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A Royal Rumble Preview & Poll Results

This will be pretty basic. I’ll give you my picks for the matches at the Royal Rumble and also share the results of the polls that I’ve had up for the past three days regarding the five matches at the Sunday PPV.

Before I start, just want to say the last four days have produced the highest number of page views in the three month history of this blog. The last two days passed January 5th (the night after WWE vs. TNA) as the most page views for my blog. You guys are great. I appreciate the support. I’m slowly assembling a team to put out some writing of their own as well adding in some news items in some kind of daily update. I want this to be a place for readers to check out every day. Slowly, we’ll get there I think. As a thank you, at the end of this Rumble preview I’ll let you know who I talk to in WWE. Now, onto some predictions:

The 30 Royal Rumble Match featuring six guys that might win and everybody else
The poll results: Shawn Michaels 38%, Triple H 12%, Chris Jericho 9%, Edge 7%, Ted Dibiase 6% and John Morrison 6%. Some of the write in votes were for Michael Cole (with two), John Canton (thank you to whoever did that) and Hornswoggle (thanks for voting, Vince McMahon).

I know that on Monday in my Rumbling to Mania column I originally picked Michaels. A lot of you did too. I’m changing my mind to Triple H officially. The plan seems to be in place to have him win the match, challenge the WWE Champion (Sheamus) at WrestleMania and then have Michaels win a match against either Batista or a #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber match where he would win to get the title shot at Undertaker. I don’t think anybody else really has a good shot.

My hope is that during the match they have some big spots for the likes of Morrison, Miz and Kingston among others because they need to develop these young guys sooner rather than later. My other hope is that the Edge return works really well. I’m very excited about the Edge/Jericho feud this year. Even though I think the outcome is very predictable, I am very much looking forward to this match. I enjoy it every year.
My pick: Triple H

World Heavyweight Title: The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio
The poll results: Undertaker 83%, DQ/No Contest 9%, Rey Mysterio 7%

I think it’s pretty obvious who is winning here. The poll results show that. It’ll be interesting to see how the match goes considering they’ve only worked a couple times in their career. When they wrestled on Smackdown on the Christmas show I gave it **3/4 for a ten minute match. If they get 15-20 minutes, which is possible, they could definitely reach the four star level. I’m expecting a clean Undertaker win here without any interference by Batista. This outcome is the biggest lock of the night, no question.
My pick: The Undertaker

WWE Title: Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
The poll results: Sheamus 50%, Randy Orton 27%, DQ/No Contest 23%

If it’s a DQ then Sheamus retains, so that means 73% of you are saying Sheamus leaves as the champion. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to a heel vs. heel match. I can see a scenario where Orton gets a lot of cheers because he’s obviously the bigger name. I doubt they want that reaction, but it’ll likely happen. Booking wise, I think Sheamus leaving as champion is the likely scenario after Legacy screws up when trying to help Orton. All signs are pointing to Orton vs. Dibiase (with Rhodes possibly added as well) at WrestleMania. They can plant the seeds here. I think Sheamus wins after taking advantage of a mistake although it won’t be totally cheap.
My pick: Sheamus

Women’s Title: Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James
The poll results: Mickie James 50%, Michelle McCool 26%, DQ/No Contest 24%

Interesting poll results. Half say Mickie, half say Michelle’s going to keep the belt. As I’ve written many times, this is the best feud for a women’s title since Trish vs. Mickie four years ago. I didn’t like the Piggy James angle at the start because calling a woman as gorgeous as Mickie “fat” is ridiculous, but it’s worked in terms of getting a crowd reaction. The awesome promo on Smackdown last week proved that. My hope is they get at least 10 minutes of in ring action. I’m not sure about the finish. They can either have Mickie win clean here or keep it on Michelle through a number of ways. Layla could interfere to help her win, maybe Beth comes out for the DQ or even a clean win for Michelle. They could be saving the title switch for WrestleMania, which I’d be fine with. I’ll pick my girl Mickie James-Canton here although I don’t have that much confidence in this one. I kinda like that. Unpredictable is good.
My pick: Mickie James

ECW Title: Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson
The poll results: Christian 38%, Jackson 32%, “ECW Still Exists?” 29%, DQ/No Contest 1%

I think it’s time for Christian to drop the belt of the brand that is barely hanging on. I’m not sure when ECW will officially end, but it’s soon. I’ll pick Jackson for the win here. I’d expect this to open the show as well, which could be a bad idea considering Jackson still has a ways to go in terms of being better in the ring. I love how so many people voted for “ECW Still Exists?” That’s funny.
My pick: Ezekiel Jackson

I like this year’s Royal Rumble PPV. Three of the four matches title matches interest me while Christian/Jackson doesn’t do that much for me even though I like Christian. I’d rather see him against Benjamin again. The other three title matches have been built up pretty well, or at least offer up something new as far as a match. It’s not the same stuff we’ve seen every month like we got most of 2009 in terms of title matches. Then there’s the Rumble match itself, which is always a huge draw. I’ll give credit to WWE as well for doing a much better job of promoting it this year. Last year they didn’t do a good job in that department. It should be a strong show. I have high expectations.

I’ll likely have some kind of live post on my blog Sunday night during the show. I might update it throughout the night or post it immediately after it’s over. Either way, I will be covering the Royal Rumble right here on The John Report blog.

On a final note, since I get asked all the time who I talk to in WWE I thought I’d finally let you know. The people I talk to are as follows:

1) HHH – He used to hate me, but after I started calling him Hunter the McMahon Family Avenger he loved me. I had to block his number. Leave me alone, man!

2) The Undertaker – Dude loves me. He keeps telling me to get a girlfriend that’s 15 years younger than me. I told him that’s illegal at 29. Maybe when I’m 33. What a bad influence.

3) Vince McMahon – I book Raw with him. Midgets are hilarious.

That’s it. And if you believe those are the three, I have some magic beans I’d love to sell you too.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a post on some news including more on the developing TNA story that they will be moving Impact to Monday nights starting March 1st.

Feel free to throw in your predictions for the Rumble in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

John Canton

  1. wes burden
    January 27, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    could that be because of the sign? lol…

    • Anonymous
      January 28, 2010 at 12:53 AM

      maybe if enough people talk about news of a HHH win leaking they will change it

      • Aaron
        January 28, 2010 at 11:04 AM

        Yeah, they changed Christian entrance into WWE becuase of rumor swirling.. but no matter how obvious it is, will they really take the Rumble win away from HHH?

        NO. Daddy’s little boy is the obvious win… anything short of it, and I’ll punch myself in the grapefruits.

        • Shad
          February 1, 2010 at 12:00 AM

          Well I Think its time to punch urself in the grapefruits now dont u!?

  2. Roger
    January 27, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    It would be a suprise for anyone but HHH or Michaels to win the Rumble… so I see it down to the 2 “degenerates”..Michaels about to eliminate Hx3 until Hornswoggle distracts HBK for Hx3 to throw him over the top rope. As much as I hate tot hink it..I have a sick feeling that could happen..

  3. Shane
    January 27, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Surely not HBK or HHH – it’s WAY too predictable – Morrison or Kingston (or even Christian – but he’s probably still being punished for going to TNA…) need to win it… I’m thinking that maybe they’ve bluffed us with the “STUPID” thing a couple of weeks ago and Kofi will get the win and push… or not. It’s my favourite match of the year – but if HHH or HBK win, I won’t be a happy camper. How long has it been since they had someone fresh in the main title pictures? (Apart from Sheamus of course…) And don’t have Edge to return and win it – it’s been done with Cena two years ago… just my opinion

  4. brandon
    January 27, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    Everything just seems too predictiable. Anyone think theres a chance WWE could throw a screwball out here in one of these matches esp. the rumble. Even though I agree with all of John’s predictions, I just see something funny happening here that throws everything off. I guess we will see sunday.

  5. JFS
    January 27, 2010 at 10:19 PM

    Aww man. A small part of me thought he was actually going to tell us the names.

  6. Joey
    January 27, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    Haha I was the one that put your name in there John.

  7. Lou
    January 27, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    whoa you’re tight with HHH!! When can we expect to see you as WWE Champion?

  8. JimBob
    January 28, 2010 at 12:23 AM

    I’m thinking that DX come in 1 and 2 in the rumble and HBK superkicks HHH over the top rope making him the first one eliminated after only 20 seconds. Hornswoggle was supposed to come in No.30 but HHH comes back in instead of him and wins knocking HBK out in the final two.

    On RAW the next day they both have a bit of biff and it’s announced that they”ll face eachother at Elimination Chamber for the right to fight for the title at Wrestlemania. Maybe a triple threat match with Hornswoggle who was of course the rightful No.30 and lost his chance.

    • JimBob
      January 28, 2010 at 12:38 AM

      Or it’s announced that they are both winners and they each get to pick a title holder to challenge.

  9. Mike
    January 28, 2010 at 1:03 AM

    What I would do is have Morrison win the Rumble, have Orton win the belt….and have Morrison challenge Orton at Mania. How great of a feud would that be? Then have Michaels win a #1 Contender’s match at Mania and let him challenge Taker. But since that would consist of pushing a new star (who’s nose isnt planted in Hunter’s ass) that wont happen.

    I think HHH wins the Rumble….I think they’ll stretch out the “how will HBK get his shot at Taker at WM” storyline for another few weeks/month. Btw, who’s excited about Sheamus-HHH for the WWE title? …..anyone…*hears crickes chirping*…anyone at all?…..*hears a wolf howling in the distance*….yeah thats what I thought. Ass kissing pasty white dude who isnt great on the ring or mic and has gotten pushed WAY too fast (hence the ass kissing part) vs the dude who received the ass kissing and continues to use his backstage power to keep himself in the main events at WM. Nobody will care about this match. Everyone knows Sheamus doesnt deserve the spot he has now….and everyone’s tired of Hunter’s lame face act, and tired of seeing him in the main event at Mania.

  10. Darrell
    January 28, 2010 at 1:27 AM

    JimBob :Or it’s announced that they are both winners and they each get to pick a title holder to challenge.

    Oh, jeez. They’re the last two guys in and they both go over the top rope at the same time.

  11. BigBoyBarry
    January 28, 2010 at 4:51 AM

    Darrell :

    JimBob :Or it’s announced that they are both winners and they each get to pick a title holder to challenge.

    Oh, jeez. They’re the last two guys in and they both go over the top rope at the same time.

    We have a winner!

  12. Sam
    January 28, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Knowing this is probably going to be the case with HHH winning I almsot don’t want to order the Rumble…Oh well…

    Oh and by the way, does HHH even need to win the rumble? I can remember several times in the past when it was like he just said, hey I need to be in a title match and BAM he was in the title match, i.e. WM 24. so can’t they have someone who has never won it win? Oh yeah I forgot HHH has only won it once. And we all know he wants to have the most reigns as anyone in every category. Most world titles, most Rumble victories. So I can see him winning this year, the next year, and the year after that so that he can beat Sone Colds record of 3. Its like he thinks a title or match that is basically handed to you is actually important…dude its staged.

  13. Mrs. Jericho
    January 28, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    I’ll be at the Rumble Sunday and have been keeping track of the days and hours leading up to the event. I assumed I would be crazily excited now with 3 days left. The strong possibility of HHH winning is sucking the excitement out.

  14. Scoot
    January 28, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Here’s the thing . . . Vince McMahon and WWE bookers do what they want, because there is no legitimate competition (Sorry TNA fans) to make them work harder. They don’t feel they have to push the new guys, because WWE is the TOP DOG in sports entertainment and, even though many people may be miserable there, it’s better than the alternative (hopefully that changes). And while some PPV buys may have decreased, it’s not diminished to the point of putting heat on WWE to improve their product . . . and why is that? Loyal fans will tune in every Monday night and will pay mucho dinero for a heaping pile-of-dog-shit shows and PPVs. Why change anything if the money keeps rolling in?

    Now, you and I understand the need to invest in one’s product and develop new stars in order to stay at the top, but as long as HHH is active, don’t expect too much (He still thinks it’s “real.”)

    The only thing I see WWE doing that makes any sense is trying to appeal to the younger generation to ensure that they always have an audience, but I feel that they are doing this at the expense of the older audience (who has the money and regulates what their kids buy).

    I watch Raw more out of habit now (and to read commentfest the next day), but I’m leaning more to just tuning out the television and just reading the news and reviews from this page (it’s definitely more entertaining.) Maybe that will keep me in the loop enough that when the product is back to my liking, I’ll at least know what’s going on.

    Oh yeah . . . John Canton and O’Doyle RULES!

    • Aaron
      January 28, 2010 at 2:10 PM

      Can’t argue with those points. The reason WCW got old and stale originally is becuase what they did worked for a while, and they refued to infuse new talen (exception Goldberg.. but the rating diminished with him as champion, so….. hrm). By the time their product had turned to garbage (some would argue long before) there was no way to right that ship, and WWE had overtaken them by far. (If I’m not mistaken, I think WWe still outsold WCW on merchandise even when WCW dominated the ratings).

      With rumors that TNA will start a Monday way again, maybe it’ll help.. but as of now, there’s no threat like you said, so here’s to hoping. we did get a pretty solid product on the 4th.. (though I thought Raw could have done oodles better) so maybe the “rumble to wrestlemania” could be an exciting time starting with a surprise Rumble winner, and HHH’s torn quad. Cheers.

    • Cam
      January 31, 2010 at 12:17 PM

      A+ for the Billy Madison reference

  15. JG
    January 28, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    I’m with you on Rumble predictions. I wish the Rumble itself were used to elevate a young star, but the WWE doesn’t wanna do that. I also wish MVP/Miz got PPV time, but it makes sense that they both wanna be in the Rumble.

    Now as for these magic beans you speak of…

  16. Jay
    January 28, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    H3, HBK, or Horny for the Rumble win. Jericho has no chance since he just got popped for DIP. If Horny wins, the Big Show will eat him to headline WM in a touching tribute to Pepper. It is a much more PG way to go than Moppy.

    Orton loses to Sheamus. He has to get some punishment for the Kowloon incident with the minor. Plus a Sheamus loss to H3 can prove that there is no favoritism in the WWE. (Yeah Right!)

    Underwearer & McUndertaker wins. The Deadman always gets his way and like Hogan always looks strong. Hence the name taker, not giver. This will happen as long as people believe that he is a zombie. He is a no talent hack jabroni who couldn’t get over in any role such as the American Badass. But Vince just laughs all the way to the bank and the dead guy keeps on being invincible. (Note the Vince in invincible.)

    Mickie James has received the kiss of death. When a diva is called fat in WWE land, that is the kiss of death. There is no coming back from it. It is the male equivalent of being called gay. Your credibility is gone. As much as I love Mickie it is time to wish her well in future endeavours. If she sticks around she will move to the undercard while being humiliated. She will become the next Vickie Guerrero.

    Plus do you think the Underwearer’s snatch is going to lose. He knows she will leave him the second that happens. Plus she now seems to have a contract like his where she has to wrestle 6 times a year.

  17. Jens
    January 28, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    Say John, how much for those beans?

  18. Bryola
    January 28, 2010 at 1:51 PM

    Christian should keep the title. Then, when ECW finally (thankfully) folds, his gimmick going into Smackdown/Raw can be the Final ECW Champion Ever! It could build into feuds with former ECW champs, like Matthew Hardy or Swagger.

    • Aaron
      January 28, 2010 at 2:13 PM

      But… who would care?

      I could care less who a former ECW champion is. There’s hasn’t been an ECW champion since 2000 in reality. Sorry RVD, even you don’t count.

      • Bryola
        January 28, 2010 at 3:59 PM

        That could be part of the angle then. Christian thinks its sooooo prestigious and plays off of that. It could have its funny moments.

        • Aaron
          January 28, 2010 at 4:25 PM

          Kind of like Booker T’s “5 time” WCW champion braggin rights? Christian could pull it off..

          Speaking of which, the Booker T rumors died real fast.. I could see him as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble… even if it was one night only, and not a WWE return.

  19. Aaron
    January 28, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Random thought:

    Greg Helms and Chris Jericho = new D-X… or J.O.B. squad.. whatever have you.

    Either way, they both have reasons to be intoxicated publicly and beat up any random nobody they want. Both mug shots are priceless for their own reasons.

  20. Eric Johnson
    January 28, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Sheamus is not a bad in-ring performer, stop being so hateful. Yes he got pushed to soon, but he is not bad in the ring at all. He has a pretty extensive move set, and compared to Cena he is a wrestling god. Am I looking forward to Sheamus v. HHH? Hell no! Christian v. Edge v. Jericho in one main event and Morrison v. HBK in another if I was booking it, but unfortunately I am not.

  21. William Fehrman
    January 28, 2010 at 11:22 PM

    Eric, I agree. Morrison vs HBK would be a classic wrestlemania match, but everyone knows Hbk will fight the undertaker once again at wrestlemania this year. Edge vs Jericho has happened, I believe, but a triple threat match with Y2J Captain Charisma and the Edgehead Leader has never been seen and would be great. I do see a Morrison Hbk match maybe at Wrestlemania 27 since Morrison is the “New and Improved” Shawn Michaels. Also, in my oppinion, Sheamus doesnt have that much moves at all, he reminds me of Chris Masters when he first started, with just a couple moves and 2 finishers. The Razors Edge, and a Bicycle kick, Drew Mcintire is a better WORKER than Shaemus. He should have gotten a push before Sheamus.

  22. Cam
    January 31, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    boy they really are creating new talent by having the top contenders for the rumble be two men in their 40’s. personaly i think christain would be a good move but they decided to pretend the ecw title means something for this pay per view. even jericho would be better cause at least he’s never one a rumble

    • Jay
      January 31, 2010 at 2:49 PM

      At least they are below their 50’s and 60’s like you would find in TNA.

      (Of course, just because TNA is making a bad business decision does not make it right for the WWE to follow suit. Message to H3 and HBK….. Your time has long since past….Go away. DX is only slightly more relevant than the Nasty Boys.)

  23. Y2A
    January 31, 2010 at 5:13 PM

    Here is what I would do leading into Wrestlemania…

    WWE Royal Rumble

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    The Undertaker © DEF Rey Mysterio
    ((NOTES:: WWE loves to do the random challenger thing at the Rumble, this is no different. I don’t think it is any big secret Rey won’t be winning this match, but they can use CM Punk to make it interesting. CM Punk can come out and cost Rey the match, then Rey can later get CM Punk eliminated in the Rumble.))

    ECW Championship Match
    Ezekiel Jackson DEF Christian © (New Champion)
    ((NOTES:: ECW is coming to an end, and it is time for Christian to move on. Ezekiel Jackson will be a good leader of whatever locker room they create as their official FARM system.))

    Women’s Championship Match
    Mickie James DEF Michelle McCool © (New Champion)
    ((NOTES:: Michelle McCool may go over, but putting Mickie over is the right thing.))

    WWE Championship Match
    Randy Orton DEF Sheamus © (New Champion)
    ((NOTES:: A lot of time has been invested into Sheamus, and I think he has some potential. The problem is that there is no single match, or single victory that is going to make him legitimate. What Sheamus needs is a good feud, and the prospect of that was thrown out the window when they ran heel v. heel. He will follow this up with a decent showing in an Elimination Chamber, and then he will have the following few months to get himself a main event feud to hopefully build him as a legitimate threat to all titles. In the mean time, Orton wins this one.))

    2010 Royal Rumble Match
    Winner– Ted Dibiase Jr
    ((NOTES:: Think of how much a Royal Rumble victory did for HBK in his youth. Stone Cold? HHH? The list goes on. Why are the old guys not putting over the young guys here again? Oh wait, because they want their Wrestlemania payouts to be larger. Well too bad, as it is time to put over a youth. While Kofi v. Orton would be great, I think it is time to green light the Dibiase face turn before it is too late. Some notes on the rumble, HBK eliminates HHH after they had been working together, fearing he would do the same to him. HBK thinks he has eliminated Morrison, but Morrison skins the cat and gets back in to eliminate HBK. The final four are John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Ted Dibiase Jr, and John Cena. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker on Cena but he catches him and Attitude Adjusters him to the outside, but when he turns around Morrison and Dibiase both eliminate Cena. They battle for a while, with Dibiase tossing him over, but Morrison is hanging on again. Dibiase does not celebrate, as he hits one of those signature drops kicks on Morrison as he is attempting to skin the cat back over and wins the Rumble.))

    TV Taping Notes Between WWE RR PPV->WWE EC PPV

    -Orton attempts to mentor Dibiase and convince him what a great idea it would be to pick The Undertaker, end his Wrestlemania streak, take his title and to beat the man who was debuted by his father Ted Dibiase on his Million Dollar Team at the 1990 Survivor Series.

    -“The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and Ted Dibiase Jr cut a promo together in which elder Dibiase tells him that, if he wants his advice, choose Orton. He tells his son that when he beats The Undertaker, he will be moved to Smackdown and he will never get to face his demons, everything will be unsettled. He needs to pick Orton, beat Orton, take Orton’s belt and establish himself at the top of the ladder, and save The Undertaker for another time. He takes his father’s advice.

    -Orton kicks Dibiase out of Legacy and adds a new member, Joe Hennig, son of Mr. Perfect.

    -Dibiase chooses to face Orton at WM26, handicap match is made at WWE EC with Orton as guest referee.

    -Having that title scene cleared up, Vince announces that the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania will be a Triple Threat Match. At WWE EC there will be a World Heavyweight Championship match and two Elimination Chambers, and the three winners will battle at Wrestlemania for the strap.

    -Teddy Long announces Rey Mysterio v CM Punk with the winner facing The Undertaker at WWE EC. Punk wins with help from the Straight Edge Society and spends the next month cutting promos on The Undertaker.

    -The following qualifying matches take place on TV Tapings to determine the participants of the two Elimination Chamber matches.

    ===Elimination Chamber 1 Qualifying Matches===
    Triple H and HBK DEF The Hart Dynasty
    Chris Jericho DEF R-Truth
    Big Show DEF The Miz
    John Morrison DEF Drew McIntyre
    Kofi Kingston DEF Cody Rhodes

    ===Elimination Chamber 2 Qualifying Matches===
    Rey Mysterio DEF Luke Gallows
    Jack Swagger DEF Mark Henry
    Sheamus DEF Hornswoggle
    John Cena DEF Shelton Benjamin
    Batista DEF Kane
    Christian DEF Dolph Ziggler

    WWE Elimination Chamber

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    The Undertaker © DEF CM Punk
    ((NOTES:: First match of the night. Much closer and contested than their match that opened the HIAC PPV, with Punk nearly winning this one. He taps to Hells Gate, but after the match the newest member of the Straight Edge Society is revealed to be Bryan Danielson and they try to shave The Undertakers head. Rey Mysterio is out to make the save.))

    Diva’s Championship Match
    Gail Kim DEF Maryse © (New Champion)
    ((NOTES:: Maryse won the Diva’s tournament, but drops it here to Kim.))

    Elimination Chamber (For spot in World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match @ Wrestlemania)
    Chris Jericho DEF Big Show, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Morrison, and Sheamus.
    ((NOTES:: Leading up to this, they sell the severed friendship between Jeri-Show, with Big Show emotionally telling Jericho he has moved on and has The Miz to count on now. Despite that, they agree to work together for one more match. DX kind of does the same, but a lot of tention there with HHH eliminating HBK from the Rumble. First one out is Big Show, who does a lot of the fighting. Jericho does a lot of cheering on from his cage as he watches Big Show eliminate Sheamus. He is less thrilled when the next entrant is him and he gets out of his cell cautiously, unsure of what Big Show will do. He is thrilled again when he sees that he is friendly, and they wait for the next entrant, Jericho hitting a “vintage” top-rope corner hammock as he awaits and gloats. HHH is out and they work him over some, HBK and Morrison eventually joining them. HBK hits sweet chin music to eliminate Morrison. DX manages to get Big Show isolated and they eliminate him, but right after HHH pedigrees HBK and pins him, then apologizes. HBK cannot believe that HHH cost him a shot at The Undertaker. After the “heartfelt” apologizing, HBK spits in HHHs face, allowing enough of a distraction for Jericho to hit the Codebreaker on HHH and get the pinfall. The Undertaker v. Jericho v. _____ at Wrestlemania.))

    Women’s Championship Match
    Mickie James © DEF Michelle McCool and Beth Pheonix
    ((NOTES:: Mickie James manages to retain.))

    United States Championship Match
    The Miz © DEF MVP
    ((NOTES:: The culmination of some great verbal banter over the last few months finally ends in a clean victory for The Miz.))

    Handicap Match with Special Guest Referee — Randy Orton ©
    Ted Dibiase Jr DEF Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig
    ((NOTES:: The odds stacked COMPLETELY against him, yet Dibiase finds a way to win and prove he is ready. Orton looks concerned as this match ends.))

    Elimination Chamber (For spot in World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match @ Wrestlemania)
    Edge DEF Christian, Batista, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, and Jack Swagger.
    ((NOTES:: Chris Jericho is on commentary for this match. He cracks jokes about not caring who wins this match because he is nothing but a minor stumbling block en route to him becoming World Champion for the 6th time, ending The Undertakers WM Streak and establishing himself as the TRUE Phenom of the WWE. Rey Mysterio was the 6th man, but was attacked backstage earlier in the night by the Straight Edge Society. There is open lobbying to Vince over who he should put in his spot, HHH, HBK, and CM Punk all trying to be put in this spot. Jericho cracks a joke that maybe the 6th man should be Hornswoggle because he is the most talented member of DX. Moments later, EDGE’S music hits, and NOW Jericho looks concerned. Cena and Batista are really going after each other in this match, with Cena eventually eliminating Batista. Batista rages and throws a temper tantrum and manages to hit his finisher a few times on Cena as he is leaving, putting Cena in real bad shape and ultimately costing him the match. This one comes down to Edge and Christian, with Edge eventually going over and heading to Wrestlemania to fight Jericho and The Undertaker. Edge stares through the chamber at Jericho at the booth as the card ends.))

    TV Taping Notes Between WWE EC PPV->WWE WM26 PPV

    -Triple H officially turns on HBK. He verbally and physically assaults him and tells him that he has been carrying him for years because of their friendship. He is going to teach Shawn that you don’t bite the hand that feeds, and remind him what a horrible decision it is to stand in between Hunter and a title. He tells Shawn that if it weren’t for him, he would still be working in a cafeteria in Texas as some washed up former wrestler. Triple H saved him, he made him credible again, but he is still too blind to see it. He tells HBK that Ric Flair was never his friend. Ric doesn’t give a damn about Shawn. He has talked to Vince, and they both felt it was time for some karma. At Wrestlemania, HBK is going to fight HHH, and if Shawn can’t beat him, like Naitch could not beat Shawn, then HBK must retire. No more show-stopping, no more Mr.Wrestlemania.

    -Edge and Jericho spend most of the month battling each other, with a few Undertaker sightings (lights going off, smoke, etc), but mostly they let Taker rest up to put a quality match on at Wrestlemania. Edge and Jericho re-open scars from their Unified Tag Team split, going deep into their history.

    -Cena and Batista do some cross-brand bickering about costing each other the Elimination Chamber and set up this year’s inter-brand match.

    -Bret Hart and Vince McMahon come to blows and decide to settle it in the ring. Bret Hart tells Vince that he has no reason to fight him. He is above Vince, and he has known that for years. Vince ups the ante by enticing Bret Hart with a stipulation that IF Bret Hart can beat him in a Street Fight at Wrestlemania, then Bret Hart will become the new fulltime General Manager of Raw. IF Bret loses, he will be erased from WWE history… the Hall of Fame, the record books, etc… and will never be allowed in a WWE ring ever again.

    -Rey Mysterio and CM Punk are in full swing in their rivalry. CM Punk cuts some typically great promos and points out that he is just heartbroken that he can’t shave Mysterio’s already bald head. But he knows what he can do… remove his mask. They set up a mask v. hair match.

    -The Miz and Chris Jericho are battling on an episode of Raw. Big Show is at ringside watching his old buddy battle his new buddy. Both are calling for help, but Big Show eventually lays out both of them and leaves, officially turning face. His actions over the next few weeks resemble this, and then the attacks from Sheamus begin, setting up a main event feud for Sheamus that hopefully will establish him as a main event wrestler that “earned” it.

    WWE Wrestlemania XXVI

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    John Morrison DEF Shelton Benjamin, The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne.
    ((NOTES:: Open the card with some of the best workers in the company John Morrison will win this one and prepare for the ultimate push after a heel turn and a slight makeover.))

    Sheamus DEF Big Show
    ((NOTES:: This would started after a Big Show face turn. Sheamus kicks out of the “Knockout Punch” and ultimately gets the win on the biggest stage in the business.))

    Hair v Mask Match
    Rey Mysterio DEF CM Punk
    ((NOTES:: They managed to turn a slopping situation with Rey and The Undertaker into a lengthy feud between two world class athletes. After the match CM Punk can get his head shaved, and then the Straight Edge Society can mangle Rey, putting him on the shelf for a few months to rest.))

    Raw v. Smackdown Match
    John Cena DEF Batista
    ((NOTES:: Pretty straight forward here. Two “mega-powers” that probably both feel they should be fighting for a belt. Cena will go over in this one.))

    Street Fight
    Bret Hart DEF Vince McMahon
    ((NOTES:: Bret Hart is limited, but puts up enough of a fight to beat Vince and become the new fulltime GM of Monday Night Raw. After the match he spits in Vince’s face.))

    Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
    Beth Phoenix DEF v. Mickie James ©, Michelle McCool, and Natalya (New Champion)
    ((NOTES:: It is about time. That is all I have to say.))

    WWE Championship Match
    Ted Dibiase Jr DEF Randy Orton © (New Champion)
    ((NOTES::Tons of build ends with a new future star holding the title in the middle of the ring. Congrats Teddy.))

    “If HBK Loses, He Must Retire” Match
    Shawn Michaels DEF Triple H
    ((NOTES:: They have already done this match a few times, in fact I think they do it EVERY time DX breaks up, but the added retirement build could make this a real money making feud.))

    World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match
    The Undertaker © DEF Chris Jericho and Edge
    ((NOTES:: Edge and Jericho are going to go on to a pretty lengthy singles feud, but this was a great way to start it with Undertaker clearly not losing at WM, Jericho already staggering from a plethora of recent clean losses, and Edge unable to take a pin in his return program. The end comes when Jericho has Undertaker in the Walls and Edge pulls the referee out of the ring. Undertaker is tapping and the streak should be over, but with no referee Jericho eats a spear while still applying the Walls to Undertaker. The referee is back just in time to see Undertaker clear Edge out of the ring and Tombstone Jericho for the pin.)

    Post-Wrestlemania Plans

    -The night after Wrestlemania would be a 3-hour Draft Edition of Raw. Bret Hart will take over as permanent Raw GM and Vicky Guerrero will take over as permanent Smackdown GM.

    -ECW, and the ECW Championship, are disbanded. All ECW wrestlers are entered into the Draft and disbursed among the two brands, Raw and Smackdown. It is announced that each brand will get an extra hour of TV time each week to take the place of ECW and WWE Superstars.

    -Tuesday Night Raw will be a 60 minute show that airs every Tuesday on SyFy in the former ECW time slot. This show will be taped Mondays before Monday Night Raw and will feature wrestlers from the Raw roster. Many of the up and comers will get a chance to shine here and the Intercontinental Championship will be defended regularly here. Big name Monday Night Raw stars will occasionally stop by to boost ratings. Storylines will obviously carry over from the main show, but this hour block will mostly be dedicated to wrestling matches and giving younger workers a chance to show what they have got.

    -Thursday Night Smackdown will be a 60 minute show that airs every Thursday on The CW in the former WWE Superstars time slot. This show will be taped Tuesdays before Friday Night Smackdown and will feature wrestlers from the Smackdown roster. Many of the up and comers will get a chance to shine here and the United States Championship will be defended regularly here. Big name Friday Night Smackdown stars will occasionally stop by to boost ratings. Storylines will obviously carry over from the main show, but this hour block will mostly be dedicated to wrestling matches and giving younger workers a chance to show what they have got.

    -Triple H, irate from the Wrestlemania loss, would drop the bomb the next night on the WWE Draft edition of Raw that Shawn has one last obstacle. Shawn did what nobody can do, he embarrassed Triple H on the biggest stage of them all. Tonight on Raw, for the Draft Special, he was ending the career once and for all. It would be HHH v. HBK in a retirement match. Bret “Hitman” Hart’s music hits and he is out. He soaks in the cheers as the New Raw GM. He promises change and a more entertaining wrestling product. There are no more “guest hosts” for HHH to come out and bully and pull the strings. It is Harts’ show now, and he won’t be seeing a retirement match tonight, but he does agree that Raw is likely too small for the both of them. That said, tonight HHH and HBK would fight in a “Loser Leaves Raw” match! On his way out, he drops an “Oh, and I almost forgot”. He ran it by Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero, and the winner of that match (which is starting after a right now), will be in the main event TONIGHT against The Undertaker… for the World Heavyweight Championship! HBK would win the match, and then in the main event he would win the World Heavyweight Championship by proving he CAN beat The Undertaker. Triple H is forced to move to Smackdown.

    -The next week on Raw, now free of Triple H and The Undertaker, we find out who Shawn Michaels will be feuding. At the start of Raw, HBK is cutting an emotional promo with his new title, and he is telling the fans how everything he does is for them. He talks about how he honestly never thought he would be a World Champion again and how much it means to him. Towards the end of the promo, John Morrison slips out of the stands and attacks HBK with the briefcase. He is brutalizing HBK with the case and HBK is busted open and out. A referee runs out and Morrison, who has a slightly new look modeled to look more like the HBK in his prime. Morrison is over HBK with a mic and he tells the referee to go to the back, he doesn’t need him now as he smiles looking at his briefcase. He is on a knee over HBK and is holding him by the hair. The fans are booing and Morrison is soaking it up. “Shawn, you probably aren’t going to remember this, but do me a favor and watch the replay, ok? I am not here to cash in my briefcase. In fact, watch…” Morrison pushes Shawn onto his back and lays over him and counts himself to five before pulling him back up. “You see Shawn, I could beat you right now, I could walk out of here with that belt tonight… but I don’t want to do that. I don’t NEED to do that. You see Shawn, unlike all these past MITB winners, I don’t need to sneak up on somebody, or jockey for position to become the Champion. I am BETTER than you Shawn. I am everything you were in your prime, plus more. I have more looks, more moves, more charisma, I have IT. What you USED to have. You see Shawn, I am going to be cashing in this briefcase this month at Backlash, and I am going to beat you 1-2-3. There will be excuses, not retirement stipulations. The only retirement you are going to get is the self-imposed one when you realize that you no longer are the best in the world.”

    -Morrison continues to slowly evolve his look over the next couple weeks leading to Backlash. He starts sporting the chaps, vests, and heart-shaped glasses. He also gets a manager. Like HBK had Sensational Sherri, Diesel, Rick Rude and Sycho Sid, Morrison will now have a manager as well. Personally, I would go with Alicia Fox, as I think she is one of the few divas with a REALISTIC mean streak and I think she is underrated on the mic. The other option would be Ezekiel Jackson, although it would be a shame to see him reduced back to his The Kendrick role.

    -Morrison and HBK have a classic match at Backlash, with Morrison playing the cocky heel the whole time. He underestimates HBK, and despite having an apparent three count after Starship Pain, he pulls HBK up and he mocks him, attempting to go for his own version of the Sweet Chin Music. He misses, and catches a lightning quick SCM from Michaels and it is over. Michaels wins.

    -Michaels spends the next couple weeks talking about how Morrison is desperate for attention, desperate to be HBK. Well now he is finally famous for something, he is the first person to cash in Money in the Bank and LOSE. Morrison tries to entice him into a rematch, but HBK tells him he does not deserve one. HBK finally gives in after Alicia Fox attacks HBK’s wife at ringside. Morrison breaks the news to Shawn Michaels that at WWE Extreme Rules, their match would not only be for the World Heavyweight Championship, it would be a LADDER MATCH.

    -Morrison would go over in the ladder match with some help from Alicia Fox and become the new World Heavyweight Champion, HBK would get extended time off until, say Survivor Series to rest up.

    -The Unified Tag Belts are disbanded after the DX fallout and are broken into two sets of titles again, one for Smackdown, one for Raw. Tournaments are held for each set of straps. The Hart Dynasty and The Straight Edge Society will be the title holders.

  24. Bruce McClaine
    January 31, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    KANE! Kane is due, he’s ran Rumbles for 12 years in a row, Cleaned house and has mose eliminated by a single person in a single match. He keeps getting boned outta the MITB, (Been in 4 outta 6 and boned everytime) He’s a worker, and he has skill. He needs this win to start somthing as diabolical as his McMahon feud. (Shne, Last Man Standing was brutal.)KANE! KANE! KANE!

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  2. January 31, 2010 at 2:47 AM

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