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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I

Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I (Formspring.com)

I found out about this through a friend (hey Laura!) that was doing it on Twitter and I thought this could be a good idea. Turns out it was. I asked my Twitter friends, as well as Facebook friends today, to pose questions to me about any subject. Most are wrestling related obviously, but there are other ones too. I’ve answered 133 questions since Monday, so that’s quite a bit in two days. I’ve posted about 95% of them in here because some of them either aren’t very good or aren’t relevant now on Wednesday. There are a lot of good ones in here including the infamous “Trish or Mickie” one that is very hard to answer. To be honest, I get wrestling questions all the time. If you want to ask me sports, TV, movie or even personal questions I’d have a lot of fun answering those too.

Before I get to your Q’s and my A’s, I’ll let you know how you can ask me questions anonymously or you can login if you want. Just head over to: http://www.formspring.me/johnreport to do it. It shows up in my inbox and I answer them as quickly as I can. You can see the answers right there on that page and then just click on the “more” button to see more of them. It’s a fantastic time killer at work. If you ask me stuff here on my blog I’ll try to answer them too, but it would be easier for me if you did it on formspring. I’ve been meaning to get fresh content posted on Wednesdays anyway, so I think this might be it. Hope you enjoy it.

What are your top 5 ppvs of all time (any brand)?

Ooh, that’s tough. Off the top of my head: WrestleMania X7, Vengeance 2003, Summerslam 2002, ECW One Night Stand 2006 (I like 2005 too) and for old school we’ll go for the 1992 Royal Rumble because I like the Flair story so much.

What do you think is holding John Morrison back from a world title run?

He needs to suck up to HHH more. That’s my serious answer to everything. Honestly, it should have happened by now. He’s a good worker. He’s been there for like five years. They shouldn’t take so long to pull the trigger on him.

Which celebrity besides The Rock would you love to see as guest host on Raw?

Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell. Maybe Chris Rock. They’d neuter him too much, though.

Sunny or Sable?

I wouldn’t complain about either, but I’ll go Sunny in her 1996-1998 prime. Fine looking woman. I really liked Sable a lot, though, even in her return in 2003-2004 she was pretty hot.

Who should be in the HOF and who is in that shouldn’t? My humble opinion, Owen should have been in a long time ago, and KoKo B Ware shouldn’t have even been allowed to sweep the floors.

I agree with both statements. The two biggest omissions are Bruno Sammartino and Randy Savage. Both should be in, but due to Vince disliking both they are not. It’s not a real HOF. Never will be.

Do you think WWE would sign Alissa Flash or Awesome Kong? Do you think either would want to go to WWE?

Yes, sign both of them. They’re both good workers, especially Kong. Vince would probably book her against men, though. I think they’d want to go to WWE because they’d make more money there then they would anywhere else. I think heel Kong against my girl Mickie would be a lot of fun to watch.

What do you think of the Smackdown EC Match with Taker, Morrison, Truth, Jericho, Punk, and Mysterio?

If Jericho wins I’ll be very happy.

If there was one current main eventer on the wwe roster that you would have “pass the torch” to a younger star who would it be?

Triple H, easy. He should start losing more. I’d love to see heel HHH put over John Morrison. That would mean a lot.

In what ways do you think the WWE could revive the Tag, Cruiser weight, and Diva’s divisions?

For tag, they need to create teams. They have nearly 100 people under contract. Why can’t you create 6 regular teams out of that? It’s not too much to ask, is it? For cruiser, won’t happen. Vince hates short people. For divas, they need more women that can actually wrestle. Get trained wrestlers, not bikini models that you hope can learn how to wrestle.

Which Mickie is your fave: Skirt Mickie, Bell-bottom Mickie, or Leather Mickie?

All of the above! I guess if I have to rank I’d go with skirt, leather and then bell-bottom.

What do you think of WWE being PG?? Do you think it hurts the programming at all?? And finally, do you think WWE will drop it if TNA became real competition??

I think you can book a show just as well with a PG rating as you can with a TV14 rating. If the writing’s fine and the performers are good it can work.

I think WWE will drop the PG rating if TV ratings and PPV buyrate numbers significantly drop. I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Out of all the notable stables in wwe, wcw, ecw, and tna which one do you think was the most notable and helped shape todays wrestling style?

I think it’s fair to say the Four Horsemen. They were one of the first and most influential stables. Evolution did pretty good for WWE considering what became of Orton & Batista after it disbanded. I don’t think any of them really shaped today’s wrestling style, but in terms of creating stars Evolution did a great job.

What are your thoughts on ending ECW and the the start of NXT?

Fine with me. Might as well make it a show featuring the young guys. I’m preparing to complain about Christian being used poorly on Raw or Smackdown (hopefully it’s SD) in the future.

How do you feel about the Cruiserweight Title and why they got rid of it? Do you think they should bring it back? It was amazing in WCW and it would be great for the underused talent and would increase ratings if done right.

They shouldn’t bring it back. Vince doesn’t like smaller wrestlers or know how to book them properly. I don’t need to see the cruiser belt back. I’d rather they focus more on the tag belts.

What would make you stop watching wrestling?

After the Benoit murders I pretty much stopped through the end of 2007. What brought me back in early 2008 was the Flair/Michaels story, plus I missed the business. Then Jericho turned heel and I fell in love again. What would make me stop? A major tragedy, probably. I hope we never see that, though.

What is your favorite finishing move?

Stone Cold Stunner. Also love the GTS currently and for old school I’d say Randy Savage’s elbow.

Tough one now, Trish in the hot tub or Mickie in the bedroom? Where do you go first????

Mickie. I like Trish, but I like Mickie more especially now.

If you could create a stable right now in wrestling in TNA or WWE or even wrestlers mixed from both who would it be and what would you call them?

I’d put Chris Jericho as the leader of the group with Bryan Danielson as his protégé and The Hart Dynasty as the tag team. That’s the foursome with Natalya. The name? The Jericho Coalition. Something like that. And I would love it.

What do you think is the reason WWE don’t use people right sometimes and not let them wrestle to their full potential?

They label them as too short (Evan Bourne), not good enough on the mic (Shelton Benjamin) or too small (Christian as a main eventer) and it’s hard for somebody to get out of that label. They’re too dependent on wanting to push the big guys rather than the most talented ones. Labels aren’t good.

Do you think RVD and Jeff Hardy in TNA would really shake things up? What are your thoughts?

Both have been in the wrestling business for over a decade, so they’re not really “new” enough to shake things up. I like both guys. I’d rather see Jeff in WWE, though. As for RVD, I don’t think his heart is in working for TNA or WWE right now.

I think it would be awesome if WWE had a contract with Guitar Hero or Rock Band to either put out a game of WWE music or maybe as downloadable content? What do you think?

I agree. I’m not a huge gamer (used to be, not anymore), but obviously those games are hugely popular and it would definitely appeal to the WWE audience in their 10s and 20s for sure. Could happen one day.

Is Sheamus an evil Ronald McDonald? LOL Seriously though…do you think a more tweenerish approach to his character right now would be the best route for Edge to go here?

I think Edge as a face will work fine especially against Jericho, who is a great heel. The fans not cheering him fully right away doesn’t worry me. It’ll happen sooner rather than later.

What’s best, cats or dogs?

I’m not a huge animal lover, but I like dogs better than cats if I have to pick.

Was the tag team title match made triple threat so dx can drop the belts without actually getting beat?

Probably. That’s why HHH is considered a smart man. Always thinking. I think Punk will pin Miz.

You referred to William Shatner as The Shat, that is either innocent or one of the most blatant turd references I have ever seen. Q – Have sex with Mickie once, or win a million dollars? – Yours faithfully, Mickie James-Canton

I’d say The Shat was innocent. I’ll go for the once thing. I don’t need money to be happy although if I had the money it would lead to some nice encounters. Just ask Tiger Woods.

What’s wrong favorite Micheal Cole moment?

What’s my favorite Cole comment? Gotta be vintage. I’m not sure you asked that question properly. You should consider joining a Straight Edge Society.

What do you miss more as competition to the WWE … WCW or ECW?

WCW. ECW wasn’t really competition. It was a nice company, but wasn’t really competition. I miss the good parts of WCW like the cruisers and the good matches they would have. Too bad their main events sucked.

Should Raw continue the guest GM?

I don’t love it, but I can see it continuing even past WrestleMania. Should they? No, I’d rather see a regular GM.

When Ted Dibiase begins his feud with Randy Orton, how long will it be before Cody Rhodes is released?

Ha, I doubt Cody gets released. He’s not even 25 years old yet and he’ll be in WWE for a while. I don’t think he’s that bad.

If the Undertaker were to actually die, for real, would they still call him Dead Man?

Yes, because it would be factual. I’m joking. I think.

What do you think about Chris Masters and Cody Rhodes? Do you think down the road they’ll get pushes towards the secondary titles and then the heavyweight belts?

I like Rhodes. Think he has a bright future. I don’t think as highly of Masters. He’s just a big dude that can’t move well and doesn’t do much for me in terms of his work in the ring.

What do you think of a John Cena heel turn? Do you think it would hurt the WWE or do you think it would rock the wrestling world as like Hollywood Hulk Hogan heel turn did? It wouldn’t be as big as Hogan but it would be awesome I can’t stand him as a face.

I think it would be a great thing only if they had some babyfaces to really replace him. I don’t think they have that. He sells a lot more merchandise than anybody and he’s been a decent draw in terms of tickets. A heel turn would definitely get people talking, though. I also think he’s a good enough performer to make it really work well, but I don’t see it happening soon.

Why do you think Evan has been on a serious losing streak as of late?

I think it sucks, but Vince McMahon hates short guys and they have to work twice as hard to get a push.

Who do you dislike most in wrestling right now? Also who do you feel has the worse gimmick?

I don’t really dislike anybody. I respect wrestlers too much to dislike anybody. I guess if I had to pick I’d say Chris Masters as the titty dancer is the worst gimmick.

How would you react if you took part in a reality TV show where you share a home with Michael Cole and his mannerisms

I would hope that there was a free bar and that there were women around to keep me interested. Otherwise, I’d probably injure the man.

Can you give me you thoughts on the following divas? Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro, Lita, Torrie Wilson and Stacy.

Candice – Gorgeous, thought she was decent in the ring. Not a very good actress.
Ashley – They asked too much of her too soon. Didn’t look or work like a wrestler. Naturally gorgeous although I don’t love piercings.
Lita – Awesome talent, was never THAT attracted to her, but she’s still pretty hot.
Torrie Wilson – More of a valet, never really got “it” in terms of in ring. She is one of the most beautiful ones ever in wrestling.
Stacy Keibler – Not really a wrestler like Torrie. Naturally gorgeous, though. Love those legs.

What do you think is the worst gimmick of all time?

Steven Regal as the “Real Man’s Man” although there have been a lot of really bad ones.

What the best season of 24 and how does the new one compare?

My favorites in order are 3, 5, 4, 7, 2, 1 and then 6 in last with Wayne Palmer as president. New one is awesome so far. Have to see where things go, though.

Do you think a mature TNA Impact show could compete with a PG WWE Monday Night Show? If not what could TNA do to compete?

I don’t think mature or PG really matters that much. I think TNA needs to mix the younger guys with the vets and maybe hire some better vets as opposed to Hogan’s friends. It’s hard, though.

Would you ever consider watching TNA over WWE, if WWE continues its bullshit?

What bullshit? WWE’s been good of late, especially Smackdown. I generally like the PPVs and Raw’s been solid the last two weeks. I watch TNA already.

Do you agree that Michaels is going to show up on Smackdown and go into their Elimination Chamber?

Yes. Could happen.

What do you think of Kaval aka Low-Ki? When do you think he will be brought up and who will he feud with? I heard he was going to be brought up wearing a mask to feud with Mysterio but I guess it was squashed.

I heard the same Mysterio rumor. That would be an awesome feud. I like him a lot. He’s always been a good worker if his head’s on right and he’s motivated. I’m not sure where he’ll debut or how he’ll debut, but the sooner he gets there the better because he has good matches.

What’s best Family Guy or South Park?

I like both a lot, but I like South Park more. I love Cartman, but the emergence of Randy Marsh has been awesome. Drunk Randy rules. I’m a bit of a late bloomer with Family Guy, but I’ve caught up. I like The Simpsons more than both although the Simpsons in the 90s more than this last decade obviously.

Where can i buy William Shatner speaks the WWE themes?

Ha, I wish it was legit! The Shat rules. He should speak Orton’s theme too.

Who do you think will be released next by WWE? Do you think Hurricane should be worried?

Yes, I think a lot of ECW people should be worried.

What’s my name, bitch?!

When you ask the question like that you sound like one of my ex-girlfriends.

Would it have been ideal if Christian dropped the title to Big Zeke, win the Rumble, and face the WHC at WrestleMania so he can finally move off ECW and be apart of the Smackdown roster?

Yes but Vince hates really giving Christian a push, so I never expect a serious push to happen.

Bigger fail: Kizarny or Braden Walker?

Ha. Double countout. Nobody wins. They both sucked.

Will HHH ever retire or will he still be booking himself to win titles in his 80s?

He’s 40 or 41 now. He’ll probably be booking himself to win titles for another decade. I’m not even joking.

What made vince so crazy?

He’s been booking professional wrestling for 30 years. It’s an insane business. Years of doing what he does makes him crazy.

I love The Pope’s gimmick and CM Punk’s gimmick.Who do you feel has the best gimmick in wrestling?

I like both of those. I’d say CM Punk right now is great. I like Jericho’s “best in the world” promos too.

Did you truly enjoy the royal rumble?

Yes I did.

Between Morrison and Kofi who will be really elevated to a world title first?

Morrison’s better. Has better matches. I like both, though.

Who do you feel is the most underused talent in WWE and think has great potential?

John Morrison. Why has he been in the midcard for four or five years now? Why? Move him up, please. Also Christian. He should be a legit main eventer.

Why are you so awesome?

I like women, I like to gamble and I like to drink. It’s a combination of those three things. Plus, I know I’m really not awesome and I like to make fun of myself. Humor is good.

Will WWE get better when Vince finally goes away and lets other people run it?

You mean when HHH and Stephanie run it? It will mean even more HHH. So nothing will change.

How do you feel the younger guys were used in the Rumble last night? The fans booed when Kofi was eliminated that’s who I was wanting to win.

They were used like I thought. Wish they would be used better, but it’s WWE. Vince likes the veterans more.

What are you watching first: 24 or Raw?

24 first. Raw on the DVR. Raw’s on at 9:15 in Canada because of this stupid countdown show. Plus, I can fast forward through stuff if I feel the need.

I was disgusted how WWE buried their young talent last night during the Rumble (Bourne, Ziggler, Ryder thrown out by Punk within seconds and Rhodes, DiBiase, and Morrison jobbing to Shawn Michaels and thrown out within seconds of each other).Your thoughts?

I went into it not expecting any of the young guys to really shine, so I wasn’t disgusted. It sucks that they book like that, but I knew it would happen. If it was me booking then somebody like Morrison would be final four.

If/when you’re hired by the WWE, how long would it take before you smack Vince across the face for his crazy ideas?

I’d probably get fired after about five minutes when I roll my eyes at some of his booking plans.

Are you good at playing poker? I can’t figure it out myself :(

I’m okay. Not great. It’s a tough game to really learn and master. I have a shitty poker face because I smile too much. I do play, but not as much as I used to. I think I’m just average at best.

I’m really into Serena working with Punk I think they have great chemistry Smackdown was amazing last week, what do you think of them and of Smackdown last week?

They’re great. Love their work. And my SD review from last week is here: https://johnreport.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/talkingsmack012910/

Who would be your fantasy guest host of RAW?

Probably The Rock. I think he’s the absolute best person at doing it because he’s funny, knows/loves the business and would put people over while he’s there.

Who are your all time top 5 wrestlers?

In terms of my favorites it’s Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, The Rock and Chris Jericho is right there too.

Will Evan Bourne ever win a title?

Maybe the IC/US title one day. Maybe a tag title. I don’t know if he’ll ever get pushed that much to get a title.

Do you see Jericho winning the title now that Edge won the rumble?

Yes absolutely. And I’ll be happy.

Besides HBK-Taker, which match do you think will be the best at Wrestlemania?

Edge vs. Jericho, Money in the Bank and Punk vs. Mysterio (rumored, probably will be hair vs. mask) should all be great.

Can i really ask you anything?


Yo Dude!!

That’s not a question, but yo to you too, dude.

Is Larry David the best comedian/writer of all time?

He might be, at least to me. I love Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. That’s two decades worth of greatness.

If you could make the card right now, what would be your pick for an ideal WM26 card? (Titles and all)

John Morrison over Chris Jericho for the World Title, Kofi Kingston over Randy Orton for the WWE Title and Shawn Michaels over Rey Mysterio would probably be my top three matches. I like WWE’s likely card for the most part, though.

What starsign are you? :)

Scorpio. November 4 is my bday.

Who is the best Tag Team of all time?

I’m biased, so I’ll go Edge & Christian or The Hart Foundation. I’m a loyal Canadian.

Will Booker T ever return to WWE?

Ever? Could happen. I’d say he could return for a short run at some point, but nothing is imminent as far as I know.

Paul Heyman as lead booker for TNA would be amazing right?

Yes, but Hogan and Bischoff don’t like him. Won’t happen. They’re booking TNA now.

I’m looking forward to the shatner hosting raw, do you think he’ll do a good job?

It’ll probably be funny when they’re trying not to, but I generally like him.

If your Rams played MJC’s Cowboys in the NFC Championship game…who would you publicly root for?

Rams. No question.

You’re in finance, does that mean you can do my American taxes for me next year?

No. You need a US tax guy and I’m not much of a tax expert anyway.

There is talk of The Rock returning for a short stint this summer, what role would you like to see him play and what “up and comer” would you like to see him in a program with?

I’d love to see him in a match, but I doubt that happens. I’d love to see him work with Punk. That would be epic.

Why did the WWE bring back DX, put a good amount of hype in to it, neuter the gimmick, feud with Legacy and suddenly drop the feud to take the straps from two workers who were benifitting (Show more than Jericho) when DX didn’t even need them to be over?

Because HHH wanted to. If you don’t know the answer to a question, the answer is usually “because HHH wanted to.”

If you were a wrestler, what would be your nickname?

The Flame! Actually I have no idea. Maybe Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Man gimmick. I always loved that.

What sports are you good at?

Basketball. Played my whole life. Being a 6’2″ white guy doesn’t always get you that far in hoops, though. Played goalie in soccer/football too. I was decent.

Will dx drop the belts to punk and gallows?

I think so. Just a question of when. It’ll be soon, I imagine. If Jericho can’t be on both shows I’d be fine with Punk being on both shows.

Are you happy with Edge winning the rumble last night?

Yes of course. Always been a favorite of mine.

Should WWE bring back Bra & Panties Match or the PG-14 Rating, or the Harcore Title? And if so how should they be used

No Hardcore Title. They have enough titles. PG14 would be nice, but it probably won’t be back for a while. They like the PG thing these days.

Do you consider yourself a good dancer?

No, but if I’m drunk I’m a very willing and hilarious dancer. That’s what matters.

Do you think we’ll ever get an amazing Diva’s storyline like Mickie vs Trish anytime soon with the new divas? So far most of their storyline seem to be thinks I saw during my time in High School.

I really hate some of the diva storylines. The Piggy James one worked although I hated that at the start too. I guess my answer to the question is no. I doubt they’ll do anything as in depth and great as the Trish/Mickie one was. And yes, that’s my favorite diva feud ever although all the Trish/Lita ones were really good too.

could chrisedge ever return with how terrible the tag divison is

I doubt it. They need Edge and Christian to be singles wrestlers in the main event scene, which is where they belong. The tag thing was done ten years ago by them. No point in doing it again unless it’s for TV matches.

Of the young talent(including FCW wrestlers, such as Joe Hennig) who do you think could become a main eventer/world champion? And who do you think could be a future legend?

Hard to say. I’m not that familiar with who is in the minor leagues. Based on talent, my answer is Bryan Danielson. Who knows if Vince is going to use him right?

do you think The Hart Dynasty is going to be used in the Bret storyline at all? I was hoping it would have been them to make the save on Raw. Could still do the Batista and Cena angle, but it adds a different perspective.

I thought so too. Now? I don’t see it happening.

Besides Mickie James, who is your favorite WWE Diva?

Beth’s probably my second favorite and then Maryse. I like Natalya and Gail a lot too. Wish both were used more, especially Nattie. I’ve only seen Serena for a couple weeks now, but I can see myself liking her a lot as time goes on.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not at the moment, which is fine. I want marriage and kids, but no rush. Only when the time is right. Plus I’m a big fan of the relationships with no strings attached. I had a girlfriend for much of 2009, but we broke up just before the holidays. Great girl, loved her. Things weren’t going to lead to marriage, so I ended it. In 2008 I was with a girl that I thought I’d marry. Didn’t happen. Let’s just say she liked to drink and leave it at that. Party girls are fine, but we were in our late 20s. Time to grow up a bit, ya know?

Not sure if you followed WWE 24/7 but they had a show called Legends of Wrestling. If you did I have two questions: 1) Favorite Roundtable discussion? 2) Roundtable discussion you would want to hear about and the panel you would want talking about it?

I don’t follow it. I should, though. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

In all seriousness, what do you think will become of the WWE when Vinnie Mac pops his clogs? How will HHH and steph run it(assuming it is them that runs it)?

I think the two daughters of HHH will be the first women to be World Champion & WWE Champion at the same time. Get ready for the McMahon-Levesque kids in the main event of WrestleMania 46. It’s hard to say what will happen when Vince isn’t there. He’s been there for over 30 years. We don’t know what WWE is like without Vince at the helm. I guess it’d be similar except even more people would have to kiss HHH’s ass.

I’d like to know what some of your favourite films and actors are?? and whats the best film you’ve seen at the cinema lately… My answer to the last one would be The Book of Eli…

Saw Avatar recently, loved it. That’s my pick. Haven’t seen The Book of Eli. As for fave films and actors, I love mafia related ones. My favorite movies of all time are Goodfellas, Godfather 2 and Godfather 1. I’d consider myself a big movie buff. I used to watch way more than I do now because I took a university course about film once and it enhanced my appreciation of film as well as storytelling. My fave actors are Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino (when he was good) and probably George Clooney too. I also like Matt Damon a lot.

What is the meaning of life?

Be nice to people, make some decent money and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. Like Bob Barker said: “Go for it!”

How do you feel about the Legacy storyline that is starting to unravel? Do you think it’s going well or they should have done it differently, and maybe a bit earlier?

It’s okay. I thought they’d do it to end 2009 as most people did to coincide with Dibiase’s movie, which has bombed. I don’t think Orton will end up as the babyface. He’s much better in the heel role.

Do you think if Jericho gets the title, he would be more likely to put over Morrison than most others? (HHH)

Yes, absolutely. Jericho is great at putting people over and making them look good. HHH has been great at it when he put the likes of Benoit & Batista over, but it doesn’t happen enough.

What’s a good size for a stable? I think a duo should never be considered a “stable”, and the nWo was too big at times to be considered one.

4. You have the main event level guy, you have the future star guy or an IC/US title level guy and then you have the tag team. That’s how it should be.

Back to a former post about the KKK and Nerdy Diggers.No im not straight edge I drink that is it but I am not racist either me and my friends just like to have a little fun and laugh when we get together for PPV’s and Raw.Do you watch PPV’s alone?

I usually watch PPVs with a couple buddies. I’m 29 now. When I was younger we always got together. Now people are married, have kids, etc. so it’s harder to do it every month.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Expendables with Stone Cold? If you dont know what it is here ya go its got alot of big names in it http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1320253/

It looks alright. I’m a fan of Austin, I think he has good on screen presence and obviously can pull the badass look off well. Can also be funny if he needs to be.

What would your ultimate dream match be? meaning anybody, any stipulation.

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle. Give em 20 minutes, let ’em go.

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Sid return for so many years now. Will he ever drop the softball bat and come to the squared circle?

Please no. He was terrible when he was younger. He’s probably worse now.

What was the greatest pin ever?

Mickie’s attempt on Trish @ WM22. WWE was not PG back then.

How long do you think HHH will go on for? Will he be one of those guys that keeps going, like Flair?

He’s about 40 now. I think he’ll be full time at least another five years and then wrestle occasionally after that. Even if his performance starts getting worse (and it already is), who’s going to tell him that? They’d be fired.

Who do you think is the greatest cruiserweight of all time? Eddie? Malenko? Dare I say it, Benoit?

Shawn Michaels is a cruiser in terms of weight, but I don’t think of him like that. I’d say Mysterio. I don’t think of Benoit as a cruiser.

With the draft coming up in a few months and the rosters already starting to melt together (Punk and Batista on Raw, etc), who would you move where (besides taking Christian off ECW)?

Can I move Mark Henry off the roster completely? That’s one. I’d send Evan Bourne to Smackdown where they have actual matches. I kinda like how things are now. Don’t mess up Smackdown!

When did you start watching wrestling??

When I was about 7 years old in 1987 right around WrestleMania 3.

Who do yo think is the greatest mexican wrestler of all time?

Rey Mysterio. Eddie Guerrero would be second.

What made you start writing columns??

Writing’s a big hobby of mine and I had less friends watching wrestling when I started. Figured it was a good way to meet other fans, which it is.

What’s your thoughts on Dolph Ziggler? I think the guy has massive potential to be a future WH Champion, but for some reason WWE has pushed him down the ladder as of late.

Good talent, liked the Mysterio feud a lot and the Morrison feud was fun too. He’s improved a lot. Not sure if he’s got World Title potential, though.

If WWE ever pulled the trigger on the Cena Heel turn, how would you do it?

I’d make sure there was a babyface in place that could be the top draw and that wasn’t HHH, HBK or Undertaker. They need a younger top face. I would set it up by having Cena lose a couple title matches cleanly, then getting “one final chance” and going nuts on a guy in a No DQ match leading to the heel turn.

Do you think HHH injured his leg at the Rumble? He was limping around for a bit and went out early. im amazed at his skill to sell an injury if he wasn’t!

Nah I don’t think he’s hurt that bad. He worked a 10 minute match the next night. He’s fine.

If Vince does not like to push Christian,1 would’nt Christian know this and 2 why would he sign knowing he was gonna be under used 3 he was a world champ in TNA now he’s not even a second rate champ how could he not see this happening andwhy would he sign

WWE pays more than TNA. Probably double, if not more. Plus, he already reached the top in TNA. Might as well go back to WWE to see if he can do it there. Maybe Vince will come around on him. I hope.

What do you think the state of pro-wrestling will be in 10 years time?

Similar to where it’s at now. It never really changes that much.

What has been the biggest ‘surprise moment’ to you?

Probably Hogan showing up at Bash at the Beach 1996 and forming the NWO. That shocked the hell out of me and I don’t even like Hogan. For WWE, Rock’s heel turn at Survivor Series 1998 was pretty huge.

What is your single best match of all time?

Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin @ WrestleMania 13.

24 gets moved to tuesdays during the same time slot as Lost which do you watch?

I watch most shows on DVR because I hate commercials. It’s 2010. I’d be dead without my DVR. I’d probably go Lost first, though.

Who do you think are the top 5 talents on the WWE roster at this precise time?

Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Edge, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels although he’s nearly done. Hard to leave off Mysterio, Christian and Morrison, though.

Who do you think is going in the HOF this year?

Stu Hart. I’m not sure, though. Ted Dibiase is likely. Be nice if it was The Rock, but I doubt it.

Who would you like to see switch brands?

Christian by far. Get him on Smackdown with his Canadian brethren Edge and Jericho. Nobody should be moved more than him.

what is your favorite Angle match? Its always a standing joke in my circle that Angle can have a five star match with a Pork Chop, and would put the Chop over in the process. MNOWAX AKA Mike Nowak

There are so many, but probably Angle vs. Michaels @ WM21 is my favorite. I also like the Ironman against Lesnar, vs. Undertaker at No Way Out (2006 I believe), the tag with Benoit vs. Rey/Edge @ No Mercy 2002, vs. Benoit @ 2003 Rumble and Summerslam 2001 vs. Austin to name a few. I could gush like a madman about 50 Angle matches and still forget plenty of great ones. Love that man.

If you could choose 3 wrestlers from both WWE and TNA and switch them to their opposite company, which would you choose?

Angle, Joe and Styles to WWE. I’m not sure about who to send to TNA. They wouldn’t use the likes of Bourne or Benjamin any better than WWE now.

What’s your favorite triple threat match of all-time?

There are a few: HHH/HBK/Benoit from WM20 and Backlash are probably the best two. After that I like Angle/Taker/Rock (summer of 2002), Angle/Lesnar/Show (Vengeance 2003) and the TNA one from 2005 I believe with Styles vs. Joe vs. Daniels is pretty special.

Is HHH a face just to boost his ego even more with the cheering, kids loving him ect? Do you think he will turn heel again? If so, when?

I think he’s face because generally the younger wrestlers come into the business as the cocky heels while the older wrestlers are typically the faces. He’s filling the need of being a face because there are so many younger heels on the roster. I understand why he does it, but as a fan I like him more as a heel. He’s better in that role.

That’s it. More next week, or maybe on the weekend.

  1. Oxide
    February 3, 2010 at 8:18 PM

    Whoa! Raw comes on at 9:15 here in B.C.?! I had no idea. XP
    For anyone who may not think so: Canada does indeed have differnt time zones just like the U.S. XD

    I liked Braden Walker more than Kizarny, but that’s just me. Hooray for dullness!

  2. Mike
    February 3, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    Damn you! Trying to avoid Smackdown spoilers, thought I could read this as you claim not to read/mention them either, and then I read the participants of the SD EC, no doubt revealed in the spoilers, in a question. I had glanced the whole thing before i knew what was going on! *cries* if they are qualifying matches I now know all winners in advance :(

    Way to ruin my Friday Mr Canton :(

    • February 3, 2010 at 8:39 PM

      I actually put in fake names. Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J are both in.

      Truthfully is it really a spoiler or surprise that those guys are in the match? I don’t even care that I know.

      • Oxide
        February 3, 2010 at 8:51 PM

        I like to pretend that people, like Jack Swagger, have a chance of winning against Triple H.

        • February 3, 2010 at 9:03 PM

          I still don’t read spoilers. I can’t avoid EVERYTHING for three days, though. You people would cry.

  3. Dave K.
    February 3, 2010 at 9:38 PM

    I just love the “Possibly related posts”:

    Death Has Not Become Me–Why Not?
    Dragon Ball Volume 13: Piccolo Conquers The World
    Main Thread: Pick My Brain

  4. JimBob
    February 3, 2010 at 11:16 PM

    I like these type of blog posts for getting a lot of FAQ out there very quickly.

    My question would be what the hell are they doing to Kane’s character, either make him a monster or release him. At the moment he is a parody of his former self, jobbing to the likes of Batista or squashing losers.

    I actually think he could do a good job elevating some younger stars, torturing them mercilously over several months, but eventually losing. Alternatively use him to bolster the tag division, maybe partnering someone like Evan Braun in a classic big man little man combo.

    • Aaron
      February 4, 2010 at 12:37 PM

      Tagging? Like as in another tag team? Why would WWE do a silly thing like that?

      You have a godo point, Kane is not being used properly at all. He’d always dip up and down, but I think the PG rating does hurt the creative ability to book him properly. You have to limit the madness with his character (car battery to the testicles Shane?, you betcha!)

      Teaming him would be smart.. but eh…..

  5. Rated R
    February 4, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Love reading this.

    I have a question though. I know you talked about Lita for a little bit, but what do you think of her in-ring wrestling, mic skills and charisma? I honestly don’t care whether you think they’re hot or not. =/ so… I was curious what your thoughts were no her… I didn’t watch back in those days, so I wouldn’t know aside from watching YouTube clips.

    • Aaron
      February 4, 2010 at 1:36 PM

      I know this, I didn’t know “Miss Congeniality” was as talented as she was. Throw a pair of tits on her and she became one of the msot marketable women in the business, EVER.

      • February 4, 2010 at 1:59 PM

        I think Aaron got it right. Lita was not a crisp worker, but she had a good look to her and that moonsault she did got over pretty huge. Then with Edge she found that slutty role that worked for her.

  6. swanni
    February 4, 2010 at 10:08 PM


    With the Benoit tradegy, and your views on why you can’t love him the way you did. Why is it you name drop him on a consistent basis? Is it your possibly healing and seeing the man for what he did in the ring over what he chose to do outside it?

    I think a way to heal, is to have a post about the man. How he started, his feuds, matches, greatest moments, the tradegy and the emotion that followed all from your view.

    Maybe you could love the man again for his work inside the ring. I was broken when I read what happened (Benoit is still my number 1 wrestler) and find it hard to comprehend his actions, but I always smile every time I see his matches.

    Am I sadistic?

    • February 5, 2010 at 10:16 PM

      I think I’m healing a bit. I can’t watch something like WM20 with the same live I did 6 years ago. I just can’t. I can watch him and appreciate the work he did in the ring, but my feelings aren’t what they were.

      Maybe I’ll do a post about him. It’s been a while. It could help me. I’m not sure, but I’ll keep it in mind at least.

  7. mr me
    February 6, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    what do you think of punk and the str8 head faction? i think its awsome, and what do you think of summerslam92? also do you think there is any chance wwe would bring a major ppv to the uk when you take into account the time difference and the internet spoilers as both could hurt ppv buys?

  8. mr me
    February 6, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    first off bobby heenan rocks, but i think wwe needs to bring back managers thay played a hugh part in putting there wrestlers over and i think that someone like shelton could beniffit a great deal from having a manager, also i was watching an old royal rumble the other day and i loved it when the managers get involved or start arguing with eachother it adda more excitement to the rumble match, what do you think?

  9. PHiL
    February 7, 2010 at 12:21 AM

    just sent you a question…been watching wrestling since i was 5 and i have never even cared if a guy can work in ring! Look at Hogan(I hate Hogan) no ring skills but who would debate him being the best wrestler of all time he had all the charisma it took to make you want to watch him. Benoit was kinda tragic i guess for the real world but as a wrestling fan i was ecstatic that i would no lnger have to see him anymore! vince does push some big guys too quick but i would rather any day watch cena-batista over mysterio-kingston! everyone is so enamored with being a great in ring worker these days? look at AJ STYLES he is a great in ring performer but his mic skills suck! even with flair! I love that TNA is trying to push the MNW’s again and i hope that it drives wwe to get out of this pathetic PG Rated show they are delivering! i want to see someone get their ASS kicked not their “but” wrestling should be for the 18-40 yr old range and if you dont want to let your little “kids” watch dont let ’em! The ATTITUDE ERA was to me the golden age along with the monday night wars. what we have from wwe now is horrible you are rightthat smackdown is better than raw but the whole wwe just plain sux right now. i dvr and fast forward through it and i actually give my time to watch TNA. it might not be the best but at least they get it in what fans want…1.scantilly clad women (who cares if they can wrestle)2. the best looking world title ever! 3.guys you actually want to see hernandez,morgan,styles,suicide,hall,nash,STING,angle,THE POPE
    i think they are well on their way to getting it done, and i hope they do!!
    wrestling needs more guys like STING, THE ROCK,AUSTIN and arn anderson and needs to bury more guys like mysterio,bourne,swagger,kingston,rhodes,punk,michaels, bret hart,undertaker and i DO MEAN BURY THEM!!!! dont even let them rest in peace!

  10. dnothing
    February 7, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    Know what name I like that you didn’t mention? The Jericho-alition

  11. edge_is_awesome
    February 10, 2010 at 4:55 AM

    hey john love ur topics and ur answers . but i have a question : do u think that if tna goes head to head with raw on mondays in the future , will they win it for a while like the old wcw did ?? i dont think so because its just diffirent now , back then something like nwo was actually awesome and new and was suitable for the late 90’s (during the attitude era ) with the diehard and hardcore fans , but now i dont think it will work , cuz most of the people got used to wwe and their pg shows , also hogan got old and people like aj styles and samoa joe and all their younger talents are not that good like hogan,the outsiders ,rock , austin and dx in their prime , and so i dont think people will switch from wwe to tna if they went head to head on mondays .

  1. February 6, 2010 at 12:44 AM
  2. February 9, 2010 at 1:05 PM

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