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The New Site Home is

February 23, 2015 1 comment

The new website going forward is so head over there because I won’t be posting anything more here. Still working on the site design over there, but that’s where the TJRWrestling material will be.

Spread the word if you can.

Thanks for the support.

John Canton, Editor-In-Chief

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The John Report: WWE Fastlane 2015 Review

February 22, 2015 8 comments

It’s WWE Fastlane tonight. This is the temporary home of TJRWrestling. We will have a new site up and running within a few days. Thanks for hanging in there. It’s a bit of a pain to start fresh, but it had to be done. In the long term it will be for the best.

wwe fastlane review

WWE Fastlane

From Memphis, Tennessee

February 22, 2015 (Twitter @johnreport)

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TJRWrestling WWE Fastlane 2015 Preview

February 21, 2015 5 comments

This site is the temporary home for TJRWrestling. Due to some problems with the old hosts, a change was necessary. A new site should be ready soon. For now posts will go here. This was my old blog site from five years ago. It still works, so let’s roll with it.

fastlane cena rusev preview

John: The 2015 Fastlane PPV takes place this Sunday night in Memphis, Tennessee as the road to WrestleMania 31 truly rolls on. When WWE originally announced the PPV it seemed like they were going with Fast Lane as the spelling, but now they’re going with Fastlane so we’ll roll with that too.

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Temporary TJR Home For Now

February 21, 2015 Leave a comment

There are some issues with and the hosts of that site. I need to change things up soon, so I will. For now, TJR content will be posted on here, which is a blog that I had until I moved in 2010.

I’ll update when I can. Thanks for hanging in there.

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The John Report: The Raw Deal for 03/01/10 (DX/Showmiz)

March 2, 2010 68 comments

Welcome to the Raw Deal. Check out the column I wrote about Triple H earlier on Monday. I’ve received a lot of great feedback on it. It’s a look at his career through the years while also looking at other aspects of his history in the business as well as some questions for the future.

Live from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this is the Raw Deal…

I miss Jim Ross. That’s what I think of when I see Raw’s in OKC. Oh, and Kevin Durant is absolutely disgusting. He’s one of the five best players in the NBA at the age of 21. Filthy.

Shawn & Hunter begin PromoMania
We start out Promomania with a promo from Shawn Michaels talking about WrestleMania. You have to love how the guy still gets these ridiculously huge pops even though he blatantly cost The Undertaker the World Title just eight days earlier. Goes to show how much people want to see Shawn/Undertaker and don’t really care about Undertaker losing the shiny belt. Shawn said Undertaker’s 17-0, but that nobody gave Taker a run for his money like Shawn did last year. He also talked about how the locker room (what, no catchy name for them Universe for the fans?) was full of people that doubted he could beat Undertaker at WM. He wanted somebody to meet him face to face to talk about it. Out came Triple H. Hey, I read a column about him today. Did you? Shawn was pissed off thinking that HHH doubted him. No Shawn, HHH loves you. He believes in you. He gave a nice pep talk saying that the fans and cameras don’t matter, he’s speaking to Shawn only. Shawn’s the best ever. This is true. I liked this. They got around to the point of the whole thing being that after HBK beats Undertaker he’ll still be in WWE, so the night after WM they can defend the tag titles they will win back as they get their rematch. That’s a clever way of saying they don’t really want to win the tag titles, but they might as well milk the DX thing for one more night. I liked the segment. Best part of the show. If it ended here 9/10. Too bad there was more to come.

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The John Report: Respecting The Game

March 1, 2010 94 comments

“It’s not an easy life. Careers are short, careers are fast. I’m not that tough, I’m no tougher than anybody else in our business, but I respect our business. I love our business. I put my life on the line every day for our business and I gladly do it. And I will continue to do it until I can do it no longer. You have to earn respect in the business. It’s not given to you. You earn it.” – Triple H talking about the wrestling business to Tough Enough students during season one.

When you think about World Wrestling Entertainment over the last 15 years one of the first names that will pop in your mind is that of Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Triple H. The Game. The Cerebral Assassin. The King of Kings. Pick a name, you know who it is. There’s a good chance you have a strong opinion on him too. He’s been in WWE’s main event for over ten years now. At the past ten WrestleMania’s, he’s wrestled in the WWE or World Title match eight times and one of those times was due to injury. Some think he’s a great company guy while others think he’s selfish. Some think he’s still got it while others think he’s overrated. Either way, HHH is the kind of guy that draws attention good or bad among fans of all kind. In my decade of writing online, there’s no person in WWE that can either be as loved as he is by one side or as criticized as he is by the other side.

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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume V (

February 28, 2010 50 comments

The last one of these I posted is from two weeks ago. These answers are from questions over the last week, so while there are a lot of questions answered here, I didn’t have time to post all of them. The ones from Feb 14-20 aren’t here. I’m not going back in the archives that far. The answers are from questions you asked me at and I’ve now answered over 1,200 questions over the past month. If you go there you can see the archive of answers too. Feel free to keep asking them. I enjoy doing it. I’ve tried to make it about 80% wrestling related with some sports and other subjects sprinkled in. Sorry if there are repeat or similar questions too. There were a lot of Miz/Bryan ones especially. Enjoy

So lemme get this straight. Sheamus shows up, gets to be dull, and he’s the WWE Champion *snaps* like that while Bryan Danielson gets to be unused then forced to work his way through NXT while being coached by The Miz. What is the world coming to?

Sheamus is 6’5″ and 250 pounds. Danielson is 6’0″ 200 maybe. Vince loves big guys. Shouldn’t surprise you by this point. If WWE was based on talent instead of size first then things would be different. Nothing against Sheamus, who I like. It’s just harder for the smaller guys.

What do you think was WCW’s best year or years for the time you watched it?

I’d say 1996 and 1997. Those were pretty good years in terms of angles as well as quality matches. It started to go downhill a bit in 1998.

Rumour has it the bull on RAW only asked Kelly for directions, but she assumed it was a superstar and thought she better ride it. Your opinions?

Bwahahaha. This made me legit LOL. Awesome.

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