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WWE NXT Review for 2/23/10 by Doctor Money

February 24, 2010 24 comments

Note from John: Even though I wrote a blog post on NXT last night (it can be read here: I’m not going to be doing that every week. I might write quick notes some weeks, but never a full review. I’ve enlisted the help of a regular blog reader to give you the details of WWE NXT on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday this review will get posted right here on the blog. Enjoy it.

Hello, John Report readers. I am Doctor Money and I will be covering WWE NXT for The John Report. No, Doctor Money is not my real name; that would be Christian. Don’t ask me how I got the name Doctor Money because I don’t really know. It’s something my friends came up with and I like it as a pen name. Just to tell you a little about myself, I am 26 years old and I live in NJ. I’m a huge Yankee and New York Giants fan. As you probably figured out already, I’m also a huge WWE fan. I have been hooked on wrestling since I was 5 years old. It happened right after WrestleMania V when WWF held a Saturday Night’s Main Event. My dad woke me up to watch Hulk Hogan defend the WWF Championship inside a Steel Cage versus The Big Bossman. It’s still one of my favorite matches as it’s the one that got me hooked.  The Hulkster was my favorite as a kid, and then when I grew out of him it was Shawn Michaels, then during the Attitude Era, Stone Cold was my man. As I’ve gotten older I wouldn’t say I have a favorite anymore, more as I’m a fan of guys that have good matches, but I especially like Randy Orton, Christian and John Morrison. Of course my old favorite HBK is still around. I have my own blog set up at, where I write daily about WWE, sports and whatever else is on my mind. I want to thank John for this wonderful opportunity and I hope that you guys enjoy my writing. I’ve often called John the Godfather of internet wrestling bloggers and it’s truly an honor to write for him. Well, that takes care of the introductions, let’s get to the premier episode of WWE NXT!

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