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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume V (Formspring.com)

The last one of these I posted is from two weeks ago. These answers are from questions over the last week, so while there are a lot of questions answered here, I didn’t have time to post all of them. The ones from Feb 14-20 aren’t here. I’m not going back in the archives that far. The answers are from questions you asked me at http://www.formspring.me/johnreport and I’ve now answered over 1,200 questions over the past month. If you go there you can see the archive of answers too. Feel free to keep asking them. I enjoy doing it. I’ve tried to make it about 80% wrestling related with some sports and other subjects sprinkled in. Sorry if there are repeat or similar questions too. There were a lot of Miz/Bryan ones especially. Enjoy

So lemme get this straight. Sheamus shows up, gets to be dull, and he’s the WWE Champion *snaps* like that while Bryan Danielson gets to be unused then forced to work his way through NXT while being coached by The Miz. What is the world coming to?

Sheamus is 6’5″ and 250 pounds. Danielson is 6’0″ 200 maybe. Vince loves big guys. Shouldn’t surprise you by this point. If WWE was based on talent instead of size first then things would be different. Nothing against Sheamus, who I like. It’s just harder for the smaller guys.

What do you think was WCW’s best year or years for the time you watched it?

I’d say 1996 and 1997. Those were pretty good years in terms of angles as well as quality matches. It started to go downhill a bit in 1998.

Rumour has it the bull on RAW only asked Kelly for directions, but she assumed it was a superstar and thought she better ride it. Your opinions?

Bwahahaha. This made me legit LOL. Awesome.

How much better would WWE be if Angle & Jeff Hardy had stayed there?

It would definitely be better. They’d both be among the top five performers in the company. I really like watching both of those guys perform.

Were you a fan of the original ECW?

Yes. I never saw it “live” but I did in the tape trading days in the late 90s, early 00s. Do young people know what video tapes are?

Ok, where do you stand on WWE’s “no blood” policy? Personally I feel, even though it detracts from the spectacle of some events, it is important to also show kids that if you chairshot someone, this is what happens, you don’t just bounce up again…

I agree. I think blood is needed to try to tell a story of pain in the confines of a match. I miss seeing it in WWE because it’s effective when done right. Think of Austin/Hart or Taker/Michaels in the cell. Both of those matches were enhanced by the blood use.

You see Michael Cole in a bar. What do you do? A) Buy him a drink. B) Come…from out of nowhere with a vintage surprise attack to ask a question in SERIOUS VOICES~! C) Shake your head at him. D) Ask him if he’s talked to Heidenreich lately.

Haha, what a question! I’d go with B. That would be epic.

I just love Dynamite Kid’s Snap Suplex. What’s your favourite non-finisher move? Any particular person’s version?

Love this question. I’ll list a bunch:
– Bret Hart’s ring post figure four.
– Angle’s pop up to the top rope to deliver a belly to belly suplex.
– Mr. Perfect’s drop kick.
– HBK’s top rope elbow.
– Austin’s Thesz Press.
– Vince McMahon’s torn quad. Oh wait.
– Benoit’s rolling Germans.

Favourite Green Day songs from the newest album? Mine are East Jesus Nowhere, American Eulogy and then Peacemaker.

I would say 21 Guns and East Jesus Nowhere are the two I like the most. I really like 21 Guns.

What’s your take on heavy metal? Your type of thing or do you just find it screaming down a mic? (Which it isn’t. Not that I’m biased or anything, oh gods no.)

I don’t think it’s screaming down a mic. I don’t listen to it that often, but I like it enough.

Who do you think would win in a survior series type of match the Simpsons or the griffins?

Simpsons. Homer’s a beast. Peter’s not as much.

Does it ever bother you that most of your Facebook friends are people you’ve never actually met before?

Not really. It’s a way for me to get to know people, for me to get to know them and for all of us to interact about a common interest like pro wrestling. I enjoy it.

Favorite food? Favorite meal? Favorite “tailgate” item?

Favorite food is chicken. Favorite meal is Chicken Parmesan. Favorite tailgate item would be ribs.

This is a silly question, but do you think the WWE are keeping Sheamus that white skinned? I know us Irish guys are pale at times, but that’s RIDICULOUS . He’s whiter than Michael Jackson. Thoughts?

He probably can’t tan. If he can tan, they probably want him to stay that way because it’s instant heel heat. People react to it like: “Man, that guy’s really white!” And they laugh. It’s part of his gimmick now.

Are your parents proud of you?

Yes, but they want me to get married and have kids soon. I’m trying!

Favourite Mick Foley match?

Royal Rumble 2000 vs. HHH. Wrote a full column about it here: https://johnreport.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/retro-greatest-matches-hhh-vs-cactus-jack-royal-rumble-2000/

If Scott Steiner approached you and called you a fatass, what would your reply be? HUH?!

I would say: “You have a nice beard, sir. Please don’t hurt me.”

What’s the best ever Summerslam PPV?

I’ll go with 2002. Also like 2000 and 1998.

Maryse in the bathtub or Mickie James-Canton in bed, but you have to makeout with Vickie Gurerreo for 10 seconds first, and you have to marry which ever option you pick. Tough, huh.

I pick Mickie. And making out with Vickie for 10 seconds would be fine. I’ve had worse. The prize is worth it in the end. I’d be fine with the marriage too.

I think St Louis, Mo deserves a Wrestlemania. They have an adequate facility, the city is centrally located, and it is rich in wrestling tradition. What city would you like see host Mania that has yet to do so?

I agree with St. Louis. I said Dallas before, but St. Louis too. Both have a lot of great wrestling history. Go Rams.

Because HBK and Taker are both taking time off for WM, do you think it would make more sense to have them turn up for the post-Mania shows for a couple weeks and get ‘taken out’ by someone to have a readymade feud for their return?

Yes it would make more sense. Don’t think it’ll happen. They’ll probably just disappear from our TV screens again just like last year.

Do u think andre vs. big show would be a good match and if so who u think would go over?

Don’t think it would be a good match, but would be fun to see. Andre would probably go over. He didn’t lose that much.

What kind of church do u go to?

Greek Orthodox.

Who do you think the best wrestler to never win a world title is/was?

Curt Henning, Owen Hart, Ted Dibiase.

WWE superstars wrestle a much safer style than say tna wrestlers and roh wrestlers. However, there always seem to be more frequent injuries on the wee roster than in other companies. Why do you think this is?

They wrestle more matches in a calendar year. Also, the bigger the body the more likely for an injury. WWE has more bigger guys than other companies.

Do you think Kobe or Lebron can surpass Jordan? Did u ever think Jordan was a little overrated? What were your thoughts on Jordan comong back to play for the Wizards?

I don’t think anybody can surpass Jordan. Bryant’s 2nd best shooting guard in the history of the NBA, though, and I think there’s nothing wrong with that. He might have the most points ever too. He’s not going to have as many MVPs, though. He may end up with as many titles (needs two more), but I don’t think he can top Mike. I love LeBron. It’s hard, though. Depends on where he ends up. If he gets a superstar teammate like Wade or Bosh (doubt it) he could roll through with a couple titles. That’s what he would need to do. I’m not sure he can, though.

I don’t think Jordan was overrated. He’s the best ever. He earned it. Did it at both ends. Hit clutch shots, made key defensive plays and he made his teammates better. He absolutely earned everything including his reputation.

I enjoyed him on the Wizards just because it allowed us to see more of the GOAT. I don’t think we’re supposed to remember it, though. Just like some WWE history!

In terms of wrestling ability where do you rate Brock Lesnar? I thought he was excellent in the ring and as far as I’m aware growing up he was never a wrestling fan which makes his talent even more remarkable.

I agree. Great in the ring. Hate that he’s not in WWE anymore. He was really coming into his own in 2003 and into 2004. Even as a character he was developing too. I miss watching him in WWE.

Does anyone honestly find dwarfs funny?

I’m sure Vince McMahon does.

Triple H = the best seller and the best story teller in the ring, not even HBK matches up to him psychology wise. Sure he’s not quick anymore, he’s blown two quads, but he’s the 2nd/3rd most over guy around. Stop the blind hatred, you mark.

I don’t hate him at all. I just dislike some of the storylines he’s taken part in. I don’t think he’s better than HBK. Of course he’s going to be over. He’s been in main events for 10 years and he almost never loses.

What makes Canada a great country?

Nothing in particular. The people are nice and easygoing. It’s pretty easy to fit in amongst Canadians. We’re generally understanding people about everything. That’s just how it is.

Putting on the virtual booking cap, what would be the best direction to go with Kane at this point?

Fine where he is. He’s probably going to retire soon.

If you had sole control of the WWE Draft, who would you move to which shows?

That’s a future fantasy booking column. In March, I promise.

Do you ever wonder why the rest of the world can’t be more like Canada? Also, do you think it’s stupid that America refuses to go metric?

I think metric is the way to go. It’s weird that the US is the only place that doesn’t use it. Thing is, in Canada we go by inches rather than centimeters and pounds rather grams a lot of the time.

Rocky or Rambo?

Rocky for sure. I love Rocky. I don’t like Rambo as much.

John why is there a picture of the queen on a 20 Canadian dollar bill? Does Canada not have any important historical figures of its own so it decided to steal ours?

That’s pretty much it. We don’t have anybody.

Is there a movie that received high praise from everyone and yet open viewing left you feeling very underwhelmed? Mine would be Benjamin Button

I agree with that choice. That movie took so long and I left it wondering where there was so much praise. This year’s movie that I didn’t like was District 9. It was boring to me.

Not sure if you’ve been asked this previously, but if you didn’t live in Canada, which City, anywhere in the world, would you like to live in?

I haven’t travelled that much, but from where I’ve been I’d say Chicago would be a good pick. Loved it there. Lots of good people.

Which version of the undertaker did you like the most the deadman or the american badass’

I really liked the American Badass especially as a heel. The Deadman has had a lot of highlights, but it’s been too over the top at times too.

In your opinion what was the single greatest moment in WWE/F history for you? How about the absolute worst?

Hard to say. For worst I’ll go with Katie Vick. For best there a lot to pick from, but I’ll say Hogan slamming Andre was pretty huge.

Which city, that has yet to host a Wrestlemania, deserves it the most? Also, what criteria is (i.e. wrestling history, past draws, location) involved in the decision of city?

They like big cities typically. Good for tourists. I think Dallas probably deserves. Lots of history there. I’m sure they’ll get it soon now that they have the big dome.

We’ve seen Emmy nods go LOST’s way for portayals of Benjamin Linus and John Locke. After last night’s demonstration by Josh Halloway, do you think this final season could afford him an Emmy to go with Terry and Michael’s?

He could get it, but I think Locke & Ben are the best actors on the show. I like Sawyer a lot. His character has shown a lot of depth over the years.

What’s your favorite or most memorable superstar entrance at any Wrestlemania?

Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12.

Is improvement in WWE programming lately because of good numbers pulled in by TNA on 4th January?

Could be, but I think it’s more because they plan further ahead for WrestleMania, so they know what stories they want to tell. The rest of the year the booking is all over the place.

What do you think about WWE getting rid of Survivor Series?

I wrote about it here: http://wp.me/pHDn7-9F Basically last year’s show sucked and that’s what killed. Vince saying the “name” isn’t a draw anymore is bullshit.

Short or long hair on girls?

I like longer hair. Not too long, but down to the shoulder blades or a little below that. Shoulder length hair is okay too. I’m not that picky.

Do you believe Mickie James has passed Trish Stratus, Sunny, and Lita for most popular diva of all time?

I think Trish is first. Mickie’s pretty close, though.

Home Alone 1,2,3 or 4?

Has to be #1 by far. A classic. I liked Home Alone 2 a lot though. I don’t think I ever saw 3 or 4. No interest in them.

I have asked this question on many websites but never got satisfactory answer. Hope you can? Q: Why do fans hate Vince McMahon so much?

I assume you don’t mean the character. I don’t think fans hate Vince. If you’re watching the show regularly then you have to like him to some extent.

If you could go back in time and change just one thing about the Monday night wars, what would it be? I am guessing the whole invasion storyline?

Yep. That’s it. They should have brought in WCW’s big guns right away rather than waiting a year or two to slowly bring Flair, Bischoff, Hogan, Nash, Hall, Goldberg, Steiner, etc. in there.

How would you handle a 19yr old girl who acts like wrestling is real and thinks CM Punk really did end Jeff Hardys career? I mentioned that Hardy was on impact on Jan 4th and she’s started crying whilst yelling STOP! I’m not even kidding :|

I don’t know what to do with that one. Most of my solutions involve “getting her drunk” but in this situation that might be a bad idea. Maybe it would be a good time to educate her about the business at least a little bit. Couldn’t hurt.

Do you think at 5ft 11 i am too short to make it in wwe?

Yes. If you work your ass off, though, maybe you can make it. You have to work harder.

Who are you most excited to see in the new Heroes vs. Villains Survivor? I can’t wait to see Rupert again.

Russell. He’s the best person in the history of that show. I also really like Boston Rob and Parvati a lot. They know how to play the game.

What is an example of an inappropriate question?

I’m pretty lenient, but don’t ask anything too personal or insulting. That’s all.

Do you think that Nathan Jones damaged the credibility and reputation of Australian wrestlers, enough so it is hard for them to get a job in the big leagues??

Maybe. It’s weird that there aren’t any Aussies in the big leagues. I’m sure the talent is there. Jones was one of the worst wrestlers I’ve ever seen in person.

Do you like the U.K version of The Office? Do you Like Ricky Gervais?

I like it. I don’t love it. I’ve tried to invest time into it, but it’s not the same. I dunno why. I like Gervais though.

You are sharing a cab with Luther Reigns. He asks you how pissed you were that Luther Reigns Vs Mark Jindrak didn’t make Wrestlemania in 2005. You can’t run, and he has a gun. What do you say?

I would tell him that it is one of the greatest injustices in the history of Western civilization the likes of which we may never see again. I would also compliment him on his performance in the movie “The Girl Next Door” and would ask him if he tapped Elisha Cuthbert’s ass. That would let me free, right?

Multiple Parter… What is the worst finisher in the wwe today? ever? Also, do you watch ncaa basketball? Any thoughts on Kentucky?

I dislike MVP’s finisher. It’s too fake. Ever? Hogan’s legdrop. Road Dogg’s pumphandle slam too.

I love NCAA basketball, but this year it’s not as appealing. Kentucky is the exception. I’m a huge fan of John Wall. I think he’s going to be one of the five best players in the NBA over the next decade. He will turn a franchise around.

What would u rather have a Robocop or a Terminator? Do u see the world in the future as robots being our protectors like that movie by Will Smith “I Robot”?

I’d like a Terminator for sure. Robocop is lame. Terminator is cool and he comes with cooler catchphrases. Who doesn’t love catchphrases, right?

Haha no I don’t see the world being like I Robot. I hope not.

Do you think Vince McMahon paid Hogan to join TNA and drive it to the ground? I do.

No. I think Hogan sucks on his own. He doesn’t need to get paid to do that.

What is your favorite baseball team?

The Toronto Blue Jays, but since they sold Roy Halladay off I guess I’ll be rooting for the Phillies a bit now too. I hate MLB. Can we move to the NL please?

When it is said that PPV did 1.5 buyrate What does 1.5 signifies?

1.0 roughly equals 400,000 homes, so a 1.5 would be about 600,000 homes. Most of the time they say buyrates by giving the numbers in the hundreds of thousands or in the millions. It’s easier that way.

Who do you think is the best technical wrestler theres ever been?

Chris Benoit, but since we can’t talk about him I’ll go Kurt Angle or Bret Hart.

Ok, most questions on here are kind of goofy, but this is a serious, legit question. I’ve heard alot of good things about the Canadian Health Care system. Is it really as good as people make it out to be, or is it too good to be true?

It has its pluses and minuses. I guess there are more pluses. We take it for granted, I think. It’s very convenient to know you can just go to the hospital and know you’re going to be taken care of without thinking about if you have insurance. I know people who abuse it, though, which sucks for the rest of us. I hope that the US has a better health care system soon because what they have isn’t working.

You could turn heel by turning on the wwe superstars you talk to and tell us all, perfect heel turn!

It’s Vince, Triple H and Undertaker. They love me.

In regards to NXT, why has Vinny Mac paired someone like Bryan Dan….ehh Daniel Bryan, with someone like the Miz, surely the miz should is the rookie in that pairing?

Because they know it’ll get people talking and it has. I’ve got no problem with it if Bryan wins the show and then feuds with Miz upon his debut.

I’ve often thought of Cody Rhodes as the weaker member of legacy, what do you see him doing once the split becomes official?

Probably go on the show opposite of Ted in the draft and he’ll probably float around in the midcard.

Funniest Adam Sandler Movie?

Tough call. I’ll go with The Waterboy. Love it. Happy Gilmore in second.

Do you think that orlando jordan’s bisexual gimmick is appropriate for tna, or will it offend some viewers?

I think it’s going to piss off and turn off viewers rather than attract viewers. Plus he’s not a good wrestler.

Ted Dibiase or The Miz?

The Miz. More personality, getting better in the ring. Ted has done nothing to stand out.

Why are some people ashamed to like wrestling and not talk about it freely and try and hide the fact they watch it

Because it’s considered low brow and not as classy a form of entertainment as pro sports. I’m ashamed when men tell me they watch figure skating, personally.

If you could dedicat 3 songs of your choosing to any 3 wrestlers (sorry vince) or diva’s who and what would it be?

“Because I got high” to RVD and Jeff Hardy
“Asshole” to Vince McMahon
“Big Pimpin'” to Batista

Why did the Simpsons start to go downhill?

Ran out of ideas. Characters stayed the same so long that it’s hard after 20 years.

Overall who do you think is better T-MAc or Vinsanity? Forget that they want to get the hell out of that horrible franchise Toronto but if you start your own Franchise out of those two who would you have on your team?

McGrady’s the better of the two because he was better on the defensive end, better ball handler and a better teammate although neither were good teammates. Vince is one of the worst teammates in the history of sports. I’m using the past tense because they’re both done. I have a strong dislike for both guys. At least it seems like they’ve grown up a bit these days, though.

At the time, do you think it was a surprise when Y2J became undisputed champ? Was that the moment he became the real deal for WWF/E in the fans eyes?

Yes. I was shocked. I’m glad it happened. Thought it was Rock or Austin for sure.

John, I’m guessing you weren’t too pleased to find out about Christian going to Raw instead of Smackdown. Do you think, however, with HBK’s hiatus after WMXXVI that there may be room for him in the main event scene?

I’d love to say yes, but Vince has never been inclined to push Christian that much before. I have no idea. I hope he gets the big push, though.

What do you think about the Bucs wanting to trade their 3rd round draft pick and Josh Johnson for the Rams’ #1 Draft pick so they can take Suh?

I think it’s a stupid rumor that doesn’t have many legs to it. I’d try to avoid draft rumors. They almost never come true.

Daniel Bryan versus World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho in its 1st main event. NXT is already my favorite brand. Agree?

Smackdown’s the best, but I loved that match even though I wish it was longer.

Do you believe in the madden curse?

Fuck yeah. And I was especially pissed when it cursed my boy Marshall Faulk when he was on the cover. Screw you, Madden curse.

Your top 5 matches in tna history

1. Danielson vs. Joe vs. Styles from 2005
2. Angle vs. Joe the first time.
3. XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted in the cage when Elix Skipper scaled it. I don’t remember the PPV.

That’s my top three. I can’t do five.

How do you grade the matches?? Is it based on length, quality, etc.??

Both. A combination of things. How they work, how long the match is and things of that nature. All personal opinion, of course. My match of the year could be a shitty match in your opinion.

The top 50 matches 00-04 was great, understandably you don’t have near enough time to do 05-09 in the same vain, but can you at least list your top 10 matches?

I’ll write a top 100 of the decade in April most likely. If I give myself months to write it then it can be done.

Your top five favorite Athletes of all time?

1. Magic Johnson – My sports idol.
2. Marshall Faulk – Rams
3. Kurt Warner – Rams
4. Kobe Bryant – I still like the Lakers.
5. Mario Lemieux – My favorite hockey player ever.

What was ur favorite Dave Chappelle Skit? I like the slow motion skit and the R-kelly version of ignition/piss on you?

Clayton Bigsby
Wayne Brady out with Dave
Prince playing basketball

Those are my top three.

Do you ever wish that the original ECW was still around?

Not really. It had a nice run. It was hard to sustain that.

What did you think of that Hulk Hogan celeberity wrestling show?


Have you ever heard that Konan introduced Bret Hart to the Sharpshooter?

Yes I have. It’s true.

Thoughts on the bWo? not a typo

Fun while it lasted. Glad that it didn’t run too long.

Will wrestling ever see Paul Heyman again?

I sure hope so. I’ll guess and say no, though. I think he’s moved on.

Do u play video games? What genre?

Used to play a lot. Sports was my genre. I played the NFL (Madden), NBA (2K series), NHL (NHL series) and FIFA all the time. I suck at shooters. I liked games like Grand Theft Auto a lot too.

Do you have a catchphrase?

I used to end every column with Smell ya later. Stole it from Nelson of the Simpsons and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

Well all know triple h (13) will pass ric flairs 16 championship reigns but do you see edge (9) cena (7) or randy orton (6) passing flair by too?

No. HHH will win the most ever.

Theoretical stable- Jericho the veteran, hart dynasty the tag team. Who would be the up and comer? Who else could you see as stables?

Daniel Bryan as the young guy that Jericho mentors. What a great stable. I’d be in heaven watching that.

Favorite food?

Chicken. Anything chicken.

Ever listen to rap music?

All the time. Lots of Jay Z, Kanye, Eminem and more of the mainstream stuff. I like a lot of 90s rap too since I grew up on it.

How can Edge be rated r in a PG wwe universe? Is that itself rhetorical?

The nickname isn’t really fitting now, is it? They also call Shawn Michaels the Heartbreak Kid when he’s 45 years old.

Is Awesome Kong more awesome than The Miz?? What if Mike Awesome was still around? Who would be the awesome-est? If Edge & Christian were still a tag team, throw them in the mix, Who would totally reek of awesomeness the most??

Wow, that’s an awesome overload. Edge and Christian are my favorite of the awesome users. For sure.

If you were a wrestler, what would your finisher be?

A cradle piledriver like Jerry Lynn in ECW did.

What do u think was the most useless title belt between wwf/e, and wcw?

The WWF Light Heavyweight Title in 1997/98 because Vince never cared for cruisers.

At the time, I thought “Gillberg” was one of the funniest characters that I had seen, from the entrance to his actions. What did you think?

Yeah, I loved it. Made me laugh.

Best royal rumble moment, in the actual rumble match?

The Angle/Michaels stuff from 2005. I was going nuts. A dream pairing come true.

John, sometimes those Divas of the WWE just can’t help themselves from pinning their opponents in a sexy and sensual manner. Surely you’ve noticed this: Do you have a favorite sexy pin instance?

Mickie’s attempt on Trish at WM22 was fantastic. I like all of Maryse’s pins too.

Why was Colt Cabana future endeavored?

Guess they weren’t impressed with him for whatever reason. Plus Vince hates Jewish people. I’m kidding!

Should Tiger Woods turn heel and stun his caddy?

He already is a heel. His caddy’s a douche. Stunning him would suck. Stun Jack Nicklaus.

This might have been asked before but do you see any one part of the wwe improving when trips and steph take over?

It could. No idea how their booking style would differ from Vince. We’ve had Vince at the helm for 30 years. We don’t know how anybody else would do it.

Did you know that your fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds beat Triple H up in Blade: Trinity? And if you saw the movie was there a point where you thought Triple H wouldn’t actually let RR beat him?- Johnny

Yeah, I’m with ya. I am shocked any time HHH loses even in a movie.

What is your favorite match from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s so far?

80s: Steamboat/Savage from WM3
90s: Hart/Austin from WM13
00s: Austin/Rock from WM17

Do you think that if TNA went under WWE would pick up some of their talent, and if they did do you think that they would bury them like with the invasion storyline?

Wouldn’t be an invasion. I think they’d pick up 10-15 guys somehow. Not sure, though.

Something that makes me angry is how Chris Benoit is handled. I don’t think that you can strike someone from history, he did win royal rumble 2004 and headlined WrestleMania. I am only taking history here. Your thoughts?

He killed two innocent people and himself in a very brutal manner. I don’t blame WWE for refusing to acknowledge him.

When Legacy splits, who will go face and heel? Do you see WWE burying Rhodes? I think he has improved in and out of the ring alot in the last year.

I guess Orton goes face while the other two stay heel. I’m not sure, though.

Do you think that TNA going to Mon nights starting 3/8 is a bad idea, considering that WWE programming is usually strongest right before WM? Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to start in Apr, or even in May after Backlash? It all feels so rushed.

It’s a fine idea. Wrestling fans like wrestling on Mondays. The other nights never do as well. They should be on Mondays. I wish them the best of luck.

Can you please praise me for being straightedge?

You’re better than me, congrats.

How long do you think it will be before Danielson will be in the title picture/main eventer. With whom could he have great matches? I’d love to see him v CM Punk.

2015. I’m not kidding. I hope I’m wrong by 4 years.

Will you marry me?

If you’re a woman, you’re cute, you have a lot of money and don’t bother me when I’m watching NFL games then I will think about it.

What would be your all time WORST Pay-per-view card?

That ECW December to Dismember one did it pretty well.

Best ever Raw match?

Jim Ross over HHH. That’s a tough call. I’ll go with Benoit & Jericho over HHH & Austin on Raw in 2001. Love that.

I hear flair is wrestling in TNA on march 8….your thoughts?

He should stop wrestling. I worry about the guy.

On this season’s NXT, Christian–Christian Cage (a name sprung from Christian Slater and Nicholas Cage)–is mentoring Heath Slater (a name seemingly sprung from Heath Ledger and Christian Slater). Coincidence?

That’s clever. Good work. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Do you expect that the 8 wrestlers mentoring the rookies on NXT will be featured less on their respective programs? It seems unlikely, given Jericho, CM Punk, and Christian are all taking part.

I don’t think so. They won’t be on the NXT show that much. The guys get to the arenas at like 2pm. They have lots of time to tape stuff.

Did the original ECW have the best chants or what?

They did. So did the crowds in Toronto that I’ve been to, though.

Will Natalya ever lock the sharpshooter on someone? If not on a diva, then who would you like to see in it?

That would be nice. I hope she gets to wrestle in singles this year. She’d have good matches with Mickie.

If you were to meet Vince McMahon face to face for the first time, how do you think he’d react to you? Let’s assume that he knows how you feel about him (e.g. “Crazy Vince”, loves midgets, thinks that things like the Springer segment are great TV, etc.).

I have a lot of respect for him, honestly. Been watching his company for over 20 years. Sure I make jokes, but I’m a fan first and will continue to be. I’d hope that he knows that and if not I’d prove it by having conversations about things. And if he was pissed at me, I’d wear THAT STUPID ORANGE CRAP, kick him in the quads and run away.

You can invite 5 people, living or dead, fictional or real, to dinner. Who are the 5 people you invite?

Jesus, Homer Simpson, Kelly Kapowski, Al Bundy and Batman.

Do you think if hogan’s wife didn’t leave him and take all his money that he’d be in TNA right now?

I don’t think he’d be there.

Would you agree with this statement; Even though the ‘Attitude Era’ was a boom period for WWF, the in ring product that we get, especially on SmackDown is much better today.

I agree, but in the year 2000 they had great angles and great matches. That’s why it’s my favorite year.

I read ur a pearl jam fan SO AM I!!! Top 5 pearl jam songs?

1. Even Flow
2. Better Man
3. Alive
4. Black
5. Jeremy

Did u ever see Evan Braun, oops, I mean Evan Bourne in Wrestling Society X as Matt Sydal? Crazy ability. Why would Vince now make him use less than half of his athleticism?

Nope, didn’t see him. Vince taking away athleticism is stupid. That’s what he does, though.

Worst wwe and world heavyweight title reigns¿¿?

Great Khali and Sid.

Do you know how JR is doing?

He updates his blog all the time. He’s getting closer to coming back to WWE in some capacity. I’m not sure when, but would love to see him back at WrestleMania.

Favourite type of suplex? Mine are snap suplex, german suplex, and the gutwresnch suplex. Saw a great double underhook suplex on youtube by, I think it was Harley Race.

Probably the German and the Dragon suplexes. The Dragon one is pretty dangerous, though.

Hey John, I think this angle with Hogan giving Abyss his Hall-of-fame ring is so damn stupid. Abyss will never even be close to the star Hogan is or was. Or do you think it was just to piss off Vinnie Mac?

I don’t think Vince cares. And yes, it’s stupid. The “power of the ring” is lame. Then again, the Undertaker had the power of the urn for many years too.

John, Captain Anonymous here. I heard on the radio yesterday that a poll said Canadians, on average, love bacon more than sex. This can’t be true…can it?

I was not asked. I would not pick bacon. Maybe I should move to America.

BASEketball, South Park B,L,U, Cannibal the Musical, Team America.. do you like the Trey PArker/Matt Stone brand of comedy, and if so which was your favorite movie? I’m parital to BASEketball, but Cannibal the Musical is a close second.

Love Parker & Stone. Gotta go with Team America. The sex scene is amazing.

What happen to the Gladiators show that Hogan and Ali was hosting?

Did shitty ratings. Got cancelled.

Crazy over the top Mr.McMahon or cheesy 1..2..3…oh almost had em commentary vince?

I love both, but I will go with Crazy Vince.

When wrestlers hide under the ring, do they stay there from the beginning of the show? If so are they entitled to snacks or a gameboy?

Usually they’ll run a video package. The crowd will be watching that while the arena lights are off. Then they’ll run the guy out there with refs or officials and get the guy under the ring or wherever he has to be. That’s what they did with HBK at Eliminaton Chamber.

In the “stable” i use that term loosely, what did J.O.B. stand for jugs on b*tches was my guess lol

Found it on Wiki: The acronym “J.O.B.” was said to stand for “Just Over Broke”, a reference to wrestlers’ penchant for appearing in preliminary matches and, therefore, being on the low end of the payscale.

Should Kurt Warner make the Hall of Fame?

Yes absolutely. His numbers are comparable to a lot of other guys in the HOF already. Plus, being a really nice guy that everybody loves is going to help him a lot. He might not be first ballot, but he’ll get in. And if Mike Martz wasn’t such a moron (run the ball in Super Bowl 36 against a dime defense!) he’d have two rings.

Have you seen the movie Boondock Saints and if you have what did you think of it?

Yes. I liked it. Very violent at times, but I like those kinds of movies. Better than I thought it was going to be. I liked how it was filmed.

After reading the top 50 matches 00-04, I was wondering where you’d put the Trish-Victoria hardcore match from Survivor Series 2002 on your list. That is one of the best diva matches I’ve seen.

Good match, one of the better women matches in WWE. I’d call it *** out of 5, so it’s not going to make a top 50. Still good, though.

Best super hero movie ever?

The Dark Knight.

Did the Rock and HHH get along?

In the early days, not so much. I think they’re cool. Don’t think they were ever that close, though.

Are you a fan of Family Guy?

Yes, although I’m not a hardcore viewer. Mostly watch reruns.

Whatever happened to HHH being “the king of kings”?

He’s been a family avenger and degenerate lately. He likes nicknames.

Reaction to the Austin/Beertruck moment?

Awesome, spontaneous, legendary and fun. Loved it. One of those things that happened on Raw that made you feel lucky you were watching live.

There’s been a lot of girls on Lost, who’s the one night stand, who’s the marry, and who’s the one you’d wanna stay away from the most?

Love this question! Even though she’s my favorite I’d go with Kate for the one night stand because the rest of the shit in her life would drive me nuts if we got married. The sex would be amazing, though. She is slutty. Marry Juliet. I think she’s pretty, she’s smart and she’d put up with the eventual shit I would cause her. She’s a little boring at times, but that’s okay. I’ll keep her busy. Stay away from Rousseau.

Remember the original best of 7 series between Booker T and Benoit back in WCW?

Yeah good shit. Never had a match of the year, but a lot of good three star matches.

R U a fan of reality shows?

Survivor, Amazing Race and sometimes Big Brother. I even watched a little bit of Jersey Shore to make myself feel smarter.

The 1 moment in wrestling that you marked out on the hardest?

Probably Chris Benoit winning the World Title at WM20. In my youth it was Owen being Bret at WM10. Also loved Angle/Michaels at WM21 especially the finishing sequence.

The better ankle lock, Shamrock or Angle?

Probably Angle. I love the heel hook when he takes it to the mat.

Have you ever watched Lucha Libre, AAA, CMLL?

A little bit. I like Mistico. Don’t watch it often.

Lemon or Lime?

Lemon. Don’t like lime in much of anything

is lita’s ddt cooler than mickie’s? and is it me or is trish stratusfaction and chick kick is just not that fancy like the other diva’s finisher? last question mickie face or heel, cause she is quite boring sometimes until the mccool segment

Lita’s is probably cooler, yeah. I like Trish’s Stratusfaction move although it’s a little far fetched when the person receiving the move is doing the lifting. I prefer Mickie more as a heel. She was so great in that role. Would love to see her as a heel again.

As Smackdown is your favourite show (mine too), what do you think of the commentary team? Striker is doing a good heel commentary on occasion and I think Todd Grisham is holding his own well in the absence of JR.

I like them. The Grish is fine in the role. He doesn’t say stupid shit and he keeps things going smoothly. Striker talks too much at times. However, you can tell he really is a lifelong fan of the business while being a true ass kisser of Vince, so he’s the right combo. I like the pair. I miss JR, though. A lot.

What is your favourite Simpsons Character?

Homer’s the best. After that I’d go Krusty, Moe, Apu, Bart, Ralph Wiggum and the greatest one episode character is Hank Scorpio with Frank Grimes in a close second.

Let’s jump in to the Delorian again. How would the 2010 WWE be if Shawn Michaels hadn’t done his back and Steve Austin hadn’t suffered his career ending injury?

I doubt Austin would still be wrestling because he’d be in his mid 40s. He started in his early 20s. It’s hard to go 20+ years at a high level. HBK missed four years with the back injury. He probably would have worked straight through until now. He’s close to stopping, but it’ll be another 3-4 years probably for him.

Are you aware I’ve asked you about 50 questions?

I am now. Thanks for asking, Captain Anonymous.

Do you watch Lost? If so, how do you think it will end?

Yes been watching from the beginning. My theory is the writers are heavy drug users that randomly make up shit thinking, “I wonder if people will believe this stuff!” And we do! We’re really believing that John Locke is dead, but a “smoke monster” that looks, walks and talks like John Locke is wreaking havoc. Yes, a monster. Or an island God. Something like that.

Whatever they decide for the finish can’t make sense. It won’t make sense. People can theorize and say it makes sense, but really it’s just random stuff happening all the time.

This is probably why I don’t watch sci-fi much. Can’t wrap my head around it. Maybe if I was on drugs.

Why does anyone care what you think? I really can’ get my head around it.

Well, there have been over 1000 answers now, so obviously some care. I can’t get my head around somebody asking me why others care.

Does Bryan Danielson–whoops! Daniel Bryan–know his “Tap or Snap” catch phrase, which he delivered with the gusto of a square 1950s surf film antagonist, is already used by Kurt Angle?

I’m not sure. I don’t think WWE cares. They’ve got Michelle McTaker stealing AJ Styles’ finisher (Styles Clash) and don’t seem to care.

What the hell was the deal with Undertakers orange face on Raw? I assume it was to do with his burns

Nothing to do with burns. Tanning bed, I assume.

JBL to be permanent general manager of raw. Such a good talker. Fantastic heel. Great commentator and above all a WRESTLING GOD.

I agree. He’d be awesome at it.

I’m so sick of your comments about who Triple H works out with receiving a push, when in reality, he’s scouting main event talent. Sheamus works hard, and yet you discredit him and make your stupid jokes. You couldn’t lace his jock strap, idiot!

Thanks for commenting, Triple H. I’ll be writing a column about HHH soon. A very complimentary fun. Learn to take a joke. Hunter can. You should be able to as well.

Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Jack Thwagger…who’s the most misused/disappointing of the 3?

Benjamin’s the most misused. Swagger’s disappointing because he has all the physical gifts. Don’t think he tries hard enough or wants it enough. Suck up to Triple H more, you dummy! (That’ll piss off the guy that asked the question above huh?)

What kind of pie do you like?

Poontang? I’d say apple and pumpkin are my favorites.

Do you or ever had watched any soap operas?

No. A little bit of Beverly Hills 90210 in the 90s, though. My girl Tiffani Thiessen was on. Had to watch for her.

At the time of OJ trial what were ur thoughts when he pled not guilty?

I thought for sure he was going to jail because all the evidence was against. The lawyers against him were complete morons, though.

Coffee, tea or me?

Coffee. Double double.

What are your stress relievers?

Playing basketball, playing soccer or working out. Sometimes it’s writing too.

What do you think of former WCW/ current TNA knockout Daffney? I think she’s amazing, and one of the best women ever at playing her gimmick to full potential. I claim her in the John Canton Universe. What’s your thoughts on her?

She’s all yours, Captain Anonymous. I’ve been impressed by her. She really does a great job of playing a psycho.

Ur Favorite wrestling catchphrases?

Bret Hart, Steve Austin and The Rock. Those are my faves.

Are you tired of being asked what you think of the Miz mentoring Bryan on NXT?

Yes. Thanks for not asking.

That’s it for now. More during the week. Maybe Wednesday. Keep asking the questions at the link at http://www.formspring.me/johnreport and I will do my best to reply.

  1. TKO
    February 28, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    John Canton-wrestling guru…good luck with Mickie James, all the compliments HAVE to lead somewhere. Your answers are good and the level of sarcasm is always entertaining…Miz, Bret Hat, HBK, Angle, Mickie, Daniel Brian and Vince seem to be hot topics for you. My question is this…who has the most potential…in order
    Dan Brian
    or Kofi…..????

  2. Yaz
    February 28, 2010 at 6:58 PM


  3. stankilla
    February 28, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    U didnt answer my question, so that means u obviously dont answer all questions, so A) how many questions do u get asked on average each time u do this and B) do u not answer some because there 2 hard 2 answer or just not worthy of an answer or C) are they 2 explicit?

  4. stankilla
    February 28, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    scratch my previous post i seen my question, lol maybe i should look more closer next time……do u eva ignore any tho?

    • March 1, 2010 at 9:05 AM

      I ignore some, yeah. If it’s something I’ve answered before, if it’s too stupid, if it’s too personal or if it’s too inappropriate then I will delete it. I’d say I’ve answered about 95% of what I’ve been asked, though.

  5. February 28, 2010 at 10:48 PM

    Ouch John, disrespect of the AWA. Hennig was AWA World Champ.
    Kobe can never pass Jordan for MVP because the MVP is BS. They change the voting standard depending on what Kobe did that year. If Kobe leads the team, they say he’s a ball hog. LeBron does it, they say he’s the best. Jordan also benefited from not having his LeBron back then either. No one was close to Jordan at that time. If Kobe or LeBron was playing in Jordan’s time, Jordan would have less MVP’s.

    New update to my blog, New Wrestling Rules! Go visit it!


    • Jon
      March 1, 2010 at 2:01 AM

      Just gonna throw this out there. Malone, Stockton, Reggie Miller, Ewing, and more or less everyone else from that era is without a championship ring. That is entirely because of Jordan. It’s not that he wasn’t playing against some of the greatest players ever (which he was) and beat them all. Kobe is amazing, second best SG ever. Jordan is the greatest to ever play the game.

    • March 1, 2010 at 10:10 AM

      AWA doesn’t count. I was referring to WWF/E of course.

      It’s not like Jordan was competing against scrubs when he got MVP. It took him five years to get his first because Bird & Magic were in the way. I like Kobe. I root for him. I like the Lakers. I never rooted for the Bulls, but Jordan’s better. It was also more difficult to score 30 in the 90s when there was hand checking allowed whereas now you can’t even sneeze on a guy without getting a foul. Five MVPs to one. Six titles to four. The answer is Mike.

      • March 1, 2010 at 5:41 PM

        But AWA was considered a World Title everyone until it’s demise. A less valuable one albeit, but a World Title none-the-less. It has the history and value behind it. Just like the WWWF/WWF/WWE does even after they were a regional of NWA for a time. No one says now that Bob Backlund was WWWF’s only champ to not be a “World Champ” But note to AWA: Pay the boys, Verne!

        Eh, MVP’s are too political. MVP’s are like the WWE Titles. Jordan’s personality flaws were over looked, while Kobe’s are not. There’s a ridiculous double standard with Kobe vs. LeBron in the media. Though the media is starting to catch on to LeBron. Jordan silliness was not found by most of the media until his bitter HOF speech.

        Yes, absolutely no scrubs! Heck, the Jazz got ripped off in 98—Jordan got away with the foul. Hell, Jordan used to get away with 1000 fouls.

        True about the hand checking, but I’ve heard it argued it’s tougher now, because you can triple/quad team a guy now. I guess this is like arguing Tyson vs Ali.

        In no way I’m a Jordan hater. Heck, Kobe emulates Jordan. But I think Jordan can be surpassed. I also do not think MVP’s are legit measurements since they can be skewed. Kind of like the Oscars. Certainly the best movie does not always win Best Picture.

        • March 1, 2010 at 5:42 PM

          oh, and visit, “New Wrestling Rules”. Where I add new rules to mythical wrestling rule book.


          • March 2, 2010 at 8:45 AM

            I usually don’t look at comment sections, or the websites people peddle, but I just have to say I wen to this one. And, from one internet funny-maker to another, I have to say I fucking hate you for coming up with this idea before me. It’s so clever and well done that I just want you to die in a fire so I can out-right steal it.
            Fuck you guy…just…fuck you…*sob*

  6. BabyGoose
    March 1, 2010 at 3:10 AM

    Your top 5 matches in tna history?

    1. Danielson vs. Joe vs. Styles from 2005
    2. Angle vs. Joe the first time.
    3. XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted in the cage when Elix Skipper scaled it. I don’t remember the PPV.

    **should be Daniels (not Danielson) vs Joe vs Styles from 2005. You’re FIRED!!!

    • March 1, 2010 at 10:07 AM

      Yes, Daniels. I answer a lot of these questions while I’m tired!

  7. John
    March 1, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    Ah yes, Tiffani Thiessen. Kelly Kaposwki. Nice. So she goes from high school sweetie, to 90210 biatch, to police investigator wife who talks to a criminal out helping the police investigator. That police investigator must have something hidden that only she’s able to get out, if you know what I mean.

    • March 1, 2010 at 10:07 AM

      I hear she’s on that show on USA Network. Never watched. I should. Just for her.

  8. Sam
    March 1, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    “Do you ever wonder why the rest of the world can’t be more like Canada? Also, do you think it’s stupid that America refuses to go metric? ”

    Ummm, there was talk about it like 30 years ago..But they realized that every single person in the united states grew up on non-standard units of measurement and to ask 60 or 70 year old people to suddenly switch would not go to well… If we did it gradually, maybe, but it wasn’t to popular because people didn’t understand why we would spend all that money for something that quite frankly doens’t really matter. American scientists use metrics all the time because it is the international standard, but does it really matter what everyone else in the US uses? Not really… If you are a US citizen, deal with it or vote to change it. If you are not and you are from another country, why the hell should you care what we are using in the first place, does it affect you?

    • March 1, 2010 at 10:06 AM

      I like this answer. To add to it, America won’t get universal health care because the health care insurance companies are too damn rich and powerful. They’re not going to change.

    • Darth Randall
      March 1, 2010 at 11:32 AM

      I grew up with the American measurement system and i sort of just stick to what i know. Makes it hard sometimes in college when you are asked to a project with metric. I never really think about it much to honest. I would like my universal health care please. Anyone that is feeling the recession and has little to know cash might like it. I know as a poor college student, i would.

    • March 1, 2010 at 5:47 PM

      More importantly, it would ruin American Football. “Matt Hasselbeck just threw the ball 25.6032 meters for the 1st Down! Now it’s 1st and 9.144 Meters with 3:52 left!”

  9. jay
    March 1, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    You really need to learn that just because something happens before you were born or became a fan doesn’t mean it sucks.

    How can you not recognize the AWA World Title? How can you refuse to recognize history in the multiple year reigns of Verne Gagne or The Great Nick Bockwinkle?

    For that era, the rankings of the Apter Magazines should be the authority. They recognized three World Titles, The NWA, The AWA, and The WW(W)F. If my memory is correct, the WW(W)F was the last to be given World Title Recognition during the Sammartino reign.

    Go back and watch the old AWA shows on ECL. They have better wrestling than the WWF shows of the same era which were mainly squashes. By the way, where do you think Mr. Perfect, Curt Henning learned to be perfect? It was in the AWA. Vince threw more money at Curt who packed his bags and went to New York. Vince gave him the nickname Mr. Perfect, and the rest is history. He was a finished product before arrival to New York.

    To not recognize the AWA championship as a World Title is a joke. The AWA sold out baseball stadiums. They held supercards before Wrestlemania. The AWA never became a cartoon; can the WWF during the entire Hogan era say the same thing?

    • Darth Randall
      March 1, 2010 at 11:28 AM

      I agree. I was recently watching the history of the world heavyweight champion DVD set and i saw some pretty old matches on them. It was still great to me as i enjoy classic wrestling as well. Some fans don’t have a respect for history, but those people also think a headlock is a technical match. Some people only like insaine spots and “mark out” moves. Today everything is based on speed and truly good matches are rare .( but still are there sometimes, thank you Jericho)

    • March 1, 2010 at 11:31 AM

      When people ask who is the best wrestler to not be a World Champion they are referring to the WWF. And that’s what I’m answering about.

      I know about the AWA. I know that it was important. I know that Vince did everything he could to grab talent from there and to bury Verne Gagne. I know that by getting a lot of the talent that the AWA had, it helped put the WWF over the top.

      Never said the AWA sucks or that it didn’t matter.

      • jay
        March 1, 2010 at 11:37 AM

        I just wish you would recognize the title as a World Title. Not doing it is also a slap in Jerry Lawler’s face.

        Bockwinkle is the one that actually pisses me off. He and the Brain were Ric Flair and JJ Dillon before they got together. They were what a World Champ should be.

        Larry Zybisco was wouse and will never be in the same breath as Bruno Sammartino.

        • Aaron
          March 1, 2010 at 12:58 PM

          I would just like to add to this discussion.. when Curt Henning won the title (1987 I believe) the AWA was going downhill.. I would argue that during Curt’s reign that the AWA was a World title, but by the end of hsi reign, it’s ahrd to recognize it as a World title. 88,89,90.. those years the AWA was hardly a footnote.

          It’s hard becuase the AWA was a big time promotion and became little to nothing by the late 80’s, when dare I say it was NWA and WWF that matters and little else.. AWA became strictly regional..

          Again, it’s a tought arguement, but I hardly think of Lawler or Hennig as a World champion by holding that belt.. same as Larry Zbyszko (prick).

        • March 1, 2010 at 1:02 PM

          Jay I must say I find you rather intriguing. You are a consistent poster on comment sections, and you seem to have very thought out opinions regarding what we write about. Do you have a blog where you share your opinions on the biz? I know I am merely a humble clown to the wrestling-fan elite, but I’m interested in seeing what kind of articles you could come up with.

          • jay
            March 1, 2010 at 11:23 PM

            Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them.

            I have been a fan for over 30 years. I have strong opinions, and I love having a debate with people who are passionate fans. The two things I most enjoy are learning something new and bringing someone over to my way of thinking.

            I never thought of writing a blog. I would have loved writing for an Apter Mag back in the day.

            I like commenting here because you can reach passionate fans who are pretty knowledgeable. Most importantly, it is therapeutic. It is a fun way to blow off steam.

            • Venis Envy
              March 2, 2010 at 8:33 AM

              What the hell is an Apter Mag? How old are you dude?

              • jay
                March 2, 2010 at 12:16 PM


                Frankly, I think Apter probably wrote 70% of the articles. Each author had different distinct personalities that influenced their story telling. Basically, the Apter Mags were the first Wrestling Blog. Plus they would do top 10 rankings for 20 or 30 territories. They would do overall top 10’s for singles and tag wrestlers combining the NWA AWA and WWF talent. They had top 10’s for the US and Intercontinental champs the Most Popular and Most hated wrestlers. They did a top 10 ranking for each of the recognized world championships.

                The cool thing was that they treated wrestling like it was a legitimate sport which made it a fun and informative read. They summarized the major territories and would have for instance an article about Hogan in the WWF, Dusty in the NWA, Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee in the Mid-South, The Freebirds in Dallas, The Road Warriors in the AWA, and Playboy Buddy Rose in the Pacific Northwest. In the days before Cable TV and the Internet, it was the only way to follow the different regions.

                When a wrestler whose career you have been following finally arrives in your territory, it became must see TV.

                Oh, and I am 38 soon to be 39. I know it is sad to be a fan at my age, but my wife passed away a short time ago from a terminal illness, so I find this to be theraputic.

    • jay
      March 1, 2010 at 11:32 AM

      Of course, I did enjoy the exploits of Jake The Milk Man Milliman. Does that make me a bad person?

      Does the fact that I am old enough to have seen an actual MilkMan when I was visiting some back woods relatives scare you as much as it scares me?

      Thankfully I am not old enough to have ever seen someone deliver Ice. If someone has, please share and educate the kids.

  10. Kenny McIntosh
    March 1, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Hey I was just wondering, I’ve read a few columns where you knocked Sid, I personally thought in late 96-early 97 he was great as Sycho Sid and fit perfectly in the main event scene with austin/taker/bret/vader etc. I mean do you really think hes a Khali level bad champ? Sid Justice was terrible though ill give you that haha.

    • jay
      March 1, 2010 at 11:37 PM

      Sid was quite possibly one of the worst wrestlers to enter a ring. My fondest memory of Sid is Sid screwing up a BodySlam and being caught on PPV apologizing to the other wrestler.

      I would have liked to see Sid when he first started. I have only seen a picture from a magazine. He was a bad guy in Jerry Lawler’s Mid South Championship Wrestling. He would wear a hockey mask to the ring like Jason. He was called Lord Humongous after the character in either the Road Warrior or Escape From New York. (I forget which one Lord Humongous was in.) If you saw a picture of him, he was all roided up wearing a hockey mask. He looked like a bad ass and was enough to scare a young kid like me. He looked like a legitimate killer. Remember this was back in the time when wrestling was a lot more realistic.

      Unfortunately, Sid Eudy is very close to being mentally challenged. It shows in his in ring and mic skills.

      • March 3, 2010 at 9:01 AM

        I just watched the International Incident PPV from 96 the other day. Sid certainly was never great, but let’s be honest- he was goddamn Kurt Angle compared to Ahmed Johnson. Holy crap. Watching Ahmed endanger Owen’s life with the sloppiest rolling germans ever had me shouting at my TV.

  11. Sam
    March 2, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Hey John, why don’t you call your guest columnists something else? Guest implies that they are here for a short time. Maybe staff columnists or just columnists. Just sounds unprofessional, especially for guys like Dr. Money who review things for you.

    • March 3, 2010 at 11:29 AM

      Good call. I’ll come up with something.

      • Anonymous
        March 3, 2010 at 1:13 PM

        To John,

        I’m a casual reader of your blog, and I just wanted to comment on your guest writers. I really enjoy the balance you’ve created with them. Doctor Money’s NXT reviews are so good I don’t even need to watch the show to get the whole experience. Good choice with him.
        I am also a big fan of Andrew Johnson’s blogs. I have no idea where you found that guy, but his articles are a nice change from all the other stuff here. I think the majority of your readers enjoy silliness from time to time, and he has that market cornered. I’m reading his blog now and some of the things he’s written have left me in stitches. Hang on to these two.
        The only criticisms I have are on David K and the other rare columnists. David K’s stuff is really bland, and I get bored reading it. I really enjoyed CJ’s article, but he’s dissapeared it seems. Same with Heather, it was great to get a girls perspective but we haven’t seen anything new.
        Anyway, I just wanted to throw my two cents in. I really like the John Report now, and I’m officially moving from reading you on rajah to here permanently. Plus, I don’t get the guest writers there! All of you, keep up the good work!


        A Casual Observer

        • Devon
          March 3, 2010 at 1:15 PM

          ^I second that.^ Jaykob is good too. Like his comments also. Big fan of Dr. Flex aka AJ, keep his shit coming. I don’t care who it offends, I wants to read it.

        • March 3, 2010 at 2:38 PM

          It’s pretty sad “Devon” that you would post the first comment as Anonymous, then as Devon and then you spam my blog with posts as “F*** OFF” in multiple posts. How do I know? Because I can see your IP address. I’ll leave these posts up, but the others will be marked as spam.

          • F*** OFF
            March 3, 2010 at 2:40 PM

            HAHA ya im devon

            • Devon
              March 3, 2010 at 2:46 PM

              Clearing some stuff up, this dude isn’t me. He’s a jackass using my computer. Sorry to all that had to read this crap.

  12. Aaron
    March 3, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Don’t call them extremists… please.

  13. Anon
    March 3, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    Just to say I’ve been using the name Anon. I’m not associated with anonymous or anyone else. I’m new and don’t want a reputation. You can go back to fighting now. :-)

  14. David
    March 3, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    *Kobe Bryant should of never had gotten that MVP award, he only gotten it because people were scared that he may never be as good as he were that year. Also because his team had the best record overall by ONLY 1 GAME. Should I mentioned they had gotten the underrated Pau Gasol that year who did more work than Kobe. Chris Paul should of had won MVP that year. Same with Lebron James it’s not like he did 100 percent of the work he had many good as teammates, but the real winner last year should of been Dwayne Wade who busted his ass 100% of the time and had so many game winners for the heat with alot less good people than then Cavaliers. To recap Wade should of won MVP last year and Chris Paul the year before that.

  15. David
    March 3, 2010 at 11:34 PM

    *I thought Home Alone 3 was good and underrated. *Wow if the world were to end up being like the movie I robot would be crazy especially if those Robots turn evil. I wish I could live to see that day it may happen someday. * The Will u marry me question I say that to everybody I will want a woman who will never bother me when football is on or try to make me go to church at that time of year. *I think on Smackdown when the lights go off and the Undertaker miracously appears OUT OF NOWHERE that they edit out 5 minutes of it because im sure that’s how long Undertaker comes down the ring. *The coffee,tea,or me question is probably the gayest question i’ve seen unless a girl was asking that question.

  16. David
    March 3, 2010 at 11:50 PM

    *Also the OJ Simpson trial stills shocks me today. I mean all of the evidence was there that he did it. Especially when he was running away from the cops. When he came out with that book “IF I DID IT” it told me that he never had any remorse towards what happened to her. Looks like his consious is getting the best of him. Makes me wish I had a conscience. Oh yeah Tmac or Vince is a very questionable topic. They are both jerks and I think McGrady is a ball hogger like Kobe and Iverson however overall I think McGrady is better because he plays a little bit more better defense than Vince but Vince is just a little bit better on the offensive side and if he was motivated to play we could of been talking about him and Kobe all of those years. So McGrady wins by a little bit however I would take Vince Carter on my team in a heart beat because McGrady can’t get past the first round in the playoffs.

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