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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume V (

February 28, 2010 50 comments

The last one of these I posted is from two weeks ago. These answers are from questions over the last week, so while there are a lot of questions answered here, I didn’t have time to post all of them. The ones from Feb 14-20 aren’t here. I’m not going back in the archives that far. The answers are from questions you asked me at and I’ve now answered over 1,200 questions over the past month. If you go there you can see the archive of answers too. Feel free to keep asking them. I enjoy doing it. I’ve tried to make it about 80% wrestling related with some sports and other subjects sprinkled in. Sorry if there are repeat or similar questions too. There were a lot of Miz/Bryan ones especially. Enjoy

So lemme get this straight. Sheamus shows up, gets to be dull, and he’s the WWE Champion *snaps* like that while Bryan Danielson gets to be unused then forced to work his way through NXT while being coached by The Miz. What is the world coming to?

Sheamus is 6’5″ and 250 pounds. Danielson is 6’0″ 200 maybe. Vince loves big guys. Shouldn’t surprise you by this point. If WWE was based on talent instead of size first then things would be different. Nothing against Sheamus, who I like. It’s just harder for the smaller guys.

What do you think was WCW’s best year or years for the time you watched it?

I’d say 1996 and 1997. Those were pretty good years in terms of angles as well as quality matches. It started to go downhill a bit in 1998.

Rumour has it the bull on RAW only asked Kelly for directions, but she assumed it was a superstar and thought she better ride it. Your opinions?

Bwahahaha. This made me legit LOL. Awesome.

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The John Report: Talking Smack for 02/26/10 (Edge/Miz)

February 27, 2010 35 comments

Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. I’ll do the blog plugs at the bottom. Among the posts this week were thoughts on the NXT debut as well as the releases of Helms, Maria & Burchill on Friday. As for this column, it’s going to be a bit shorter than my usual. I was out partying on Friday night, got home really late, had a few too many drinks (hi Straight Edge people) and I’m not in the mood to write that much. I’ll cover the show, but it won’t be nearly as detailed as my usual. Hope you understand. Let’s get to it.


Taped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin let’s talk some smack…

The new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Chris Jericho comes out with the title bragging about how after over a year of fighting he’s back on top as champion. I love this man. I loved this promo. Asking the camera to zoom in on the title to see his name and “World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion” on it was great. Hey, he said wrestling. That should say sports entertainment. Quick, call the belt maker guy. We need a new one. Edge came out talking about how Jericho may have won, but he also gets speared by Edge a lot. They even got the crowd into chanting “spear” which is good because I’ve never heard that before. Jericho got pissed, attacked him with the mic and then went for the Codebreaker only to receive a spear from Edge. Good opening segment. Love this feud already. Looking forward to the next month of build.

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Retro: WrestleMania X7 (2001) Recap

February 26, 2010 20 comments

Friday is going to become my retro column posting day. With WrestleMania coming around the corner, I figured it would be a good idea to re-post the various WM columns I have in my archive. I currently have writeups for WM 17, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 25 in my archives. Why don’t I have all of them? Because at various points in my writing career I wrote less. I’m a pretty random guy in many ways. Anyway, here’s the original writeup for the best PPV in WWF/E history: WrestleMania X7. It’s in its original form. I’m not editing. It was written in 2001, so any predictions about future possibilities can be laughed at if you want. If you’ve never seen the show, find it and watch it. If you have seen it, reminisce with me. And then watch it again. It should be viewed multiple times. Enjoy.

WrestleMania X7 Recap
Originally written April 2, 2001. The show took place in the Houston Astrodome and the announcers were Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

This was undoubtedly the greatest WrestleMania of all time. After seeing it live I also think that it is the best PPV I have ever seen. Why? Let’s get to it. This is not a full play by play recap of what happened; it is basically just my thoughts on each match. I’ll use the standard five star rating system to rate the matches. Without further Apu, here she blows…

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WWE News: Helms, Maria & Burchill Released, Bryan Interview

February 26, 2010 23 comments

NOTE: I updated this post at about 2:45pmET to include the release of Maria.

World Wrestling Entertainment has released Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Maria and Paul Burchill. Katie Lea Burchill is still in WWE although they barely use her. Neither release is much of a surprise because WWE’s roster is very big right now and with ECW evaporating there was word that some releases would happen. I’m not about to guess who might be next. If you look at the roster and notice who’s not being used you can obviously tell who the likely next releases might be.

EDIT at 2:45pmET: “WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE diva Maria as of today February 26, 2010. We wish Maria the best in all future endeavors.” Diva of the year! Wow. Was her birthday yesterday too. Some quick thoughts:

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Random Top 5 List: My Favorite WWE Video Packages

February 26, 2010 43 comments

We all know that one of the best things about WWE are the awesome video packages they do. The Michaels/Undertaker one from this week’s Raw was exceptional. I wrote that it was one of the best ever. It’s arguable. There are so many. What I decided to do was think of the five that really left an impact on me and this is my list. I’ll write a little description of each and then embed the video so you can watch. In the comments section, feel free to share some of your own.

1. Austin/Rock WrestleMania X7 “My Way” from 2001
This is the video package hyping up what was the main event at the PPV that I feel is the best in company history. I don’t even like Limp Bizkit that much, but this song fit perfectly because it was a battle of ego between the two top guys in the business. I have seen it so many times. I still love it. Always and forever.

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GC: Sports Entertainment Weekly by Andrew Johnson

February 25, 2010 31 comments

Note from John: If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? Thanks for writing this, Andrew.

So, About this Morning…

I scratched the surface of the hard wood desk in front of me with a fingernail that had been chewed to the nub. I always bite my nails when I’m nervous. I look across the giant desk at a man stirring kool-aide with an old Ultimate Warrior spoon he found at a flea market.

The irony was not lost on me.

He took a sip of his red elixir, before he spoke. He looked fiercely intimidating, and a tad sleepy.

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Guest Column: An Ode to Shawn Michaels by Jaykob

February 25, 2010 59 comments

Note from John: This is a one time column from a reader named Jaykob. He sent it to me saying it wasn’t even meant to be a column. However, I read it and liked it so much that I told him I’d share it. Why? Because it’s about my favorite wrestler ever: Shawn Michaels. This doesn’t mean you should be writing me long letters about your love for HBK. I’m not posting random stuff. This is an exception. Enjoy it.

An Ode to Shawn Michaels
By Jaykob

As I watched RAW this past Monday, I was struck by the video package the WWE made of Shawn Michaels. It featured an excellent cover of Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” by Placebo. I also marked out when the stipulation, career vs. streak, for his rematch with The Undertaker was revealed. Now, before someone accuses me of being a mark, I realize that, even though it’s billed as a retirement match, Shawn will probably be back even if he loses. With that said, regardless of the outcome at Wrestlemania, the career of HBK is coming to an end sooner than later. I thought I had already accepted that, but something about this past RAW made that realization really hit home with me and I started thinking about my own story as a fan of professional wrestling and the impact that Shawn Michaels has had on my childhood. Needless to say, I had underestimated just how important the guy was to me, and so I was inspired to write a little something about how I was feeling. Despite this not being a Pulitzer Prize piece of writing, I hope you, the patrons of this blog, read this and identify with my feelings as a long time fan of professional wrestling even if you are not a big fan of Shawn Michaels specifically. Every wrestling fan has their heroes and Shawn Michaels just happens to be mine.

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