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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume IV (Formspring.com)

This is the fourth part of your questions with my answers. The answers are from questions you asked me at http://www.formspring.me/johnreport over the last week. I’ve answered over 700 questions by now. These ones cover ones I was asked Thursday-Saturday this past week for the most part. I have another volume of answers ready to go with Volume V on Wednesday to catch up. You can see any answer to the questions at the link above by sifting through the archives. The answers cover everything from pro wrestling to sports to television to movies to even information about me. Let’s get to it with this large batch of Q&A.

What was your favorite year of wrestling in the 2000s?

I’d go like this:
1) 2000
2) 2003
3) 2001

The first half of the decade was much better.

Two “what if’s”: How would you have seen the history of WWE/F play out if 1) Owen Hart had not tragically fallen and/or Shawn Michaels not had to have career threatening back surgery that took him out for 4 years?

If Shawn didn’t get hurt in 1998 then he’d be thriving with all those guys that helped WWE turn the corner at that time. I don’t know if his life would have changed. Would he have still met his wife (a Nitro girl at the time that Kevin Nash set him up with) and turned to religion to help him stop his addiction to drugs? I don’t know. As for Owen, I think he would have retired by 2001 since that’s what he told his wife. Nothing in wrestling can ever make me as sad as the night when I found out Owen Hart died.

If you could pick 5 Dream matches (any wrestlers) what would they be?

I’ll go all-time.

Shawn Michaels (1997 heel) vs. The Rock (2001 face)
Bret Hart (1995 face) vs. Kurt Angle (2001 heel)
Steve Austin (1997 pre-injury face) vs. Chris Jericho (2008 heel)
Undertaker (1997 face) vs. Sting (1989 face)
Rey Mysterio (1997 face) vs. Triple H (2000 heel)

Man, those matches would be fun.

How many words can you type a minute?

70 words per minute. If I looked good in a skirt I’d be a secretary.

Growing up, the McMahon-Helmsley vs Rock story particularly WM2000 – Backlash – Judgment Day seemed so intense to me. Austin’s return at Backlash is 1 of my favourite wwf memories. Was that period Triple H at his best?

Yes. Triple H in 2000 had one of the best years ever. No question. I need to write a column about him because a lot of people think I dislike him, but I really LOVED the guy that year. When he tore his quad in 2001 it really slowed him down. Then he tore the second one and that slowed him down even more.

Favorite Rock match and promo?

Rock match would be WMX7 vs. Austin. Two guys at their peak. High intensity. Love it. Promo? So many to pick. I like the one where he imitates Billy Gunn talking to God and he tells Billy to shut up. That was epic. Plus, I don’t like Billy Gunn.

Are you concerned about Bret’s capabilities? I’m a massive ( I mean huge, monumental, Bret mark) but after tonight’s raw I was torn between marking out and scared he is going to look bad due to his limitations and physical shape.

I’m a little concerned. However, I also have a lot of respect for Bret and I don’t think he would be doing what he’s doing without knowing what his limitations are. The guy’s very smart. I trust him to know what he’s doing. I think as his fans he’s earned our trust.

It seems to be going around that Christian was “sqaushed”, “stomped”, or “buried” on this week’s RAW. Frankly, I thought he was well represented with a good offensive arsenal displayed. Your opinion?

I agree with you. Losing in ten minutes isn’t a squash. It’s a loss. If you lose in 3 minutes or less it’s a squash. There’s a difference.

Is Canada The USA without Disneyland?

Yes. And we’ve had less snow in Ontario than the US. You cold bastards.

Favourite sandwich filling? DO YOU EVEN LIKE FOOD?

Chicken, turkey, roast beef, salami, ham and as a kid it was always peanut butter and jam as my lunch at school. Meat in the sandwich means I’m a happy man.

Do you ever go on wwe universe on wwe.com?

No. I’ve got enough places to keep me busy in what free time I have.

This will never happen in real life, but how would you book a Sting-Undertaker match at Wrestlemania (PPV build up & the match itself)?

Build it up as a dream match. Show videos of Sting conquering people in WCW and how it’s a match that has never happened before. It would draw pretty well.

What is your opinion on the future of Shelton Benjamin?

I doubt he ever gets pushed. It’s a shame.

What did you think of Ken Shamrocks time as a professional wrester? Favourite Shamrock match?

Good question. Loved Shamrock. I thought he adapted to wrestling really well considering his background was UFC and

I’m a big fan of Lost but now I’m just getting angry, anyhoot what do u think will happen to say the Losties/Ben/Richard etc. No matter what happenes people will still complain becuz we never found out y so n so had blue shoes or y whomeva eats left handed.

Yeah people like to bitch and complain about things, that’s just life. I enjoy the show for what it is. I recommend not worrying too much about what might happen or what should happen.

What is your fav delivery pizza? I like pizza hut

In Canada we have something called Pizza Pizza. That’s my pick. I also like the smaller mom and pop type chains too. They usually deliver in the quality department.

Stuck on a desert island, you build a raft only big enough for two people. There is you, MJC, Jericho, Bret Hart, and Edge. Who lives?

As much as I love my Canadian wrestling legends, I would say get the hell out of my way because I’m picking Mickie. That’s an easy question.

Green Day American Idiot era, or Green Day Dookie era?

I like American Idiot era a lot better. The song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” really stuck with me as did most of them. I like Dookie a lot, it was great for me at that time of my life too as a teen. Just feels like American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown resonated more with me.

Is Jerry Lawler losing his mind? He seems to make mistakes every 5 minutes on raw!

Yes. He’s old. Old people forget things.

Plain or spicy wings?

Spicy. Also love the honey flavored ones.

Favourite drink now that i think of it?

Alcohol: Rum and coke. Non-alcohol: Orange juice, milk, Gatorade (orange) and lots of water too. I used to drink pop. Not anymore.

Does Mickie think you’re a stalker? Or better yet, do you think you are stalking her?

No she does not because she knows I’m just a fan that thinks she’s an awesome performer. She also reads my work. I’m not stalking her. I write about it publicly to generate a laugh and I know it makes her laugh because she has said so publicly. She’s a really cool person. It’s nice to be able to interact with somebody that you admire.

Who invented cold weather? I want to murder them!

Haha. Sucks, doesn’t it? I swear it makes us stronger. At least I think so! Warm weather people are wimps…that hopefully don’t read this.

Where do babies come from?

Drunken sex.

What do you do for a living?

I work for a major financial institution in Canada. I’m a customer service representative that assists the needs of individuals that have questions as it relates to finances. I can do this via face to face meetings, on the phone or via email. In other words, I’m like a banker. I get my own desk, though. Lots of computer time, which allows me to answer formspring questions should I have down time. :)

Would you ever support one of the “Big Four” PPV’s ever being hosted in England?

Yes, but it’s a time issue. A 8 pm show in the UK would be 3pm in the US and they’re not interested in showing a PPV that early in America. They also don’t want to show a PPV on tape delay because it will hurt buys. Only way it happens is if they go with a 1am start time in the UK (8pmET here), but that’s pretty ridiculous.

Who do you think is the worse commentator in the wwe, I use to think Cole, but king is bad right now is crazy.

I think King is worse than Cole right now. That’s my pick.

Who are your 5 least favorite wrestlers to hold a major world championship? (Any promotion)

Great Khali, JBL, Sid, David Arquette and Vince Russo.

Do you think it would be incredible if they made the WM26 match between HBK/Taker a Streak vs. Career match? If it’s just like last year, I don’t see how they can top it if they don’t.

Yes, but I don’t think Shawn’s retiring. Can’t do that yet.

If you can make three wishes what would they be

1. I would want a lot of money to help those that need it to better their lives specifically those that are sick.

2. That all the needless “wars” that exist would find a resolution sooner rather than later.

3. Lots of women.

If you could only watch one WrestleMania for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

WMX7. It’s the best ever. It’s the show for everybody with a variety of quality matches and excitement from top to bottom. Well, aside from the Chyna match.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

One time when I was like 17 or 18 I was skiing with a girl. I was showing off, trying to impress her and I started going sideways a bit. Little did I know there was a tree right there. Crashed right into it. Had a couple bruises. Nothing too serious, though. Needless to say, it didn’t really impress her.

Who do you think needs an updated Titan Tron in WWE? I’d go with Kane myself because his is very outdated… he still has the towel and tanktop on!

I guess Kane then! I don’t notice these things too much.

What do you look for in a girl?

Good looks, intelligence, the ability to laugh because I think I’m pretty funny and I like being around people that can laugh and strong family values. If she has money and she can cook then that’s a bonus too!

A few years ago, Carlito was in the main event of New Year’s revolution being in the Elimination Chamber and giving an amazing performance. WWE even had a massive RAW Promo campaign surrounding him calling him “Raw’s Bad Apple”.

I’m not sure. They must not think he could get over with a serious push, so they use him as a joke. I don’t necessarily agree.

If the crazy Vince hates little people like Evan bourne, why does Vince love Hornswoggle?

Because he’s a midget and Bourne is just short. Midgets are hilarious to Vince. Short people are just short to Vince.

Was it wise for the Blue Jays to give away Roy Halladay? What would you do to change that franchise around?

Had to move him. He was gonna leave after 2010. That’s the economics of baseball. Change the franchise around? Move to the NL. Can’t win shit in the AL East. Or get a hard salary cap, which isn’t gonna happen. I don’t have any hope for my Jays.

Why can’t everyone be straightedge?

Because alcohol makes you do things you don’t do when you’re sober. Simple as that.

what did you think when stone cold came out and chanted boring during one of lance storms matches….i thought it was disrespectful.

I thought it was a stupid attempt at getting a guy over. Bad storyline rather than disrespectful.

have you ever bought any type of WWE merchandise and if so what wrestlers merch have you bought? – K.O

Not really. I buy DVDs. Never bought that many shirts. I used to subscribe to Raw magazine for a few years when they were geared towards the smart fan (from like 2000 to 2003). The last shirt I bought was probably that bloody Austin one from like 1998 I guess. I had that plus a Hart Foundation one.

Your favourite Edge, Jericho, Punk and RVD matches?

That’s a tough one. Long answer would be needed and I don’t have time to do that because there are so many questions. I’ll be quick, though:

Edge – The tag with Rey against Benoit & Angle @ No Mercy 2002 is the best. Also any TLC is great as well as the Undertaker matches with HIAC standing out.

Jericho – Probably the No Mercy 2008 Ladder match vs. Michaels is my favorite. There are so many, though.

Punk – Summerslam vs. Hardy in terms of his WWE stuff. His 60 minute match vs. Joe in ROH is the best match of his I’ve seen.

RVD – Jerry Lynn in ECW 1999 stands out to me. Also he had a classic with Jeff Hardy in 2001.

Why do alot of the wwe talent make a name for themself and then ditch the company? (for example, RVD,Lashley,Lesnar and hardy) and is this why they are tight on giving the title to newer talent?.

Absolutely that’s why they are scared to push a young guy. They invested so much so fast with Lesnar and Lashley yet both left. Now they’re hesitant to push somebody new. I think guys get sick of the lifestyle and they want out. It’s a lot of travel. Not easy to do. It happens.

If you had to get rid of one: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress?

Shit, that’s tough! I really use all of them a lot and they’ve all been huge in terms of getting my name out there. I can’t get rid of Twitter since I met MJC through that. Facebook has been an awesome tool for creating Commentfest among other things. I guess I could be without WordPress because it’s only been four months and I could still write at other sites, but I love having my own blog now.

Next season, say the Rams and Raptors both make the playoffs. You get offered a ticket to either one of those games, or WrestleMania. Which do you choose?

I’d rather go a Rams playoff game for sure. That’s my number one passion. I’d pick WrestleMania if I got to go backstage and meet Mickie afterwards, though. Haha.

We all know the WWE Hall of Fame is a joke, however, do you think it’d be wise of them to recognize some International talent? Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki or even a more modern Great Muta? 2nd, is there a HOF you consider more valid like the HOF in NY?

I look at the Wrestling Observer’s Hall of Fame as more valid. It’s hard to get in that one. Look it up on Wikipedia for the list and the outline of it. I’m pretty sure WWE is honoring Inoki this year, which is great. That’s nice of them.

Of all WWE main eventers (past and present), which one did you think was going to be least likely to make it before they became big?

JBL by far. I’m still stunned they pushed him like they did. Promo wise he was great, but in ring he left a lot to be desired. Also Great Khali. Terrible in ring. I thought it was terrible to put the belt on him.

Why does WWE treat CM Punk like shit? Give him the World Title he’s the biggest heel on Smackdown.

I’m sure he’ll reach that level again. Just not right now.

do you think back in the monday night wars d-generation-x was WWF/E’s version of WCW’s NWO. Think about it. They both had there own PPV’s, had several members and shared some of the same attitudes

Yes, they absolutely were. They copied the NWO and Vince copied Bischoff’s character too. It worked.

who do you think has had the most success once they split from there tag team partner. I think it would be Jeff Hardy. He became a world champ several times and numerous times he became IC champ

I agree. Jeff Hardy or Edge for sure.

Top 5 feuds in the past 5 years

Off the top of my head I’d go Jericho/Michaels, Angle/Michaels, Edge/Undertaker, Punk/Hardy and Edge/Cena.

Someone asked you recently would you take a job with WWE if offered and you said yes, would you take a job if offered by TNA?

Sure. I’d love to give it a try.

Do you think WWE will actually put the WWE Divas Championship on Gail Kim? I think it looks that way because as of right now, every champion on Raw is heel and I can’t see the logic in another heel becoming champion.

It would be nice. I think Maryse gets it, though. Not like the women on Raw form a competitive division anyway.

If you could write an open letter to the WWE writers, what would you say? How about Vince?

There’s a lot to say. Mostly I’d say please try to book storylines with an eye towards the future. I know it’s hard to do what they do, but you have to know where you’re going with your stories and book towards that goal. Be smart with your booking. Comedy’s fine. We all like to laugh. It’s important to be serious when it comes to booking titles, though. Also, start elevating fresh main eventers. It needs to be done.

I’m a nerd when it comes to belts and how they look etc. Do you think it’s time to makeover any of the belts in the WWE? I mean the IC Title has looked that way forever. I was a big fan of the old style IC belt in the Razor/Shawn days.

Nah, I like how they look. I’d be a fan of getting rid of the spinner belt and bringing back the real WWE Title belt, though.

Jim Johnston…Amazing?????

The WWE’s music guy? Yeah, pretty talented I’d say. Did he come up with Regal’s Real Man song?

What is your favourite sports movie and why?

Wow, tough call. I’m not going to count Field of Dreams even though I’ve seen it more than any “sports” movie. It’s more of a father-son type movie. The ones that stand out to me are Bull Durham, Hoosiers, Friday Night Lights and Remember the Titans. I like all of those. If you’re looking at a comedy standpoint, Spaceballs and Major League are pretty awesome too.

Do you think that the younger superstars have got to be given more of a chance rather than seeing the same old names in the title picture on smackdown and raw?

Yes. That’s the biggest thing WWE needs to do going forward. They have to develop new main eventers.

How would you rate the current WWE divas in order of wrestling ability? Just do the first 10, might take awhile to do 20. :)

Alright, I’ll try.
1. Mickie James
2. Gail Kim
3. Beth Phoenix
4. Natalya (give her a chance!)
5. Melina
6. Michelle McCool
7. Maryse

That’s it. The others need to put in more work. I can’t differentiate between them. Serena’s probably worthy based on what I hear, but I haven’t seen enough.

the writers like to dip into the past for some storylines…i was thinking the other day…ram kofi down our throats, pipe in “die kofi die” chants have him get “hurt”..then return as The King…a dick heel like the rock. could it work?

No, because he’s not that good on the microphone and not even close to being as charismatic as The Rock is. Then again, we didn’t know The Rock was that charismatic until he was given that chance.

You wrote about constant title changes hurting the title belts. I think being world champion has been devalued ever since they made a second world title- and WWE has been poorer ever since. Agree or disagree?

Agree to an extent. It’s weird when guys like Edge, Cena and Orton have held the belts more than 6 times each in the past four or five years considering guys like Michaels, Austin, Rock, Hart have all held it less.

If you could choose one politician, one celebrity, one sportsman and one historic figure to host raw who would be and why?¿

Politician: Bill Clinton. Hide the divas!
Celebrity: Chris Rock. He makes me laugh.
Sportsman: Muhammad Ali in his prime. What a charismatic guy.
Historic Figure: Napoleon. Vince loves midgets.

Do you think CM Punk is growing his beard so he can shave that off because the hair vs mask match at mania does specifically state it has to be head hair?

Yes. Shave the beard and the head probably. Ultimate humiliation.

If Jericho and Edge do face each other at Wrestlemania do you think Jericho has a chance of winning or is it Edge all the way?

It’s Edge all the way. They’ll probably feud for months, which is fine by me.

Did u know that its accepted that there could be parallel universes, & that it has been theoretically proven? Or that light speed space travel is theoretically possible, & that scientists are exploring the idea of literally bending time & space? interesting?

I write about men in their underwear and you ask me this? Go read a book. I don’t know.

Having noticed in the last batch of questions that you watch Survivor… All-time favorite Castaway? (mine’s Rob Cesternino) Looking forward to HvV+prediction to win? Do you find that your liking for Survivor ties in a lot with your liking for wrestling?

I accidentally fell into some spoilers that I’m told are accurate. I hate that I did it. Therefore, I can’t make a prediction. My favorite castaway is easily Russell from last season. He’s also in Heroes vs. Villains, which should be great. I think I like it because it’s a good example of human psychology. There are so many possible strategies that you can employ to win the game, yet there’s no one strategy that is definitely the right one. I would love to be on that show.

Any chance of king of the ring ever again?

Could happen. Not sure why it doesn’t. I’ve always thought they failed to book it properly all these years.

Can I buy you a pint and talk wrestling at your favorite downtown bar in London? Hehe

Sure. Whoever you are.

What was your opinion of Rick Martel? I started watching WWF in 1990 and he was immediately my favourite, and I thought he was another extremely under-used talent.

I thought he had a nice tan and probably smelled nice. He was a decent talent. Nothing exceptional or anything.

Who’d win in a fight Hornswoggle or Gary Coleman?

Wow, that would be epic. Save it for Mania. I’d go Hornswoggle because Coleman’s probably been on a lot of drugs and alcohol over his life while Horny’s still pretty young. Yes, I just used logic to settle a Hornswoggle/Coleman question. Shoot me now.

If Barack Obama is half white and half black then why does that make him black?

Because it’s the more dominant color.

can austin drink beer when he host raw or is it root beer all the way..

Root beer. Maybe water.

Thoughts on the Who’s half time show at the superbowl?

I’m happy they didn’t break a hip. They were fine.

What’s your favourite fruit?

In order: Watermelon, bananas, apples, clementines (I don’t really like oranges), pears, strawberries and I think that’s a good enough list. I enjoy fruit.

Who wins a one-on-one match-up: Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? (I’d throw Triple H in there, but we all know he doesn’t lose. Ever. At anything.)

Probably Jordan. He’s the best ever. Bryant is making a case for being one of the five best players ever, though. I’ve always had the top five as MJ, Magic, Russell, Wilt and Larry, but Kobe’s very close to getting into that level. LeBron James might be there too. The quality of top players in the NBA is pretty high right now.

John, if Mickie were to ever actually ask you out on a date, would you step up, or chicken out?

Step up, of course. I would not chicken out. I might need to take a few shots of vodka, but I would not chicken out.

What was your least favorite year of wrestling in the 2000s?

2007. Chris Benoit’s murders happened. It was tough to watch after that.

Who is your favorite porn star?

Porn star? Me? I’m a classy, upstanding individual that would never lower himself to such standards…ah fuck it I like Lisa Ann.

Who in your opinion is the best wrestler to never win the WWE TITLE?

I always say Curt Hennig Mr. Perfect, but I like Owen Hart and Ted Dibiase as well.

I can’t wait for Austin to host Raw. Hopefully Bret will be on that raw. What do you think might happen because of their history?

Not sure. I’m very excited for it, though. That’s my favorite match and feud ever. They’re very good friends from what I know too, so it should be epic. I’m excited for that night too.

2 part question lost is on its last series do you think they should of made more than 6 seasons plus what do you think will be the out come of it all

Six seasons is enough. Glad that they know when to stop. Not sure what to think about what will happen. There’s a lot that could happen and trying to guess with this show is a waste of time.

Who is your favorite person in the wire? Was it smart to kill D’angelo so early in season 2?

My fave person was McNulty. What an asshole. I loved when he pissed people off and didn’t give a shit about doing it. My other favorite would be Bubs. Very lovable guy. I literally cheered when he turned his life around in season five. There were so many characters that I really liked. Those are my top two, though.

It was sad when D’Angelo died, but I understood why it happened. Progressed the Barksdale/Stringer story nicely heading into season three.

What is happening with Nathan Jones rumour had him joining Tna about two years ago?

Ha, he sucks. They should not hire him. Not a good wrestler. Been in some movies, though.

how can you rate the steiner vs hhh match the worst match ever when we had the build up to brock lesnar and goldberg, with the let down that was?

Because Steiner vs. HHH was worse. It was brutal. My opinion.

Have you noticed the ear pieces in the referee’s ears lately? Is this so McMahon can communicate with them? Like in the royal rumble when Mike Chioda told undetaker to look away and wipe his nose?

Yes. The refs have always had them. It’s for Vince or somebody close to Vince to tell them when to finish a match or to give them direction like the Undertaker’s nose thing that you mentioned.

Did you ever think about training to wrestle, I don’t mean to get into the biz, I mean to learn about your passion in another way?.

Nope. Not for me. I’m a basketball guy. I’m 6’2″ and 205. Don’t think I’d have the build for it.

I’m a Briton planning a big trip across the US this summer, starting in California and going through the south. While travelling I want to check out some indie wrestling. Are there any well regraded promotions to see, or ways to find out about them?

I’m not sure, never been to California. I’d look online, obviously. Search for that, go into forums that talk about indy wrestling and see what you can come up with. I’m not the best person to ask on this subject.

How do you feel about the possible JoMo heel turn?

Don’t like it. Hope it doesn’t happen. He’s better as a babyface.

Do you like Green Day? Who are some of your favourite bands?

Yes, love Green Day. Seen them live twice. They’re at the top of my list with Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam.

How does one get into the high-paced world of Canadian finance?

It’s not high paced at all! Go to school, study hard and suck up to the right people to get a decent job. I wish I went into journalism, personally. Too late now.

Did you notice King’s fuck up when he said Cody was in the EC instead of Ted? – Richard

Yep. I’m surprised King is still there. He’s way past his prime.

What do you make of Sheamus? Being Irish i think its great to see other than having Finlay (who loves to fight like all Irish people apparently!)

I like him. He works hard and he’s done a good job of getting heel heat. I joke about him sucking up to HHH, but it’s just a joke. I’m glad to see somebody new in the main event picture.

What is your fave wrestling book?

1. Bret Hart, 2. Chris Jericho, 3. Mick Foley’s first one, 4. Mick Foley’s second one and 5. Shawn Michaels.

You have plenty of fans in the UK. Don’t know if you’ve heard but John Terry (Our England football team captain) had an affair with a team mate’s ex-fiancee, and has been sacked as captain. Got an opinion on that?

I know all about it. Love scandals. Good for him! It’s an ex-fiancee! Leave him alone. What’s great is that when England inevitably loses in the World Cup they can already blame him for the loss even if he plays great. Built in excuses are great.

Does anyone with an IQ over 70 believe that RAW guest hosts actually make matches?

Haha, sadly some people believe it. Some of the emails I get make me go “wow.” It’s pretty sad.

Who is your favorite late night TV personality?

David Letterman. Been watching him since I was about 12. I used to love staying up late watching him. It was easier when he moved to 11:30 when I was 14, though. I like Conan and Kimmel a lot too. They have a similar sense of humor as I do.

Do you know The Situation? Would you like to meet him?

Haha, no, don’t know him. I watched a bit of Jersey Shore. Doesn’t seem like a guy like that is real, ya know? I think he’d want me to touch his abs, so no I don’t want to meet him.

What are your top 3 reality shows?

Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother. I tend to watch those three. I don’t brag about watching Big Brother, though.

Whatever happened to Charlie Haas’ imitations?

They just kind of stopped. I enjoyed them. The Great Charlie!

Bullet for my Valentine or Linkin Park?

Linkin Park. Loved them earlier last decade.

Do you think there will ever be a show of matches between wrestlers from WWE and TNA?


Who do you think was the greatest heel of all time? My vote goes to Killer Kowalski.

Ric Flair. Did it for so long at such a high level. Also would put 2000 HHH, 2001 Austin and 1997 Hart near the top for my favorite individual heel characters.

Do you think Takers streak will ever end? and is there anyone on the roster who you think would be ‘allowed’ to end it (in a similar vein to HBK putting Flair away at Mania)?

I don’t think it will end. Not sure if anybody will be allowed to end it, either. Let it live forever.

Doesn’t brand extension limit the fueds wrestlers can have?

Yes. It also allows for younger wrestlers to get more TV time. If the brand extension didn’t exist then we’d probably get more HHH on TV and less of the younger guys that they need to build around.

What’s the best pop a wrestlers had? I’ve been watching Jerichos debut on youtube – which was awesome.

That was pretty great. I like Austin’s at Backlash 2000 when he did the run in to help Rock win the belt. That was massive. The Hart Foundation’s pop at Canadian Stampede 1997 was huge. Also, Ultimate Warrior saving Hogan at WM8 was really big. There are a lot of good ones, though.

I read rumors on rajah.com that John Morrison may be Turing heel again, but is still said to have tons of potential. I think that would be a mistake, they need more young babyface stars, what do you think?

I doubt it happens. I think he’s got a lot of appeal as a babyface and that’s the better role for him. His offense is more conditioned to be a babyface while the way he sells moves is better in the babyface role. Turning him heel would be a mistake to me.

lex luger?

Physically had a great look and in his youth he actually had some decent matches. Look at old NWA or early WCW stuff. Then he got too big, couldn’t move anymore and had shitty matches all the time. The Narcissist is one of the worst gimmicks in WWE too. Vince thought it was great, I’m sure.

You said you liked soccer, do you follow any english team?

Not really. One of my best friends is from a Brit family and loves Liverpool, so over the years I’ve watched some games with fans of the Reds. The games come on at like 10am here sometimes (or 2pm), so early drinking is a lot of fun at the pub.

John, if you had to have sex with any one man on the WWE roster, who would you pick?

I don’t have sex with men. Would never do it. Sorry Vince McMahon.

Who would you book to be the next title holder of each belt in the WWE?

World Title – Jericho
WWE Title – Shawn Michaels one more time
IC Title – Fine on McIntyre.
US Title – It’s good on Miz.
Tag titles – Hart Dynasty
Women’s Title – Love it on Mickie, of course.
Divas Title – Gail Kim

After the whole legacy break up has happened, who would you like Randy to feud with next?

Depends if he’s a face or heel. If he’s face, then Jericho. If he’s heel, John Morrison.

Do you think Cena has ever taken steroids?

At one point? Yes. Probably not lately. If I’m wrong, I apologize to Cena. If you abuse them and it leads to death like what we saw with Eddie Guerrero then it’s a big deal.

Do you believe in God? if yes then why?

Yes, to some extent. Why? Because I’ve always been told to and have a strong faith in there being a God. I’m not about to preach to those that choose to not believe. To each their own. We make our own choices.

Who is your favourite Manning?

Peyton. Don’t care for Eli much.

Why did Mickie James let herself go over several months in WWE to the point of where it was turned into a storyline? Doesn’t she realize that her spot can be given to any of the other divas that the company employs?

I think she realized that there was going to be a good payoff for her character, which there was. Plus, performers often can’t say no or refuse a storyline.

Do u like subway

It’s okay. Have it once a month maybe. Not that often.

Who got screwed more: Bret Hart in 1997 or Conan O’Brien in 2010?

Conan got paid $40 mil to not work. Bret got paid $3 mil to work for the shit in WCW. I’ll say Bret got screwed more.

Survivor Series is being killed off, apparently! Do you see a new themed Pay-Per-View taking it’s place a la Elimination Chamber or TLC?

Yes. Not sure what, though. Still 9 months away.

Have u ever gotten any hate mail? What was the worst anyone has sent you?

Yes. The worst was when a guy threatened to kick my ass if he ever saw me. What was he upset about? Because I didn’t like some Undertaker/Khali match years ago that he thought was great. Yes, he wanted to fight over an opinion about a match. Usually those types of ones are easy to deal with because the grammar they use isn’t very good and it’s easy to insult them. Most of the time I try to reply cordially even if they’re being a jerk to me. I don’t get much hate mail, though.

Best matches/Favorite wrestlers of the real ECW?

I liked Lance Storm, RVD, Jerry Lynn, Raven, Dreamer. I liked a lot of them. Best match was that Guerrero/Malenko 2/3 falls one and also Lynn/RVD from I believe Heatwave 1999.

Sheamus or Drew McIntyre?

I like Drew more going into the future. I like both, though. They have good heel presence. I think McIntyre will be capable of having better matches, though.

Regarding the question about having a PP in England, how did they do Summerslam?

It took place on August 29th, but it aired on August 31 in the US/Canada. They could do it so it’s on a four or five hour delay, but the results would get out on the net so fast that I doubt it ever happens.

What’s your favourite entrance song?

Currently it’s Edge. All time is probably Randy Savage.

Do you eat breakfest?

Yep. Sometimes it’s just a couple of pieces of fruit in the car on my way to work. Sometimes it’s cereal, eggs, pancakes or whatever I have time to make. I’m a decent cook.

What grades did you get in high school?

A’s in some, but A- in most and a few B+. I never really got below a B in anything in my life.

Are you close to your grandparents (maternal & paternal)

They’ve all passed away. I’m the youngest of four and my dad was the youngest of six, so by the time I was born my grandparents were all in their late 70s. I only met them a couple of times because they lived in Greece.

Where’s Chris Bosh gonna be playing this time next year?

I hope Toronto. I really do. I think it’ll be Miami with DWade, though.

Do you have a 2nd Facebook that you use for your regular life outside of wrestling blogs and what not?

Yes. I don’t use it that much. Have about 150 people on it.

Who, what, when, where, and how?

You’re too full of questions. I can’t help you.

So I was watching ECW last night and after watching big Zeke talk about domination I got to thinking. What if they started up another Nation of Domination? Mark Henry was an original member and he could be used with Zeke, MVP and Cryme Tyme.

Could work. Doubt it happens.

Okay John, not to be biased or anything, but who are your favorite Commentfesters? And do you have to cut their comments out from time to time if they have too many posted?

What I try to do is get everybody in at least once or twice if possible. I don’t really keep track of how many time one person gets in. And I don’t think I have a favorite. I appreciate anybody that takes the time to post comments.

What did/do you think of Ted DiBiase (Sr.)??

Loved him. Great promos, very good actor and an above average in ring performer. Always enjoyed him.

Remember those Klondike Bar ads asking what you would do for one? Well, what would you do to be pinned by Maryse?

Haha. I’d do a lot to be pinned by Maryse.

What are your thoughts on the reality show concept of NXT??

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like.

With the Rumble, MITB, and (the revived) KOTR should be used to elevate 2-3 guys a year. Why do they not create new stars? Why do they script promos?

They don’t create new stars because they probably fear they might leave like Lesnar or Lashley did. That’s what I think. They script promos to make sure that what the wrestlers say is what they want them to say.

Do you ever see an overseas WrestleMania in WWE? If so, where?

I doubt it. If it happens then England.

Shower or Baths? What’s your favourite shampoo?

Showers only. Only times I’ve taken baths were when I had knee or ankle injuries from basketball, which weren’t that often. Favorite shampoo? I’m not picky. Whatever’s on sale as long as it’s not some really cheap one.

I’m interested in working in the financial field as well, similar to your job, what type of education did you get?

My degree is in Business Administration. My advice is to go after something you’re interested in. If it’s accounting, go for that. If it’s Economics, go for that. I had a tough time deciding on one particular field, so I went for Business Administrations because it encompasses everything in one.

Had this discussion the other night with a friend. wanted to hear your thoughts. other than the wrestlers that were in the first “war” do u think the roster wwe has now would do well with a new monday night war/attitude era. after being baby”d by the pg

The roster they had 10 years ago was a lot better. There’s not as much of a threat from TNA as there was from WCW in the late 1990s. I think WWE should be able to fend them off pretty well because TNA seems intent on bringing in so many names from the past.

Remember Big Daddy V? Aside from the fact he should of never went shirtless, what was your opinion on him?

Never was that talented. Vince loves the big dudes, though.

Sheamus. Real deal for long-term main event guy?

Yes. Has a good look, works hard and since he’s friends with HHH already he’ll be near the top for a while.

Will HHH have more title reigns than flair?

I think so.

Is it possible to stay friends with a girl after you break up?

Yes, absolutely. Has happened with me a lot because I’m a pretty likable guy and I don’t get mad about stuff. If one of the two people cheats on the other, though, that’s when it’s a lot harder to stay friends.

I liked cena’s custom US title but hate the spinner wwe title your thoughts?

I hate it too. They need to bring the old belt back.

What’s up with Jeff hardy, is he actually in tna, is he going back to the wwe, what’s happening with him?

Who knows? It’s Jeff Hardy. I’d be surprised if he knew what was going on or what he was doing.

Opinions on Pink Floyd?

“Money” is one of my favorite songs. It’s actually one of my nicknames too. I like a lot of Pink Floyd stuff. He was great on the Simpsons too.

What is your favorite Denzel Washington movie?

I like a lot of them, but I’ll go with American Gangster or Malcolm X. Pick one. I like Training Day and Remember The Titans a lot too.

Do you think that Vince will ever bring back that “you look so good to me music” the bill and chuck, Rico, and Santina. I swear crazy Vince loves that song.

Ha, he might. He does love that song.

Why did Ochocinco change his name?

Because he’s a little nuts.

Would you say CM Punk is growing all his hair for a sort of Jesus portrayal?

Yep. The hair and the beard. That’s what they’re going with by saying all the “savior” stuff.

What place would you like to visit the most Metropolis in the day time or Gotham City at night time?

Gotham City looks way cooler. That’s my pick.

Do your siblings read the John report, do they think you’re a nerd for writing about wrestling?

They’re not interested in wrestling. They don’t think I’m a nerd. It’s just a hobby and they know that.

Has Mickie James-Canyon ever gave you a birthday present?

No. Neither has Mickie James-Canton. Is Canyon hot too?

Could I ask you homework questions on here, or would you just delete them?

Ha. I’d probably delete them. Sorry.

I’m surprised you forgot to mention the Al Wilson-Dawn Marie-Torrie Wilson angle for one of the worst angles ever…but would you agree that the only highlight of the angle was Dawn’s rear end?

That was a GREAT angle because it led to a half naked Dawn Marie on TV all the time, plus the infamous Dawn/Torrie makeout session. Plus I love Al Wilson.

Whats a condo?

A condominium. Smaller than a house, but bigger than an apartment.

Did you know the voices in randy’s head are that of the ultimate warrior…W-A-R-R-I-O-R!!!!!!!!

Now I know.

Do you et nervous at airport security even though you’re not a terrorist?

Not really. Maybe a little.

Did you feel disrespected in any way in the south park movie when they were singing “Blame Canada”?

No. Love that song.

Is Mickie James married or dating anyone? Seriously I just wondering because if she is the mjc thing would be kind of awkward.

She’s not married and as far as I know, according to her, she’s single. As I’ve said many times, if she wanted me to stop calling her MJC I would. It’s all in good fun. She knows that.

What’s your favorite finisher?

All time is Stone Cold Stunner. Right now it’s the GTS by CM Punk.

Have you talked to any wrestlers from WWE?

Yes, a few. Not saying who.

OH MY GOD! whatever happened to Joey Styles?

Works for WWE.com as the guy that runs the website and is happy doing it, apparently.

RVD seems laid back, has he ever got real mad???

Doesn’t seem like it.

Does Canada celebrate Halloween?

Yes, of course.

Would you ever date a BBW(big beautiful woman)?

I’m not sure. I haven’t really done it before. Not my thing.

How do you go with Lisa Ann and not your own fellow canadian Shyla Stylez?

That’s true. I like Shyla a lot, also. Like I’ve said many times, I’m a brunette guy.

How did your guest columnists get a shot at doing one? I’d quite like to give one a shot, I write thousands of words a day on wrestling to my mates anyway? Luke

Email me at oratoryjohn@gmail.com and I’ll give it a look.

Next year who do you think would be a dangerous team that did not make the nfl playoffs this past year?

The Steelers. With Polamalu back and with that offense looking good they will be scary. I also think the Falcons will be good if they can shore up their defense a little more. Maybe the 49ers too.

Who do you think was the ugliest women in WWE in the past 15 years?

Mae Young? Chyna. By far. Then she had multiple surgeries in 1998. She’s the pick, though.

What is your fave subject?


Have u gone to college

Yes. I have a degree in Business Administration.

Do u have a house or live in a apartment?

It’s a condo. Share with a friend.

Hey John, hopefully you can settle a dispute between my wife and I, is french really a required course to learn in Canada?

Yes. You have to take French from grades 1-8 and one year in high school at least. I took it for four yeas in high school because I got A’s in it all the time. Ten years later I forget most of it.

Miz to get world title push late 2010?

Might happen. I say yes.

That’s all for this time. More on Wednesday.

  1. Aaron
    February 15, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    “who do you think has had the most success once they split from there tag team partner. I think it would be Jeff Hardy. He became a world champ several times and numerous times he became IC champ

    I agree. Jeff Hardy or Edge for sure.”

    I think someone forgot the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels on this one…

    • February 15, 2010 at 3:43 PM

      Haha this is true. My bad. I’ve gone through 750+ of these! I start to lose my mind sometimes.

  2. Rated R
    February 15, 2010 at 4:46 PM

    I’ve also noticed that you give different answers for same questions. Baha poor John is losing it.

    The last question put a smile on my face. I’m a huge Miz fan.

    Turning JoMo heel again isn’t a bad thing btw. His character was far better then. Now he just smiles like Melina. Heel Morrison is awesome if they don’t limit his moveset to prevent from getting cheers. It’s just that now isn’t the right time to do it.

  3. JCITY617
    February 16, 2010 at 12:39 AM

    “I write about men in their underwear and you ask me this? Go read a book. I don’t know.” LMMFAO

  4. Lou
    February 16, 2010 at 2:25 AM

    hahaha who betta then Mickie James-Canyon?

  5. Oxide
    February 20, 2010 at 2:41 AM

    “Good question. Loved Shamrock. I thought he adapted to wrestling really well considering his background was UFC and”.

    And what?! I’m dying to know! XD

  6. Havoc39
    February 23, 2010 at 12:16 PM

    Luna was the ugliest women in my opinion. or maybe santina. am i an idiot for asking what KAYFABE means? i really dont know.. :(

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