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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume V (

February 28, 2010 50 comments

The last one of these I posted is from two weeks ago. These answers are from questions over the last week, so while there are a lot of questions answered here, I didn’t have time to post all of them. The ones from Feb 14-20 aren’t here. I’m not going back in the archives that far. The answers are from questions you asked me at and I’ve now answered over 1,200 questions over the past month. If you go there you can see the archive of answers too. Feel free to keep asking them. I enjoy doing it. I’ve tried to make it about 80% wrestling related with some sports and other subjects sprinkled in. Sorry if there are repeat or similar questions too. There were a lot of Miz/Bryan ones especially. Enjoy

So lemme get this straight. Sheamus shows up, gets to be dull, and he’s the WWE Champion *snaps* like that while Bryan Danielson gets to be unused then forced to work his way through NXT while being coached by The Miz. What is the world coming to?

Sheamus is 6’5″ and 250 pounds. Danielson is 6’0″ 200 maybe. Vince loves big guys. Shouldn’t surprise you by this point. If WWE was based on talent instead of size first then things would be different. Nothing against Sheamus, who I like. It’s just harder for the smaller guys.

What do you think was WCW’s best year or years for the time you watched it?

I’d say 1996 and 1997. Those were pretty good years in terms of angles as well as quality matches. It started to go downhill a bit in 1998.

Rumour has it the bull on RAW only asked Kelly for directions, but she assumed it was a superstar and thought she better ride it. Your opinions?

Bwahahaha. This made me legit LOL. Awesome.

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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume IV (

February 15, 2010 8 comments

This is the fourth part of your questions with my answers. The answers are from questions you asked me at over the last week. I’ve answered over 700 questions by now. These ones cover ones I was asked Thursday-Saturday this past week for the most part. I have another volume of answers ready to go with Volume V on Wednesday to catch up. You can see any answer to the questions at the link above by sifting through the archives. The answers cover everything from pro wrestling to sports to television to movies to even information about me. Let’s get to it with this large batch of Q&A.

What was your favorite year of wrestling in the 2000s?

I’d go like this:
1) 2000
2) 2003
3) 2001

The first half of the decade was much better.

Two “what if’s”: How would you have seen the history of WWE/F play out if 1) Owen Hart had not tragically fallen and/or Shawn Michaels not had to have career threatening back surgery that took him out for 4 years?

If Shawn didn’t get hurt in 1998 then he’d be thriving with all those guys that helped WWE turn the corner at that time. I don’t know if his life would have changed. Would he have still met his wife (a Nitro girl at the time that Kevin Nash set him up with) and turned to religion to help him stop his addiction to drugs? I don’t know. As for Owen, I think he would have retired by 2001 since that’s what he told his wife. Nothing in wrestling can ever make me as sad as the night when I found out Owen Hart died.

If you could pick 5 Dream matches (any wrestlers) what would they be?

I’ll go all-time.

Shawn Michaels (1997 heel) vs. The Rock (2001 face)
Bret Hart (1995 face) vs. Kurt Angle (2001 heel)
Steve Austin (1997 pre-injury face) vs. Chris Jericho (2008 heel)
Undertaker (1997 face) vs. Sting (1989 face)
Rey Mysterio (1997 face) vs. Triple H (2000 heel)

Man, those matches would be fun.

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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume III (

February 14, 2010 7 comments

This is the third part of your questions with my answers. The answers are from questions you asked me at  over the last week. I’ve answered over 700 questions by now. These ones cover ones I was asked between Monday-Wednesday this past week. I have another two volumes of answers ready to go as well. I’ll post Volume IV on Monday and Volume V on Wednesday to catch up. Of course you can see any answer to the questions at the link above by sifting through the archives. The answers cover everything from pro wrestling to sports to television to movies to even information about me. Let’s get to it with this large batch of Q&A. (Before you ask, I have no idea why some parts are in black and some are in green. I just hit copy and paste. Weird.)

Do you think that Eric Bischoff gets too much credit? Eric has blasted Vince many times about the stupid gimmicks that he made his talent use, but Eric created more. Who can forget (even though I try) The yeti, or the Booty man, I can go on and on.

I think he gets credit and should get credit for pushing to get Nitro live the way he did. Without that, Raw wouldn’t be what it is today. He made some stupid decisions in terms of booking, but he also revolutionized the business due to how he pushed for Nitro to become what it eventually became.

What do you think is the best Simpsons episode ever?

Wow, that’s really hard. I’m going to go with Hank Scorpio. I know every line from that episode and it always makes me laugh due to the ridiculousness of it all. “Nobody ever picks Italy.”

Are you still able to watch Benoit matches? Can you enjoy the great matches, or do you think of the sad ending when you try watch?

I can watch them, but can’t be emotionally invested in them like I used to be. I’ll mention him when needed. It’s not the same feelings I used to have for somebody that was in my top three wrestlers ever.

Did you ever watch beavis and butthead?

Yes, all the time. Loved that show. It was so stupid that it was funny. The best parts were watching the videos. “Boner! Boner! Time for dinner!”

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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume II

February 7, 2010 9 comments

This is the second edition of my Q&A using to answer your questions. The answers cover everything from pro wrestling to sports to television to movies to even information about me. I have currently answered 262 questions to date (I’ve answered 98% of the ones I’ve been asked because 2% were inappropriate) and I can see I have another 103 in my inbox waiting to be answered. My plan is to post these here on the blog every Wednesday and Sunday. This one is very full like the first one was. Lots to go over, so let’s get to it.

Which Rock vs. Austin at WMania was the best and why?

WMX7 is the best. Hot crowd, the work in the ring was really crisp, they kicked out of finishers and really told a great story. I like WM19 second best and WM15 in last. All are good, though. I’ll never complain about Austin vs. Rock.

What kind of car do you drive?

2007 Honda Accord. It’s gold colored. Love it.

What other shows do you watch aside from WWE television programming?

There are few. Some are in season, some are not: Lost, 24, Rescue Me, Survivor, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Leverage and I’m enjoying that new show Spartacus. I also watch a lot of sports, particularly the NFL and NBA. Sundays during NFL season, don’t bother me. That’s what I’m focused on. Most nights I’ll simply watch the NBA on League Pass. I’m a huge sports fan.

If HHH was around in the 2001 invasion era, what role would he have played in your opinion?

A huge one. He would have probably teamed with Austin through the summer, or at least until Summerslam and then he’d likely turn face to feud against Austin. Or if they felt Austin’s heel turn wasn’t working (it was just okay) he could have went back to being the face against HHH. They definitely needed Hunter and his injury hurt the WWF. Hunter was an awesome talent in 2000 and the first half of 2001 before his quad injury.

Blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

Brunettes although I like ’em all. I just have a thing for brunettes.

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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I

February 3, 2010 21 comments

Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I (

I found out about this through a friend (hey Laura!) that was doing it on Twitter and I thought this could be a good idea. Turns out it was. I asked my Twitter friends, as well as Facebook friends today, to pose questions to me about any subject. Most are wrestling related obviously, but there are other ones too. I’ve answered 133 questions since Monday, so that’s quite a bit in two days. I’ve posted about 95% of them in here because some of them either aren’t very good or aren’t relevant now on Wednesday. There are a lot of good ones in here including the infamous “Trish or Mickie” one that is very hard to answer. To be honest, I get wrestling questions all the time. If you want to ask me sports, TV, movie or even personal questions I’d have a lot of fun answering those too.

Before I get to your Q’s and my A’s, I’ll let you know how you can ask me questions anonymously or you can login if you want. Just head over to: to do it. It shows up in my inbox and I answer them as quickly as I can. You can see the answers right there on that page and then just click on the “more” button to see more of them. It’s a fantastic time killer at work. If you ask me stuff here on my blog I’ll try to answer them too, but it would be easier for me if you did it on formspring. I’ve been meaning to get fresh content posted on Wednesdays anyway, so I think this might be it. Hope you enjoy it.

What are your top 5 ppvs of all time (any brand)?

Ooh, that’s tough. Off the top of my head: WrestleMania X7, Vengeance 2003, Summerslam 2002, ECW One Night Stand 2006 (I like 2005 too) and for old school we’ll go for the 1992 Royal Rumble because I like the Flair story so much.

What do you think is holding John Morrison back from a world title run?

He needs to suck up to HHH more. That’s my serious answer to everything. Honestly, it should have happened by now. He’s a good worker. He’s been there for like five years. They shouldn’t take so long to pull the trigger on him.

Which celebrity besides The Rock would you love to see as guest host on Raw?

Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell. Maybe Chris Rock. They’d neuter him too much, though.

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The JC Guide to Writing Online about Wrestling

January 7, 2010 6 comments

Note: This will stay as a static page at the top of the blog along with the FAQ, so any time you want to read it you’ll be able to find it.

Over the years I’ve been asked many times about writing about wrestling online. People ask me how I got started, how they can get started and if I knew of a place that was hiring, etc. I’ve done my best to give answers, but until now I never really wrote it all out for people to look at. Now I’ve finally gotten around to doing that.

The most important thing I have to say is in this paragraph, so please read closely and remember this: Not everybody can write well. That’s fact. I don’t say it to be mean or to prevent you from ever writing. It’s the truth, though. Think of it like a musical instrument. Sure, I can TRY to play a saxophone, but having never played it in my life or having any music talent I can’t play it well. It’s the same with writing. Just because you can put together a few sentences about a subject you enjoy (like pro wrestling) doesn’t automatically mean you can write. Don’t be discouraged, though. I’m not here to do that. I’m here to help.

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The John Report Q&A – Part 2

December 30, 2009 18 comments

I said I would finish this by year’s end. I have. Part one is here. Both parts are together at the top of the blog where it says “John Report FAQ” so you can read that whenever you want. Reader questions are in blue. Mine are in regular black.

Why does the WWE complain about not being able to create new young talent but whenever they get a potential star they either bury them (i.e Jack Swagger, MVP) or release them from their contract (i.e Elijah burke, Mr. Kennedy etc.)?
I think it’s a case of being scared to push new people because you never know if they are in it for the long haul (think of Lesnar and Lashley), so they tend to rely on the veterans more like HHH and Undertaker because they know they’re loyal company guys.

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