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The John Report: The Raw Deal for 03/01/10 (DX/Showmiz)

March 2, 2010 68 comments

Welcome to the Raw Deal. Check out the column I wrote about Triple H earlier on Monday. I’ve received a lot of great feedback on it. It’s a look at his career through the years while also looking at other aspects of his history in the business as well as some questions for the future.

Live from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this is the Raw Deal…

I miss Jim Ross. That’s what I think of when I see Raw’s in OKC. Oh, and Kevin Durant is absolutely disgusting. He’s one of the five best players in the NBA at the age of 21. Filthy.

Shawn & Hunter begin PromoMania
We start out Promomania with a promo from Shawn Michaels talking about WrestleMania. You have to love how the guy still gets these ridiculously huge pops even though he blatantly cost The Undertaker the World Title just eight days earlier. Goes to show how much people want to see Shawn/Undertaker and don’t really care about Undertaker losing the shiny belt. Shawn said Undertaker’s 17-0, but that nobody gave Taker a run for his money like Shawn did last year. He also talked about how the locker room (what, no catchy name for them Universe for the fans?) was full of people that doubted he could beat Undertaker at WM. He wanted somebody to meet him face to face to talk about it. Out came Triple H. Hey, I read a column about him today. Did you? Shawn was pissed off thinking that HHH doubted him. No Shawn, HHH loves you. He believes in you. He gave a nice pep talk saying that the fans and cameras don’t matter, he’s speaking to Shawn only. Shawn’s the best ever. This is true. I liked this. They got around to the point of the whole thing being that after HBK beats Undertaker he’ll still be in WWE, so the night after WM they can defend the tag titles they will win back as they get their rematch. That’s a clever way of saying they don’t really want to win the tag titles, but they might as well milk the DX thing for one more night. I liked the segment. Best part of the show. If it ended here 9/10. Too bad there was more to come.

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The Raw Commentfest for 02/22/10

February 23, 2010 31 comments

Welcome to Commentfest. I wrote the Raw Deal last night, posted it at 1am and you’ve hopefully read that. The link is RIGHT HERE on the blog. Commentfest, featuring Facebook and Twitter, is going to be a Tuesday evening posting now. I would say that anywhere between 5-8pm ET is when I’ll be posting Commentfest from this point forward. This week it’s getting posted at 8pmET

Thoughts from the Facebook friends aka CommentFest
Here are some random thoughts from some of my facebook friends (just head to after I asked for some comments about the show. The comments in green are from the commentfesters while the comments in the brackets are from me. We got over 2000 comments this week, which is a new record for a two hour show. I think I’ve created a monster.

Welcome, one and all, to the festival of comments.
Allow me to introduce your host. He is:
The smack talking, raw dealing, WWE blogging, he finds MJC appealing.
With Creative stealing, he should trademark, but when it comes to Canadians, he’s a true mark.
A huge fan of Jericho, though he also loves Punk; knows 1 punch from Show leaves you KTFO~ punch drunk…
Ain’t a supporter of King, even less of Cole; to meet MJC is his number one goal
Ladies and Gentlemen….. John Canton!
(I enjoyed this.)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! WWE proudly brings to you: one half of the WWEs only two remaining shows! The water spitting, glowstick selling, now defunct, two members down to one, Trips sans HBK, is there still a mascot? Wait…nevermind, wrong intro… Live! From, it’s Commentfest!

I’m a commentfest virgin, so I need to make my debut! Mickie James-Canton! (Cheap heat for the debut. Classy.)

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Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I

February 3, 2010 21 comments

Your Questions, My Answers – Volume I (

I found out about this through a friend (hey Laura!) that was doing it on Twitter and I thought this could be a good idea. Turns out it was. I asked my Twitter friends, as well as Facebook friends today, to pose questions to me about any subject. Most are wrestling related obviously, but there are other ones too. I’ve answered 133 questions since Monday, so that’s quite a bit in two days. I’ve posted about 95% of them in here because some of them either aren’t very good or aren’t relevant now on Wednesday. There are a lot of good ones in here including the infamous “Trish or Mickie” one that is very hard to answer. To be honest, I get wrestling questions all the time. If you want to ask me sports, TV, movie or even personal questions I’d have a lot of fun answering those too.

Before I get to your Q’s and my A’s, I’ll let you know how you can ask me questions anonymously or you can login if you want. Just head over to: to do it. It shows up in my inbox and I answer them as quickly as I can. You can see the answers right there on that page and then just click on the “more” button to see more of them. It’s a fantastic time killer at work. If you ask me stuff here on my blog I’ll try to answer them too, but it would be easier for me if you did it on formspring. I’ve been meaning to get fresh content posted on Wednesdays anyway, so I think this might be it. Hope you enjoy it.

What are your top 5 ppvs of all time (any brand)?

Ooh, that’s tough. Off the top of my head: WrestleMania X7, Vengeance 2003, Summerslam 2002, ECW One Night Stand 2006 (I like 2005 too) and for old school we’ll go for the 1992 Royal Rumble because I like the Flair story so much.

What do you think is holding John Morrison back from a world title run?

He needs to suck up to HHH more. That’s my serious answer to everything. Honestly, it should have happened by now. He’s a good worker. He’s been there for like five years. They shouldn’t take so long to pull the trigger on him.

Which celebrity besides The Rock would you love to see as guest host on Raw?

Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell. Maybe Chris Rock. They’d neuter him too much, though.

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The Raw Commentfest for 02/01/10

February 2, 2010 20 comments

I wrote the Raw Deal earlier this morning, posted it at 3am (I can’t sleep) and you’ve hopefully read that. The link is at the right here on the blog. Commentfest, featuring Twitter and Facebook is a regular early afternoon posting now.

First, though, let’s see some post-Raw notes from my sign guy JB McMurtry:
“Cena made the save after we were off the air, with Batista and Vince taking a powder. Cena helped Bret to his feet and the whole arena went crazy for Bret. We were all standing and cheering as he sold his attack all the way to the back. Justin Roberts came in to inform us that the next match was for the WWE Championship. Sheamus comes down to all the heat. No one cheered him. They worked a brawl type match and after about 5 minutes, Cena went for the AA, but Batista came out to attack Cena and cause the predicted DQ. Batista destroyed Cena outside the ring and slid the ring steps into the ring. Batista Bomb on the stairs! I couldn’t believe that wasn’t on tv. Batista leaves Cena in a heap. Sheamus comes back in to taunt the crowd and pose with his belt. After 3 or 4 minutes, Cena springs to his feet to a very loud pop from the crowd. Cena lifts Sheamus on his shoulder and nails the Attitude Adjustment to send the crowd home happy.”

If Cena’s got a back injury, why is he taking a Batista Bomb on the stairs for a dark segment? Weird.

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The Raw Commentfest for 01/25/10

January 26, 2010 18 comments

I wrote the Raw Deal earlier this morning, post it at 10am and you’ve hopefully read that. The link is at the right here on the blog. Commentfest, featuring Twitter and Facebook, is a regular early afternoon posting now. Let’s get to it.

Thoughts from the Facebook friends aka CommentFest
Here are some random thoughts from some of my facebook friends (just head to after I asked for some comments about the show. The comments in green are from the commentfesters while the comments in the brackets are from me. We got just over just under 1400 comments this week similar to last week. Commentfesters are a consistent bunch, I have to say.

Once again, big thanks to Wes and Will Burden for “The John Report” sign on Raw. That was really nice of you guys.

It’s time for the MOST ELECTRIFYING comment spot in Sports Entertainment hosted by the jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, stronger than a bear, faster than a buck, the biggest thing from canada since the Maple Leafs suck……John Canton. (Wow, that was pretty epic.)

I should be studying for 2 midterms right now, but I chose commmentfest! (Commentfest: Killing the aspirations of young people since 2009.)

First commentfest, also follow you on twitter.. can i get a shout out John Canton-James? (Sure. I love the rookies. Break ’em in gently.)

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Fantasy Booking: Chris Jericho vs. Edge at WM26

January 23, 2010 41 comments

With the rumors of Edge possibly returning at the Royal Rumble I decided to put my booking hat on to share my ideas on how to set up his heavily rumored match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. I was going to add more to it to carry it past Mania, but I think I went in enough detail here. It might be rough in some parts (verb tenses and things like that) although I think you’ll get the general ideas from the descriptions. This is how I would book this feud over the course of two months. Enjoy.

Smackdown 01/29 – Jericho cuts a promo saying he’s going to win the Royal Rumble and win back the World Title that is rightfully his. He can talk about how he was the Superstar of the year in 2008 and part of the tag team of the year in 2009, but in 2010 he will prove once again that he’s the best in the world at what he does. He goes on to say he’ll even throw out Big Show if he gets in his way. Finally, he mentions his old partner Edge, who is “nursing his little ankle sprain” at home. He says he hopes Edge is watching because seeing the weakness of troglodytes like Edge has made him an even better performer.

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Randy Orton Gets Angry at Kofi Kingston

January 12, 2010 53 comments

Remember Kofi/Orton/Cena last night on Raw? Randy going nuts yelling “STUPID!” It was definitely supposed to be the kick after watching it again. He shoves him in that position, then Kofi gets up. That’s what sets Orton off. Instead of the punt, he has to do the RKO and it looks pretty stiff. After the pin he gets up, yells “STUPID!” again and you can see him mouth “He fucked that up” or maybe “it” up. Bad sign for Kofi. It’s not like Kofi would get fired for this. It’s just that he was already getting de-pushed with all the losses to Orton and this won’t help.

If you’ll recall, Orton was a big reason why Ken Kennedy got fired. Kennedy dropped Orton on his surgically repaired shoulder at a time when that was a big no-no. Of course it should be pointed out too that Kennedy wasn’t liked by some of the wrestlers with more power in the company like Orton, Cena and HHH I think.

Go to the 5:27 mark of this video to see for yourself:

Note: If the video gets taken down or it doesn’t work, watch immediately after the pinfall for it.