBK ever? No. This all led to a handshake and then a hug. I was literally cheering this like I was some 12-year-old kid watching my two heroes because I was that kid a decade and a half ago. They teased Shawn starting at him, possibly ready to unleash a superkick, but it never happened. When Shawn left Bret called out Vince. He didn’t come out. Fifteen minutes later the intro was over. I was fine with it all. In my fantasy booking for this last week, I had Bret in the open for 15 too with some similar aspects in that he got to be alone for about 5 minutes. This 15 minute opening was something I’ll remember for a long time. I won’t be forgetting about it in the 2010 Johnny Awards either.

Backstage, Josh asked Crazy Vince where he was. “I was watching TNA,” Vince said. “All my former employees are there!” Okay, he didn’t say that. He said he was in a meeting. I’m sure he was fascinated from watching TNA talk about how they’re a wrestling show and only had about 8 minutes of wrestling in the first hour. He probably thought he was watching most week’s of Raw.

Did you know John C. has never torn a quad writing a John Report? (True and I once wrote a column with a broken freakin’ neck!)

Melina’s out for at least six months with a torn ACL. I’ll miss her although WWE took away the sex appeal she used to have, which is something I’ve been complaining about for a while. Guess I’ll have no complaints for six months.

Maryse d. Bella Bella w/Bella Bella (1/4*)
Do the first names matter? No. It’s amazing that they can do something other than laugh at the guest hosts bad jokes. In the worst twin switch ever, they switched while the other one was down in the ring, Maryse kicked her and finished with her French Kiss DDT thing. They switched spots so she could get kicked in the ribs! Those Bellas are so smart (nope), sexy (sure) and powerful (nope). That’s a 33% for you Bellas. The quarter star is awarded only for Maryse’s pin, for the record. Also, why do they say Maryse took a break or whatever the hell they say? She was rehabbing her knee. Can’t they say when somebody has a legit injury?

Side note: After reading about the Melina injury, I posted on Twitter pre-Raw about the tourney and how it’s a shame Mickie can’t be there since she’s on SD. My beloved Mickie James-Canton posted in reply (she follows me, I didn’t even send it to her): “Says who?!?!” And then? No MJC on Raw. I was bamboozled (that’s this week’s fun word that you should say out loud to cheer yourself up). This is the first time there’s been a problem in the James-Canton alliance. Don’t cry. We’ll persevere.

Before the next match, Miz hit on Maryse (his girlfriend by the way) saying maybe if she won the Divas title he’d ask her out again. It was a good promo by him talking about how great he’s going to be in the next decade.

MVP d. Mark Henry, Jack Swagger & Carlito (1/2*)
Miz was on commentary. This is the US title division? Ouch. They barely use any of these guys and when they do they lose matches. At one point Henry had Swagger on his shoulders in one of the worst looking torture racks ever because he was barely holding him and they had to wait way too long for MVP to kick Henry in the face to break it up. Henry kept looking for it, waiting, waiting and when it came it was far too late. Then Swagger botched MVP’s finish. MVP gets a title match at some point. Next week? I have no idea.

Did you know that John Canton has had more fictional wives than real ones? (This is true. I think it’s at 8-0 right now.)

Backstage, Jericho was talking to Show about how important tonight was for them. Chris said he was going to talk to Bret.

Backstage, Bret pretended to talk to some random dude when Jericho came in. It was the usual spiel with Jericho sucking up to him, talking about how close he was to the family when he was training there. He asked Bret if he could ref the DX/Jericho show match and for Bret to screw Shawn as revenge for Montreal. Bret said no, then added that they always thought Jericho was a wimp for screaming louder than anybody else in the Dungeon. Crowd popped at that. This was vintage Jericho getting owned by the guest host. I’ll miss it.

DX skit time. They were basically plugging the new WWE action figures. Remember the thumb wrestlers in the 80s? I had all of those. Great line by HBK who walked in on HHH talking to Horny and asked him why he talks to him like a small child. Shawn: “He’s got a beard!” Classic. Santino walked in dressed as Jericho to show Shawn how Hunter has trained Horny to attack Jericho on site. Did I just type that? Anyway, Santino was great in screwing up Jericho’s catchphrases, then the midget pounced on him and Santino took some fall gags to make it funny. Average segment.

Did You Know? MVP, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin and Christian all asked Santa for directions to the gym Triple H trains at.

DX d. Jerishow to retain the Tag Titles (***)
This was a typical good match from these four veterans that know what they’re doing. In a rare move, Hunter was the babyface in peril for the majority of the match while Shawn was on the one that got the hot tag. I feel like pointing out that Jericho doing the Hogan ear cup during the match was tremendous. I laughed at that one. See, it’s the little things that make somebody like Jericho better than almost everybody else. As expected, the match broke down and Jericho kicked the midget in the head. No SERIOUS VOICES~! from the announcers because he was wearing a helmet. Jericho had the Walls on HHH (no torn quad!), so Michaels superkicked him and Hunter pinned for the win. Then Jericho did the walk of shame out of Raw forever…just like a month ago.

Backstage, Orton knocked on Vince’s door. Vince was pissed. He actually referenced the fact that Orton kicked him and his family in the head. Orton wanted to attack Bret in return for #30 in the Rumble, but the old guy said no. Orton was pissed. He then went up to Legacy who told him they’ll watch his match later in the night and if he loses he’s out of Legacy (same as Orton did to them last week).

Did you know Kamala and John Canton both do the belly slap as a form of intimidation?

Sheamus d. Evan Bourne (1/2*)
They didn’t say why Cena wasn’t there (he was at the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona), but they tried to cover it by showing Sheamus KTFOing him last week. Sheamus spoke about not defending against Cena again when Bourne came out and challenged. Sheamus said if Bourne wins he gets a title shot at the Rumble. Bourne started on fire, even hitting the Air Bourne SSP. Sheamus finished him off with his badly needs a name Razor’s Edge.

They mentioned the death of former wrestler “Dr. Death” Steve Williams who succumbed to cancer. A lot of people emailed me about this asking why him and not Umaga? I think it’s because was a more recent superstar and I guess they thought it would hurt Linda McMahon’s campaign. I think Umaga should have been acknowledged. I liked how WWE handled this.

Randy Orton d. Kofi Kingston (**)
I was expecting something like 12-15 minutes. It came in at 11, which is fine. Problem was they didn’t have the crowd’s interest for much of it and there was never a point where I thought Kingston was going to win. I had really high hopes that weren’t really met. It seemed like a feud that should have delivered three or four matches at the four star level yet they never got there. With Orton winning clean again it’s pretty much over. One other thing: Michael Cole, you stupid douchenozzle. When the guy is standing right of him and he staggers forward, Orton hitting the RKO is not doing it “out of nowhere.” Out of nowhere would mean the guy turns around and walks right into it. If he’s facing him it’s not out of nowhere. It’s from RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. I don’t know why that bugs me, but it does.

Did You Know? This year’s Wrestlemania will have a Shitty Gimmick Battle Royal instead of a Divas Battle Royal. Already confirmed participants include: Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz, Shockmaster, Red Rooster, Mordecai, Juicer, Fake Razor, Fake Diesel, Fake Kane, Kizarny, Big Dick Johnson, The Ding-Dongs, Blacktop Bully, The Mean Street Posse, The Yetti, Giant Gonzales and Mr. America. (I give it five stars already.)

Main Event Vince and Bret Confrontation
Vince McMahon comes out. He didn’t feel he needed to call Bret out, but Bret came out on his own without theme music. He took off his jacket. First time I’ve ever seen Bret with a gut. He should have left the jacket on. I’ve read he’s had a bad back and hasn’t been able to work out like he wants to. Give him a break, though. Been ten years since he wrestled and he’s had a stroke since then. I think he’s pretty inspirational, personally. They shared some memories with Vince talking about WM2 where he says he noticed Bret would be a star in that match. He also said they’d induct Bret’s dad Stu into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Vince then thanked him for being “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be…except for HHH.” Fine, he didn’t say the Hunter part. He thought it, though. They shook hands. They did a pose to all four corners and then Vince kicked him in the stomach (maybe the groin?). Bret went down to end the show. Vince walked out not saying a word the announcers shut up to let the images do the talking.

Three Stars of the Show
1. Bret Hart
2. Shawn Michaels
3. Chris Jericho – For doing the Hogan ear cup.

Rating: 6.5 (out of 10)
Last week: 4.5

Did it live up to the hype? Yes and no. The Bret/Shawn stuff was pretty special to me. As a huge fan of both guys, that was pretty surreal to watch. I mean I’ve got 20 years of memories of both guys. I’ve read their books. I’ve watched the DVDs. I’ve watched hundred of matches, many of them more than once. The one thing that always made you wonder was Montreal. Could they leave that in the past? Could they talk to eachother again? You never knew. I’m glad they aired it out on live TV like I’m sure they did in private too.

Match wise it was fine with Orton/Kingston being okay while DX/Jerishow was solid like usual. This show had more actual in-ring action than the last few Raw’s, so that’s a good thing. Is it too much to ask for two matches getting more than ten minutes every week? I don’t think it’s difficult.

I’m glad this show happened for Bret Hart’s sake. It was great seeing him get that pop and speak from his heart. I’ll never forget that. I look forward to seeing him again on the Road to WrestleMania too.

To close out this part, here’s a first hand account of the post-show from Raw:
In quite possibly the greatest single display of respect I have ever witnessed, Bret “Hitman” Hart took the time to personally shake the hand, take a picture with and otherwise interact with all the fans at ringside. With most of the locker room observing from the stage, Bret was given a much deserved and long awaited standing ovation. With the Hart Dynasty in tow, and hands raised in the air, Bret returned to the back. God bless his unparalleled show of professionalism and respect for the business he loves, and the fans who love him. Bret “Hitman” Hart. Truly the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Goodnight from Dayton

Andy Savieo

I agree. Thanks Andy. Should be noted too that before the show Bryan Danielson beat Chavo Guerrero. I’m so happy to read that. They need Danielson on TV soon. What a great worker.


Thoughts from the Facebook friends aka CommentFest
You can check out this week’s commentfest by clicking RIGHT HERE. Biggest Commentfest ever.

I would be honored if you checked out the the petition created by a friend CJ Duncan to get me hired by WWE. I’m not taking it that seriously, but I guess if we got a significant number of signatures maybe I would take it a bit more seriously. Let’s just say if the opportunity ever presented itself I would love to work for WWE. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but you never know, right?

As always, check out my blog at johnreport.wordpress.com for updated daily content. If you need a laugh, check out the Did You Know? John Report edition I posted up on Sunday with some WWE style Did You Know’s that were suggested by friends on facebook and twitter. It’s good stuff.

I’ll be back either really late Tuesday or early Wednesday with a recap of Impact. I’ve already seen the great Angle/Styles match after being told that it was great (it was, I have it at ****1/4 out of 5). I need to watch the rest on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jay
    January 5, 2010 at 6:36 AM

    The Jericho-Hogan Earcup was my spot of the night. I actually stood up an cheered. (It has been a long time since that has happened.) If Jericho is actually off Raw, it is going to become unwatchable. (Of course, I could watch Styles v. Angle all day every day.)

    I would have actually respected Vince for roughly 30 seconds if he would have said that he was watching TNA. (It would have been a first for me.) It looks like you just graduated from the Vince Russo school of writing, John. Just avoid copying his style, because it becomes frustrating really quickly.

  2. Yaz
    January 5, 2010 at 9:41 AM

    I’m kind of let down a bit. I think they could have done so much more with Bret Hart’s return… What they did was alright, I thought, but even with him returning, I felt it was still such a dull RAW.

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on TNA John… After having watched both shows, I can honestly say I enjoyed TNA’s product more than WWE’s Raw… Even WITH the Hitman’s return (of which I’m also a huge fan – which makes his usage to me last night even more saddening).

    Anyway… Should be interesting to see where things go from here.

  3. John
    January 5, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    It was an interesting show. The Chavo/Danielson match was pretty good. A few ‘Chavo Sucks’ chants were thrown in. Gail Kim beat Jillian for Superstars, and Masters beat someone as well for Superstars. As I was behind the main camera, I used my binoculars to watch some of the split screen monitors, and lo and behold, I could watch TNA while sitting in a Raw show. You mention only 8 minutes of wrestling in the first hour, it sure as heck looked that way from watching those monitors. Jeff Jarrett vs Jerishow/DX at the 10pm hour, I’m just not sure that was the proper thing to do. But, WWW *was* watching TNA. (It was a DirectTV feed, when the screen went idel, the DirectTV logo was up on screen save mode.)

  4. Aaron
    January 5, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    I think TNA for the most part pulled off the better overall show. TNA NEEDED to use the “holy shit” factor of guys coming in (Marked for Val Venis and his “names” line). Obviously they needed to lead into the second hour (when RAW was coming on the air) with Hogan. So they hyped it with spots that he was on his way. Ok that’s cheesy, easy hype, but they were getting the point across. The opening match was a disappointment, but quickly forgotten with Hardy’s arrival. The Foley stuff was decent, and culminated alright I suppose (Wonder if Foley will actually leave?). Bringing back some familiar faces is what TNA needs to gain viewership. Can they learn from the mistakes of WCW in the past by not over featuring them in the future? That’s the question. But seeing the aging nWo was not all bad for me as a viewer. And seeing Hogan return as more of his heel personna was smart (Not the yellow and red, thank you). Don’t try to copycat the WWE hogan. Go with what made you hot against the WWE. I was in favor of that. The appearence of Flair was downright shocking to me, but he didn’t do anything in the show and that was disappointing. If he should return again, hopefully he’ll get mic time.. I just get the feeling it was a one time only appearance.

    TNA pulled out what they needed to. Consistantly showering us with old faces, an ongoing story with the “who’s laying eveyone out” thing, and most importantly, showcasing Angle and Styles in the main event and putting a major focus on their WORLD TITLE. WWE has not made the title worth attaining in years. TNA made their’s seem more important on one show.

    WWE did a good job with Bret. I wish the show was in Canada, but he got a great response still. The opening segment with HBK was great. Marked out, loved it. But in between was a little… uhm… boring? We got a lot of the same stuff, a bad 4 corners match with MVP prevailing to job to Miz in the future. A bad womens match (TNA was able to show their dominance there), and the damn midget. D-X/Jerishow was pretty good, but it’s a little old now and Jericho being banned from Raw (again) seems like they’re struggling with ideas (and now the prospect of watching Raw minus Jericho just seems terrible). Shaemus cut a nice promo on Bourne (”LITTLE Evan Bourne”) and did what he does best, pound on jobbers. Orton/Kofi was a let down, the finish was good, but I found myself waiting to get to a high spot finish as the match dragged. I didn’t feel the hatred/emotion of the feud between the two. The finish countering was good.. but overall, Kofi’s push is done.

    I’m not saying WWE put on a bad show. But without Bret, I think it would have been. I don’t think Bret on there had the impact on the rest of the show I thought it might have. Maybe I expected too much. Or maybe I’ve just been too down on wrestling the last couple months that the TNA “shake-up” was much more appealing? Havn’t figured that out yet. But it was a good night to be a wrestling fan over the age of 21.. I enjoyed (though struggled at times) explaining things to my 9 year old son, and now the DVD history lesson will follow as he’s wanting to find out more about these guys who I was going crazy for, that he knows little to nothing about. (I didn’t mark for Orlando Jordan, BTW)

    Also just as a side note.. I really like Deangelo Dinero. I think he’s cutting some of the best mic work in the game today. This guy is so underrated, and he stood out on the show. Surprised he went over Desmond Wolfe as well. WWE made a huge mistake not finding something for this guy.

    • January 5, 2010 at 11:16 AM

      I would also like to give props to TNA for putting over Dinero. I really like Nigels work, but it’s good to see Dinero (Elijah Burke for the unaware) get the attention he deserves. He has a really good work rate. I mean, no incredible 5 star must see matches…but he’s never been given the time for one of those. For the time that he gets, he does great work. I never got why WWE did what they did with him. They considered his run with the New Breed a success and that it effectively made him a leading heel character…but then they forgot about him. I recall after the Punk/New Breed feud where I paid most of my attention to New ECW it moved on to like… Punk vs. Chavo. Rough.

      He’s always been decent on the stick and on the internet seemed to be full of character, and it’s really showing on TNA. I’m very curious to see just how far he can go, and who he’ll work with.

  5. January 5, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    I won’t lie. I recorded RAW (but for the first time in EVER as I’m Canadian and never had the choice of flipping between WCW and WWF had the amazing experience of flipping between two wrestling shows) and TNA because I knew one of them would catch most of my attention. TNA did, big time. What an incredible show they put on. I am absolutely excited for another Monday night war. I watched live the bret hart intro (TNA was intelligent and ended Hulks return segment right when this started) and that was a really, really, good segment. I also watched Vinces segment where he said he was in a meeting. Then I didn’t watch RAW for a while. Pretty much most of the night.

    Jeff Hardys return absolutely stunned me, did not see it coming. I expected him to be backstage as he said stuff on that wacky internet thing about just that, but to actually leave WWE when he did to go to TNA? I -swear- I’ve gone back in time to like 98′-99′ when wrestlers would surprise people switching sides between WWF/WCW. Seeing all the old faces actually looking fairly decent considering some of their ages was also a good sign. I swear to the almighty that drugs and alcohol have somehow made Syxx/1-2-3 Kid/X-Pac/Syxx-Pac/”Kid” and Scott Hall like immortal or something. They look like they did 10 years ago. Does Ted Dibiase Sr. have some kind of cryogenic chamber or something?

    Hogans speech segment telling the outsiders that things are changing and that everyone has to work for their spot (minus Hogan, which I find pretty funny) was good. Sting sighting was nice. Sting vs. Flair LXXVIII? I think so.

    So yeah…flair?! I kinda half thought he might, but then half of me thought he wouldn’t. I knew his WM24 match would be one of two things; A retirement from United States wrestling, or a farewell and thank you from WWE. You can’t make that man stop wrestling, even if everyone in the world including himself wanted him to stop, he wouldn’t. I just don’t think he can. After near 40 years in the business and like 3/4 of his distinguished life, it’s probably all he knows. He probably wouldn’t know what to do at home. (like when his daughters BF turned heel on him…er, sorry, punched him in the face.)

    Also, watching Hogan blast Jarrett after Jarrett gave his me, me, me, I, I, I speech for Jarrett daring to give such a speech considering he nearly buried the company (I think around the 2004-5 range, when he turned Triple H and wouldn’t put the goddamn belt down) and having watched TNA since its inception, I actually wanted to applaud Hogan, despite the fact he really shouldn’t be talking considering what happened with WCW. (I know he didn’t kill it, Ted Turner losing power killed it…if Ted had his way WCW never would have stopped, even if it all turned into Thursday Night Thunder. Ted loved two things. Ted loved his Atlanta Braves baseball, and his Dubya-Cee-Dubya…. but Hogan was still a greedy bastard.)

    There was more than 8 minutes of wrestling in the first hour, there was also a Knockout/Womens title match. I saw this title switch coming a mile away, but it’s nice to see a womens division that mixes up the WWE style “cheese” (Beautiful People playing strip poker) with actual wrestling featuring women who know how to wrestle.

    The nice length world title match at the end was wonderful. Why can’t WWE do these on TV more often? Even if there is no title switch, back when WWE was really good, I remember there being title matches on RAW all the time. Sure, they didn’t switch much on live TV back then, but the silly thing got defended a bit and a fair amount of time. (I’m guessing based on the last 8 years that most of those matches ended in DQ too? I can’t clearly a lot of matches from before that…too many ch…tequila shots to the head)

    Other Raw moments I saw live; Jericho speaking with Big Show, Jericho speaking with Bret, DX vs. Jeri-Show (flipping between WWE/TNA as I knew HHH wouldn’t do the intelligent thing for RAW and let Jericho have a belt that let him be there), Sheamus vs. “little” Evan Bourne (only bits and pieces since a much better match was on the other show) and Vince eye to eye with Bret.

    I cringed when the US title #1 contender between the jobber squad was on the air, flipped back a few minutes later, sure enough MVP won. Decent choice, I think…though I wish they’d just ELEVATE HIM. Any win in that situation that was not mark henry I would be happy with.

    Jericho on tv = money. I wish HHH would pull his head out of his ass and realize right now Jericho’s the best thing WWE has going, but that will never happen. His segments were good, and his match with DX was alright. Nothing special, we’ve seen it like 3 times in the past month, and theres only what…at most 5 RAW in a month? I was really behind the roster split back in the day. Now, I’m not sure they have the roster to do it anymore…it’s been trimmed by like 40 guys. I’d swear there’s only like 12 guys per show, and almost seemingly a similar # of divas somehow. I NEED VARIETY. I didn’t even watch Kofi vs Orton. I like the idea of the feud, but it seems they forgot to put Kofi over he needs to win. These losses don’t hurt Orton, the man is bulletproof. Should the feud go for a while? Sure! Just…vary it up a bit. Space it apart. Much like Jeri-Show/DX I feel too saturated in this. I’ve lost interest, and that’s not good, because this should be HUGE to me. As I said, I did not watch this match, and predicted Orton would win it and did he ever. This match was almost more about Legacy splitting than about putting Kofi over. Was NOT happy with this.

    Sheamus vs. “little” Evan Bourne. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WWE, I GET YOU WERE NOT SCARED BY TNA, NOR SHOULD YOU BE…BUT COULD YOU -TRY-?! PLEASE?! They need to give Sheamus an actual match. One thats over 10 minutes in length, and on TV, so the fans can decide for themselves what this pasty white spotty irish triple H’s workout partner thing is. These short matches vs. Jobbers elevate NO ONE. They’re A WASTE OF MY TIME.

    The end segment was fantastic, as was any segment with Bret in it (and one segment even had Jericho. I swear, you could put him next to the janitor and I’d be ratings/gold) and I was actually glad the TNA show was over, so I could give it my full attention. If the whole show was as well booked as this, it’d be the best raw in like a decade. Unfortunately, it seems Hart and McMahon booked the segments, and the heel RAW writing team did the rest. Harts GM role wasn’t as hands on as I was hoping…but I guess I couldn’t expect as good as the way you booked the show, John.

    All in all…I honestly do hope TNA got a decent ratings spike. I dont expect anything huge, but if it wakes WWE up, I’m happy. How the raw writing team still has employment I’ll never understand.

    I must say though…it felt good having choice. Really, really good. I now vaguely understand why people loved the monday night wars beyond WWF(e) vs WCW. I thought I understood…but until you have choice, you don’t really get it. I’d like to personally thank both companies, this was a tremendous night to be a wrestling fan. I just wish WWE tried a little harder.

    Maybe they want the competition and intentionally booked it the way they did? Triple H reportedly wants the Bret thing to fail, maybe he had a plan of fucking up the rest of the show? (this is satire, I really can’t fathom his ego being that big and his brain that small) Real eye opener for me. I hadn’t really watched TNA in the past couple years beyond big matches and ones recommended to me…I hate when Vince Russo has total control of a show. When he is part of a TEAM, the products can be decent. He had a decent run in WWF when he had a team to hold him back from fucking up the entire show…I swear to heaven the raw writing team is currently a pack of cloned Vince Russos….oops off track.

    I haven’t watched the last couple of years because the product wasn’t compelling and there wasn’t enough wrestling vs. really stupid shit. A much better balance this evening, I hope it can continue this way, and not go downhill. I -want- competition. I -want- two shows so all my favorite talents can work and not be buried by all my other favorite talents (or in RAWs case, just never get enough ring time/job to idiots) and the flippig back and forth was wonderful…the shows lined up their commercials really well. Those 5 minute long WWE commercial stints are brutal.

    Great night to be a fan. I hope you start watching more TNA, I’ve always been a little disappointed that you’re so pro-WWE and so boo-TNA the last little while, but there was little reason for you not to be. Except in the case of RAW, minus a few shows last year it’s been pretty terrible too. Honestly, though, watching last night, you might have a better shot landing a job at TNA. They actually listen to their e-fans to a degree. Sure when you get there Bisch will cut you up, Hogan will bury you, JJ won’t give you the time of day…and Foley will probably be your best friend (not all bad!) and honestly what wrestling fan wouldn’t want to be able to say “my wrestling career was squashed by Hulk Hogan”.

    P.S. do you see/read these? I’ve sent a few and do not expect you to respond to every single one, but I have no idea where to see your comments/responses and I don’t see them in your blog comments ever, just your usual facebook commentfest crew usually, and was wondering if you actually see these?

    Here’s to a brighter future in wrestling!
    -Tamara Love-Can…wait a minute.

    • January 5, 2010 at 12:11 PM

      Yes Tamara, I see it. I love your posts. What happened was your posts go into spam for some reason. I’m not sure why. Most of the posts get posted immediately in the right place. I clicked Not Spam for all of yours. I forget to check sometimes, but now I’m on it more. Still getting used to the blog, that’s all.

      • January 5, 2010 at 2:12 PM

        yeah, i’m getting used to it too, so I understand, glad John C can see ^_^

        Also, love your site way more than Rajah, as you were pretty much the only reason i went there. (i think that was one of the DO YOU KNOWS from the last column someone else wrote. hmm. i’m detecting a trend?)

        Not having to close 2-3 ads per click of the “next” button is probably the greatest innovation to internet wrestling fansites since the creation of internet wrestling fansites.

        Whoever decided wrestling fansites needed thousands of ads per page should be shot….or at least buried to management by Triple H in his DX sarcastic goofy gimmick while Shawn skips around him in circles in his usual (and somehow adorable/endearing) fashion.

  6. Tabitha
    January 5, 2010 at 11:14 AM

    All I got to say is for about twenty minutes, I was fourteen years old again. And that RAWKED.

    • January 5, 2010 at 2:42 PM

      I posted your comment to my better half, whom I had said the EXACT SAME THING to last night. xD

    • Tabitha
      January 5, 2010 at 3:07 PM

      I would like to add as well that although Bret had a gut, he did not have a Roddy The Piper Gut.

  7. bigmark
    January 5, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    They should call sheamus’ finisher the celtic cross.

  8. Darrick Cato
    January 5, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    Good job John keep up the good work! I gotta say I loved both shows. I “marked” out huge for Hart, and Micheals, and I hope they burried that hatchet for real. I also hope Bret doesn’t feel that Montreal is how most fans remember him, because I don’t think it is. I was really disapointed in the wrestling on Raw, I thought DX vs Jerishow was the best match of the night, but it should have been Kofi vs Orton. I thought Bret Hart made the show with all 3 of his segments. I think him and Jericho were great, that segment was very good, “vintage” Bret Hart, and Chris Jericho lol(kind of reminded me of WM8 Piper and Hart interview). The Vince/Bret segment was good, I swear Vince almost choked up when he got to “best there ever will be”, I don’t know if it’s because he’s happy that they have reconsiled, or if it was really that hard for him to say. I though Vince hit Hart in the groin at the perfect time, right when Hart was doing one of his signiture poses, it left him wide open, but Hart recovered fast. I’m really looking forward to the future of this angle.

    I thought TNA had really good matches, but man I was so dissapointed in the talking parts. It’s a good thing it was a 3 hour show because they couldn’t have had so much talking, and still had good matches in a 2 hour program. Am I the only one who thought here we go again same old shit when the NWO was back together in the same ring. To be fair I have pretty much all the DVD collections that come out so I have been exposed to the NWO, and WCW more recently than some people have, maybe thats why I didn’t care for it to much. Not to say that I don’t like Hall, and 12345syyxXpacLightning Kid, I like both of those guys especially Hall. At least they got the point across well that things are changing for the better, and everyone has to prove themselves. I kinda liked the Hogan/Jarret segment, it was the most fresh of the “vintage” stuff. I’m really not that interested to see Hogan and company vs Mick and Jeff, and probably Sting too.

    The wrestling was top notch, can’t say enough about the TNA wrestlers. I wish WWE would let their guys go like TNA does, who knows they may be just as good, or better than the TNA guys when given the chance to really shine. The Knockouts really did an awesome job, one of the best things going for TNA. Awesome Kong is like a female Vader just so unstopable, and athletic that you can’t help but like her, and Hammada is like the best wrestling chick I’ve ever seen, just incredible. Even TNA’s really hot chicks can wrestle good like Alyssa Flash, and Canada chick(can’t think of her name).

    WHAT THE HELL WAS JEFF HARDY THINKING!!!! He had the WWE in the palm of his hands, he had command of his career, and now he goes to TNA, what a moron. He could have went back to WWE, and got more money and probably a championship too God knows they need the talent. Anyway the Cage match sucked, and it didn’t really showcase the X Division like they should have since so many people watching were potentially new viewers. They should have just had a singles match, and a tag match no gimmicks, or at least an Ultimate X match.

    The Black Pope is awesome, I can’t belive he beat Desmund Wolfe that is an upset if there ever was one. I hope they elevate both guys to main event status. Aj Styles and Kurt Angle brought the freaking house down, awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m so glad that Hogan came out after the match and gave those guys their well deserved props, thats one of those matches the whole roster should have came out with him and gave them applause.

    I guess my overall opinion of the night is TNA>WWE. If it wasn’t for Bret Hart WWE would have really sucked ass, and TNA was awesome, and since I didn’t say so earlier their live crowd was awesome, I love their chanting reminds me of the old ECW crowd. Sorry for the novel, but last night was the best night in wrestling since God knows when, and I feel like expressing myself to fellow fans.

  9. Darrick Cato
    January 5, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Also I thought Evan Bourne vs Sheamus was B.S. The whole show would look better if everyone was really good, and anybody could beat anybody, any given sunday. That is one reason I’m sick of wrestling the way it is, it’s too predictable. I already know for the most part who is going to win. The matches should be more competitive, even if it’s Chavo vs John Cena, there should be points when you think Chavo could pull it off. I have never seen Bret Hart have a squash match, hell I’ve seen Shawn Micheals cheat to beat the Brooklyn Brawler. I just wish we could go back to the orginal WWE idea, to have the Supersatrs of wrestling against each other in competive matches, anything can happen in the WWE. Save the squash matches for the local independent guys, but guys under contract should have competive matches.

    • Aaron
      January 5, 2010 at 1:43 PM

      I agree with you completely. Yes in wrestling much can be predictible, but WWE in that attitude era from 96 to 02 was great. (I like to include ’96 because attitude seeds were planted then, even though they say it was from 97-2002. Goldust, I say no more). But never has almost an entire show been predictible as the WWE has been this last year… I’m beggin for a shock Rumble winner, but I think we’re going to get HHH.. YOU GOTTA PUSH THAT GUY…

      Also, I like that I’m not alone in liking Deangelo Dinero (Elijah Burke to a few). I really think he’s a big part of the future (nit just TNA, but the business in general). his match wasn’t spectacular, but I suggest everyone just watch his mic work. His backstage interview was hilarious! Facial expressions, tone of voice.. it all works WELL.

      Aaron has spoken. ;)

  10. Darrick Cato
    January 5, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    Yeah man I love Deangelo Dinero(the name needs work, but it’s so bad it’s almost good). The match with Wolfe wasn’t that great, but it was shocking to see Dinero come out on top in that one. I’d like to see them go at it for a 10-20 min match.

    I’m hoping for 3 things a new guy winning the rumble, a new guy being the #1 contender for the title that the rumble winner doesn’t face, and a new guy winning MITB, all three guys should become champion.

    • January 5, 2010 at 3:11 PM

      I agree. Watching TNA last night just cemented it further in my head (which is funny considering how many old names are peppered in with the new there) that I want new stars, or something fresh and new and exciting.

      I thought I wanted that a few months ago. Then Kofi started the push and I was excited, and now I really do not care anymore. Hell, the feud was a sidenote to fractures in legacy last night.

      Is Shawn Michaels the only man who can feud with multiple people at once?

      Once Kofi started going…WHAM! (not the band) we ran into Sheamus. Honestly, he’s not a horrible talker, I don’t particularily mind the guy…just seems they make everyone work their asses off for years in the WWE to get a shot (look at Jeff, which annoys me considering Matt’s been the cleaner, more loyal one and when given a ball he runs with it, hard, and while given the ECW ball he was never given the Smackdown! ball) but if you’re a friend with HHH hell have the belt now. Surprise champions do not a bad show make, but make him impress me? He did literally nothing, nothing of note since coming to RAW prior to a title win. He retired Noble, a guy we dont see unless they’re hurting for jobbers for a few years now, and kicked king in the head. Who HASN’T done that? Where’s the proving matches? With Goldust on ECW? With Drew McIntyre in FCW? (youtube it) They certainly weren’t on RAW or PPV. I haven’t seen a 20 minute classic between Sheamus and anybody yet, and they boy almost seems like he probably could. That’s what bugs me about all this. The WWE brass probably know he can, and he probably can, and maybe some day I’ll eat it right up…but he hasn’t proven anything to me or the fans and considering this is a business thats entirely driven on people buying your products based on what they see, who they like, and who they respect…well, bottom line is this shit is rushed.

      I agree WWE, you need new stars, and I commend that you -seem- to be trying, but you need to learn how to do it RIGHT. You used to know how. I’d say you lost it somewhere around when Jericho showed up. I mean, you pushed Angle fine, but he was believable from the start; he won the medal in 1996 with a broken neck against an invincible opponent. I believe you, he’s tough.

      Mind, I’ve had a history of being disappointed with surprise title wins. Remember when Y2J beat HHH in the event remembered as “IT NEVER HAPPENED”? Jericho wins the title from Triple H only to have Triple H right back out and say “No”. When Jericho won I was on the edge of my seat, when they announced he won I jumped for joy, and after the commercial break and Triple H being an ass, I thought “what a wasted opportunity”.

      Thankfully Jericho refused to be buried, and he makes us all smile every week with his big words…and his small…difficult words…I just hope the “future” of the WWE doesnt get buried.

      Here’s hoping Jamacian-me-crazy…oh wait, he’s not Jamaican anymore is he? Right. Well, here’s hoping O’ Shaunessy and Kofi “Sideshow Bob” Kingston along with Drew “didn’t we see you in 2005, why are you being billed as new?” McIntyre and Johnny Blaze-Nitro Morrison don’t suffocate under the glass ceiling that eventually crushed so many.

      I remember when Carlito was cool, The Masterlock was both a trademark wrestling hold AND a padlock and RAW was all about the Benjamins.

      I am still cringing at the US title division. Miz, you’re awesome, and I feel really, really, REALLY? bad for you right now.

  11. MIchael
    January 5, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    I just watched both shows online (in Germany RAW and Impact are shown with a delay of 3 (Raw) or 7 (Impact) days. I have to admit, I’m not a huge TNA fan, but they put on an excellent show, the main event between AJ and Angle was by far the best TV match within the last years (both WWE and TNA)! But I’m disappointed that Jeff Hardy signed with TNA! The WWE gave him so many opportunities, he had won 3 World Titles and now this. It’s really sad! In this regard, I have to mention Ric Flairs appearance as well last night, he definitely proved that he’s the biggest sell out in the business.

    • Yaz
      January 5, 2010 at 4:05 PM

      I don’t think it’s really fair to call Flair a sellout. Everyone knew the guy wouldn’t stay retired – he’s got wrestling in his blood and he’ll probably be wrestling till the very end. WWE had opportunities to bring him back if they really wanted to – and it’s no surprise he ended up in TNA – a growing company that offers a reduced work schedule that will probably be a lot nice to his body. Same goes for Hardy – sure, WWE would have probably done some good things with him, but the advantages of a reduced work schedule, with less damage to the body, and still managing to be a top guy making some good money – well, I think that will be one of the main attractions to TNA.

      Of course, if they ever start taking live TV on the road, which I would think would be a logical progression and is something that will need to happen to expand their brand, then the landscape will likely change.

      I can see both Hardy and Flair in WWE again some day. I mean, I saw Bret Hart in WWE last night. Anything can happen.

      • MIchael
        January 5, 2010 at 4:16 PM

        I guess you’re right Yaz, thanks for the open words. If Bret Hart can return to the WWE, then the door should be open for Jeff and Ric too.

    • Aaron
      January 5, 2010 at 4:20 PM

      Flair biggest sellout in the business? I disagree. First of all let us not forget that this is a business. Money is more important to not only nearly every wrestler, but nearly every professional athlete, actor/actress, etc. Nearly all measures of entertainment.

      Second, you call Flair a sellout, but you’re just disappointed in Jeff Hardy? You don’t think if Flair wanted to work in WWE he would? The door was open, and since Flair has not said a word yet on TNA TV, I don’t think anyone should rush any judgment on that yet.

      If John Cena left WWE for TNA, would he be a sellout? I’m just not getting the statement. There’s no such thing as a retirement in this business. They ALL come back. The only exception is The Rock, and if he wasn’t pulling in $15 mil a flick, I’m willing to be he’d be in WWE bringing home his mere 7 figures instead.

      If Flair is a sellout, then damn near every performer is a sellout. Also Hardy going to TNA means less a light work schedule, and can work NOW. He wouldn’t work in WWE because if his impending drug trial. Gotta look good for Linda.

      • MIchael
        January 5, 2010 at 5:14 PM

        I agree, it’s like in every other sport, players switch teams now and then, but in the cases of Jeff and Ric, I expected more loyalty from them towards WWE. On the other hand, the WWE didn’t handled some sent offs pretty well too. (and Bret wasn’t the only one) What I want to say is, no doubt, Ric Flair is one of the best performers, which ever set a foot in a ring (no matter if it was NWA, WCW or WWE), but the man is 60 years old, he shouldn’t need to step into a ring so badly!

        • Aaron
          January 5, 2010 at 5:32 PM

          We’ll see what happens. I’m not convinced that Flair’s TNA run won’t last more than 2 episodes… After tonights tapings, he may be done. I thought it was cool to see him for the big show, but I don’t see him in the ring. People soon forget he was an ambassador for ROH not too long ago. He never performed in the ring, just made appearances, did some mic work.. All he’s done is 4 Australia tour matches. It’s a shame he has to do it, for the money because of the mistakes he’s made, but I give only one man the benefit of the doubt, and that’s Ric Flair.

  12. Legacy
    January 5, 2010 at 5:32 PM

    Anyone else agree that the whole segment with HBK and Bret Hart with the handshake and the hug happened too soon? They could have really built it up to that point. I mean Bret came back after 12 years, and already on his first night back he made peace with HBK. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the segment very much. Just felt that it was they rushed into things and this could have been way more special.

  13. Darrick Cato
    January 5, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Those guys are addicted to it, just like we are. Even though the product sucks latley we keep watching, because we love it so much. Once you have wrestled at the level of Ric Flair, and Hogan you just can’t stop until you can’t start anymore.

    These guys are athletes, but they are also performers, and performers crave the spotlight, they are addicted to the attention. Think back to Jericho when he was fueding with the old guys, that promo he cut about the fans drawing the old guys back worked so well because it was true from a certain point of view, just like many of Jericho’s promos. I honestly think some of these guys have something to offer Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Sting are all relevant in some way or another, but I don’t really want to see them wrestling much anymore. Just enough to scratch the itch. Maybe they can make the TNA Legends title live up to it’s name by making a Legends division.

  14. Legacy
    January 5, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Oh and Raw was the better show at the end of the day, no question about it. Too much shit happened in TNA that it didn’t feel like anything was special anymore. Something huge happened, followed by a match, another surprise, backstage skits and then you forgot about the first thing that happened. Also, Jeff Hardy is a stupid fuck. That’s all.

  15. January 5, 2010 at 6:19 PM
  16. flutiefan00
    January 5, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Long-time reader, but 1st time commenter. As a 24 year old college educated american male who cannot decide which is the best comedy in TV history is Arrested Development or South Park, I know I am not the intended audience of TNA or WWE anymore (well, maybe TNA). I don’t say that as an insult to wrestling fans, but lets all be honest, who has seen a live show recently and thought, “I really hope the local news will cover the WWE in town and interview me in a drawn out conspiracy to make sure my seed is never planted!”? The fact is that the smartest and most informed fans are right here, and we don’t make up the majority of the WWE nation.
    I have had a love-hate relationship with professional wrestling for…I don’t know… Survivor Series ’97. Most of the time I only watch from the Rumble to Wrestlemania. And even then I cannot be called a loyal viewer. But like many of you I have always had a stable of websites I go to when I am bored and have nothing to do (how much porn can you look at?). Among those websites were Rajah.com, which I found as a kid wondering when the fuck HBK was going to come back. Eventually I came upon the John Report and now to the comment section. The only thing I can say is that I had never knew there was a community out there that “got it” like this.
    Anyways, what compelled me to write was last night’s battle between TNA and WWE. Fuck it, because of Bret Hart. While I don’t follow the product as religiously as I did when I was 12, I don’t feel as if I outgrew pro wrestling. I outgrew the minds of the terrible writers who come up with this shit. If I had to point to one thing that bothers me most about the business today it’s the midget, HHH, and Vince. Someone needs to get some fucking balls and tell these guys that their shit does stink. Where is Doink and Dink when you need them? Anyways (again), I knew TNA and WWE were going to battle on the 4th for a while, and decided to get together with some of the guys and watch what would happen. I should note that my favorite wrestler of all time is easily Bret Hart, while HBK and Kurt Angle fill out the #2 and 3 spots. To say I marked out last night would be a massive understatement. I am the guy who bought Bret Hart’s book on E-Bay for $80 because I couldn’t wait for it to be released in the states (BTW, the best book I have ever read on the subject of pro wrestling). Last night was something that would never ever happen…yet it did.
    Living on the West Coast, I get Raw at 6 in HD. I promised my cousin though that I wouldn’t watch without him. He got off of work at 9 and we all met at his house at 9:30. Until 8 I lost myself in the Bible. At 8 I watched TNA and finished it up later in the night. It was kinda cool. Felt an awful lot like WCW. The best non-wrestling moment was Hardy, and I truly felt awful for the poor fool who couldn’t get out of the cage 1st. Homicide? Holy Shit that was hilarious. It was one of those moments everyone can relate to. Like you get to a certain point in doing something and then you are totally fucked. You are going to eat shit, and hard (kinda like me writing this comment). What truly shined through the TNA show was the wrestling. Specifically the women’s division, Dinero, and Angle vs Styles. I hope Hogan and co. don’t fuck it up.
    BTW, I know everyone in this community will disagree with me, but Ric Flair is way overrated. I think he is a legend for sure, but I can think of plenty of guys I would rather watch then him. And I am including his prime. If you have seen one Flair match you have seen them all. For anyone to say he is the greatest of all time and would rather watch him fight a common opponent over someone like Hart, HBK, Angle, Austin, The Rock, Foley, Jericho, etc. is completely out of their mind. Longevity does not make greatness.
    The night was made for me by Bret Hart though. I knew he was coming back, and read the rumors that he signed a deal through Mania, but with the WWE you just don’t know. I honestly thought it could be 50-50 whether this was a one and done type deal (which explains my child-like glee when Vince kicked him in the balls). To see him out there was something I never thought would happen. To see him and HBK hug was a hallucination. To see him enter into a true program again was something only God could have accomplished (thank you HBK). Yeah, so I bought tickets to Raw on the monday prior to Mania in San Diego. Look for me on the news marking out like the biggest nerd in the world.

    P.S.: I thought Hart looked exactly like what I would expect him to look like back in the day only 12 years older. There was a slight gut, but he has more than enough time to get rid of it, and even if he doesn’t I really don’t give a shit. The other day in an effort to be healthy I ordered a salad. Only with 3x the dressing. Who am I to judge?

    -Oh, and beyond the storyline moving stuff, I thought most of the interactions with Hart-HBK-Vince was genuine and from the heart.

    Thanks for putting up with me.

  17. Darrick Cato
    January 5, 2010 at 11:04 PM

    I would agree that Flair strictly as an in ring performer is a little overated, but still I would say he is in the contention for greatest ever. He is without a doubt the most influential wrestler of all time. I love to watch Ric Flair talk it’s like that is his interviews are his warm-up, and I only like most of his matches. You have to admit though all the wrestlers have spots that they do every match, even Bret Hart, and HBK. So really anybodys matches can be a lttle repetitive, just watch anybodys DVD, and you will notice everybody is repetive. It’s not just Flair.

  18. January 5, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    Honestly I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Flair get a high paid talking role of some kind, or gasp, a manager/mentor figure, like what they wanted to do with Taz/Joe. He did it before, gracefully I might add, with Batista. He’s done GM roles well, he’d make a good on air character who wrestles like maybe once or twice. He has all the respect in the world for me, when he decides it’s his time to stop, he will…for a while. Till he gets divorced again, at least. I shudder to wonder how much those cost him over the years. He may just be working to clear up his financial companys debt, if much actually occured. It didn’t seem to last long. He may just move from ROH ambassador to TNA ambassador. I very much doubt he’d do a one-show Macho Man-esque sort of thing. (I recall he pulled this on WCW and on TNA)

    I’ll never count out his ability, his WWE finale at WM24 had me surprised. Sure he was working with one of the greatest workers of all time, but he still brought it.

    I wouldn’t at all mind seeing him bring that game to an AJ Styles/Kurt Angle encounter. I certainly wouldn’t expect that work ethic out of a 60 year old man every single week, but once a year would be more than enough. He’s Ric Flair. So long as he can still pull out the A-game once in a while, and let Naitch strut his stuff, he’s always welcome on my TV. Not enough workers today really understand the game at the level people like Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Kurt Angle do.

  19. Sean
    January 6, 2010 at 2:59 AM

    Anyone else think it was a lil odd that USA would air a TNA commercial with Hogan telling viewers to switch over to Spike TV to watch TNA during Raw? I forget exactly when it happened, but it was during the 10-11 pm hour if I remember correctly. Would be curious if other viewers saw that…

    • Aaron
      January 6, 2010 at 9:47 AM

      I was already switching back and forth so there’s not many commercials I saw. Plus sometimes TNA commercials on WWW tv are regional commercials (localized) and not seen nationwide.

    • Yaz
      January 6, 2010 at 12:10 PM

      It was funny actually, because I also saw a commercial promoting the Royal Rumble during Impact… lol. Good times.

  20. Aaron
    January 6, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    The ratings are in a WWE did a 3.6. Last week WWE did a … 3.6.

    This is becuase after marketing your product to 7 year olds for the last few years, the WWE FAILED TO RE-INTRODUCE BRET HART!! People who don’t watch anymore, well, didn’t have enough BUILD-UP for Bret. People who stopped watching, didn’t know to watch! Not enough time for word of mouth. It was poorly planed, booked only moderately well, and overall the show was the same thing we saw in weeks past, aside from Bret. Hoping it gets better.. and am still intrigued with how the Bret story will progress, but I can’t say I’m surprised it didn’t do any better.. When you market a show to kids, and you bring in someone who only someone over the age of 18 can POSSIBLY remember… UHH.. how can you expect a big rating? Don’t get that.

    Maybe as word of mouth spreads it’ll get better (ratings wise that is) And the ratings will improve because it’s not like they’ll be up against another wrestling show at the same time (and more importantly, not against Monday Night Football any more).

    Overall, I hope we get a better product.

  21. Bryan
    January 6, 2010 at 4:08 PM

    I don’t think there will be another monday night ratings war.. the reason? DVR & Tivo!! We dont have to choose which one to watch when you can just record both of them. Ugh I don’t understand why people are getting so excited about a possible war. When and “IF” TNA ever gets as big as WWE, people will still be able to view both. They’ll just record them as i did monday night.

  22. rob
    January 6, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    I was away on business, and missed most of RAW, but what I saw was disappointing. The Hart/HBK/Vince stuff wasnt bad, but the rest…UGH. what a let down. Sounds like with the returns of the wolfpack, val venis, flair, and (HOLY SHIT) Jeff Hardy, I should have watched TNA.

  23. CJ H
    January 9, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    Here’s an idea, Bourne in the IC title picture vs. Miz. You have an obvious face vs. heel, and the crowd (esp. kids) pops huge for Bourne. They would both benefit from a strong feud to get them in front of the crowd more.

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