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The Raw Commentfest for 01/25/10

I wrote the Raw Deal earlier this morning, post it at 10am and you’ve hopefully read that. The link is at the right here on the blog. Commentfest, featuring Twitter and Facebook, is a regular early afternoon posting now. Let’s get to it.

Thoughts from the Facebook friends aka CommentFest
Here are some random thoughts from some of my facebook friends (just head to Facebook.com/thejohnreport) after I asked for some comments about the show. The comments in green are from the commentfesters while the comments in the brackets are from me. We got just over just under 1400 comments this week similar to last week. Commentfesters are a consistent bunch, I have to say.

Once again, big thanks to Wes and Will Burden for “The John Report” sign on Raw. That was really nice of you guys.

It’s time for the MOST ELECTRIFYING comment spot in Sports Entertainment hosted by the jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, stronger than a bear, faster than a buck, the biggest thing from canada since the Maple Leafs suck……John Canton. (Wow, that was pretty epic.)

I should be studying for 2 midterms right now, but I chose commmentfest! (Commentfest: Killing the aspirations of young people since 2009.)

First commentfest, also follow you on twitter.. can i get a shout out John Canton-James? (Sure. I love the rookies. Break ’em in gently.)

I may not know WHEN the Royal Rumble is, but I sure as FUCK know how it works!

Wait, hold on…..There’s a New Mexico? (I figured a cheap, random Simpsons reference will get me in.)

Did You Know: if u search “michael cole vintage” on google u get 1.9 million hits, but “michael cole douchebag” only gets u 27,600 hits. WE NEED MORE MC DOUCHBAG BLOGS!!!! (Now we know.)

It’s now time for the Most ELECTRIFYING Commentfest In Sports Entertainment!! (There are others?)

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? NO I SAID RRRRRR UUUUUUUUUU READYYYYYYYYY! Then, for the thousands in attendance and the hundreds watching at home, and for Vince McMahon for making us watch this BS every week, let’s get ready to….watch TNA Thursday night because it’s funny from start to finish.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Commentfest! Where you will be treated to such gems as VINTAGE~! KELLY KELLY!, KOOL AID! and if were lucky, STUPID~! Have fun kids, and remember, it gets better on Friday! So grab your Pepto and settle in for midgets, 3 minute matches and some douchenozzle who laughs at stupid shit. It’s Monday…Night…RAW!

RAW…IS…COMMENTFEST! I’m officially only watching Raw live to participate in Commentfest… and it’s 2am. Luckily I’ve nothing planned for tomorrow then! (Oh, you crazy 2am folks.)

It’s time for Raw. This is where we have the Cenation, horny’s homies, The Vince McManiacs, THe Hart Foundation friends, Jerichoholics, The Mizerables, The quad ripping, sweet chin kicking, best 2 hours on the web. And it’s all brought to you by Mr. James-Love-Canton!!! So yes we are ready!!!! (Holy shit with the intros. And I like the Love usage. Hello Angelina.)

EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF! *drinks a shot of Jack*

The funny thing is if they pit DX against each other no matter how hard they try HHH will be heel…even if they try to keep both face.

Thanks Cole. I didn’t know The Royal Rumble was every man for himself. Thanks for saying it. (Thanks for posting John Canton). (Hey! That wasn’t me!)

Raw opens with DX in a match!? wow, the writing team were filled with ideas this week!

Hey remember the DX Football jerseys used to say 69 and not 00 …haha, oh PG u little bitch.

Is HHH really cold, or does he think that hat is fashionable? (It’s for sale, that’s what matters.)

No Hornswoggle=10 rating.


Shawn Michaels you are a god! You sent the midget home thank you.

SERIOUS SHAWN~! Sighting at 9:06.

YES! HBK SENT HIM HOME!! HBK READS THE JOHN REPORT!! (Good, because I’ve got a HUGE HBK article in two weeks. I’m a shill like DX…except I don’t act like I’m 12. Most of the time anyway.)

Are you Ready? for 2 middle aged men, talking about something none of us cares about while one diddles the bosses daughter on the side? Nooooo we aren’t ready. (You’re in only for using diddles when there were so many other choices.)

HHH is having his Lance Storm moment: Can I be serious with you for a moment?

WWE must of gotten my threatening e-mails about Hornswoggle…get that midget off my fuckin television screen. Oh and fuck the crowd for booing Shawn for sayin he wasn’t there. (Yes, they love you.)

YESH! SHawny you’re so hot when you’re angry. I love it. Give me your angry glowstick! And kick Hunter’s big nose to hell. He was your lacky first! (Posted by a woman. I swear.)

Yes… thats what friends do. Always put their own needs before others. Nice message to send to the kids watching. (Also, don’t forget to boo the guy on Smackdown that tells you drugs are bad.)

VINTAGE gay-curious buttslap from Dibiase to Rhodes.

Baby oil vs Glow sticks!! Who’s gonna win!


They don’t know why he isn’t here? What are they using morse code to send messages? Dash beep beep dash beep dash double dash. rough translation = I hate being lied to Michael Cole.

Wait a second. If shawn wins, he is GUARANTEED at shot at ‘Taker. Way to tell everyone that ‘taker will still have the title then. Ugh. Pass me a beer…. (CM Punk, save this guy!)

The most star-studded RR match in HISTORY!! Apparently history is one-year long.

So we have had six minutes of actually wrestling now… oh look… HBK has been wrestling for 5 minutes and 58 seconds…

nice sweet gut music

You get a spinebuster! and you get a spinebuster! and you get a spinebuster! and you get a spinebuster!

Still say Ted DiBase should win the rumble and go on to face Orton at WM26. WWE put Ted in a movie so the must beleive in him. (And notice how we haven’t heard one word how The Marine 2 has done after a month? Shocking.)

50 bucks says my future wife serena deeb helps ses win the tag titles. (I’m so proud of this kid.)

Did you know that anyone can win the rumble? Did you know that there are no real friends in a royal rumble?

BREAKING NEWS the WOLFMAN #30 in the rumble! Vintage failure. (If that movie makes any money then it’s society’s failure.)

I’m worried about Vince. No horny, and two matches in the first 45 minutes. He’s losing his touch. (First sign of Alzheimer’s I think.)

I miss the tunnel that MVP used to come out of. (It cost $6.5 million. They chose to blow the money on Linda McMahon’s campaign instead. Vintage waste of money.)

Very good reaction for MVP.

Commentfest Poll: Worst line form a theme song: MVP’s “Like Tropicana, I got the Juice” or Cenas classic, “Ill brush your mouth like colgate?”

AWEEEEESOMEEEEEE. Is it me, or does the Miz get better every week?

Ok so first they add in fake crowd noise for smackdown tapings and now they’re disgracing the KTFO Punch~! by adding a fake thud on the replay. Weak.

My dad doesn’t like MVP all that much but loves mark henry. (Thanks for posting Shane McMahon) (Ha, THAT was great.)

MVP’s time in jail = WWE’s newest dead horse to beat since Jeff Hardy is working for TNA.

Awesome vs. Ballin = Possible best fued of the year if it’s done right. The build is nice so far. Great promo’s now they just need a 20 min match to cap it off! (Oh false hope, I love thee.)

MVP said Jackass!!!! Fine coming to him because of the PG rating!

Vintage gay joke 30 minutes in. (I bet the over at 24 minutes. Winner!)

Homosexual euphemisms = PG. Yes, kids it’s OK to poke fun at homosexuals. Great message. (Thanks for posting, Vince McMahon.)

Show has been made out to look like a man whore…Jericho…then the Miz…whose next Ziggler, maybe Val Venis…damn man. (Man whore? Bastista, is that you?)

Wow… way to bury a No.1 Contender for a pretty major title… (Yeah, the coveted US title that almost never gets defended on TV or PPV.)

Wouldn’t it have been better fitting for MVP to pick up a win over Big Show? Give a fresher face more credibility rather than building up the “7 feet, 485 pound” giant whose always a “threat” to win the Rumble but never has in his long career with WWE? Wait…there I go thinking logically again.

Nice theme song for the Rumble (thanks for posting Skillet).

GAWD the baby-oil brigade is so greased up tonite, I had to wipe off my tv screen… (Thanks for posting, a turned on Vince McMahon.)

Orton waiting a long time for Cena to lose the title… yea all of 2 months then again nowadays 2 months IS a long time to wait for a title change.

VINTAGE~! Google comment from The Miz. It’s funny ’cause it’s true! (I still use altavista. Or not.)

Miz got punk’d…he should be used to it.

He called him on his SNL Joke! YESSS! It can finally be over the only shitty thing about the Miz. Really?

Oh snap! The guy who was on the Cosby Show just owned the Miz! that was AWESOME!! (Theo Huxtable! He wishes he could host Raw.)

The best of Raw 2009: Where Chavowaggle Ruled All!!!!!

ok, just got here… let me catch up…. Shut up Cole you Douchenozzle! Does anyone know the rules for the 30 man match this weekend? (Royal Rumble I think it is called) and who is favored to win, a big guy?? Mickie James Canton RULES (did you see she has her own website now?) Hey, this is a wrestling show, how about wrestling??? OOOH serious voices… Kelly Kelly Kelly! VINTAGE!! GLOW STICKS READY! ok, am I caught up now? (Welcome late guy. She had the site up a few weeks back and the link’s been on my blog. Yeah, we know.)

Maryse…. yes!

Here she comes!!! The french kissing, ass kicking, most beautiful pinning, Maryse!!!

YEAH! Random Pyro!!! (Remember when Orton tried to blow up Cena with the pyro during the Ironman? Great booking.)

I’d cheat on serena with maryse anytime. (The kid that posted this is 14. It’s like he’s the mini John Canton. I have hope for the future!)

She’s speaking in tongues! KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Maryse and Eve!!! We only need Mickie and John will pass out! (No, she’s on the good show with the women that know what they’re doing.)

Maryse just said Let’s Go Saints. (I pick the Colts.)

2 divas matches? Damn I’m gonna miss alot tonight. (Whipped Guy in the house!)

Maryse Maryse, vs Eve Eve….. I’ve died and gone to heaven! PLEASE GIVE ME A 30 MINUTE MATCH BETWEEN THESE TWO! (Or they can just stand there. It would be better visually.)

Missed pyro? Is somebody trying to kill Jeff Hardy again?

Oh, comme je l’adore quand elle parle français… probabalement parce que je suis probablement la seule au Commentfest qui le comprend. Ooh, oui! (That means I’d like a medium rare steak while I participate in Commentfest, I think.)

Maryse may be the 6th best thing from Canada. Behind Jericho, Bret Hart, John Canton’s blog, Trish Stratus and Rush. (I’m not first?)

“Maryse has taken quite a pounding.” Great King, I thought this was a PG show?

You know, I love Eve, and I claimed her as my commentfest wife, but she really needs to stop wrestling…Glad she is finally connectying on her moves though…..

Hands down best pin in 2010!!!

YES!!! Even this storm over here knew the Diva’s match wasn’t worth watching… blinked out and when my satellite came back on, match was over, lol…

3 matches within an hour? Is this Smackdown? (I wish.)

Thought I’d take this commercial break to let everyone who had not seen in on WWE.com that the best in the world at what he does, Chris Jericho, and his band Fozzy’s new CD “Chasing the Grail” hits stores tomorrow. (Ordered the CD off Amazon. Got delivered this morning. Listening to it right now. I don’t buy that many CDs anymore, but for the people I really like and respect I will.)

Did You Know: Of those 4.3 billion wwe.com page views, 500 million were John Canton looking at Mickie James and another 1 billion was Jerry Lawler hitting refresh during Raw. (WWE.com? No. Actually I found this really cool forum where they have a MJC “tribute” photo-fest. Let’s just say it’s high quality. Maybe I’ll post a link one day.)

Taker was on the potty in Montreal when someone broke in the stall and told him what happened to Bret. True story.

Taker forgot that 15 yrs ago Sunny screwed Bret 1st… (From what I hear Sunny screwed a LOT of the boys.)

Vince says Bret is never going to be back in WWE. Darn, you know wrestling never lies! (It’s sports entertainment! Geez, the WWE Universe sickens me. Excuse me while I throw up.)

What the hell is Vince talkin about? We are here to watch wrestling not learn economics 101. Oh sorry for using logic! (thanks for posting John Canton-James)

Vince is talking to the guy who took the pic and sent it to John! LOL… (Yep.)

WAS THAT JC SIGN GUY?! (Vince loves me. I told you he reads Commentfest. He went right for the guy holding my sign.)

Why is vince staring down a fat kid? (Storyline idea.)


If Vince walked up to that guy who was there that reads your columns JC, he messed up. He could’ve said “Because John Canton Said So.” (Would have been epic.)

Here comes the OTHER John C.

Monday Night Raw: The only show on television where you can watch a 64-year-old man straddle a security barrcade.

LMAO! “Better then that orange crap u wear” I just went nuts for that one.

“Better then that orange crap you wear”… point for Vince.

I’m not out here to change your mind. I am out here to whisper. To whisper quietly until i build up; slowly until I EXPLODE BECAUSE I AM JOHN CENA AND THAT IS WHAT I DO. (Now THAT was well done!)

He should have threatened to go to TNA if Vince doesn’t bring Hart back. (They can re-create Montreal with him too.)

John Cena is like anti-legend killer. He’s the legend-avenger!!! (There is only one avenger allowed in WWE. Don’t dare think of an avenger other than Triple H the McMahon Family Avenger, okay?)

STUPID~! @ 10:09

That was such a powerful promo by cena, how could vince NOT change his mind… fuck sake, who writes this shit…. oh wait… vince… (He “writes” it on a bar napkin with lipstick, though. I have sources.)

What’s up with Vince making matches? I thought he handed over all of that responsibility to Guest Hosts which mean absolutely sweet F-All in the grand scheme of things in the WWE? Oh damn. There I go questioning the continuity of the writers again. Sorry.

ANOTHER great Miz v MVP promo. And Cena’s was great too. Suck it Cena haters! Yeah I said suck it for the first time since 1998.

Miz’s shirt is AWESOME!!!

My piss break just began when I heard Miz’s “AWEESOME.”

50 mins left and still no sign of Kelly Kelly!!! Did I miss her? (Not yet, Crazy Crazy.)

I wonder if Kofi Kingston is some kind of favourite in the Royal Rumble being that he is quick and athletic and all… Maybe someone could shed some light on that issue.

Did I miss the Jobber’s Anonymous meeting again? (Thanks for posting, Primo and Evan Bourne.) (Are they really anonymous, though?)

Dew rag and most of a suit? That is a bold fashion statement… (He got his fashion tips from “Jerome” in prison. See, even I got into the gay prison jokes. I liked Prison Break, by the way. Good show. Never got into Oz.)

Ah, ah, Mr. Cole. I beg to differ. Thanks to one John Canton-James and WWE Watch, I learned today that an equal amount of men have won the Rumble entering at 24 as 27! Thanks John! (Yes, I’m full of it. Information, I mean.)


Crazy Crazy, are you gonna be jealous jealous? (Do you see? I have elevated Crazy Crazy more than WWE has elevated 90% of their midcarders in the last five years. He’s a star now because of Commentfest. All it takes is effort, Vince!)

OMG!!!!! Kelly Kelly!!!!!!! Wooooo. Best night ever!!!!!! (There is, Crazy Crazy right on cue.)

Remember when Carlito debuted by beating John Cena? Yeah, we don’t either. (Thanks for posting WWE Universe, WWE Creative, Vince McMahon, Michael Cole, and Primo Colon).

My gf said Carlito looks too much like a girl so I cant watch. (Poor Whipped Guy.)

Sneakers don’t match the outfit…and you make how much money Carlito? (It’s a good gig. Fly into work, don’t bring your work clothes and then just walk away. I’m jealous.)

Santino @ 10:26 ET

Kelly Kelly, kelly…kelly.

She is soooooo beautiful!!!!! Wow!!!!! (Crazy…crazy for you.)

Jack Swagger, the fact that you are picking a fued w/ Santino is a sure indication that you will not win the Rumble and you are no longer considered a top heel midcarder. (I think he knows.)

Serious voices….duh duh duh…….

SERIOUS VOICES~ for Jack Swagger? Weird…

man santino must be hurt king busted out the SERIOUS VOICE!

Also, SERIOUS VOICES~, 12:00 AM Newfoundland Standard Time (Oh, you crazy Newfies with your crazy time zone that’s 1.5 hours ahead of us East Coasters.)

What!!!!! Kelly Kelly barely got screen time!!!! Aaah this sucks!!! I’m goin to Youtube! (Ladies and gentlemen, Crazy Crazy has left the building. Until next week. Hey, she’s on Superstars this week. Somebody email crazycrazyforyoukellytimestwo@gmail.com and let him know.)

My gf just said Twagger had a small package and shouldnt wear tights. So its ok for her to check out the guy’s packages but I cant even so much as look at the divas? VINTAGE BULLSHIT!!! (At least she likes my package). (I should write a love advice column for you, Whipped Guy.)

As advertised in Iowa, Cena vs Sheamus for the WWE Title Feb. 15th… (Has Iowa moved to Canada yet?)

I thought the most star studded Royal Rumble ever was 1988 thru 2009? Shows what I know! (I would go with 2001, for the record.)

Didn’t someone else win from #1? Gee WWE, who was it? (Chris Be…can’t do it.)



Okay, he may be a no-name, I may only have ever heard his name before because of Celebrity Poker Showdown, but Dulé Hill is not a bad guest host. They’ve used him relatively sparingly and he’s come across as relatively entertaining. (Yep.)

Next weeks guest host: The Muppets. (Too adult for WWE.)

Divas match and Im watching it dammit!!!! (Go Whipped Guy…too bad nobody believes you.)

A double dose of stevie ray my loins have never been so excited. (He means Alicia Alicia or is it Fox Fox?)

WOW! Nicely done! Totally threw me off with no entrance for Gail Kim!



WTH?! Kim wins a match?! The writers DEFINITELY read Commentfest! And there’s his John Report sign! GET IN!

John Report sign – vintage.

John report sign sighting@

That guy with the John Report sign instantly wins @ life. We should all pitch in to buy him some beers.

Amazing! John report sign!!!!!!

The John Report sign sighting @ 1049 est!

FTW The John Report sign sighting 9:49 PM CST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go For It!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Commentfest rule: Everybody that mentions a sign about me or the things I write about sign gets in.)

Ok John last week you said commentfesters got a star of the night if they got you a sign on Raw. Make it happen. (Yeah, but the guy that brought the sign is not a commentfester. He’s a regular reader, though. He gets the star.)

Lol @ sign in the audience: “Don’t look directly at Sheamus. Get a tan.”

Santino is going to have a field day with Star Trek.

Best sign after “TJR” was whoever had “Bright Boy Alert” for …lightbulb Sheamus!!


Vintage Cena at 10:59!!!!!!!!!


False. The least promoted WWE Champion in the last 15 years is….{*drum roll*}….Rey Mysterio. (By far. How many times did they book him to lose while champion? Brutal.)

Shoulder block, shoulder block, back body drop, you can’t see me, five knuckle shuffle, attitude adjustment. And you never see it coming.

You would think that people would know that after two Cena shoulderblocks, you dont go for a big right hand. But no, they just keep doin it. (Thanks for posting, Hulk Hogan. Your offense was innovative, brother.)

Now that…. was out of nowhere Michael Cole… That rKo was out of nowhere.


Now that’s an RKO out of nowhere Cole. Take notes.

Now that RKO was out of nowhere! What’s wrong with you Michael Cole? Didn’t see that one coming?

RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! And the one time it is they don’t say it…. (I love seeing my people going nuts about this! Awesome!)

Really, this all of a sudden forgetting all injury bullshit is what makes him so damn painful to watch.

Oh look, vintage Cena “let’s no-sell the entire match before this” what a way to end raw….good main event though…sheamus moved up a notch in my book.

Well ladies and gents… I have one thing to say to conclude this night… MICKIE JAMES-CANTON!!! (Such a cheap pop.)

What’s the rating from comment-festers tonight? I’m going with a 5.5/10. Liked the main event and opening matches and the host wasn’t that annoying. Minus points for Super-Cena at the end, I get having him reign supreme…but come on he went from limp on the ropes to 100% rage fest in 2 seconds.

Vince must have had to nap before and after his promo, because RAW opened with a good match and ended with one, too. (Old people like their sleep.)

Just caught the show. Wow. A run in from Orton WITHOUT entrance music first?! Was Vince asleep? Actual wrestling? Actual decent promos? No Bellas? Was I watching the wrong show? (Thanks for posting, Linda McMahon.)

But wait, there’s more!

I decided to open up the comments to my followers on Twitter. I should point out that I had facebook before Twitter and I’m at over 1,400 facebook friends while I’m just over 600 Twitter followers. Their comments will be in blue. Keep in mind that you’ve only got 140 characters or less on Twitter, so you have to be creative with your usage.


Shawn wasn’t here all year, he was a fry cook in San Antonio General Hospital.

DX vs Legacy…I saw this episode once. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but Legacy loses. (Also falls in like with the “HHH wins” spoiler.)

This RAW is being a great excersize for me, i’m running between commercial breaks to my room to write the comments. THE COMMENTFEST IS HEALTHY!

I’m surprised they had enough stuff for a “Best of RAW 2009” dvd So, what, is it like 30 minutes long or something? (It’s 27:13 officially.)

Went for a piss like i always do when Show comes out, came back and match over? I think Van Hammer has more wins than MVP. (More hair at least.)

Lol @ Vince clicking the refresh button so WWE.com could get 4.3 billion page views. (I think he pays Michael Cole to do it for him.)

MARYSE PIN!!!! VINTAGE MARK OUT!!! (thanks for posting Batista)

So is there any point in having a guest GM? It seems they’re just there to be part of some skit at this point, no impact at all.

Next time try channeling the koolaid man “Oh yeah.”

I SAW THE @johnreport SIGN!!!

Five minutes left. Cena/Sheamus still to come. Seems familiar. Can they tell me if this has happened before I can’t remember…

Ok, for the record, Twitterfesting is more fun. The 140 limit makes it more challenging… (I tried proposing in 140 characters, but it’s not that romantic. It is a challenge.)


My Gawd…Maryse on top of Eve…damn that’s hot…She should start a Goldberg streak & never lose ever again. (I fully endorse this idea.)

That’s it. It was third week for the Twitterfesters. They’re learning.

And let’s see the sign one more time!

I’ll have some kind of blog post on Wednesday, but this is it for today. Three posts in two days is plenty, I’d say. Have a good one.

  1. Lou
    January 26, 2010 at 2:14 PM

    sigh I missed RAW this week and I missed Commentfest. One of these days I will be there to participate, until then thank you John and thank you Commentfesters for making my Tuesdays afternoons so vintage!

  2. J.C.- Not John Canton
    January 26, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Hell yeah I got 5 in this week! Thanks John this is always fun. Keep it goin and hopefully we’ll see you at RumbleFest this weekend!

  3. Sam
    January 26, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    I sadly missed raw this week too, the KU vs Mizzou game was on…Picked KU over Raw and I actually didn’t go to sleep pissed, unusual monday night.

  4. Priceless
    January 26, 2010 at 3:45 PM

    Overkill on the “vintage” in the commentfests. It was like funny the first dozen times. New material, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, people!

  5. Devin Owns
    January 26, 2010 at 4:46 PM

    ..I officially am the leader of the twitterfest ok…

  6. kris Karcher
    January 26, 2010 at 4:53 PM

    i tried to keep up with commentfest this week but i watch raw with friends and they showed up late so i couldent start… ohh well ill try next week.

  7. January 26, 2010 at 6:03 PM

    I don’t like your damned rating system. Stop making things half a star, just make it go to 5 stars to make things less complicated.

    I love you otherwise john

  8. Cam
    January 26, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    royal rumble 2001 john, really? idk there were only about 5 main eventers in that and we all knew rikishi wasn’t gonna win. I’d go 2003, 2005, 2008. most star studded. (2003’s my favorite) And yes made it with my fake KO punch noise sound efffect reference

  9. countessplaten
    January 26, 2010 at 7:49 PM


  10. countessplaten
    January 26, 2010 at 7:52 PM

    I may not know WHEN the Royal Rumble is, but I sure as FUCK know how it works!

    -This is my favorite comment. It brightened up my day. :)

  11. Andre
    January 26, 2010 at 8:45 PM

    First Comment for Commentfest!!!! To be honest, I got it from the Rock’s greatest promo(He was great as a Heel)

  12. Andre
    January 26, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    Oh and my list wasn’t in order John. Your Blog would be #2 though behind Bret Hart.

  13. Daniel
    January 26, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    Wow, I got six this week! I guess it pays to be a Newf. Or something.

  14. Aaron
    January 27, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    I’d argue 1992 might have been most star studded rumble… and in general, one of the best.

  15. Kev
    January 27, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    There is a girl in my History class named Kelly….so I call her Kelly Kelly…but she dont know that

    • Jay
      January 28, 2010 at 1:19 PM

      Kev: The wrestling angle doesn’t work well with most chicks. While wrestling fans recognize your tribute as high praise, an association with wrestling usually creeps chicks out. You might want to try a different approach.

  16. Oxide
    January 27, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    The announcers didn’t say the RKO CAME OUT OF NOWHERE~! because THEY (and select viewers like everyone who was watching) knew it was coming.

  17. Madraf
    January 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    I hate Cole. His commentary with emotionless “and a kick-out” is vintage crap:)

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