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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume II

This is the second edition of my Q&A using http://www.formspring.me/johnreport to answer your questions. The answers cover everything from pro wrestling to sports to television to movies to even information about me. I have currently answered 262 questions to date (I’ve answered 98% of the ones I’ve been asked because 2% were inappropriate) and I can see I have another 103 in my inbox waiting to be answered. My plan is to post these here on the blog every Wednesday and Sunday. This one is very full like the first one was. Lots to go over, so let’s get to it.

Which Rock vs. Austin at WMania was the best and why?

WMX7 is the best. Hot crowd, the work in the ring was really crisp, they kicked out of finishers and really told a great story. I like WM19 second best and WM15 in last. All are good, though. I’ll never complain about Austin vs. Rock.

What kind of car do you drive?

2007 Honda Accord. It’s gold colored. Love it.

What other shows do you watch aside from WWE television programming?

There are few. Some are in season, some are not: Lost, 24, Rescue Me, Survivor, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Leverage and I’m enjoying that new show Spartacus. I also watch a lot of sports, particularly the NFL and NBA. Sundays during NFL season, don’t bother me. That’s what I’m focused on. Most nights I’ll simply watch the NBA on League Pass. I’m a huge sports fan.

If HHH was around in the 2001 invasion era, what role would he have played in your opinion?

A huge one. He would have probably teamed with Austin through the summer, or at least until Summerslam and then he’d likely turn face to feud against Austin. Or if they felt Austin’s heel turn wasn’t working (it was just okay) he could have went back to being the face against HHH. They definitely needed Hunter and his injury hurt the WWF. Hunter was an awesome talent in 2000 and the first half of 2001 before his quad injury.

Blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

Brunettes although I like ’em all. I just have a thing for brunettes.

When was your biggest “Holy Shit! I wasn’t expecting that!” moment in wrestling?

When Steve Austin and Mike Tyson were shoving eachother on Raw in 1998. That really shocked me. It was huge.

Fave wrestler, active at the moment and also all time?

All time top three are Michaels, Austin and Angle. Right now I’d go with Jericho, Punk and Edge or Christian.

Tag teams or cruiserweights (Pick one)

Tag teams. I love tag team wrestling. Cruisers are good, but I like tag teams more.

it will never happen but what if shane o mac showed up on a live monday inpact show…i bet vince would shit himself

I agree. I don’t think it would happen, though.

Where do you rank Brett Favre in the all time QB list? Are you surprised about the season he had for a 40 year old? Will he, or should he come back?

Tough call as far as the ranking. My top five would be Manning, Montana, Elway, Marino and Favre I think. I know I’m too biased towards the guys I’ve seen, but it’s hard for me to compare them to somebody like Unitas that I never saw. I was surprised Favre was as good as he was. I think he will and he should come back next year because he had a great year. He has a chance to win a ring. They should let him skip training camp. He’s earned the right. Worked last year.

beth phoenix or chyna in her prime….who would win in a real fight

Chyna, she was really roided up. Could be Beth, though. Depends on who has more grappling technique, which is probably Beth.

Do you think the Rock was saying that he has “No interest in wrestling John Cena” to plant the seeds for an angle, or do you really think he’s that arrogant.

I think it could be an angle for sure. Remember the 2008 Hall of Fame ceremony? He mentioned wanting to work with Cena. Now he says he has no interest.

Why do you think The Hart Dynasty were left out of the Rumble?

Because they had 30 other guys to go in. If they were in, they’d just be tossed out quickly like all the midcard guys anyway.

Will HHH become the next Flair or Hogan wrestling way out of prime and still getting titles?

Yes. He’s about 5 years past his prime right now anyway.

Based off of what happened at the Royal Rumble and Raw, do you think that they are slowly turning Randy Orton into a face? He’s never usually cheered by most in attendance.

I don’t think it’ll happen. He’ll stay heel. It’s the right move.

You seem to be a guru when it comes to Wrestling. If you had control of the Alliance Invasion Storyline, what do you think could have made it work other than not just doing it?

I would have hired people like Bischoff, Goldberg, Mysterio, Nash, Hogan, Hall, Steiner, etc. right away. They waited too long to bring them in. Yes they had WCW deals that WWE would have had to bought out, but they lost their appeal by the team they were brought in. If those names were there in 2001 it would have been huge.

Do you ever feel like “Damn, Drew McIntyre is younger then me, has all this success, but I’m just a loser at a computer.” I feel that way everyday and I don’t know what to do!

Use steroids. They will help. But if you abuse them and they ruin your life don’t blame me. Good luck.

What are your top 5 entrance music of all time? I’d go 1. HBK 2. DX  3. Austin 4. Cena (my time is now) 5. Kane

1. Repo Man. Really, I’d go with 1. Edge (I love that song, his current one), 2. Booker T. (Yes yes!), 3. Bret Hart (It’s like the national anthem in Canada), 4. Shane McMahon (Here Comes the Money) and 5. Randy Savage (Old school)

John……you are Guest Host for the night (with no shitty restrictions, kinda like a General Manager role)….go do your thing…..

3 10-15 minute matches, two really strong promos and no guest hosts. Main event? A 20 minute close contest for the WWE title. No GM on the show at all.

What is, in your opinion, the worst booked match in wrestling history??

Steiner vs. HHH, Royal Rumble 2003. The crowd turned on them so fast and with good reason because it sucked.

If you could put together a brand new tag team from any two wrestlers in WWE right now, who would you pick?

Triple H and Undertaker. I think those young fellas would be great. Seriously, I’d go Evan Bourne and Shelton Benjamin. Let them fly.

Is this going to be HBK’s last year in the ring?

Probably not. I can see him taking 4-5 months off again in the spring/summer, though.

Is there anyone you think could ever get as much face heat as Cena? Too many times I see Cena get more cheers, than say Eddie on his tribute show, Bret on his return…..there’s others I can’t remember right at this moment.

Right now? No. That’s why they can’t turn him heel. There’s nobody to replace him. His pops are by far the biggest on a consistent basis. Haters have to realize that.

Who would you rank as your top 5 or top 10 (your choice) all time creative minds/bookers in pro wrestling?

1. Vince McMahon – has to be considering his success. 2. Paul Heyman 3. Bill Watts 4. Jim Cornette 5. John Canton. I think #5 could be higher one day.

What are your CURRENT (to avoid Seinfeld references) favorite comedy TV shows? Two and a Half Men is mine, Charlie Sheen is hilarious.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, South Park and The Office. I enjoy Two and a Half Men from what I’ve seen, but I tend to only watch it on re-runs.

Who do you think should be the next full-time GM of Raw?

Bret Hart. If not him, John Canton.

What is your favorite return/debut ever?

Shawn Michaels 2002. Also helps that he’s my favorite wrestler ever. Enjoyed the storyline and loved the match.

When Mickie gets her facebook, how would you feel if your followers politely asked her to make a guest appearance at Commentfest? I mean, we got her to follow you on Twitter. How hard could getting her to say ‘hi’ be, right?

I doubt she would. I also don’t think she’ll get a Facebook. There are too many freaks out there like that one guy named John Ca…oh wait.

Who plays a better Heel? HBK or The Rock

Michaels. I think 1997 Shawn Michaels as the biggest asshole in the company was the best. I loved him in that heel role. Rock’s great in any role, but was probably better as a babyface especially in ring. His matches as the good guy were better.

DO you go to church?

Yes. Twice a month. Used to be every Sunday, but life happens sometimes. No wonder my mother gives me angry looks.

Who is the one wrestler you would want to see in WWE and why?

AJ Styles. Why? I think he’s the best wrestler not in WWE. Simple as that, really. Would love to see Samoa Joe too. Love his style.

Which title was more meaningless….Hardcore or European?

They both sucked. I’d say Hardcore is worse because at least the European title led to that awesome Owen/Bulldog match in the tournament.

Do you have a fav episode of seinfield? I like the opposite where for once everything goes georges way.

Probably the Soup Nazi one is my favorite, but there are so many. The one where Kramer gets the Merv Griffin set is legendary to me. It was so ridiculously funny. That show is classic.

Do you get paid for your writing?

No. Crazy huh? I have a full time job. I do okay. This is a fun hobby.

Who would benefit most from having a manager in their corner?

Mark Henry, so he can have somebody serve him his Kool-Aid. Also Shelton Benjamin. And please not his “mother” again.

How influential are jobbers in the development of upcoming stars?

They’re important because if a wrestler can’t have a good match with a jobber they’re not going to get the chance to have good matches with the more established guys. That’s what the jobbers are there for, to enhance the talent.

If you had to pick the way you die what would it be and why?

I would like to go in an exploding limo after walking in a hallway with a bunch of my employees acting like they think it’s the greatest thing ever.

Hi John, can you follow me, and ask me some questions?

I’ll follow people on Twitter that entertain me. Be funny, or be creative and I’ll gladly follow.

Do you believe your hetero infatuation with Shawn Michaels leads you to view some of his segments lees objectively?

A hetero infatuation? Good term to use, I guess. I probably do look at my favorites less objectively. However, I also think I’ve been critical of the DX gimmick since the summer and I’ve tried pointing out many times how much I like when he gets serious.

I think the WWE should induct some of the greatest “enhancement talent” from years gone by. These men were just as important for the role they played in getting the superstar talent over. Do you agree? If so, who would be your first 5 “jobbers” inducted?

I love jobbers. I’d say Barry Horowitz is my favorite with the pat on the back. “Iron” Mark Sharpe grunted more than any wrestler I’ve ever seen. Barry O (Randy Orton’s uncle) did the O shape with his hands, it was so lame. Lanny Poffo was pretty much a jobber and then what was that guy in WCW? Hardbody Harrison? Yeah, that’s my five.

Should edge team up with cm punk……think about it both have beards and cm is straight edge…..j/k btw

Beards rule. I think Edge will feud with Punk at some point this year and it will be great. I look forward to that feud.

WTF was up with mae youngs hand birth? All these years of pondering i cant figure it out. btw my brother wanted to know why the hand wasnt bi-racial too funny.

Ha, bi-racial hand. I think that was one of the worst stories in the history of WWE and I feel like a stupider person for having witnessed it.

You said in The Raw Deal that HBK wouldn’t “job to anybody in the nineties” but he denies this in his book, blaming the wrestlers who went to dirt sheets for this reputation. Do you not believe him?

His book isn’t 100% factual. He didn’t write enough about his drug issues, which is understandable. I think he was an asshole through a lot of that period in the 90s in part because of the pressure, the drugs he was using and simply because that’s what he was like. He’s changed now for the better, but he was very tough to deal with in those days from all accounts.

Is wrestling real??? kidding…then why does HHH care if he wins or not its all scripted….same with hogan he would never lose…..IT’S NOT REAL!!!!!! i feel better

I agree with you. Especially in Hunter’s case because he’ll be running the company one day. He should care more about making people than putting himself over. I don’t understand it. Male ego, I guess.

What happens to HHH if steph leaves him…..

He probably won’t get to run WWE with her. I think that’s safe to say. Other than that, who knows? They seem to be very close, though, with two daughters and maybe more on the way.

mma fight between brock lesner and black lesner..err um bobby lashley who is your pic? i say brock if he is healhty

Lesnar. He’s the bigger guy and he’s further along in his career, but Lashley impresses me. I just think Lesnar’s too skilled.

Do u think the royal rumble has lost its luster year by year since the turn of the decade with the roster becoming thinner?

Yes, a little bit. I still go into it excited every year and I will always enjoy watching it.

At this point, ECW is 3 weeks away from death, Christian is still champ, and it seems as though he will be through the end of the program. Do you believe the WWE could use his forfeit of the dead title as a way into the MitB at WM? Rather, would they?

I think he’ll be in MITB anyway; you don’t really need a reason. What they should do is say Christian’s a free agent and he’s going to decide what show to be on. Make it a big deal to have the ECW champ pick. That’s how you can put over the belt as well as him.

What do you think of Chris Jericho’s Fozzy?

I like it. I bought the CD more as a fan of Jericho than the band. Then I really liked some of the songs. I’m not a huge music guy. I’m not picky, though. I gave it a try and enjoyed what I heard.

With the success of the Ultimate Fighter do you think WWE should try a Tough Enough style show in the future?

They should. They won’t, though. I remember reading that HHH & Stephanie didn’t really like it because they think somebody should come up through the indies rather than getting on there after winning a reality show. I don’t agree. If you win the reality show, you can train at FCW and develop there. Plus, the last ten years have shown people generally like reality shows. They SHOULD bring TE back. I don’t think they will, though.

Why in the world aren’t the Hart Dynasty tag champs and do you think they could pull off the babyface role right now if given the chance?

I think they can pull off either role. Not sure why they aren’t used better. I’d prefer it if each show had tag champs and there were divisions for each, but that doesn’t seem to be an interest of crazy Vince right now.

WWE dropped the ball by releasing Matt Morgan (after saddling him with a ludicrous gimmick) Agree or disagree?

He’s pretty good. I’m surprised that WWE cut him considering how big he is and Vince’s propensity for loving the big guys. You can tell he’s a much better athlete than most guys his size.

Your thoughts on why WWE never booked a feud between Mickie and Victoria? I think it was a huge missed opportunity.

I’m pretty sure they had some matches. I looked it up, there’s one at New Year’s Revolution 2007 that’s pretty solid. Lots of good Raw matches from late 2006 too. They had good chemistry and it was back when MJC wore those really nice outfits.

Best Goldberg match? – MNOWAX

Ugh, not many to pick from. I’ll go with the Jericho one he had at Bad Blood 2003, which I gave ***1/4 (I looked it up.) From WCW, I liked 1998 Halloween Havoc vs. DDP about the same. Goldberg SHOULD have been a lot better in ring, but he never seemed to grasp what it took to have good matches.

Tell me why some wrestlers NEVER lose, like HHH, Cena, Batista, for example. And if when they lose it’s by DQ or by some kind of cheating. That’s really annoying sometimes.

They want to protect the top guys. I totally understand why they do that, but when you protect them too much it hurts the overall product.

Cody Rhodes could get made to look unimportant during a Ted/Randy singles feud. To keep him relevant, hows about he teases alliances with both throughout the feud, ultimately turning on them BOTH on the draft show…moments before being sent to Smackdown

I think we’ll definitely see Rhodes & Dibiase split up come the draft similar to what Miz/Morrison did. Your idea works fine with me.

With the news that SyFy wants more “science fiction elements” in WWE’s programming on their network, what’s your over/under on the Shock Master returning?

Haha, I hope it happens! I don’t think they’ll go for science fiction. I hope not. That would be brutal.

What was your favorite incarnation of the Four Horsemen?(mine was Flair,Double A, Blanchard, & Windham)

I agree with you. Flair as the top guy, Arn & Tully as the team and Windham as the rising star. That’s clearly the best incarnation of the group.

When you were younger watching wrestling who were you a mark for?

Randy Savage easy. Then as I got a little bit older it was Bret Hart too. Then I started to like more of the bad guys like Rude, Dibiase, Perfect, etc. and I think that shaped me as a fan. I liked the athletes rather than the big dudes that couldn’t move as well.

Why do you think WWE has discarded concepts like managers and tag teams when they were so popular back in the 80’s?

Not sure, so I’ll go with my easy standby answer of “Vince McMahon is crazy.” That works. I think managers are an asset to the business, as well as tag team wrestling. Not sure why he’s so against it.

Why do you think WWE is so down on Gail Kim?

I’m not sure. She’s clearly a good worker among the women, but personality wise they’ve given her absolutely nothing to do. Maybe she’ll have an extended feud with Maryse. Not sure, though. I hope. Big fan of hers.

What dvd would you rather see WWE do a documentary of? Demolition or the Powers of Pain?

Demolition, I guess. Don’t see either ever happening, though.

What 5 twitter users would you pick to be stuck in a lift with?

Am I going wrestling people? Mickie James, Serena, Maryse, Beth Phoenix, & Eve. If I’m stuck, might as well be with women I like.

Were you ever a fan of the Ultimate Warrior as a kid? I know he is a whack job but I miss his crazy promos….always good for a laugh….like Jericho said I have no idea what you just said but your a good guy do yeaaaaaa..

A little bit. He had that, “wow this guy’s nuts and he’s kinda cool” appeal to him. When you watched a show and he came in out of nowhere (yes Michael Cole I said it) sometimes it was the kind of thing that worked perfectly. He was the most hyper guy I think I’ve ever seen.

Who do you like better: The Straight Edge Society or Right to Censor?

Straight Edge Society. I can see the similarities, but I think Punk is more talented than anybody in RTC was and it’s not even close.

How would you rate (On scale of 1 to 10) 1. Vince Mcmahon as Mr. Mcmahon 2. Vince Mcmahon as Businessman?

Mr. McMahon would be a 9. One of the best and most important heels ever. As a businessman, it’s hard to argue with somebody that went from small time to a billionaire in about 20 years, so give him a 9 there too.

Seeing as you and me are both 29 what was more of an exciting era of wrestling: attitude era of 80’s rock and roll? I liked attitude.

Attitude era easy. Just because we grew up with the 80s doesn’t make it better. There was a lot of shit in that time period too.

If you could put any 5 wrestlers of today into wrestling gimmicks of the 80s or early 90s, who and what would they be?

– Orton in the 80s. Similar to Jake Roberts. He reminds me of heels in the 80s.
– Cena in the late 90s. He would have thrived in the Attitude Era and fans would have liked him.
– Evan Bourne as Barry Horowitz. He’s already there.
– HHH in the 90s as a rich snob that bows on his way to the ring. Oh wait that actually happened.

I dunno. Not very good at this question! Haha. Sorry.

About Kofi, what’s best? Mike Adamle’s “Jamaican me crazy” or Cole’s “Controlled Frenzy”? I’d go with Adamle, I laugh every time I remember that.

Adamle was so bad. I remember his comments too. It was so bad it was good, ya know?

Do you think any other Mcmahon (Steph, Shane, Linda or HHH) can top or even match what Vince has achieved?

Nope. He laid the foundation down. It’s hard to expand on what crazy Vince has done.

HBK is going crazy wanting to face the undertaker, but I don’t see the streak ending, so isn’t shawn just setting himself up for disappointment? Is there a way he can walk out of WrestleMania, losing again, without feeling crushed?

Yes he’ll lose again, but they’ll have the match of the night and this time it’ll likely go on last. At least it should go on last. Wins and losses don’t matter that much. It’s about leaving a lasting impression. Nobody does that better than Shawn.

Have you see Bram Stoker’s Dracula? It’s a fucked up movie and some siamese vampire bitch just tried to bite Keanu’s dick off.

Haha. Heard of it, never seen it.

You have one month to set up storylines for any PPV you want. What is the card of that PPV when all is said and done?

That could take a while. I’ll give you three matches from each show. On Raw: Miz vs. Michaels with Michaels winning a close match leading to rematch that Miz wins, Bourne vs. Orton (ten minute match, Bourne almost wins a couple of times before taking a RKO off the top rope) and heel MVP vs. Cena with MVP going over.

On SD: Edge vs. Jericho, Punk vs. Christian (he moves over to SD) and Mysterio vs. Morrison because I want to see it again, this time on PPV.

Was there ever a sequel or threequel (i think thats a word) to a movie that you thought should never have been made? I hated terminator 3 and godfather part 3.

Yes, I agree with those two choices. Also the The Matrix.

Do you think HHH and Shawn will ever cut their hair….I know undertaker did back in 2002 or so.

No. Doubt it. That’s their look.

What is your favourite and worst WWE debuts?

Fave: Jericho 1999. Worst: The Narcissist 1993.

What’s with these tacky John Cena color outfits?

I’m not sure. First the John Deere green and yellow crap, now the orange and blue crap. I don’t understand it.

Are u going to WrestleMania this year?

Nope. Work won’t let me. I have other vacations planned later in the year, though.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla. Love white chocolate, my fave sweet. Don’t really eat ice cream anymore, but when I did I liked vanilla more.

Hi John. Just wondering if you got the question I posted earlier about enhancement talent in the WWE Hall of Fame? I am not sure if it went through or not.

Yes I did. I’ve answered over 200 questions this week. You’ll have to find it in the archives. Click on Profile, then scroll to the bottom and click on “Next” to see the archives.

Why do you think Tara’s top was blurred after her match on Impact? I didn’t see no nip lol.

I’m not sure. That was weird. I didn’t think anything was bad from what I saw.

Have you played mass effect 2 yet? Isn’t it awesome!!!!

Nope. Don’t really play video games.

Are you a fan of Chris Masters titty dance?

Not at all. Sorry. Thanks for asking, Vince McMahon.

If HHH never married steph, would he still be headlining EVERY WrestleMania?

Hard to say. Undertaker’s near the top at every WM. Maybe HHH would be too. Don’t really know for sure.

Do you think JBL should be a future guest host on raw? Or maybe permanent?

Yes. I think he’d be an awesome GM. If they can’t get Bret Hart to do it, get JBL. He’d be fantastic in the role. I like JBL…as long as he’s not wrestling. He doesn’t need the money, though.

What is the point of Carlito?

Ha, because spitting in the face of people is cool? The gimmick was pretty popular when he first started, but since then he hasn’t done much of anything. They don’t seem like they know what to do with him.

Does where you work care you write on the job and answer all our questions?

Answer most of them at home, but I bring my own laptop into my work. They can’t track me. As long as I get the work done it’s cool.

Whatever happened to The Boogeyman? I thought he was great.

He sucked. I’m pretty sure he got injured. I don’t think he was very good at all.

If you were a wrestler what would be your gimmick and name? Also if you could create a gimmick for a wrestler what would it be and who would you give it to?

I would create a Greenwich blue blood that wears robes and bows all the time. I would name him Hunter Hearst Helmsley. That’s money.

Is John Locke the most tragic character in the history of TV?

In some ways, yes. Lost is full of tragic characters because they all experience hardships that rock your world as a viewer. With Locke, he’s been through so much and now that we know he’s the island’s monster (what a weird sentence huh?) that makes me think he’s in fact the strongest character rather than a tragic one. It’s Lost, though. One week you think something; the next week you change your mind.

Besides “A HHH Chronie,” what is your opinion of Sheamus? A legit long time main eventer, or another flavor of the month big man?

I like him. I have no problem with pushing a new talent. I write about that all the time. I wish they pushed more new main eventers. I think he’s creating general heel heat, which is great. That’s what you need. I think he’ll be a legit main eventer going forward. We’ll see, though.

If Christian is moved into a title picture, who do you honestly see him being booked against and how you honestly see him being packaged?

Would love him against Jericho or Punk on Smackdown. Great workers, great talkers. That’s what I’d like to see. I don’t thin they’ll push him at a main event level. They should, but I have my doubts only because it’s never happened before.

Who will win the money in the bank?

Morrison or Miz. Maybe Kingston. I’d love it if Christian won, though.

Paper or plastic?

Depends on what we’re talking about, but I’d go with paper. I’m all about saving the environment.

Are you into comic books? Favorite superhero?

Not really into comic books. Not sure why. I always loved sports as a kid and wrestling. Never got into comics.

Fave superhero is Batman. So many cool things about him from the outfit, the mask and the car. Loved Batman in 1989 and loved The Dark Knight just as much in 2008. I don’t understand the Superman love. Clark Kent wears glasses, then he takes them off and nobody can tell that he’s Superman? Are you kidding me? At least put a mask on, Superman! Come on. Not sure why it angers me, but it does.

Road Dogg recently stated he had been contacted by WWE but turned them down due to his inability to keep up with the young guys: Do you think he could still be a success in the manager role?

Yes, he’s a very skilled talker. I think he could make a great announcer too. He’s pretty funny from what I can remember. And congrats to him for realizing his body can’t take it anymore.

With ECW being rebranded in 3 weeks, what do you suspect will become of ECW Champion Christian, who has had the longest current title run in the WWE? What do you wish would happen?

I think they should say every veteran ECW roster member (however they decide that, let’s say if they’ve been in WWE for more than two years) gets to be a free agent. They get to pick Raw or Smackdown. Then I’d have Christian eventually pick Smackdown, where he can align with Edge at least once in a while. That’s what I want.

Which wwf theme song is better: Chris jericho’s debut theme song in the wwf or his current theme song? If you haven’t listened to his debut theme look up his debut for wwf.

I like the original better. Have no problem with the current one, though.

Who’s diva finisher is the most devastating of all times?

I like Awesome Kong’s in TNA. In WWE, my favorite was Victoria’s Widows Peak. Cool looking move.

Raptors fan?

Yes, absolutely. Grew up on the Lakers thanks to Magic Johnson, but now it’s Raps first and then Lakers after the Raps don’t make it far. Haha.

Very pleased with this season. Doing well. That’s why Bosh won’t be traded. The defense has really picked up (aside from the Indiana game) plus Andrea Bargnani has become a very consistent player. I think since December 1 the Raps have had the 3rd or 4th best record in the NBA. Bosh has been a 25/11 guy all year, but Bargnani’s been great after the slow first month. It’s given me a small hope that the Raps might be able to keep Bosh going forward because this is a team that should make the playoffs every year, but that Turkoglu contract ($5 yr, $55 mil) is a salary cap eater and is going to prevent the Raps from improving much going forward. Hopefully DeMar Derozan improves quickly in the offseason. He’s a great athlete with good defensive skills, but he needs to develop. Only 20 years old, though.

I think the Raps get the 5 seed where they are now and then lose in round one, but it’ll be a good battle. Don’t see them winning a series since the East’s top four are simply better.

Who would you say was/is worse: Giant Gonzalez or The Great Khali?? And who is the best big guy wrestler in your opinion??

Gonzalez was worse. He had less mobility than Khali and that’s saying something. Best big guy wrestler is Undertaker, no question. He gets criticized a lot, but he’s a really good athlete for his size and has a long list of great matches with different matches. He has stinkers too. Vince loved to put him against the untalented big guys, though. Not much to work with. Another favorite was Vader. Great worker with an awesome understanding of how to build a match.

Does “RAW” stand for Rarely Any Wrestling?

Haha. It’s certainly felt that way the last couple of years, huh?

What is your favorite horror movie?

Psycho, the original. Scared the hell out of me. Plus it’s a great film to boot. Some horror moves are just silly, but in the case of Psycho the story is excellent too. Plus that music? Eerie.

Will Jack ever get round to shagging Renee? Or will he remain a badass?

I think he will, but maybe not in these 24 hours. I’m sure there’ll be something near the end of the “day” though. Good for Jack. He’s my favorite badass grandpa. Sorry Batista.

You have loads of UK followers. Have you ever been there?

No. I would love to. I really haven’t traveled much in my life, which is one of my regrets. That’s a big goal of mine in this next decade though.

Will Curb your Enthusiasm return for a new series or has it finished now?

I think there will be one more season, but there’s no confirmation on that yet. I love that show. That kind of comedy is right up my alley. I’d love to sit and talk to Larry David about nothing for hours. What a guy.

If Chris Jericho wasn’t from Canada, would he still be your favourite active Smackdown “Professional Athlete” ?

He probably would be. I don’t really have bias. My three favorite all time are Michaels (Texas), Austin (Texas) and Angle (Pennsylvania). After that my next three are Hart, Rock (Florida) and Jericho, so I don’t think I’m too biased.

Why do the sexiest female wrestlers come out of Toronto, Trish, Gail Kim, Angelina Love, etc.?

All Canadian women look like that. I wish. I’m not sure what the answer is, but we’re definitely proud of our Canadian ladies here.

Who will be MVP in the NFL next season?

Peyton Manning. I’ll go with the safe pick. I might pick Tom Brady actually. I think last year he was still nervous about his knee and next year he’s going to look like he did in 2007, I think. If Chris Johnson gets 2,000 yards rushing again and the Titans make the playoffs it could be him.

If you could switch lives (for one day) with a grandpa, which would you choose? Vince McMahon or Batista?

Batista. Easy. He gets the ladies…for some reason.

Do you enjoy video games? If so, what is the best video game you’ve ever played?

Not a huge video game person. I used to be, but I’m 29 now and I think I’ve outgrown it. I’ve always been a sports game guy, so I’d say any of the Madden games or NBA 2K games. Those are the ones I played religiously.

Do you have any interest/thoughts on the wider universe, planets, other intelligent life, 2012?

See, now that’s a question! I can’t say I have much interest in outer space or that 2012 film. I don’t really care if there are other intelligent life forms. If there are, great, keep them the hell away from me. That’s all I ask. I can barely understand women. You think I’m going to understand other life forms?

What is your middle name?

Don’t have one. I know that’s strange, but it’s true. Neither do my three siblings. My parents got lazy. They gave us all one name.

Since you love to write, have you ever written a journal about yourself?

No. I don’t think I’m that interesting. Then again, I don’t think Mark Henry is that interesting and I make KOOL AID~! comments every week. Maybe I should consider it?! Nah, I don’t think people would care to read about me too much.

Do you think that the WWE Divas Championship can or will ever reach the status of the WWE Women’s Championship?

They’re basically the same. I mean, they only have 8-10 women that actually can wrestle at a decent level and there are two belts. Is there really a difference? I don’t think so.

If Hogan was to fight AJ Styles would Hogan put AJ over?

He should, but it’s Hogan. I say no. I also hope it never happens. Hulk needs to never wrestle again.

Do you think HHH will pull a hogan from wcw and bring in the ultimate warrior just so he can beat him? You know it eats at him that he never beat him.

Haha, that’s funny. No, I don’t think that’ll happen.

What’s the most shocking world or wwe title change you have ever seen? I think kane over austin in ’98 and slaughter over warrior were shocking…

Slaughter over Warrior was very shocking to me. Hogan winning at WM9 was shocking, but also a terrible booking decision. Vince McMahon winning the belt in 1999 was shocking. Again, though, it was stupid. I’m still shocked that Sheamus beat Cena too.

Do you have a favorite color? Mine is gold jerry gold….

Good Seinfeld reference. Thanks for asking, Kenny Banya. I like blue, particularly navy blue. I like gold a lot. My car is gold.

Is wrestling becoming more predictable, or are people thinking more? Or both?

A combination of both. There’s more information out there due to the internet, so the average fan does know more about the business. That can lead to some predictability. I’ve always felt if the stories were good then being predictable doesn’t hurt the product.

What’s your favorite diva return?

Trish in 2005. Man, I missed her when she had that back injury.

Was it a good idea to bring back Tony Almeida back in season 7? How did you feel?

Yes absolutely. I like Tony a lot on 24. He’s a good character that had a lot of twists and turns last season. He went from heel to face to heel a few times. Good actor too. I liked season 7 a lot.

Do you think HHH and Cena would be the new Hogan/Backlund? Hogan didn’t job to people like Mr. Perfect, Piper, Ted Dibiase, Paul Orndorff. Could we see it again with Cena/HHH not jobing to Morrison, Kofi,Swagger, Dibiase?

It’s not their fault. It’s Vince booking shows in 2010 like he did in 1990. Same guy in charge means similar things are prone to happen. That’s just how it is.

Is mae young’s hand and thing from addams family related? Does mark henry have custody???

I wish I knew, my friend. I wish I knew. I’ll say no to the first one and yes to the second one. That’s why Henry smiles all the time. That and the KOOL AID~!

Does Dolph Ziggler remind you of Mr.Perfect?

He has the same hair. That’s about it. Curt Hennig was a fantastic, all time great kind of worker and he was that by the time he was Dolph’s age. I don’t think Ziggler can be as good as he was.

Top 5 greatest wrestlers to have never been in the WWE/F?

Sting is first. After that it’s tough.

How would you rank the great wrestling minds on how great a WRESTLING mind they had? i.e Vince, Paul Heyman, Bischoff, Cornette etc etc

Hard to say when you don’t know them personally. I’ll go with Heyman, Vince, Cornette and then Bischoff in that order. It’s tough, though. Is it really fair not to Vince first considering all the success he’s had?

Do you see Hulk Hogan wrestling in TNA? Could you see them picking up Randy Savage, and having the two wrestle? Finally, could you see Hogan putting Savage over?

I don’t think Hogan will wrestle. Maybe at Bound For Glory, but I hope not. I doubt Savage goes there. I don’t think he’s tight with Hogan these days.

Do you find it strange in this time of “semi-gimmicks” to have people come back on the shows who had legit gimmicks? People like IRS and Hacksaw seem out of place today.

IRS works there as a road agent (puts together matches) while Hacksaw’s there once in a while. It’s not like they’re booked in serious roles. Only there for jokes.

That’s all. More on Wednesday. My posting dates for these will be Wednesdays and Sundays, I think.

  1. Luke
    February 7, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    John Locke isn’t the monster though John, the monster just took the form of John Locke when he died. Thats the way I think it is anyway.

  2. Bryola
    February 7, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    ’tis, Luke. ’tis.

  3. Aaron
    February 8, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    European title not importnant? U betta recognize!

    Seriously, if there was no merge with WCW, and they didn’t incorporate the US title.. The Euto title would still be around. The hardcore title would not be.

    Eh.. is any title other than the World title(s) (I hate referring ot that as plural) really important? I rememebr when the IC title was so vital and so over as a championship.

    • Kenta
      February 9, 2010 at 8:44 PM

      I hate how the IC title means nothing now. Its still me favorite title but only for nostalgia. It always had the best matches and my favorites always seemed to have that belt i didnt care about the World Title back when i was a kid.

  4. edge_is_awesome
    February 10, 2010 at 5:20 AM

    hey john ,
    i want to ask u a question , did u like the original NWO (hogan,hall,nash,bishoff) ????

    thx :D

  5. Shad
    February 13, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    but Sting was in the WWF . . .

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