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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume III (Formspring.com)

This is the third part of your questions with my answers. The answers are from questions you asked me at  over the last http://www.formspring.me/johnreport week. I’ve answered over 700 questions by now. These ones cover ones I was asked between Monday-Wednesday this past week. I have another two volumes of answers ready to go as well. I’ll post Volume IV on Monday and Volume V on Wednesday to catch up. Of course you can see any answer to the questions at the link above by sifting through the archives. The answers cover everything from pro wrestling to sports to television to movies to even information about me. Let’s get to it with this large batch of Q&A. (Before you ask, I have no idea why some parts are in black and some are in green. I just hit copy and paste. Weird.)

Do you think that Eric Bischoff gets too much credit? Eric has blasted Vince many times about the stupid gimmicks that he made his talent use, but Eric created more. Who can forget (even though I try) The yeti, or the Booty man, I can go on and on.

I think he gets credit and should get credit for pushing to get Nitro live the way he did. Without that, Raw wouldn’t be what it is today. He made some stupid decisions in terms of booking, but he also revolutionized the business due to how he pushed for Nitro to become what it eventually became.

What do you think is the best Simpsons episode ever?

Wow, that’s really hard. I’m going to go with Hank Scorpio. I know every line from that episode and it always makes me laugh due to the ridiculousness of it all. “Nobody ever picks Italy.”

Are you still able to watch Benoit matches? Can you enjoy the great matches, or do you think of the sad ending when you try watch?

I can watch them, but can’t be emotionally invested in them like I used to be. I’ll mention him when needed. It’s not the same feelings I used to have for somebody that was in my top three wrestlers ever.

Did you ever watch beavis and butthead?

Yes, all the time. Loved that show. It was so stupid that it was funny. The best parts were watching the videos. “Boner! Boner! Time for dinner!”

Do you have any pets?

No. Not a huge pet guy.

Hairy or shaved?

Shaved. Nobody likes hairy.

HBK or Bret Hart?

Wow, killer question. Michaels is my favorite all time, so I’ll go against the Canadian God here. I really, truly love both guys.

Batman or Superman?

Batman always. Superman needs to cover his face up, hide the identity a bit. Nobody can tell it’s the same guy without glasses on? Are they drunk?

24 or LOST?

Tough one. I’ll go with Lost, though.

Strip poker or solitaire?

Strip poker.

Would you marry/date a bald chick?


Favorite music singers or bands?

Green Day, Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Eminem and that Mickie James chick because I’m biased.

Do you see Kurt Angle returning to WWE in the future?

No. I wish he would, though.

Duo or threesome?


Does size matter?

Yes. It always does. Don’t let anybody tell you different. They are lying.

Have you ever tried to piss off Chuck Norris?

No. And I never would.

KFC or Popeye’s?


Burger King, McSheamus or Wendy’s?

Of those three, Wendy’s. In Canada we have one called Harvey’s. That would be my pick. They have the best burgers.

Do you think WWE should move Smackdown to Thursdays as it used to be and compete with TNA

Yes absolutely. Move it to any night other than Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Keeping it on Friday is stupid because you’re losing viewers.

What cartoons did you watch when you was a child?

Listed in order of my favorites: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, The Smurfs and GI Joe. Gotta love the late 80s cartoons.

Who would win in a match between Kerwin White and Hornswoggle?

Kerwin White wouldn’t win, but he’d have a nice sweater vest on while he lost.

Do you smoke the reefer?

Nope. Lots of people think I do probably because I’m silly a lot of the time. Never smoked it in my life.

Do you think they should have kept the wire around for another season? Rank ur favorite seasons.

Five seasons was enough. Ranking the seasons I’d go with 3, 1, 5, 4 and 2 in that order. None of them are bad, though. I love The Wire. To quote Clay Davis: “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.”

If you were offered a sports anchor/ announcer position for any sport or sports entertainment company, which would you choose?

I would choose NBA. That’s the sport I know best and have played the most. Also coached it. I like the NFL a lot, but don’t have much experience playing. I have a lot watching although that’s not the same. Being a NBA guy would be what I’d like.

How do you pronounce 2010: twenty-ten or two thousand ten

Twenty-ten. Just like Nineteen Ninety-Nine and so on. Last decade was wrong. You couldn’t really say Twenty Four for 2004 because it sounds stupid.

How did u think of the JOHN REPORT?

My name is John. Report is pretty common. Crazy huh? I wish I came up with a more creative name back in the day, but I never cared about the name too much.

Do you stay in touch with your parents?

Of course. We live in the same city and are very close. They have a lovely nickname for me called The Accident.

Do you watch any ROH? If so who are your favorite wrestlers?

I don’t really watch anymore. It’s a time issue. I should make time for it, but it’s hard. I did watch when Punk/Joe was going on. Loved their 60 minute match. Austin Aries is still there, right? I like him.

Scott Steiner is reportedly done with TNA, do you think it has some connection with Ric Flair joining the company? Johnny

No. I think it has to do with the fact that he’s nearly 50 years old and his body, once an asset of his, has failed him.

With Kovalchuk traded to Devils, do you think that makes them automatically Stanley Cup contenders? Johnny

I think they are East contenders for sure. Not sure about the Caps with their shitty goalies or the Pens, but I think they will turn it on. I like the Devils a lot. Getting Kovalchuk could put them over the top. They need Brodeur to get hot, though. Right now I’ll say Penguins make it again, but I believe in the Devils too.

Favourite trpe of gimmick match and the best match you’ve seen with this particular gimmick?

Tough one. I’m torn between Hell in a Cell and Ladder match. I’ll go HIAC and say Michaels/Undertaker @ Badd Blood 1997. The first one can’t be topped.

Favorite albums of all time?

Ten by Pearl Jam (By far the album I’ve listened to the most in my life.)
American Idiot by Green Day
21st Century Breakdown by Green Day

With your influence being seen on Raw with a few John Report signs, do you think it’s possible to extend your influence even further by suggesting that any of your readers who attend shows start “We want wrestling” chants during any pointless segments?

Haha, I don’t think so.

Did you ever see the video of Mario Strikers where Waluigi does the DX Crotch Chop?

Nope. Don’t watch that. I’m not 12.

Has there ever been a wrestler who you can’t see anything in and couldn’t understand how they got on tv? I HATED ricky ortiz! Anyone worse?

Mark Henry. For 14 years. Also guys like Heidenreich and Nathan Jones spring to mind.

Could you see WWE throwing a curveball with Smackdown’s elimination chamber and see either Punk or Rey going over? It could be hair vs title or mask vs title.

Nope. It’s Jericho winning that match. Him or Undertaker.

Just based on looks, how can you put Mickie James above Kelly Kelly, The Bellas, or Maryse?

Not sure why, I just do. I also see more than looks in a woman. Mickie’s a lot more talented than the women you mentioned, at least to me. Everybody has their own tastes.

Why do most (internet) wrestling fans hate achievers such as Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon, John Cena, Batista, HHH etc. We seem to hate all. Haven’t they worked hard to achieve what hey have achieved?

Jealousy. Sometimes they are people that don’t seem to be as talented as others, so there’s some dislike there. It’s hard to say. Everybody’s different. I respect everybody that steps in the ring. Doesn’t mean I love them all.

Who are your favorite artists/musicians/rappers?

I’m pretty diversified in my music. I like a lot of classic rock as well as 90s rock like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. and then of current groups it would definitely be Green Day. Loved their last two CDs.

I like hip-hop a lot. I grew up playing basketball, so that music is part of the culture. I like 90s hip-hop, but of the current artists I’m mostly into Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye and guys like that. I’m not into the hardcore stuff.

How would you feel about a Christian vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania 27? Do you think with giving Christian a proper build-up in the next year it would be an interesting match?

Won’t happen. Vince thinks Christian’s too short. I don’t see him having a WM match with Undertaker.

How did you become a Rams fan? Did you prefer the LA Rams or the Rams of St. Louis? Also, how awesome were those blue and yellow uniforms?

I liked them since I was a kid in the 80s. Eric Dickerson was my favorite. Then he got traded and I said screw him, I stick with the team. I live in Ontario, so doesn’t matter where they play. Move ’em to Toronto! I did like the blue and yellow. I have a retro Dickerson and Isaac Bruce in the blue and yellow. I have Holt, Warner and Faulk in the blue and gold. I follow them very closely. Watch them on NFL Sunday Ticket. I’m very loyal.

hey john, as i am from india, i have no clue what the chances of mrs.mcmahon winning the connecticut election are. when will it be decided? and if she loses, will WWE stop their ‘pg’ thing?

It’ll be done a little later this year. I don’t think they’ll stop PG.

I’ve always thought that Chavo Guerrero was an excellent worker and above average on the mic. I know that he’s small and getting up there in age but I would love to see him get a serious push (especially as a babyface). Your thoughts?

The idea of him as a babyface this late in his career is laughable. Heel Chavo is the best he’s going to do to even get to ic/us level competition. He makes good money to be a comedic actor, let him do that. The Guerrero name will now be associated with Eddie and Chavo can’t live up to that. I also miss Kerwin White.

You keep joking about it but seriously how many of the divas has Batista had? Obviously I guess Michelle McTaker and Mrs James-Canton are off limits?

I’m not sure how true it is, but there are a number of women that he has reportedly been with. Among the women are Melina, Shelly Martinez, Rebecca DiPietro (she was there briefly), Kelly Kelly and then who knows who else. He’s something of a manwhore, though. In truth, I applaud him. Good for him. The jokes are good natured fun.

I know who you talk to in the wwe, if you really read your columns between the lines you can tell.

Share with the world then oh wise one.

Do you pronounce your name with a French accent? I have always wondered.

Haha no not at all. John in French is Jean though.

Do your three siblings and parents have a passion for wrestling or sports like you do?

My brother is a huge sports fan. He’s a big gambler. My dad is a gambler. The two sisters and mothers don’t really care for sports. Nobody really likes wrestling like I do.

Which wrestler was the funniest? (Intentionally)

The Rock. I also loved the Edge & Christian pairing.

Are Christian and Edge still brothers? or are WWE hoping everyone’s forgotten that. I think the undertaker and Kane are still brothers.

I think we’re supposed to forget about it, yeah.

What does everybody want?

Head. I think it’s also what everybody needs.

If WWE owns all of Mick Foley’s gimmicks How can he use Cactus Jack

Because he used it prior to working in WWE.

Favorite Greek food?

Souvlaki, but I like the desserts a lot too. Grew up with Greek food.

If there way to be a female alien life form, would you like it/her to have a third breast?

Hmm, tough call. I’d say no. Too freaky.


He’s in FCW doing well from what I hear. Looking forward to seeing him on SD again. Might be soon.


Hedo! I hate that contract the Raptors signed him to. Damn.

John. Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers always. Gotta let the boys breathe.

Do you miss Adrianna at all?

Ahaha no.

Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Great. Like him a lot. Strong worker, one of the best characters ever and somebody that kept me a wrestling fan all these years because he’s so entertaining.

What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage??

Rum or rye with coke. Also vodka with anything. I don’t mind beer if it’s the only option, but I’m not a huge beer drinker.

I read what you thought about the Batista/Punk deal on Talking Smack. Anymore thoughts on where this is leading. I just thought it was strange how the SES celebrated like they had a real Win over Batista, and how Batista looked at them like He was up to s

I don’t think there’s more to it. I think Batista’s been “bought” by Vince to take care of Bret/Cena or something like that, so that’s why he had no interest in wrestling. It’ll be their way to take Batista out of the title picture.

If WWE offered you a job, would you take it, or even consider taking it?

Yes because I’d be curious to see what the job would be like.

Do you think Trips and Steph’s daughters will be hot?

Thanks for asking, Batista. Ask me in 20 years. Actually, if I’m still writing about wrestling in 20 years please shoot me. Thanks.

War, what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing? Catchy tune.

Do you believe in aliens and/or ghosts?

Nope. If either exist I’d say that’s cool. Stay the hell out of my way, though.

Who do you think the Rams should take with the number 1 pick? Or should they trade it?

Trading would be nice, but I doubt other teams would do it. Draft Suh first overall. Either sign a QB (maybe Vick) or draft a QB in round two. I’d be fine with that. I hope Suh’s the impact guy everybody says he is.

Goldust?!?! are u a fan, for the record i am! i wish he wasnt a jobber for future talent, although i guess thats an important role…funny hes the only wrestler,excuse me, “superstar” to hold a clean pinfall victory over sheamus!!

I liked him in the 90s. He stood out from the pack as a different character and I think that’s important. He works hard these days, so he has some value although I doubt he’d ever get a push again. He’s also a funny guy that’s made me laugh over the years.

Do you workout? Has wrestling ever made you exercise or train hard?

I work out, but only cardio. Treadmills in the winter, lots of running/cycling in the summer. I don’t lift weights. I’m about 6’1″ and 205 pounds, so I have a decent build but nothing amazing or anything. I’m a basketball player.

Who wrote the bible? What do you believe in more religion or science?

No idea who wrote it. I believe in both religion and science for certain things, but neither is 100% accurate.

There have been talks about Undertaker and HBK retiring soon (next year or so). I was wondering how much longer do you think Triple H is going to keep wrestling?

He’s 40, they’re 45. He’s probably got another 4-5 years of being full time and then part time after that. It’s hard to say, really. Depends on his body holding up.

So far in college my g.p.a is 0.2.. Any tips/advice/help you can give me so I can get my grades up? I seem to lack motivation.

Ha. Party less and study harder. I was going to say spend less time asking questions to dudes on the internet, but I do appreciate the question!

Have u gone too any WrestleMania?

No. One day.

Do u own any animals?

No. Had a fish and a bird as a kid, but my family’s never been into owning animals. Not that I have a problem with them. I just don’t have one.

Are you a blondes or brunettes guy? Or will you take anything with a pulse :p

If she’s good looking, has a good personality and laughs at my stupid jokes then I’m not that picky. I prefer brunettes over anything, though. Not sure why. Always been that way.

are u a fan of mma? if so, which do u watch ufc, strikeforce or wec or a combination of two or all three?

Yes, I watch UFC. Some Strikeforce. I watch The Ultimate Fighter, I watch most PPVs (missed last night due to a wedding) and live fights. I like it. GSP’s my fave as a Canadian, but I like Lesnar a lot too obviously.

Is there a dating site where one can find people who are sports or wrestling fans?

Haha, do such women exist? I’d like to find out.

Why does the Oratory suck so much nowadays?

Not enough people writing. I can’t write for ’em. They have to do it themselves.

I don’t get you and Mickie James. She has a horse face. I’d rather have either Bella twin or maryse

They’re all yours. We all have our favorites. I don’t think I’ve ripped the looks of Maryse or the Bellas. They’re beautiful too. We all have different tastes.

Is Mark Henry the world’s ugliest man?

No. Prince Charles.

Is Mark Henry the world’s blackest man?

No. Google the name “Tyrone Corbin.” He’s a former NBA player that’s now a coach. That’s my answer.

Have you ever played table tennis? It’s a great game and very enjoyable.

Absolutely. Always call it ping pong, though. Had a table in the basement growing up. Need to get one in my own place one day. When I build my “man basement” one day there will be a ping pong table for sure.

Do you think a Hart Dynasty vs Straight Edge Society intergender feud would work?

Yes. Not sure if they want THD as faces, but I think they could pull it off.

How much can you squat/deadlift/bench?

Not sure. Don’t do that kind of stuff in workouts. I’m a basketball guy, just do cardio.

Do you agree with this: The british make better music than any other country in the world.

I don’t agree. They make good music, but so do Americans, Canadians and everybody else. They also make bad music like everybody else. It’s not really fair to say they make better music than anybody else.

John, since you don’t know much about Super Dragon, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGTnUWIAprY You’ll know why I didn’t even ask about him going to WWE

Cool, thanks for the link. That Psycho Driver is nasty!

Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter? Marvel or Capcom?

I liked Mortal Kombat more although I played the hell out of both. I loved using Sub Zero. Also I wonder if the “FINISH HIM” guy can work at my wedding. Anybody got his number? I guess Marvel over Capcom.

Can we see a picture of you somewhere? It would be nice to put a face to the words.

It’s on my facebook page if you look. Maybe I’ll throw it in a column. I’m a normal looking guy. Just have issues with the whole “you never know who’s reading” thing.

What is your favourite ‘return’ in wwe history? P.s your column is like the bible to serious wrestling fans in the U.K

Shawn Michaels, Summerslam 2002. Loved it so much. Even though I don’t like HHH as much as some, his return on Raw in January 2002 was great too.

Three Part Question… Do you enjoy reading as much as writing? If so, have you read any of the WWE superstar books, and which would you recommend to fellow fans out there?

Yes I love to read. I’ve read many wrestler books. The best wrestler books are the Bret Hart one, the Jericho one and the first two Mick Foley ones. Those are what I’d recommend.

Do you often daydream about headlining WrestleMania?

No. Never really dreamed of being a wrestler. Dreamed of playing in the NFL or NBA, though.

Dream job? Dream car? Dream woman?

Dream job: Own a NFL or NBA team.
Dream car: I don’t care. Just don’t break down on me. I’ll go with a Benz.
Dream woman: I’m not giving a name. There are many. She should be gorgeous, have a great sense of humor and if she can cook at least a little that would be nice too. She doesn’t exist, does she?

So…how about those flowery surfer shorts huh. Pretty swell.

Yes. I don’t have a pair. Sorry ladies.

What do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?

Hot weather. I live near Toronto, so we get a lot of cold. I don’t like it at all. I also don’t like the really humid temperatures we get in the summer. My ideal weather is between 10-20 Celsius (look it up, Farenheit people) where you don’t need to crank up the AC or the heat. It’s ideal to me. Spring and autumn weather is my favorite.

Where do you rate Flair on a list of best-ever wrestlers?

Near the very top. I have Michaels first, but Flair’s right there. I don’t have an official ranking. Don’t feel like doing even a quick one. Maybe I’ll write a big column on it one day.

Are red heads better in bed??

Not sure. Don’t have enough experience with them. I’m a brunette guy. I would love to conduct an experiment for research purposes, though.

How are you.

Super. Thanks for asking. No, I’m not big gay Al. I just think he’s funny.


A man like me is too classy to use either of those terms (am I right, ladies?), so I’ll go with the first one. I enjoy both, though.

How do u fell about the mailed in defense from the colts on Sunday?

From my friend Sean, a Colts fan: They didn’t mail it in when they kept the Saints out of the end zone in the first half! They just didn’t come back out of the locker room.

To add to what Sean said, I think The Who mesmerized them and they forgot to play defense after halftime. They were stuck in a Teenage Wasteland. To be honest, though, they played a conservative defensive style. Didn’t allow anything deep and gave Brees the short passes. He picked them apart, though. They should have changed it up a bit more.

Why is it that when Chris Jerico loses, he’s sacrificing himself and putting over others; when Matt Hardy loses, he’s a jobber? Jericho is a good wrestler, but you give him far too much credit.

Because Chris Jericho’s a multi time world champion that has been in main events. When somebody beats him it means something because of what Jericho has done in his great career. When Matt Hardy, a zero time World Champion (ECW doesn’t count), loses a match it only piles onto all the other losses he’s had in his career. That’s the difference.

Do you think that if they gave kane a 4 – 5 month break (lets just say by beatdown from a guy in a storyline) he could come back with his mask?

I guess so. What’s the appeal of a guy with a mask if you’ve seen his face for 7 years, though? There’s not much point to it. What’s he hiding from? Maybe he can start winning matches because he has the power of the mask now? I dunno.

Baseball fan? Will McGwire, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa ever make the HOF and since A-rod and Petittie admitted they did will they make it.and it must suck being in Toronto and seeing Halladay traded will you guys ever beat the Yankees/Red Sox

Yeah, wake me up when the Jays move to the NL. Then I’ll give a shit. I don’t really care about the HOF or the steroid issue. I’m sick of it. The owners all knew guys were juicing. They never did anything until Canseco wrote his book. After that the government forced their hand. Selig’s a terrible commissioner. I have very little respect for the people that run MLB. Ruined a game that I used to really love. If it wasn’t for fantasy baseball I wouldn’t care.

Trailer Park Boys? I lived in Maine for along time and those guys remind me of several people I know. You can’t do that on Television? Grew up on it in the States. Kids in the Hall? Why is Canadian tv so good?

Ha, I love Trailer Park Boys. Sure, every episode seems to be the same with the boys trying to grow pot and getting arrested, but it’s funny. Hard not to love Bubbles, Ricky or Julian. Kids in the Hall was pretty great too. Those guys sure liked to dress up like women, huh?

Death match: Berzerker vs. Mideon, Falls Count Anywhere, Special Enforcer: John Canton. Who walks away?

Is it Naked Mideon or “Eyeball in the Jar” Mideon? Either way, I think the Berzerker’s ferociousness, recklessness and furry boots would be too much for the Naked guy to overcome. I would say the Berzerker wins via the VINTAGE atomic drop that sends Mideon over the top for the patented Berzerer countout win even though it’s falls count anywhere. As for the special enforcer, I would be too scared to do anything remotely entertaining.

Do you think wwe is alienating its world wide audience with guest hosts ? By this i mean im british an i have only known who in the hell a handfull of the hosts are.

Yes I think they are alienating them to a degree. Do I think WWE cares that they are doing that? No, not at all.

When was the last time the world heavyweight title belt or the wwe title belt changed hands on RAW or SMACKDOWN? Not on a PPV

Wow, good question. Last year when Orton won the title after Batista forfeited it due to injury was a Raw match. I can’t think of it happening very often.

With the World Cup coming up and you being from Canada,do you care,do you have a fav.team?Also if I may ask another,I’m American but am a fan of soccer because of English football am I a jerk for hopeing England finally wins it not America

Haha well America’s not winning it. England has the skills to do it, but they always seem to choke. My fave team is Greece because I’m Greek. Was born and raised in Canada, but my parents are from Greece. I speak the language and partied my ass off when we won Euro 2004. What a day that was. Can’t top that.

If you was able to visit the moon when the time was right, would you?

Yes absolutely. As long as I had proper training and didn’t have to spend my own money. It would be an awesome experience.

What is your favourite animal?

A chicken. My favorite food. I actually said that in my kindergarten class. Teacher laughed. It’s the truth, damnit! Never had any pets.

Have you ever considered a career in pro wrestling? Or are you quite happy as a fan?

I would love to work on the creative side in pro wrestling. I don’t think I’d be that good on screen. I’m decent at speaking publicly, but it’s not easy to do that in the wrestling sense. If not, hey, I’m fine with being a fan.

What is Jack Swagger got a homosexual gimmick, like Billy and Chuck? THEN would they push him?


What is your favourite meal?

Chicken parmesan. And I can make it too.

Do you like dubstep?

I had to google what that is. Turns out I don’t like it.

Is Ric Flair overrated?

I don’t think so. He’s considered one of the best ever if not the best and I think it’s deserving.

Does it anger you that someone has clueless as the great khali can get a job with wwe?

A little bit, yeah. He’s big though, so it’s understandable. Some people like larger than life characters. It’s just hard to book them.

With you being a Canadian, it seems like watching hockey is a rite of passage, however in your blogs it seems you are more of a football fan. Just wondering whether or not you are a hockey fan and some thoughts on the sport?

NFL and NBA first, then hockey. Like the sport, but it’s too crazy in Canada. People are watching it or talking about it all the time. It drives me nuts sometimes. Looking forward to the Olympic tourney, though. Go Canada.

Was it me or was McIntyre the only young guy who got any kind of push during the rumble? I mean usually 1 or 2 enter early and last 20+ min. and I only say McIntyre because it took the Mega Pow…DX i mean to eliminate him.

If you could call it a push. None of the young guys really did much, which was one of my biggest gripes with the match. They should have used it to push them more than they did.

Do you think they should ever do what they did at the Royal Rumble 1992 and have one of the major titles on the line for the winner? I’m surprised it hasn’t happened since seeing as the 92 Rumble is considered to be one of, if not the very best.

I agree. I’d love to see it again. Vacate one of the belts and say it’s up for grabs in that match. Works for me. Would create a very exciting environment.

The Invasion angle was purposely crap. No way was Vince going to put WCW wrestlers at the same level as WWF/E wrestlers. His ego’s too big to do that. Most wrestling fans call it a failure, but I think Vince calls it “mission accomplished”. Your thoughts?

I think it was stupid of him because he OWNED WCW and putting WCW guys over WWF guys wasn’t their guys over his. It was HIS guys over HIS guys. He owned them. He should have had more WCW in there in the first place and should have put them over. That’s how you build the angle. You don’t bring them in, then squash them like a little bug and wonder where the fans went.

I’m a mark for cruiserweight wrestling. The high-flying and fast-paced matches really appeal to me. For that reason I was a big Essa Rios/Papi Chulo fan. What do you think about guys like him? Those that never got used much, but had talent.

He was a good performer, but WWE didn’t have much of an interest in pushing cruisers. Taka Michinoku was another guy. They really didn’t know how to book cruiser feuds.

In your opinion, how much life does TNA have left in it now it’s finally put all the pieces in place to become WCW version 2? Oh yeah I haven’t had chance to check it on Rajah yet, but what did you make of the Rumble this year? I thought it was shit!

Enjoyed the Rumble. TNA has a lot of life left. Up to them to decide if they are going to rise or stay where they are at.

What is the most gruesome injury you seen in wrestling?

Sid Vicious breaking his ankle at that WCW PPV in 2001. I think it was called Sin. That was gross.

Is Dolph Ziggler a clone of Kurt Russell or is it just me?

I can see the resemblance a bit.

Are you blond like most canadian wrestlers?

Nope. Dark brown hair.

read you column alot and want to know how “can” anyone like guys like mysterio,bourne,kingston? i want to be entertained in ring work isnt everything a guy has to talk and be beliveable too

I think you need a combination of the two. I like those guys you mentioned because they have good matches. I understand wanting to see more, though.

Do you think that Quebec will ever separate from Canada?

In my lifetime? No. Ever? Yes.

With the country being so split regionally do you think that there will ever be another majority government. If so what party do you see winning it?

I don’t think Canada will have a majority government for a very long time. I am not a huge follower of politics. I think it’s largely bullshit, so I don’t get emotionally invested in it.

What are you top 5 worst finisher moves? (in terms of does that hurt) I think Cena’s F-U, The worm, Hogan’s Leg Drop, are some of the worst ones. The top rope Superplex looks more painful than most finishers.

All of those ones you mentioned plus MVP balling and the Rock’s elbow. Hogan’s leg always bugged me even as a kid.

Forgive the obvious question to a Canadian, but are you a hockey fan? And if so, favorite team and player (past/present).

I enjoy it. I enjoy the NFL and NBA more, but I still like it. Favorite team is Leafs. Sucks to be a Leafs fan of late. Favorite player was Doug Gilmour for that great run in the early 90s. Favorite non Leaf was Mario Lemiuex. I liked Gretzky, but I liked Mario more. I really enjoy watching the likes of Crosby and Ovechkin in today’s game. The lockout sucked, but it has made the game better. That’s what counts.

Should the Undertaker come back with his tear drop, mask, and his purple/silver gloves and boots one last time before he retires?

Haha yeah for the sake of a laugh. I always thought those purple gloves were pathetic. The silver gloves/boots were awful too.

Do you smell what The Rock is cookin’?


A few months back you mentioned potentially doing a compilation of the best matches of the last decade. Are you still thinking of doing it? I loved your Top 50 PPV matches from ’00 to ’04.

Still might do it. Maybe turn it into a book if I write one. Thinking about it anyway.

You know what would’ve made a good tag team? Chris Jericho and CM Punk. The best in the world at what he does and the person who is better than you. Agree? Disagree?

Agree. Both are too valuable as singles wrestlers, though. They need them where they are at.

Who is the best wrestler to never win a major world title?

Lots of good people to pick from. I go with Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig ahead of Owen Hart and Ted Dibiase.

Have you seen the episode of simpsons that is just like 24…..its awesome

Yeah it’s great. I like the South Park one better, though.

What do ou think would have happened if Bret Hart stayed in the WWF/E and HBK if did not get hurt, would the likes of The Rock, Mankind, Triple H recieved pushes throughtout that time?

Yes they absolutely would have been pushed due to their age and talent level. WWE needed new main eventers. Those guys earned it.

IF Owen Hart did not died would he had been pushed to being a main eventer and becoming world champion?

I don’t think he’d be a world champion. They had too many other guys that would get that belt before him and I think he would have been retired by 2000 or 2001.

Will you watch the FIFA World Cup this summer? If yes, what is your favorite team?

Yes I will watch. Love the “beautiful game” and I will be rooting for Greece. I’m Greek (my last name is a lot longer than “Canton”) so that’s my team. I was born in Canada, but my folks are from Greece, moved here in the 60s and had four kids here. When Greece won Euro 2004 it was the greatest feeling ever. Never partied like that in my life.

Will HHH ever get new music…i miss his hunter hearst helmsly theme…the first one.

Haha yeah. Classic.

What do you think could be the defining feud of this era in WWE? I really think John Morrison and CM Punk, after having so many great matches in the past, could one day headline Wrestlemania together.

I hope so. That’s a good pick. They both in their early 30s, so there’s plenty of time for that to happen.

Do you think WWE NXT will show improved ratings compared to ECW?

No. It’ll probably be about the same.

If you had total control of WWE from the night after Wrestlemania 26 to Wrestlemania 27, what would be your biggest plans for the year?

That would require a really long answer. To make a long answer short, I would just say try to elevate more guys than what WWE does in a typical year while slowly phasing out some of the old guard.

What did you think of the WWE episode of South Park?

Very funny. “This is real wrasslin!” The fan reactions were great too.

If RAW chose a General Manager, who would you like to see? I’m guessing Mike Adamle.

Haha. I’d pick JBL. Think he would be great in the role.

When TNA moves to Monday nights, would you watch iMPACT! live in order to support the Monday Night Wars?

No because I write a column about Raw. I want to keep writing that column. I’d watch Impact later.

If RAW does become three hours like USA management is rumored to be pushing for, do you think it would be good or bad?

Bad. Two hours is plenty. They are asking a lot of their booking team to come up with 3 hours of that, 2 hours of SD, WWE NXT and then 3 hour PPVs once a month. That’s way too much. Keep it at two hours, please

If you were in wrestling what wrestling move you would never ever want to take? I would not take the stinkface, Yokozuna Banzi Drop, and Nash’s Jacknife

Stinkface for sure. No ass in my face, please.

If you could book two matches for this year’s WrestleMania with the guys currently on the WWE roster, what would they be?

Shawn Michaels vs. John Morrison with Morrison winning in a 25 minute “go entertaining everybody” kind of match and Chris Jericho vs. Edge.

Isn’t it a shame that Shawn Michaels only won 1 world championship in the 7+ years since his return? Especially when you consider he held the belt for a month and the way they change champions nowadays.

Yes. From what I’ve been told, Vince has wanted to put the belt on him a few times and Shawn said no. He doesn’t want to work house shows, so as a result he doesn’t feel it would be right to hold the title if you’re only on TVs. A far cry from the way he behaved in the 1990s.

What do you think about Matt Hardy’s poor state in WWE? I worry that it could be because of him getting injured so much over the past few years and him being overweight.

I think you’ve got a point. I feel bad for the guy. He works hard, the crowd clearly likes him and he’s worked in WWE for over a decade. At some point he might get a push, right? Maybe not.

Survivor Series 2002, featuring the original Elimination Chamber (and RVD fucking up Triple H), was the first pay-per-view I’ve ever seen live and to this day is my favorite. How would you rate it?

Good match, not sure if I ever wrote about it. I’d call it **** out of 5 and say that when HBK won I was very happy. I’m not sure how I’d rank the other EC matches. I don’t remember them off the top of my head that well.

What commentary team over the past five years have you liked most? Personally, I was a big fan of Michael Cole and JBL on Smackdown.

Jim Ross and Mick Foley. Didn’t last long enough, but I liked them. Also liked Ross and Tazz. Cole & JBL were pretty good. I think JBL’s great in the role while Cole wasn’t as much of a douchebag on Smackdown.

What is your favorite the office episode and moment? Fact: bears eat people. (Dwight Schrute)

Tough call. I’d say the Jim/Pam wedding episode was my favorite. So many great things with Dwight hooking up with Pam’s friend then completely ignoring, Kevin with the shoes, Michael’s speech the day before the wedding, Andy’s injury and so many other great things. That one is fantastic.

Do you think that Jillian and Katie Lea deserve a push?

Jillian for sure. What a brutal gimmick. Still haven’t seen enough of Katie Lea.

What did you think of THE BILLY AND CHUCK storyline/angle wwe did?

I thought it was bad comedy, but I give credit to them (even though I dislike Billy Gunn) for pulling it off. It was cheesy, yet it was harmless.

Do you think that if MVP or Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship, or any black WWE Superstar, that would give them an automatic ticket to the WWE Hall of Fame, considering no black superstar has won it ever?

The Rock’s half black, that counts. I don’t think MVP or Kofi will win it although there’s still time obviously.

Why do you think R-Truth is getting a push all of a sudden for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, when he hasn’t even won a single title in WWE since returning?

I’m not sure. Maybe they feel like they should be pushing an African-American more. Maybe they hear that he’s getting good pops. Maybe they like his work in the ring. I always found him to be a pretty good overall performer, but not somebody that would ever win the World or WWE Title in WWE.

What was your hardest class in college? Did you fail any classes? Which class did you like the most? What was your overall gpa?

I hated accounting. My degree’s in business admin, but I did some accounting and I always hated it. Never failed in college. My parents paid for most of it. If I failed they’d be pissed off. Didn’t want to do that. I liked economics a lot. Also enjoyed anything that involved creative thinking or marketing. Overall GPA was a 3.3.

Who is the most over rated wrestler today?

Triple H. Not a joke. That’s my answer.

What is the most influential moment in wrestling history?

The first WrestleMania, Hogan appearing in Rocky III and Hogan slamming Andre @ WM3 comes to mind. Also the Montreal screwjob at Survivor Series 1997 would be one too.

Is there a wrestler or wrestlers, that you can remember, that you thought could’ve been an all-time great but, ultimately, was underutilized or underachieved in their respective company?

Ricky Steamboat in the WWF obviously. Should have been elevated. I think Jake Roberts should have been a world champion, but I guess he was never dedicated enough due to his boozing.

In your honest opinion, do you think Hogan is going to be good for TNA or do you think he’s going to kill it? Also what’s your opinion(if any) on TNA dropping the 6 sided ring?

I don’t mind the 6 sided ring being gone. Four sides is better. I think Hogan will be good for TNA, but not great. I don’t see them improving ratings that much or generating PPV buys.

Do u think TNA has a shot at WWE in the ratings war whenever they start the Monday night wars again?


Do u think TNA has a shot at WWE in the ratings war whenever they start the Monday night wars again?

Not really. They’re a much smaller company. It takes time.

Speaking of Carlito, do you remember the days when he used to get huge pops from the crowd? Now it’s pretty much dead air.

Yep. They have soured on him. I don’t think he gives a shit, really.

Do you think Austin’s heel turn would’ve worked better if they had say extended Austin-Jericho and if Triple H didn’t tear his quad? I thought the heel turn was brilliantly done, myself.

Definitely. Austin’s heel turn failed because they lacked babyfaces for him to go against. If HHH was there it would have worked magically while Hunter would have been very over as a babyface.

Do you collect anything? Is there anything you cherish the most?

I have every issue of Sports Illustrated since about 1987. I keep them in boxes in the basement of my parent’s house (I don’t live there anymore). Also used to collect baseball cards. My aunt had a variety, so she’d give me the full set every year. From age 6 (1986) to 13 (1993) I had all the cards. Then I hit puberty and it was onto women being what I cherish the most.

That’s all for this batch. More on Monday morning.

  1. Darrell
    February 14, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Does size matter?

    Yes. It always does. Don’t let anybody tell you different. They are lying.

    (Thanks for posting, Vince McMahon)

  2. Rated R
    February 14, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    I didn’t like this round as much as the previous. Too much none wrestling questions. Still a fun read though.

  3. Tyson
    February 14, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    Regarding the Bischoff question, I think he brings a lot of the criticism on himself. He definitely deserves recognition for giving the WWF a run for their money but, when he talks about how he is so much more creative than Vince I have to roll my eyes. He had one really successful idea that he ran into the ground until no one cared…and he even stole that idea from New Japan.

  4. rob
    February 14, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    The Simpsons ‘Hank Scorpio’ episode is the greatest episode ever. I am glad you mentioned it, John. Anything A. Brooks does on the Simpsons is gold!
    Even he was awesome in Finding Nemo.

    As far as 3 hour RAW goes…I can barely stay awake for 2 hours. Honestly, they’ll have some Diva crap on, I’ll close my eyes…just for a rest…next thing I know…sports highlights on The Score.

    • Sam
      February 16, 2010 at 11:50 AM

      wasn’t that episode called “You Only Live Twice”? Or am is there one I am missing?

  5. JCITY617
    February 14, 2010 at 8:29 PM


  6. Edswoggle
    February 17, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    It’s a cool thing to know that you’re a fan of Trailer Park Boys lol

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