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The John Report: Talking Smack for 02/26/10 (Edge/Miz)

February 27, 2010 35 comments

Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. I’ll do the blog plugs at the bottom. Among the posts this week were thoughts on the NXT debut as well as the releases of Helms, Maria & Burchill on Friday. As for this column, it’s going to be a bit shorter than my usual. I was out partying on Friday night, got home really late, had a few too many drinks (hi Straight Edge people) and I’m not in the mood to write that much. I’ll cover the show, but it won’t be nearly as detailed as my usual. Hope you understand. Let’s get to it.


Taped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin let’s talk some smack…

The new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Chris Jericho comes out with the title bragging about how after over a year of fighting he’s back on top as champion. I love this man. I loved this promo. Asking the camera to zoom in on the title to see his name and “World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion” on it was great. Hey, he said wrestling. That should say sports entertainment. Quick, call the belt maker guy. We need a new one. Edge came out talking about how Jericho may have won, but he also gets speared by Edge a lot. They even got the crowd into chanting “spear” which is good because I’ve never heard that before. Jericho got pissed, attacked him with the mic and then went for the Codebreaker only to receive a spear from Edge. Good opening segment. Love this feud already. Looking forward to the next month of build.

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The John Report: Talking Smack for 02/19/10 Plus Elimination Chamber Preview

February 20, 2010 19 comments

Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. I’ve decided to put the Elimination Chamber preview in here as well. It’s like a 2 for 1 special. Let’s get right to it.

Taped from Kansas City, Missouri let’s talk some Smackdown…

We started the show with a great Chris Jericho promo talking about how he beat the Undertaker last week. I also love how he STILL brings up beating Austin & Rock in the same night even though it was nine years ago. Things like that make a great heel. He mentioned beating the Undertaker a few times to rub it in and then said that he never hides like most people. Edge came out saying he knows what it’s like beating Undertaker saying that it’s special like winning a Stanley Cup (two Canadians talking hockey, suck it rest of the world) or getting a hole in one (Tiger Woods jokes go here). He said Jericho wouldn’t have won without Edge spearing Undertaker. He wanted to go after Jericho when the lights flickered as a sign of the Undertaker I guess, so each guy stumbled a bit and when it got back to normal Edge destroyed him with a spear to end the segment. Strong open. Jericho was especially strong on the microphone while Edge is finding his niche as a babyface.

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The John Report: Talking Smack for 02/12/10 (Undertaker/Jericho)

February 13, 2010 9 comments

Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. I usually avoid spoilers. I failed at that this week. Had a friend at the show that was texting me through the night and I read the texts. I feel a little dirty, have to admit. It doesn’t ruin the show for me at all. It’s just that my enjoyment level goes down when I know what I’m going to see.

Taped from Baton Rouge, Louisiana let’s talk some Smackdown…

Coming up on the show was Jericho/Undertaker in a no DQ match as we get to see all six Elimination Chamber guys in matches on the show.

Rey Mysterio d. CM Punk (***1/2)
As I’ve written about many times, this is a rumored WrestleMania match with a hair vs. mask stip, so I was looking forward to this one. Did it deliver? Of course. I loved this match. It was similar to Jericho/Mysterio although those two have been working together a lot longer than Punk/Mysterio have. This felt fresh. They got 15 minutes of TV time, which is fantastic. Like a typical Mysterio match, there were counter holds all over the place and a great story told as Punk worked on Mysterio’s back for much of the match. I loved the spot where Rey was up against the ringpost and Punk hit a baseball slide into his back crushing him. Rey ultimately made the comeback and went for the 619, but Serena blocked that. He managed to take out Gallows after that that. Punk went for the GTS, but Rey countered out and got the rollup pin. I loved this match.

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The John Report: Talking Smack for 02/05/10 (Elim. Chamber Qualifying)

February 6, 2010 15 comments

The John Report: Talking Smack for 02/05/10 (Elim. Chamber Qualifying)
Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. This is going up Friday night after the show because it’s a rare Friday night where I’m staying in. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow where I’m an usher, so I stayed on my best behavior this evening. Usually this is a Saturday morning/after column. Not this week.

I need to make a plug first. I’ve discovered something via a friend of mine (hello Laura!) called Formspring that allows people to send in questions on anything they want. I opened it up to my friends on Facebook and Twitter earlier in the week. I’ve since answered over 200 questions in the past four days. To view the first batch of answers to the first 100+ questions you can click right here to read “Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I” exclusively on The John Report blog. I’ll be posting answers exclusively on my blog on a regular basis. It will probably be once a week, but for this first week of doing it I’ll extend it to twice in the week with a second post on Sunday before the Super Bowl when I’m waiting for the game to start. To ask me your questions you can go to and fill them out in that little box there. I’d love some non-wrestling questions. Ask me anything you want because I’m not picky. If it’s too stupid or too personal I’ll delete it, but I’ve answered 98% of the questions including ranging from Family Guy or South Park, my favorite season of 24, the worst gimmick in wrestling history and the very difficult Mickie or Trish question. That was not easy! It’s a lot of fun for me to do and it helped me kill time at work too. I think it’s a cool read. Plus you can do it anonymously so be as stupid as you want. I have no way of knowing. (If you want to see what I’ve answered, just follow that link and click on the “more” button at the bottom of the page to see the archives of answers.)

Now let’s get to Smackdown.


Taped from Memphis, TN let’s talk some smack…

We start with a Chris Jericho in ring promo. 10 out of 10 already. “While Edge has been recovering from an injury for 7 months, I have carried this company.” True. This promo was great in usual Jericho fashion. He wants repercussions against Edge for sneaking into the Rumble and winning. He said something about how he had meticulous planned to win the Rumble, spending his entire year working to winning that one match and Edge took it away. It’s delivered so greatly that you want to believe it to be true. That’s what makes a great heel. They have to make the viewer believe that they believe they’re speaking the truth. Does that make sense? I hope so. He walked backstage looking for Teddy Long to get him to remove him from the qualifying tourney thing they got going. Hey, the Hart Dynasty! Oh wait, they’re just standing backstage. Use them! When he got backstage to where he thought it was Teddy Long, it was actually Edge. They talked some smack (hey!) back and forth, then Edge plugged his Cutting Edge segment for later in the night where he’ll call out the Undertaker…his possible WM26 opponent. Jericho was pissed off and walked away. I liked this. I like anything my fellow Canadians do together. They rule.

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The John Report: Talking Smack for 01/29/10 (Plus Rumble Preview)

January 31, 2010 27 comments

The John Report: Talking Smack for 01/29/10 (Plus Rumble Preview)
Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. This is going to be brief. Long story short, I was at a bachelor party in Niagara Falls. Started at about 4pm Friday. Ended at about 12pm Saturday. I slept two hours. Came home around 5pm, slept about 5 hours and now it’s past midnight Saturday night. I can’t sleep. I’m wired like never before. I’m on such a high. It was a great party and then I got some incredible news too (more on that later). At the end of the Smackdown review, which will be brief, I’m throwing in a link to my quickie Royal Rumble preview as well. It was already posted on my blog on Wednesday, but I’m putting it in here too in case you missed it. Let’s get to it.

Taped from Cincinnati, Ohio let’s talk some smack…

DX started the show off. They were about to cut their typical promo when Rey Mysterio interrupted. He told Shawn he’s not going to face Undertaker for the belt because he (Mysterio) was going to win the belt at the Rumble. Punk, Gallows and the newly named Serena Mancini interrupted. There was some dialogue exchanged between HHH and Punk that was pretty good although Hunter did get his gay joke/insult in there of course. Hunter did great by referencing Amy Winehouse’s crack binge and the Britney Spears bald look that Serena is sporting. Teddy Long came out. He said the tag title match was off. Instead we’d get HHH vs. Punk and Michaels vs. Mysterio. Fine with me in terms of being good matches. I guess they’re going to wait a week or two to drop the titles.

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TJR: Talking Smack for 01/22/10

January 23, 2010 8 comments

The John Report: Talking Smack for 01/22/10 (Plus Fantasy Booking)
Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. Three straight weeks of being spoiler free for me as a viewer and I love it. Also, the Smackdown version of Commentfest continues following my recap. At the end of the recap, I’ll post a link to a fantasy booking article I posted at my blog that will book my favorite wrestler Chris Jericho all the way up until WrestleMania. Even though it’s only been posted for a few hours now the reviews have been very favorable so far. I think you might like it. It was a joy for me to write.

Taped from Greenville, South Carolina let’s talk some smack…

The big hype this week was that Rey Mysterio would be calling out his Royal Rumble opponent, The Undertaker.

Finlay d. Batista via DQ (1/4*)
It was more of an angle than a match. Finlay was on offense early. They went to the floor and Batista was gouging at his eyes when the ref threw the match out. He got DQ’d. Didn’t care. He beat the hell out of him on the floor, tossing him into the guard rail and giving him a spear on the outside. He then stomped on Finlay saying HHH, HBK and Cena are all going to have to deal with him. In other words, that’s WWE speak for saying if you think somebody other than one of those three is winning the Rumble you’re incorrect. This beating was good. I really like heel Batista probably because I grew so tired of face Batista.

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TJR: Talking Smack for 01/15/10 (Batista/Mysterio in a Cage)

January 16, 2010 15 comments

The John Report: Talking Smack for 01/15/10 (Batista/Mysterio Cage)
Welcome to the Talking Smack column where I offer up a quick rundown of WWE’s Friday broadcast, Smackdown. For the second straight week, I was spoiler free heading into SD again. It’s a better way to enjoy the show. Also, I asked for some reader comments similar to the Commentfest we do for Raw, so those will be seen after my review of Smackdown. Let’s get right to it and then I have some things to plug at the end of the column.

Taped from Green Bay, Wisconsin let’s talk some smack…

After the usual video packages, we start out with Chris Jericho. 10 out of 10 already. Or not. He’s got a huge bruise on the left side of his face to sell what Tyson did to him. When Big Show, a WWE employee, punches somebody like that nobody has a bruise. When Mike Tyson, a guest host, punches somebody they put it over huge. What I’m saying is maybe you might want to put over your own employees as much as you do the guest hosts. Anyway, Chris cuts his usual awesome promo ripping on the fans, calling himself the baddest man on the planet and talked about winning the World Championship again.
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