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The John Report: The Raw Deal for 02/01/10 (Vince/Bret Confrontation)

Welcome to the Raw Deal. The links to my two Royal Rumble posts will be at the end.

NOTE: Commentfest is posted on my blog as of 1:30pmET Tuesday. The link to that is HERE.

Before I start, I had some haters questioning the validity of the Mickie James photo that I posted over the weekend. Saying it was fake, things like that. Didn’t appreciate that, so I politely asked her to verify the validity of it. She didn’t have to, but she did it here saying: “Real. @my newburg signing. Lol.” Thanks Mickie. Class act. Laughter is key, kids.

Live from Nashville, Tennessee this is the Raw Deal…

Right off the bat, did you notice The John Report sign at about 9:04pmET right by the bottom of the entrance? Thanks to JB and Rebecca McMurtry for bring it to the show. That’s the second week in a row a “TJR” sign has been in the building. Awesome. Love my readers. I’ll post the pic at the bottom of this column after my final thoughts on the show. They started out the show with Justin Roberts bringing out the Royal Rumble winner…

On this day I see clearly…Edge is back!
Great to see the Edgester (don’t worry, I’ll refrain from saying that again) back. He’s been missed by a lot of people, especially me. The crowd wasn’t fully behind him. I guess they didn’t get the memo that he was a face now. Too bad this show wasn’t in Canada, huh? He talked about how motivated he was to get back after Jericho ripped him at the Slammys. He also ripped Dennis Miller’s shitty hosting job probably because of Miller making fun of Vince giving him joke advice. You think Vince forgets stuff like this? Of course not. Edge said Jericho has his Slammy (plus his mugshot on TMZ – haha that was great), but Edge has his title shot at Mania. He wondered who he should challenge when Sheamus came out. Edge called him Ronald McDonald. Now the crowd was firmly behind him because they hate Sheamus. He basically said Edge can’t beat him, a brawl ensued and Edge was able to gain control by laying him out with a spear. I thought it was a pretty good segment that brought Edge back into the mix nicely. His permanent home is Smackdown, but it’s okay to bring a SD guy to Raw once a while like this. I liked the Sheamus/Edge interaction too. I don’t think they’ll have a match at WrestleMania, but Edge could have good matches with a guy like Sheamus, I’m sure.

Also, Edge being the “Rated R” superstar in PG WWE isn’t new. I had emails about this. When he was main eventing PPVs against Undertaker in 2008, especially the great HIAC match at Summerslam, it was PG. The match was great, but I wish it had blood. It didn’t because of the PG rating. The PG rating has been around for two years now, so the Rated R gimmick can work now as it has before. They need to play up Edge’s humor because he’s a funny guy. They can’t do it too much, though, or else it’ll hurt the seriousness of his return.

They announced there would be qualifying matches to determine five challengers to Sheamus’ WWE Title in the Elimination Chamber match at the…newly named Elimination Chamber PPV. In other words, at the Rumble you had to beat 29 guys to get a title shot. On Raw all you had to beat was one guy to get a title shot.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: John Cena d. Cody Rhodes (*3/4)
Gee, I wonder who will win here? They worked a very fast style from the get go, which should let you know it’s going to be a short match. Cody hit a pretty moonsault about three minutes in. Cena no-sold it a couple seconds later and finished him off with the Attitude Adjustment for the win. By the way, Cole said it was OUT OF NOWHERE~! although that’s stretching it a bit. Lastly, who told Cody that purple tights were a good idea? Is he hoping to join Men on a Mission now?

Survivor Series 1997 video package. There were two other video packages during the show hyping the Vince/Bret showdown.

They showed Vince backstage talking to somebody off screen. He told the “Canadian” to “get it off his chest.” Obviously they’re trying to tell us it was Bret Hart, but no, it was guest host William Shatner. Shatner said to him in Shatner-ese (slow talking with pauses) that he can’t wait for Bret to embarrass Vince later in the night. Vince sold it with some anger saying, “lousy guest hosts.” Can’t he just end guest hosts or am I stupid for even asking a question? Yeah, I’m stupid. Let’s move on.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Triple H d. Jack Swagger (*1/4)
Cue the “has Swagger found HHH’s gym?” jokes! Hunter came out to his “Game” theme song. Why do the announcers spend time talking about how impressive Swagger has been on Raw? He’s barely been used for the past three months and when he has been used he was being embarrassed by Santino. The only exception was when he beat up Santino last week from behind. Don’t insult our intelligence. The match was pretty boring even though they got ten minutes. I don’t know if I should blame HHH or Swagger for it, but I’m sure they’ll blame Swagger. It just didn’t work. It ended after Swagger did some taunting by pointing at the WM26 with HHH on his shoulders leading to a Pedigree for the win for that HHH guy that never gets title shots. Good to see him finally getting a shot.

Next up they aired a great William Shatner video where he’s reading the lyrics of WWE theme songs. It was classic. I was laughing my ass off. My favorite part was when he went nuts saying “Mysterioso! Mysterioso!” I enjoyed it immensely. Too bad he didn’t do Orton’s song. This is the kind of humor that works for me. It silly, straight to the point humor right here. Here’s the video in case you missed it. If it gets taken down, what can I say? Blame WWE.

Backstage, DX had a talk backstage. It was basically Hunter telling Shawn to go win the next match and get the Rumble out of his head because it’s making him go nuts. It was an effective segment. Best part of it? Hunter told Hornswoggle to go away so they could talk. That was great. If his match didn’t stink I’d give Hunter star of the night for that.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Randy Orton d. Shawn Michaels (**1/4)
Considering the match that followed this one, how is this a qualifying match when they are two of your top four guys? Obviously we know why it was, but it doesn’t make sense if you’re having a ten man tournament and if you were ranking the guys based on talent level. Whatever. It was a vintage “beat up HBK’s back” storyline until Michaels made his comeback with the big elbow drop. When Michaels went to do the kip up, Orton grabbed him out of mid-air (or OUT OF NOWHERE~!) and rolled him up for the three count. Thirteen years ago Shawn Michaels famously said to the locker room that he’s not losing to anybody and now he’s losing 7 minute matches on rollups. Michaels did an awesome job of selling his frustration, going nuts at ringside a little bit and walking away angrily as everybody in the crowd felt sad for him.

What’s next? He’ll probably find a way to get into the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match to screw the Undertaker out of the title. Jericho will get the belt there, Edge will challenge him at Mania and Undertaker will want Michaels because he cost him the title. It works.

They showed a live band performing across the street from the arena. It should have been Mickie James-Canton singing her country music, but no, it was some random chick. I should be her agent too.

Backstage, Ted Dibiase apologized for Rhodes’ screw up at the Rumble and then said congrats for the win earlier in the night. Orton looked at him, said nothing and walked off. Dibiase, star of The Marine 2 that probably did poorly since there’s been no mention about its success, looked sternly to end the segment.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Ted Dibiase d. Mark “Kool-Aid” Henry (1/2*)
SOMEBODY GET YOUR THIRST QUENCHED~! KOOL-AID TIME! See what I mean? This match is on equal footing with Orton vs. Michaels? Dibiase won after a single arm DDT after working on the arm for much of the match. Yes, a whole one minute of arm action softened a 450 pound man enough to beat him. Dibiase’s in the Elimination Chamber match where he has absolutely no chance of winning, but he has plenty of chance to cost Orton the match.

They showed clips of Jack Brisco, who passed away at age 68. He wrestled before my time, but I’ve seen a few matches over the years and heard great stories from a lot of people I admire in wrestling (like Jim Ross, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels) talking about how great he was. It was nice of them to have the video package for him as well as the clip from the Hall of Fame in 2008 that showed the superstars reacting to him. All the best to the Brisco family.

Backstage, Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly were trying to look like they were really talking when Maryse came up to them. Maryse mentioned the feud on Smackdown being so personal (it was also good) and she didn’t want that. She wanted to simply have a good match…whenever the match is. Next week? I’m pretty sure they advertised it earlier in the day. Guess that was changed. Maryse walked off spouting her French (she basically said she’s going to be the champion) as Kelly the genius wondered what that was about.

In Shatner’s office, The Miz & Big Show – tag team partners and best friends all of a sudden that I’ll be calling Showmiz – were chilling when CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena (don’t call me Williams) walked in. They talked about how they deserved a tag team title match. Wait, those belts still exist? Shatner came in and they threw in a cheesy “Role: Match Negotiator” graphic like in his TV ads that I don’t really watch because I hate commercials and watch most of my stuff on DVR. Even though Gallows & Punk earned the title shot (and were never given a match), they are somehow booked into a triple threat next week against DX and Showmiz. Shatner ended it by wanting a freeze frame except he didn’t get it. The whole thing was just okay in terms of the comedy.

Hunter the pep talker told Shawn he can do something else at Mania and that there are plenty of other guys to wrestle at Mania. Shawn ended it by saying, “Not for me.” I thought Michaels was great all night.

They plugged Stacy Keibler being on USA Network’s show Psych. She might guest host in the future although we don’t know when. She’s got legs and she knows how to use them apparently.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Kofi Kingston d. Big Show via DQ (3/4*)
Miz was out doing commentary. MVP jumped over the railing to chase Miz out of there. Way to book the black guy as a petty thug during Black History Month, WWE! Kingston slipped on the top rope at one point. I’m sure people will make the Orton “STUPID~!” jokes, but it’s just a slip. It happens. They worked through it. It wasn’t a great match by any means. It was hard for Kofi to do any offense on Show even though the big guy was a willing seller. The finish came when they were in the corner, Kofi accidently hit Show between the eyes and Show KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT~! out of the ref although you could see it barely made contact if it did at all. Another ref, Scott Armstrong, came in and DQ’d Show for hitting the official even though everybody could tell it was an accident. It was made even funnier (unintentionally) when Show walked to the back yelling “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT” at the top of his lungs. I’m having Snitsky flashbacks.

The six men in the Raw Elimination Chamber Match at the Elimination Chamber PPV are: Sheamus, Cena, HHH, Orton, Dibiase and Kingston. I think they’ll book it with HHH starting the match, Sheamus being the sixth guy and it comes down to those two at the end with Sheamus scoring the pin on the tired HHH. That would set up the singles match for the title at Mania.

Next week: NASCAR’s Carl Edwards is the guest host, which probably means some poorly acted “comedy” bits. I hate those. Also DX vs. Punk/Gallows vs. Showmiz for the titles that never get defended.

The Bret Hart/Vince McMahon confrontation
William Shatner came out, after tripping through the ropes intentionally into Lawler like some stage comic, to introduce his good friend Bret Hart. Both are Canadian. Hart grabbed the microphone as Shatner bailed. Bret talked about wanting to have closure when he was there on January 4th, but tonight he was there to kick Vince’s ass for what he did. Bret said “ass” a few times and it got bleeped. That’s vintage 1994. I wonder if Bret said ass because he felt natural doing it, or if Vince okayed it? I’ll assume Vince okayed it otherwise it was Bret saying what felt normal. Vince came out saying he didn’t regret anything he’s done and Bred said that’s the first honest thing he’s said to him because Vince is the greatest liar. Hart referenced Cena’s promo from last week and said that he’s come a long way from the stroke he suffered eight years. He said when he got up from the wheelchair he vowed to never feel pathetic for the rest of his life. The crowd popped huge. You could tell that was from the heart. Vince said Bret’s not a hero to anybody and that he had zero personality. He mentioned guys like Michaels, Austin and Mr. Perfect carrying him up the card because of their personalities. Then he ripped on him for his lack of charisma, lack of command of the Englinsh language and the stringy hair on his head. Vince said last time they talked he mentioned that Stu Hart could be in WWE’s Hall of Fame, but that he changed his mind and he deserved it. Yeah, he’s no Koko B. Ware! You tell him. (I’m being sarcastic, people. If you ever ask me about the Hall of Fame, I will say it’s a joke and I will point at a poor jobber like Ware as the perfect example of that.)

The comment about his dad was the last straw, so Bret went after Vince. He pulled his coat over his head and threw some hockey style punches. The punches didn’t look great, but he’s definitely rusty. He went for the Sharpshooter. Before he could do that, Batista came into the ring in his wrestling gear. No spear. He gently took Hart down, and then threw some gentle punches at him. He was being really careful, which is good. Batista held Bret up as Vince spit in his face, an homage to what happened at Survivor Series 1997 when Bret spit on Vince. The crowd was chanting “Cena! Cena!” I thought for sure he was coming out. Instead, we got nothing. The show ended with Bret Hart down in a heap again. I thought the angle worked really well. Batista’s interference was surprising to me, but I understand why they did it.

I’m assuming that the plan is to not do Hart vs. McMahon now. They could change it to either Cena & Hart vs. McMahon & Batista or just Cena vs. Batista with Hart in Cena’s corner while Batista goes in Vince’s corner. I think they can do the key spot with Bret putting Vince in the sharpshooter without doing the singles match. If Bret’s not in good enough condition to have the match (and remember Vince is 64 years old) then they might as well make it a tag or simply put him in Cena’s corner.

Three Stars of the Show
1. Shawn Michaels – I’m loving this angle. He’s playing it perfectly.
2. Edge – He cut a great promo even if the crowd didn’t react like they should have.
3. (tie) Bret Hart – His promo felt real. It worked really well.
3. (tie) William Shatner – This man rocked. He’s 78 years old too. What a performer.

BONUS STARS: JB and his wife Rebecca McMurtry for “The John Report” sign that made it out there. I know that I said if you get a sign on you get to be one of the stars, but I had to honor the guys on Raw for putting on a hell of a show. Bonus stars are still good, right? I think so. Thanks so much for doing that!

7.5 out of 10
Last week: 6.5

I gave Smackdown an 8, the Royal Rumble a 7 and now Raw a 7.5. It’s been a very good four days for WWE TV. What was so good about this show? The matches got actual time. There were no lame attempts at humor. Most of the humor on this show worked because Shatner pulled it off. The interview segments, from Edge’s return to the Bret/Vince showdown, worked very well. Every week on Raw there seems to be a few segments that waste our time. This week? I didn’t feel that bad about anything. The matches weren’t good enough to make it higher than a 7.5 (maybe the highest grade I’ve given Raw since starting my reviews last May), but I still really liked the show.

Congrats WWE. This is what happens when you book ahead (like they have for Mania) and there’s a sense of direction with what you have planned. Some weeks it feels like the show is written on a napkin in the hotel lobby a few hours before the show. If we can have Raw be this good every week I’ll be a happy wrestling fan. Sorry, sports entertainment fan.

Here’s the pic from the show at the four minute mark.

There’s a lot of redness in the image, but it was the best I could find on short notice (thanks to CJ Duncan). It works.

Anybody going to Raw in Lafayette, Louisiana next week? Bring a sign!


NOTE: Commentfest is posted on my blog as of 1:30pmET Tuesday. The link to that is HERE.

As promised, the link to the Royal Rumble recap that I wrote live on Sunday night is HERE featuring star ratings for the matches and a final grade. Then, on Monday afternoon I wrote another piece on the Rumble HERE that went in more depth on some Rumble happenings. I also threw in a Rumblefest that’s similar to what I do with Raw’s commentfest for some laughs.

It’s been a great week for WWE. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum rolling into Smackdown this week too. I’m pumped for a Jericho/Edge confrontation. Like usual I’ll be back for that on Saturday and during the week I’ll cover other stuff exclusively on my blog too including my Super Bowl pick on Thursday. Oh, I might even write about Lost after tomorrow night. Two hours of Lost. It’s back, baby. Woo! This week is awesome.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ralph Emerson III
    February 2, 2010 at 3:37 AM

    Ass did not get beeped on my televison. Oh Bret said it and everybody in the audience gasped an started booing Bret for his filthy mouth. At least that’s the way Vince wanted it to happen.

    • Aaron
      February 2, 2010 at 9:39 AM

      Agreed. Perhaps in the States on USA, “ass” was not censored. And he said it three times. Not even a missed attempt at “airing” it out or anything. They were letting it through at the 11 o’clock hour, fine by me. Not hearing ti on Raw, it had feeling and impact. Loved it. Maybe next week after the “pearl harbor job” (Monsoon quote) Bret can go on his “vintage” tirade in which he curses McMahon up and down, like after the cage match when he dropped the belt to Sid.

      Speaking of which, and maybe someone can give me an explanation, but why wouldn’t Raw move down to the 8 to 10 hour if they’re PG? I know we live in a different society, but most kids (and this show is geared toward them) are supposed to be in bed well before 11 o’clock. I don’t let my son watch the second hour of RAW becuase “bed time” is normally 9 o’clock, and I let him stretch it to 10 on Monday’s because he loves to watch wrestling with Dad. But as a parent, I can’t let im stay up til 11 and then go to school the next morning. He’s 9 years old. Point being, a PG show, geared toward kids now (as WWE wants), shouldn’t it air earlier? Could it be they don’t want to go up against prime time for the full two hours? Just curious to see what others may think about this.

      • Sam
        February 2, 2010 at 9:51 AM

        yea but you have to remember that is only on thew east coast…in the midwest it IS at the 8-10 hour. in the mountains it is at the 7-9 hour and west coast it is on from 6-8. if they moved it to being 8-10 on the east coast then it would be from 5-7 on a very big market of the west coast… 5 is not a good time to have a show start at.

        • Sam
          February 2, 2010 at 9:52 AM

          well unless they went back to taping them before hand then they could show them at the same time in all markets…

          • Aaron
            February 2, 2010 at 9:56 AM

            I forget that I’m an east coast boy and forget about my time slot brethren acorss the country. :) It’d be unfair to have the rest of the country on a tape delay to appease me from 8-10… It’s the same arguement many have for Monday Night Football starting so late as well here on the EC.. Eh.. I’ll live with it, but again, I can’t let my kid stay up and watch til 11 during the school year… A shame, as this is the best time of year for WWE historically.

      • Sam
        February 2, 2010 at 10:26 AM

        hey you could aways tape it and they can watch it the next day…but that might be a tad bit too much

        • Aaron
          February 2, 2010 at 11:11 AM

          Oh I understand what I could do, etc. But in terms of garnering ratings, and appealing to the target audience, it was just a thought.

          The kid is always disappointed at bed time on Monday’s. He wants to watch it then and there. And of course in school there’s always a a couple kids that can stay up and tell him what happens the nest day. So he has no interest in watching a day later.

  2. JCITY617
    February 2, 2010 at 5:37 AM


    • Aaron
      February 2, 2010 at 10:04 AM

      Are you for real? I’m not going to kill you for your love of caps lock or lack of punctuation, but.. really. Are you for real?

      Shatner did fine.. he was actually pretty funny at points and as a good host who is not in the wrestling business should be, he was not a major part of the program. Shatner did very well as host becuase he was a side bar of the show. I think they may have promoted his Raw Nerve show on Bio maybe once during the whole show? I was worried there’d be more plugs for his show than in his hair but there wasn’t. Not even close.

      For not being a fan of the guest hosting thing, this was fantastic. Not even a goofy Santino vulcan scene or anything, and I was banking on that.

      I’d say other than the predictable outcomes of the matches (which is understandable) it was an entertaining Raw. I’m pleased. Thye have what is it, 3 weeks to build for a PPV now? Gotta rush the first week, get the Main events in place for the EC matches and build your undercard. Again, good seeds planted with the Chamber match, HBK, and Miz/MVP (I’d think they’d have to have a match at EC since they didn’t even get a crack at a Chamber spot).

    • Mark
      February 2, 2010 at 12:51 PM

      your nuts shatner was great

    • rob
      February 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM

      Shatner was at the least average. The price line rip off wasnt funny (although I did giggle alittle at the freeze frame part). BUT, the spoken word WWE themes were great. Good on Shatner for poking some fun at himself.

  3. Jericho
    February 2, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    Ass was not censored for me either.

  4. Scoot
    February 2, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    Showmiz? C’mon, John . . . You told me last time that was the easy way out!! At least give me my props!!

  5. Tabitha
    February 2, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    I’m officially pissed. Shatner put me to sleep and I missed Bret. Vince is going to have to improve te product if he expects us to stay away long enough to see the big finale.

  6. Jacob
    February 2, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    I agree with everything you said, John. Raw just seemed to make sense this week. Even though most of the matches had predictable outcomes, the trajectory of each storyline felt right. You can’t book great wrestling matches every week, but you can certainly book compelling angles with some sort of gravity. If the WWE can keep this up for the next six or seven weeks, it could be a very special Wrestlemania. I hope they can do it.

  7. Sam
    February 2, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    Ass didn’t get bleeped for me either…did it just get bleeped in canada?

  8. jay
    February 2, 2010 at 10:10 AM

    Entertaining Raw…7.5 sounds accurate.

    I like MizShow better…. Just subtract Big and add Miz….You could even use the Big Show’s music.

    Was I the only person who got scared when Kirk climbed up on the Chair during the tag team confrontation. I hope Bones was on call, because I am sure at that late hour, Scotty wasn’t beaming anyone out from his bar stool. Broken Hip?

    Cody is improving in the ring. He is starting to look more smooth. It should coincide with his getting buried.

    On a PG show why are they showing signs making fun of speech impediments? I guess it is all in good fun to make fun of the fat, disabled, homosexual, vertically challenged, and to portray blacks as criminals. I love Chavo’s music, but it would be really fun to let him come out to the “I Lie,Cheat, and Steal” song. They should bring back SuperCrazy so Chavo can keep the Rico Suave music. Fuji Vice anyone?

    • Oxide
      February 2, 2010 at 5:19 PM

      If your going to call them “MizShow”, then I suggest adding “The” at the begining, that way it will be “The Miz Show”. Now that’s a tag team name! ^_^
      It works because The Miz is deffinatly the type of person that would want/have his own show…RIGHT?! >.>

      Otherwise, I would just go with Showmiz.

  9. John
    February 2, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    Bonus Stars? What is this, “Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman?”

  10. eljmayes
    February 2, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    “Ass” was bleeped in the UK which is very weird considering that the UK usually gets the “raw” feed without certain advisory statements.

    Shatner was a great host, the spoken entrance themes skit was immense!

  11. Steven Lake
    February 2, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    Loved Shatner. The Match Negotiator worked better if you had seen his Priceline commercials although the freeze frame thing at the end kinda fell flat, IMO.

    Two weeks of guest hosts that supported the show instead of being the center of it. I like that.

    Not happy that they booked HHH to beat Swagger. Even in a losing effort, the EC match is a great way to help elevate wrestlers. But I guess they owe Kofi for last year’s match and Sheamus needs one more big match to push home the perception that he’s not a fluke champion.

    Four veteran main-eventers and two new-comers is a good mix. Hopefully they’ll follow suit for the Smackdown EC match. Morrison and Ziggler perhaps?

    I like Swagger, but his arrogant persona is hard to take seriously when he’s getting his ass handed to him week in and week out; or if he does win it’s against guys half his size that he should be routinely winning against anyway.

    At least they gave Swagger/HHH more than two minutes so he doesn’t look like a total jobber. Just a partial jobber.

    Note to DiBiase…At the end of your segment with Orton, you looked like you were choking back the urge to cry by trying to look angry. Not sure if that’s what you were going for, but that’s what it looked like to me.

    Note to Kofi…Don’t force a spot especially if it’s off the top rope. Big Show coming back towards the corner was probably meant to give you an opportunity to reset yourself. Hit him with a couple of rights, he would have staggered back again giving you the time to set yourself on the top and then hit the missle dropkick.
    I love Kofi’s energy. He just needs to temper it with a little more patience.

    The interseting thing about the McMahon/Hart angle is even though what they’re doing on Raw is a work, the events at the center of this feud are real.

    Obviously some level of reconciliation has happened over the years, but when you watch the two of them talk, you can’t help but wonder if there’s still some underlying tension between the two of them. It’s given this angle a level of believability I haven’t seen in a while. I like it.

    Certainly there’s a lot of fans that love to see Mr. McMahon get what’s coming to him simply because of who he is, but adding Bret hart to the mix takes it to a whole new level. Biggest pop of the night was Bret setting Vince up for the Sharpshooter.

    I don’t know how this will unfold over the next month or so, but I hope it ends at WM26 with Bret putting Vince in the sharpshooter. That will be a WrestleMania moment.

    • Steven Lake
      February 2, 2010 at 6:44 PM

      I messed up. Raw EC chamber match has three veterens and three rookies.
      Still a good mix.

  12. Oxide
    February 2, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    I wouldn’t call it a “beep” (actually, it’s more like they just cut off the sound), but “ass” was beeped here in British Columbia too.

  13. Eric Johnson
    February 2, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    Hey I said after last week’s Raw that they would do Cena v. Batista with Bret and Vince in their corners, how about some credit for that!!!

    Awesome review once again, although I did not think the Swagger v. HHH match was as bad as you thought, at least Swagger got some offense and did not look like a jobber.

  14. JG
    February 2, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    That Shatner video is hilarious. He and Sam Jackson need some sort of buddy movie. I don’t care about what…but make it happen.

    The crowd chanting for Cena to save Bret…very interesting. Should be interesting to see if they go tag or singles.

    Triple H vs. Sheamus? Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. I don’t care.

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